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Training Workshops

Keep your team's skills (and yours) up to date with the latest techniques through the Agile and OO development training courses (Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Singapore and Malaysia):

  • Agile techniques
    • Agile 101
    • Scrum
    • eXtreme Programming
    • Scaled Agile
    • Agile Analysis: JAD to Prototype
    • Agile Testing: TDD and more
    • Code Inspection
  • Object-Oriented
    • UML in a Nutshell
    • OO Principles & Patterns
    • Software Architecture (advanced)

Training schedule and more

Check out the FREE downloads including the Agile Modeling, Retro Styles and UML posters, as well as several articles, case studies and papers that are referenced in the training workshops.

Agile Meetup - Perth

Come and share your agile experiences at the Perth Agile Meetup. Regular discussions on all things agile, here's a few of the topics:

    Perth Agile Meetup
  • Recipe's for an Ideal Sprint - and the "smells" of Sprint anti-patterns (photos)
  • Grooming the Backlog - what does this really mean? (photos)
  • Product Roadmaps - the future of your product (photos)
  • Agile Modelling - pragmatic communication tools... (photos)
  • To estimate, or not to estimate - Story Points vs ... (photos)
  • Agile Techniques - who's using what? (photos)
  • Technical Stories - scoping your architecture and more... (photos)
Hope you can join us at the next meetup.

Agile Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Services

We work with your team to increase their skills and productivity.

  • Mentoring and DevelopmentAgile coaching - techniques from Scrum, XP, FDD, Crystal, DSDM, Lean, Nexus, SAFe, RAD/JAD...
  • JAD session facilitation - scoping and prioritising each release (with the customer)...
  • Product & Project management - Agile planning, product road-maps, estimation, Product Backlogs, Scrumban boards...
  • Agile analysis and design - DOM, workflows, architectural modelling...
  • Software development - TDD, Code Inspections, architectural spikes, test frameworks...
  • Software process improvement - facilitated Retrospectives/Reflections and guidance on key techniques
  • Agile assessments - joint review of current practices, tools and roles, improvement action plan...
  • Tendering - story board, estimation...

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Cheat Sheets

Grab a set of one-pager "Cheat Sheets" to gain a concise appreciation of key techniques. There's over 20 cheat sheets including:

Cheat Sheets

  • Agile glossary
  • Agile roles and interactions
  • Iterative development
  • Scrum, XP and FDD Agile methodologies
  • Use Case analysis
  • Domain Object Models
  • User & Technical Stories
  • Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)
  • Architectural modelling
  • Design patterns
  • Class, sequence and activity models
  • Code inspection
  • Automated testing
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