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Training Workshops

These training workshops bring industry proven techniques together in a clear and practical way. Dwayne Read shares ~20 years of experience in applying the Agile and OO principles and practices through these workshops. We examine real-world case studies, undertake exercises and group activities as well as share many of the "tricks of the trade" in applying or working with these techniques.

For in-house training, these workshops can be tailored to meet your specific needs. These sessions can be performed on-site or a suitable venue arranged for you.

A summary of the training courses (pdf) gives an overview of all the courses/workshops available. Further information is available in the individual course outlines:

Agile Training:

Object-Oriented Training:

You can register your interest for any of the training workshops.

Refer to the training matrix (pdf) to find out about the target audience, skills level and relationship of these training workshops.

Cheat Sheets Applicable Cheat Sheets and posters are provided with each of the training workshops. There are also FREE copies of the Agile Modelling and UML by Example posters that are referred to throughout these courses available for download from the articles page.


Read some articles on various techniques and practices that have been taught through the training workshops:

The aim is to bring the best techniques available to your team.

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