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Child looking for Drippy Dragon

Is he here yet Mummy?


I guess the greatest compliment a 3 to 5 year old can give an entertainer is to still be watching and joining in the fun at the end of our 45 minute show.

In fact many teachers, parents and child care workers have said to us that their kids have never been so captivated nor sat still for that long. They often point out children who have been excitedly calling out or answering questions and say that these are normally the shy ones who won't join in.

Why? Because Mr Jim wrote this show for this age group and although it works for other kids too the comedy and interaction is wrapped around things this age are familiar with like songs and simple jokes and everything is in four minute segments so it keeps moving and they never get bored. Everything happens as a group as well so noone feels left out either.

Imagine a big fluffy stuffed toy puppet and a silly adult who falls for everything. The kids spend most of the show helping Mr Jim correct his silly mistakes. It's squeaky clean, interactive, self esteem building & age appropriate comedy entertainment.

Please have a look at our video page and our clients comments page to see what people say after our shows.


Mr Jim is also fully insured and has the Working With Children's Check Card.