Drawings of an ET Origin Article

From ‘Australasian Ufologist Magazine’ 2000

Since I can remember contact with beings from beyond the Earth has been part of my daily existence. Experiences that most would consider as strange became a routine in my life. As a child I would wake up some mornings feeling exhausted after nights of vivid interaction with tall, grey intelligent beings whom I have always felt a unique closeness to. As a result of my interaction with various extraterrestrial entities, I have completed many geometric symbols and drawings that literally connect together in hundreds of different ways. They show the important connections between humanity and extraterrestrial beings, as well as the workings of many technologies of extraterrestrial origin, which are to be found here on Earth. The drawings contain several scripts, which have been related to ancient texts from various cultures. These have shown that humanity is now at the stage where we are becoming aware of the greater reality and of our true origins.

Controversial, yet compelling information about advanced technologies such as inter-stellar travel and communication has been realised through the geometric symbols and drawings. They reveal the truth about the Egyptian pyramids and knowledge concerning many suppressed technologies, hidden from the public by unacknowledged/underground government organisations. These artworks come to me during experiences or through an overpowering urge to put pen to paper. Whenever this occurs my hand is taken over by a powerful force with absolutely no input from my conscious mind. I am never completely taken over or in a trance, although I do need to be sidetracked. At times I have tried to influence what is being drawn to find my hand stops so that I am unable to finish the drawing until I relinquish conscious input and control. After completing each symbol, I usually receive a paragraph of hieroglyphic type writing, which some say resembles ancient Sumerian text. This depicts the drawing’s interpretations and meaning, which is then interpreted into English for easier understanding and later reference.

The information and drawings come through from various extraterrestrial entities, most commonly through beings I would describe as geometric or crystalline when in a visible form. They have extraordinary features, translucent like crystal often showing faces within faces that move and change form constantly. Unlike the more common beings seen by experiencers, they have no obvious appendages, though exude intense light and have a powerful presence of infinite wisdom. Each being is directly connected to one another, existing within a combined energy body spanning solar systems and galaxies; in this unified form I describe them as the Grandfather Beings. They work within an energy body (or council) which includes various evolved, enlightened species. This energy body provides a stabilising, governing force over unified regions of consciousness or within a specific focus as related to an area within this universe. Resonating at very high vibrational frequencies when combined with all existence, they make up what is known to be the Universal Mind. This mind exists everywhere within all life containing infinite information and knowledge. As everything in this universe is made up of the same matter, resonating at different harmonics through all of us, these extraterrestrial beings are able to communicate through directed thought on subatomic levels.

By doing this the beings in geometric/crystalline form communicate on levels comprehendible to humanity by activating direct subconscious interaction. This is interpreted by the conscious mind into a simplified form of communication such as the symbology within the geometric symbols I draw. These drawings reflect humanities consciousness and assist us in understanding our link to the cosmic family. While staring at the drawings, there are subtle images of the crystalline geometric features and faces within them. The messages communicate to those viewing the drawings about the nature of the macrocosm. We are learning to remember what we already know, to view life and this universe in a new way and within the non-linear spectrum. This enables us to connect to inner wisdom and awareness, bypassing linear space- time, thus allowing us to experience ourselves deeply connected to all life.

Other extraterrestrial beings I work with at present include several small Zeta grey types. These little fellows have been the receivers of much negativity and hostility from human beings. Many seem to be convinced that they are trying to cause harm and disruption to humanity and in the past I have also felt this way. I now realise that it was my own limited perception and fear keeping me from understanding a greater truth. We must remember that there are many different races of beings. Just because some of them seem to be doing terrible things, doesn’t necessarily mean that they all are. Society’s conditioning and hasty judgements about something that is not fully understood, amongst other things has been the cause of severe misunderstandings and reactions of fear from fellow humans. If these beings were to look down on earth right now to see the wars and destruction that many people are causing to our environment, it would be easy for them to assume that all humans are destructive and violent. These beings are just doing their best to survive as we are, and have never done anything to me against my will. There is always choice and from my experience this is always respected by these Zeta grey’s and other beings.

The Zeta beings have played a great role in the evolution of humanity within denser levels of our existence, teaching us much about ourselves. They have held up a mirror that many have refused to look into, from fear of what they may see. Their energy and presence is often felt and comes through within the drawings to show some of the past influences on this planet, also how their evolution is directly linked with our own. As humanity moves into the higher vibratory levels and away from fear, we shall also begin to perceive the extraterrestrial beings working with us on finer levels as we move into their range of existence. As this happens the Zeta beings will become less prominent within our spectrum of reality.

The tall greyish beings I used to see from birth up until the age of nine have always felt like close family to me. Taking me aboard their spacecraft, I was able to wander around at will and communicate freely with the beings. Feeling a unique affinity with them, I easily forgot our physical differences as there were no barriers, we were all equal. They were incredibly gentle beings who would communicate telepathically, demonstrating advanced healing abilities and reminding me of their technologies to travel through inter-stellar space. They would take me to other star systems where I was shown the spiritually advanced practices and customs of other beings on various planets.

I remember the feeling of having an important role on board the craft. These beings were travellers and apparently I was often there to advise them of new destinations. Using complex star maps which seemed to be transformed from my thoughts into holographic form, I would find myself explaining ways of how travelling to their intended destination could be achieved. Often using complicated thought processes, unlike I would experience on earth, we would engage in telepathic communication about concepts which still defy laws of linear space and time. I would experience interstellar travel beyond the light barrier into a field where the craft would operate at a non-linear frequency, allowing us to travel thousands of light years in hours.

I was sometimes unable to understand how I could possibly know such information, as while aboard the craft the knowledge flowed effortlessly as if second nature. I have since understood how I had access to this complex information at such a young age. Finding that when taken aboard the craft, the shift in frequency altered my state of consciousness to an extent where I was able to quite easily access information from a quantum field of thought. While in an altered state I was able to interface with regions of my mind, which while on earth were usually hidden within the subconscious or unconscious. It was always very difficult for me when it was time to leave them and return to earth. I felt as though I was returning to an unfamiliar, restricting world, feeling more comfortable in their environment.

I feel a very close affiliation with who many people call the Preying Mantis beings. These beings are often extremely tall, about two to five meters (six to fifteen feet), with huge insect-like eyes, protruding out from either side of their heads. I have learned to accept their strange appearance and have been taught much about humanity from these grand beings. They are extremely ancient and possess incredible wisdom. People often witness these beings during experiences working along side short Zeta greys. This is because of the knowledge that the Preying Mantis beings have about the human race is shared with the Zeta’s, enabling them to understand and work more closely with us.

The Preying Mantis beings are incredible healers and are known to assist humans and the earth in many ways when their intervention is necessary. Their wisdom and understandings often come through in my artwork, as they are a significant link in our evolution. They are another of the evolved species who work alongside the crystalline beings within the council I previously mentioned. I often find myself working with young and newborn Preying Mantis, as they are very curious as I am and we seem to learn much from each other. They are born with the knowledge of their elders, as it is passed through genetically. Yet only through the experience of interaction with human beings can they also gain the wisdom to understand this knowledge they are given.

Lion beings often come through in the drawings as cosmic warriors of wisdom. They are called Lion beings for obvious reasons as they have facial features not unlike a lion. They have beautiful soft faces, with cat-like eyes and golden-orange manes. They hold the key to our ancestry and are easily contacted through thought. They originally came to our earth during ancient times from the Orion star system, to oversee the creation and activation of the pyramids of Egypt and those existing elsewhere on earth. Beings from Sirius were the prominent builders of the pyramids as cat-like descendants of the Lion people. During times when the earth was relatively untouched and strong, using advanced technologies they were able to harness and focus the earth’s energies. The result was that this energetically fertile planet was able to share its potent energy to accommodate the needs of many species on other planets thousands of light years away. These beings have now spread to other planetary systems to assist with similar energy activation throughout this universe. With a strong connection to the beginnings of humanity, they are often here to impart their messages through the drawings.

A significant ancient identity known as Horus, perceived to be a God by the ancient Egyptian people, is another very important key to our past. I have always felt an intense connection to this being since I saw him during an experience at the age of seventeen. During the experience I found myself underground in what looked to be an underground cavern or passageway. He appeared in front of me, telepathically introducing himself, communicating that he is most commonly known on this planet as Horus and sometimes as the Feathered Serpent or Quetzalcoatal (which is what the Aztec people named him). He was standing side on to me, revealing only the left side of his face, very similar to the ancient Egyptian drawings where the face is in profile and the body face on. I vividly recall his large powerful eye penetrate me on all levels. Floating and moving sideways along an underground hallway looking at a wall covered with different types of hieroglyphics, I was told that the messages within the hieroglyphs would be revealed to all during my lifetime.

We then stopped moving as I watched a snake-like tongue slide out from his open beak. With his tongue he then effortlessly carved a symbol into the rock wall. When completed, the symbol drew me into it at light speed then became very large. I found myself above ground looking at a triangle with two concentric circles within it. In the distance over a flat plain I could see mountains with the sun rising behind. Three tubular metal bars came down from the sky one by one, joining the inner circle with the powerful sounds of metal hitting metal. Three bars then descended to join the outer circle in the same way. An intense wave of energy enveloped me, as I awoke shaking in my bed at 3:00am. This experience began my ability to channel through the geometric symbols and messages. This extraterrestrial being has been a powerful influence on this earth throughout history in many cultures. He has been observed on this earth as a messenger, to plant seeds within our consciousness as part of humanities evolution. Many times he has shown us what advanced abilities we are capable of achieving, this is why I call him the ‘Architect of Consciousness,’ as the title for one of the coloured symbols depicting his role in this universe.

There are some extraterrestrial people who look very similar to humans, commonly known as Humanoids. Once again there are various races at different levels of spiritual and technological evolution. Most races of humanoids are far superior technologically to humans. There are humanoid types who walk among humans on earth virtually unnoticed, curious as to our ways of living. The humanoids I most often interact with, feel a real concern for the suppression of technologies and the mass extinction of species occurring everyday on this planet. For most of the twentieth century this planet has experienced, and still is experiencing the suppression of technologies and energy systems that would mean the end of poverty and the end of destruction to our fragile ecosystem. Some of these technologies are shown within the drawings, to be interpreted by those who choose to understand the links to the non-polluting zero point field of energy.

There are several other extraterrestrial beings I interact with on a regular basis, such as those who are known as the Arcturians, Pleiadians and those from Andromeda. They are often mistaken for angels because of their incredible light bodies. There are also advanced future versions of human species who also exude a body of light when interacting with me. They constantly inspire messages that are carried through into the artworks and geometric symbols I complete. They too feel concern for the path our race has chosen to take and are patiently observing us with compassion and faith that we shall wake up in time before we literally annihilate ourselves. All of the beings I interact with have made it extremely clear that they are not going to interfere with the happenings on this planet. It is up to us as a race to make a global decision for peace and equilibrium; as they are not going to do it for us.

Six coloured drawings and eleven black and white geometric symbols have been completed on separate occasions over the last four years. After completing the first seven black and white drawings, I experienced an intense encounter with the council of extraterrestrial beings I have previously mentioned. They communicated in a form of visual materialisations, similar to inter-dimensional holographic images. It was made extremely clear that the drawings hold great significance and I was to have them copied onto transparent paper. I questioned why this was necessary and was told that the drawings would align with each other showing an important universal connection.

After completing the task, I was surprised to find that the symbols did fit together in numerous ways. My amazement was amplified by the fact that every one of the drawings had been completed free hand and on separate occasions. The main triangles fit at exactly the same angle with other connections joining with astonishing accuracy, and in many different ways.

This became a major turning point in my life, as I was put in contact with Mary Rodwell. Mary is the Director of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network in Perth, Western Australia. Speaking to Mary allowed me to acknowledge and accept my experiences, realising for the first time I am far from alone in this. The geometric drawings were shown at a support group meeting with some astonishing reactions. Many felt a very strong personal connection to the drawings, as though they had seen them before, some even remembered seeing the symbols during encounters. It was at this particular meeting that the drawings were joined together in a way I had not previously attempted. They were arranged on the floor by the other contactees in a configuration that just seemed to fit in every way. The connection was completed intuitively, as though they had arranged the drawings together in this way a hundred times before.

Since realising the incredible connections between the black and white symbols, I have experienced another encounter with the same council of beings I’d previously seen. This time they made it clear that my next endeavour was to have the drawings translated into 3D format on computer, that this would enlighten humanity as to their meaning and importance. Without success, in over a year of searching for someone who would be prepared to undertake such a complicated task, I decided that I would ask the extraterrestrial beings for help. Five days later the special human being needed to complete the assignment entered my life. With an extensive understanding of the concepts and interpretations of the symbols as well as being highly educated in the technical aspects of 3D technology, he is the perfect candidate. We are undergoing the process of interpreting the drawings into 3D format creating some extraordinary results, which shall be revealed publicly.

Much information has been brought forward concerning the true meaning and purpose for the drawings. Triggered by the symbols, I have also found myself speaking languages that are not of an earthly origin. I am in the process of learning about them, though I now have knowledge of how to interpret these languages into English. There is one language in particular that feels more natural to speak than English. I have often been caught out finishing sentences and naming everyday items using the language, as it is often spoken involuntarily. This ability to speak other languages without consciously having learnt them is common with people who interact with extraterrestrial beings and is often known as ‘Star Language’.

Many of the symbols within the geometric drawings have been acknowledged as sacred symbols used by ancient civilisations. Some have been found to exist inside ancient temples and pyramids around the world, many of which have been related to star systems. There is also a strong link to the enigmatic crop-circle designs found throughout the world, which is another way the extraterrestrial beings are communicating with us. Also contained within the drawings are what some perceive to be electrical symbols and maps to creating alternative power sources. Within one drawing there are coordinates for areas of importance on Earth, as well as complicated mathematical formulae. Key words written around some of the coloured drawings assist in explaining their significance.
The drawings depict a grand universal connection, in a form that can be understood by all intelligent life, as the ‘Universal Language’. The geometry and symbology act as a powerful cosmic trigger awakening ancestral memories existing as our DNA and within our mind on many levels. There is much we are to remember of our origins before we can openly join the universal community. Humanity is learning to become aware of awareness, allowing us to initiate contact and interact with extraterrestrial beings without unnecessary fear and hostility. The illusions of linear reality concerning time and space have been realised by many, as we understand the true nature of our selves and the cosmos.

I now have a more conscious connection with the energy that allows me to complete the symbols and messages. I have been prepared to create images and geometric symbols that act as a trigger to the acceleration of personal development. These include a geometric encoding, compatible with an individuals genetic heritage. As individual beings, we are made up of infinite geometrical encodings and harmonic frequencies which exist universally, ultimately linking all life and consciousness together. We each react differently to these, developing at our own pace, though in accordance with the evolution of a species. To put it simply, I now find that I can complete drawings specifically for individual use; I call these ‘Personal Blueprints’. These enable an individual to connect with their extraterrestrial origins, to reawaken inner abilities and understandings, triggering a magnificent new awareness of reality.

Planet Earth has always felt unfamiliar to me, while at the same time has proven to be a great place of diversity and learning. At times, life became extremely difficult since realising that people around me did not accept my experiences and different ways of thinking. This has forced me to question my sanity and the reality of my experiences, sometimes resorting to thoughts of ending my life. Making several visits to speak to psychologists and psychiatrists, I have undergone numerous physical and psychological assessments, as well as a CAT scan and an EEG. No brain abnormalities or psychological problems were found within any of the results. I have been unable to find adequate conventional answers to why many others and myself have contact experiences, causing me to look within for the answers. I am once again able to acknowledge my lifelong connection to extraterrestrial beings as part of my reality. I am now moving forward with my artwork, having greater knowledge and understanding of their interpretation and importance.

I feel a true sense of purpose in what I am doing, as I know the drawings shall shed some much-needed light onto some of the great mysteries of this planet. The transformations I have witnessed within people through them seeing the drawings, is incredibly inspiring. There is a real need for extraterrestrial existence and human-ET interaction to be accepted and acknowledged by today’s society. The only way for this to occur right now, is for those who are aware to come forward and help to educate those who are willing to listen, thus causing a ripple effect of awareness. The drawings are triggering this type of awareness in people, even in those who claim to be sceptics.

Tracey Taylor