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About Dwayne Read


Dwayne is an Agile coach and trainer who has been applying and adapting Agile practices since the mid-90's (when XP was just a discussion thread). Dwayne has helped a wide range of organisations to gain the benefits of being Agile and shares his passion for true customer collaboration to deliver high quality business value every iteration/Sprint cycle. Dwayne knows first-hand the benefits of being Test-Driven (tests-as-spec, safety net, early warning, high quality, test patterns, faster and safer development, etc) and has helped many organisations to establish and drive TDD across their developments.

Coach the Team

The primary focus of the Agile coaching is the introduction and skills transfer of agile techniques - such as iterative development, JAD sessions, Iteration/Sprint Planning, User and Technical Story capture (with Test Scenarios), test-driven development (TDD), Agile modelling, automated testing, code inspections, Iteration/Sprint reviews, reflections/retrospectives, etc. These services also include JAD session facilitation, Agile assessments, Release level Retrospectives and Agile improvement road-mapping.

Join the Team

Dwayne is an Agile practitioner and in addition to his coaching, mentoring and training engagements he joins development teams as their Scrum Master, Agile BA, Project Lead, Test Lead, etc to deliver product/projects in an Agile way. These engagements complement the mentoring and coaching providing a "lead-by-example" approach to help establish, tailor and reinforce appropriate Agile practices.

Practical and Real-world

Dwayne comes with a raft of Agile material including Cheat Sheets (concise 1 page guides), real-world examples and templates (proven through applied use) as well as years of experience with a variety of related tools (JIRA, TFS, TeamCity, etc). This enables Dwayne to be more efficient as a coach and to help teams get up to speed with the practical application of key Agile practices.

Have a read of Dwayne's profile, connect with him on LinkedIn or come along to the next Perth Agile Meetup.


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