Track11 High Speed 2 Plan

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HS2 stage A: Aylesbury Vale line

HS2 stage B: Quainton to Berkswell

New conventional line 1: Heathrow to Gatwick

HS2 stage C: Birmingham Curzon Street station

HS2 stage D: Camden Town to Watford

HS2 stage E: Euston station improvements

HS2 stage F: Berkswell to Hampton in Arden

HS2 stage G: Berkhamsted bypass line

HS2 stage H: Hampton in Arden to Coleshill

(The letters I and O have been omitted from stage labelling as they too closely resemble the numerals 1 and 0)

New conventional line 2: Heathrow to Calvert and HS2

HS2 stage J: Curzon Street to Coleshill

HS2 stage K: Trent Valley Link

HS2 stage L: Hemel Hempstead bypass tunnel

New conventional line 3: Continental loading gauge freight route to Daventry

Conventional line upgrade: Complete MML electrification

HS2 stage M: Coleshill to East Midlands Parkway

HS2 stage N: Watford to Hunton Bridge

New conventional line 4: Northampton and DIRFT to Leicester

HS2 stage P: Birmingham Airport bypass

HS2 stage Q: Lichfield to Crewe

HS2 stage R: Kegworth to Worsbrough (Barnsley)

HS2 stage S: Crewe to Manchester Airport

HS2 stage T: Worsbrough to Walton (Wakefield)

HS2 stage U: Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly

HS2 stage V: Walton (Wakefield) to Woodlesford

HS2 stage W: High Leigh to Wigan

HS2 stage X: Woodlesford Junction to Church Fenton

HS2 stage Y: Woodlesford Junction to Leeds

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