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Multicultural storytelling Cuba, tambourine

“… the choice of songs/instruments/puppets was excellent.  The puppeteers/storytellers were so engaging and warm that we responded instantly to the charm of them both ”

St Therese’s School, Kennington

The Emperor’s New Beat Box

World music, stories and puppets

"The Emperor's New Beat Box" is a joyful  and informative journey into story and song, the essential and eternal narrative heart of every culture.

Chops and Lix are musical storytellers.  Lix has been collecting wonderfully strange instruments from around the world and is keen to start using them.  Chops has been shopping on line and has bought a new music sensation – the Emperor’s New Beat Box.  The latest in nano MP3 technology, it claims to play the coolest music and the greatest stories in the whole wide world.

As Chops “tunes in” to the Emperor’s New Beat Box, she hears melodies and rhythms from places she has never been.  What does this music sound like?  Is it a bit African or a bit Caribbean?  Does it sound like the wild gamelan of Bali or the khim zither of Thailand?  Perhaps it’s like Gypsy music or the earthy rhythms of the Didgeridoo.

This is a great opportunity for Lix to start to play his collection and what ensues is a world tour of music to Africa, Cuba, Bali and Australia with a couple of stop overs in Jamaica and Tokyo with the amazing Tama Sudare, a 400 year old folk rap routine from Japan.

Your musical tour guides will include the djembe drum, mandolin, guitar, piano accordion, khim, gamelan, didgeridoo, bells and whistles.

Your story guides will be an aboriginal legend “The Timid Frogs”, the Zulu legend of “Shaka the Lion”, “Chiquita” the little Cuban girl and “The Rice Legend” from Bali.

With audience participation in rhythm and dance, puppets and a good dollop of fun, who can resist grooving along as Chops ‘n’ Lix dive deep into the heart of the Emperor’s New Beat Box.


Length of Show:

No: of performers:

Age suitability:

Audience capacity:

Stage Dimensions:

Set Up Time:

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50 minutes


5 years and up


Height 2.5m

Width 6m

Depth 5m

60 minutes

45 minutes

Simple stage wash

radio mic


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The Emperor’s New Beat Box

Prices from $495 to $825 depending on audience size.

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The Emperor’s New Beat Box

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