The Laughlin Conference 2004

I have just returned from Laughlin, and still a bit jet lagged, but
I thought you would like tohave a quick summary of what my week was like.

  • I had a full agenda there.
  • Entrant to the EBE film awards with Expressions of ET Contact Communcation and Healing Blueprint?
  • Facilitaing four Experiencer workshops for four evenings
  • Facilating the 'experiencer ' sharing on the Thursday morning at the congress
  • My own 90 minute presentation.

It took me 33 hours from my home to arrival at the Flamingo Hotel in Laughlin, so it was a long trek.   I arrived a day early, so that I could be up to speed for Sunday.  Saturday, prior to the congress opening, I was invited to a small private gathering by Bob and Teri Brown to meet the volunteers and also Bob and Teri and family. They were keen to hear personally regarding my work with Star Kids, as they are both very interested in this phenomenon.

This informal gathering was really a lovely start to the conference.

The conference began with registrations and then into the swing by midday. I introduced my new 80 minute documentary film entitled "Expressions of ET Contact - A Communication and Healing Blueprint?" in the afternoon. I was happy to say it was very well received. Throughout the film showing, I sat next to Adrian DVir, the computer scientist, who was a participant in my film and who was also presenting at the conference, regarding his healing work in Israel in what he believes to be in Multidimensional hospitals with Extraterrestrials. I also met his lovely wife, who is an architect.

I did have a stand to sell my book, Awakening and my new documentary film, so was able to connect with many people that way. There were others close by, one being Michael Horn with his excellent research and support of the Billy Meir Case. Another wasLeah Hayley whose Contact story is quite profound, her strength and resilance was remarkable. We really connected.

The 'experiencer groups" numbered from 50-60 each night, with at least 4-5 therapists, who work in the field, Roberta Fennig DO (Psychiatrist/experiencer) who works with Joe Lewels in EL Paso. Dr Michael O'Connell, who is a Harvard graduate, Consultant Psychologist who has worked with Dr John Mack. Therapist Barbara Lamb of ACCET ( Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists), Psychotherapist Paul Hansen. This was very challenging, given the numbers of experiencers and the different levels of awareness. Even the therapists who attended said they were relieved that they didn't have to facilitate such a large diverse group. So all I could do, given the short time, was to spend three evening to allow sharing and the final evening offer some therapeutic 'tools'.

At this time, I connected with an affiliated group to ACERN. A new organisation I have set up in the UK called CONCERN (UK) and attending were three couples who are members of this new group. Ann Andrews, author Abducted ..with husband Paul, some may remember she visted Brisbane and Perth and few years ago. Mike Oram and Fran Pickering ( Northern Co-ordinator of CONCERN UK) and Steven Jones and wife Ann, a Holistic Therapist/experiencer.

Two of the couples had very unusual trips to Area 51 ( that is another story)

As the group faciliator of the Experiencer sharing, part of my work was to find any experiencers who would like to share their story publically on the Thursday morning. Only 5 were prepared to do this very personally confronting experience, one was Roberta Fennig the Psychiatrist, three of the CONCERN UK contingent, ie Michael Oram, Steve Jones and Ann Andrews, plus another lady who lives in the US. I gave them 15 minutes each to relate their stories. The stories were articulate and very moving. This session is normally never filmed in deference to the speakers, but afterwards Bob Brown ( one of the organisers of the conference) came back stage and told me that he had numerous people come up to him afterwards and comment that it was the best experiencer session they had heard and enquired where did I get such quality speakers. I said of course, they found me! They were dissapointed that it was not video taped! Consequently, now in the future, a new policy will be in place to video tape this session.

Ann Andrews told her story about when she finally learnt Jason had been having Contact experiences and how guilty she had felt that she hadn't initially believed him.

Mike Oram told how he sighted a 'craft' which his family dismissed it, but what was profound for him was that on one occasion his father saw it too and on his death bed mentioned it.

Steven Jones has been doing work with Budd Hopkins and told the story of how at 16 he was bilocated to another house 3 miles away after a Contact experience.

Roberta was courageous to own how her Contact has changed her life and therapeutic understanding.

After this sharing, I gave my 90 minute powerpoint presentation, not only on the factual Contact reality, indicators of Contact with the historical, anthropological, religious, medical scientific, psychological and ufological world wide research, but also the spiritual and metaphysical references to the Star Children Genesis. This coupled with personal testimonies from young children and adults, who explained their personal understanding of this phenomenon. I also explored the communication which seems to be occurring not only telepathically, but in many diverse ways through symbology, marks on the body, sound, language and art. To explore what this all means and where it could be leading us as a sentient race, connecting with others in the galaxy. I was very heartened to have this challenging hypotheses be so well received, with several people afterwards who thanked me for the work I was doing.

The final two days for me were networking and media work. A TV half hour special with Ted Loman - satellite TV.  Interview with Mexio Televisa with Gilda Estrada. A video interview with Toshie Nakagawa from the largest UFO research Group in Japan. She was very interested in my work with experiencers and said there was no such support in Japan and felt strongly this must be changed. She hopes to translate my book Awakening into Japanese, as she feels it will help so many people. I also did several radio interviews - Rob Simone Resonance FM 104.4 Fm in London. and Jerry Pippin, US.

The final day was concluded with the Gala dinner and EBE awards and much to my delight as director of the documentary" Expressions of ET Contact a Communication and Healing Blueprint?" won the best music in a documentary award tribute to composer musician David Sandercock, Producer Bradley De Niese. This is a lovely award and well deserved as David has generously given enormous amounts of his time, energy and talent to this phenomenon and to raising awareness. To accept the award on his behalf was a real honour.


Although, due to the strict security of Los Angeles Airport, I was under suspicion for a short time until they acertained that the EBE statuete wasn't a terrorist bomb.  Such is the paranoia in the US these days.

My final part of the trip was with Dr Richard Boylan and Marian MacNeil, both members of the Star Kids Project.  We held our first Annual General Meeting in, of all places, the Luxor Hotel (the pyramid), which seemed symbolic somehow.

Then Richard kindly took myself, Marian, a young 'Star Kid" Cassie and another colleague, together with my travelling companion, counsellor Baljeet Carroll, on the long trek to Area 51 that evening.

Yes, we did the Little Ale'ien Inn and was greeted with warmth and friendliness. We had the photo's taken behind the bar as well as outside. We certainly saw some unexplained lights going to and from Area 51, with the obvious "glow" over Groom Lake.

We reached the 'signs' which warned that extreme force would be used if you crossed over and although we were miles from anywhere, immediately we reached this sign on a dirt road two big headlight beams were pointed in our direction making it very obvious that we were seen and noted  It felt very intimidating.... after we took some photos, the lights began to come down the hill towards us and some more took the place of the ones on the hill, so at least two lots of security arrived there. It was exciting, but as I said, very intimidating.

After all the excitement, I finally had a few days in Hawaii and met two Ufologists, Richard Dickinson and Paula who took us to the Army airfield where we met with amateur star gazers of the Hawaiian Astronomical society and for the first time, I really saw Saturn its rings and Venus, Jupiter and its moons - marvellous stuff. Had they seen any UFO's, no one was telling, but they seemed open enough.

So to conclude, it was a marvellous two weeks which has given me much to think on, but more than that, the one thing that stood out is the wonderful committed and dedicated people who share and explore this amazing phenomenon and who are prepared to stretch themselves and their paradigms constantly to seek the truth.

Mary Rodwell

If you missed the 13th Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival last February in Laughlin, it was a wonderful event, with an incredible line-up of speakers. But there is a way to keep from feeling left out:

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