Hi, Welcome to the Home Page of Steve & Caroline Nayler. I hope you find it useful in your search of the Web.

You will find an assortment of things in these pages, from some of my Poetry and Short Stories to Genealogy. Also some photos of our family, old and new.

There is a Decendants Chart of John Towse b:1820. This includes the decendants of Ernest Towse and Annie Eliza Cross my wife's parents, who emigratede to Australia in 1924 with four children. They finished up with ten children who formed the base of a large Towse family centered around Gundaroo in New South Wales. They have spread far and wide and now live in most states of Australia

You will also find a link to "Cindie's List" one of the best Geneolagy sites on the web.

There is a Gedcome database you can download, of my research into our family tree. Most Genealogy programes can import Gedcome Files.


On my side of the family it is the opposite.

My Fathers name is Dion Aloysius Nayler He was born in Kildare in Ireland on the 11th May 1899/1900 and his father's name is James Nayler. That is all I know about my father. It is very hard to get any information out of Ireland without hireing a researcher to search the parish church records, so if anyone out there can help me I will be forever in your debt.

Please feel free to Email me with any queries.  


Mail: srnayler@netspace.net.au

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