Reward days are now a huge success for education but finding cost effective rewards for your entire school can be a serious challenge. Here is a solution that's not only fun but is also a great introduction to the arts and has a fun learning componant that does not feel like a class.

Our incursion lasts about an hour starting with a 20 minute introduction to puppetry and ventriloquism where Mr Jim introduces different puppets with short fun routines and then talks about how they work and what makes each type of puppet different. This gets all the students engaged especially the older students who might be thinking that they know all about puppets but soon find that this is on a whole new level.

Mr Jim also introduces them to how to do ventriloquism and they are usually very surprised to find that with the right techniques they can quickly do it themselves without sounding like they are gritting their teeth.

Finally Mr Jim introduces Tyrone a $3000 ventriloquist doll who not only does all the movments they have seen on tv but then Mr Jim actually opens him up and shows how the mechanics inside create these effects. This is the only doll in the world that does this and is an opportunity they may only get once in a lifetime. Have a look at the video above to see it in action.

Mr Jim then does a 40 minute comedy ventriloquist show with Drippy The Dragon and the students are even more engaged as they are not only having fun but actually watching what they have just learned in action.

The response from schools who have had this incursion has been fantastic and we would love to bring it to your school.