Highlights of World Tour
April to June 2006

By Mary Rodwell, Principal ACERN

My 2006 World tour covered five countries, United Kingdom, Canada, Montreal, Vancouver, Hawaii (Big Island) and New Zealand.

The UK component of my trip combined personal visits to my extended family, with 2 presentations. UFORM, Steve Poole’s group on 26th April at Stourbridge, Midlands. Approx 60 attended.

It was very successful and my material was very well received, because many of the group were experiencers and told me that the information really confirmed what they had personally experienced.

I also learnt that there was a need for local Ufological groups in Britain to expand their 'nuts and bolts’ approach to researching the stories of those with Contact more openly, which I have to say was happening in UFORM.

“ Are we Alone" Forum at Oxford University in the Gladstone Room on April 29th. Oxford Union, President, David Powell, welcomed two other speakers, Professor Albert Zijlstra, Head of Astrophysics Group, Manchester University, and Mr Steven Ashworth Fellow of the British Interplanetary society.

Ellis Taylor organised the Oxford venue. Ellis is a life long experiencer of Contact and author of a new book, “In These Signs We Conquer”. I met Ellis when he was living in Perth. Ellis presently resides in Oxford, UK, and is very keen to get public acceptance of the reality of this complex phenomenon. He organises regular talks on this topic in Oxford - see www.oxfordtalks.com

Mary Rodwell, President, David Powell, Professor Albert Zijlstra, Head of Astrophysics Group, Manchester University and
Mr Steven Ashworth Fellow of the British Interplanetary society.
It was quite delightful and fascinating to be in the hallowed halls of Oxford University, where such luminaries, as Albert Einstein was a student. Einstein a favourite of mine, and I quote him in my presentations:

“Whoever sets himself up as judge in the field of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the Gods’
- Albert Einstein.

This quote is particularly apt I feel, I believe in Ufology we always need to remind ourselves of how little we really know. No matter how informed we may feel we are, it is still just a minute part of what there is to learn.

The Oxford photographer, Eddie Gallagher took the official photographs before the forum. This is a traditional part of the protocols included in speakers at Oxford, such as writing our signatures for posterity in the official visitors and speaker’s albums.

It was suggested that I was the first to speak on the topic. I explained that Contact with non-human extraterrestrial life is a world wide phenomenon which affects millions of people worldwide, i.e. all ages, all cultures, and beliefs. It occurs in the indigenous populations as well as in western society. It is also intergenerational within families. I cited the tangible and real physical evidence from ‘unexplained’ marks on the body, emotional trauma, implants and ground traces. I also showed pictorial evidence of craft visiting our skies throughout millennia, featuring space-craft and extraterrestrial beings painted on cave walls and featured in religious medieval paintings. I also showed the evidence that visitations are qualified through primitive tribes such as the Dogon tribe and their traditional oral history which speaks about genetic engineering by the “Gods’ called Nummo and the fact they have complex and accurate astronomical information, not previously known before modern telescopes.

Biblical scholar, Zecharia Sitchins research on the Sumerian texts speaks of being visited by extraterrestrial races and their genetic engineering program with existing hominids to create Homo sapiens sapiens. I concluded with the presently “unexplained” evidence of 223 genomes that are a ‘sideways’ insertion in our genetic make up no other species have in their DNA. These genomes are not part of the invertebrate phase of our evolution.

The two remaining speakers postulated from their respective positions, clearly aimed to convince the audience, that it was ‘unlikely’ if nigh impossible, for other intelligent life forms to exist. But, despite their eloquent renderings and complex scientific data, it seems ‘the House’ felt human experience was a more convincing argument than science with mathematical probabilities, and theories of human evolution in the traditional thinking.

I was very pleased to win the motion, “This House believes we are NOT alone"

One question I received during this forum, was from an Oxford Professor of Archaeology and Sumerian texts, who questioned me about Zecharia Sitchins work, and the hypotheses that "the Gods" spoken in these texts were in fact extraterrestrial? I answered that I believed they certainly were, interpreted by the indigenous peoples as ‘Gods’ because of their advanced technology. He didn't query my reply.
Ellis Taylor - Organiser, Mary Rodwell, President, David Powell, Professor Albert Zijlstra, Head of Astrophysics Group, Manchester University, and Mr Steven Ashworth Fellow of the British Interplanetary society.
Following this successful UK trip I arrived in Canada and was warmly welcomed in Montreal at the Institute of Integral Human Sciences, for their 31st International conference see web site www.iiihs.org which is affiliated with the United Nations.

A 10 day conference venue, held at the Delta Hotel in Montreal with 60 speakers. A wide range of presenters on diverse topics, but all related to consciousness and spirituality. Dr Steven Greer, one of the many speakers, as usua,l was very articulate and convincing. He spoke about his own spiritual journey as well as disclosure, the ‘hidden technologies’ taken from exchange with extraterrestrial star visitors, reverse engineering of the crashed craft, which would rid the world of its dependence on oil and gas and cure many human diseases. He describes all this in his new book ‘Hidden Truths' which is an excellent read. Greer postulates that the negative interactions that some individuals experience with so called Extraterrestrials is in fact not extraterrestrial at all, but a human military ‘copy cat’ MILAB abduction experience and deliberately orchestrated to create fear in the population. He believes, from his own experiences, that real extraterrestrial contact is loving and supportive of humans and to help them evolve spiritually.

I presented directly after Steven Greer’s a presentation, which seemed to dove-tail into what Dr Greer had spoken about. Most of my 1200 clients have shown their extraterrestrial contact to be loving and transformative.
In the first of two presentations I explored how Extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings, like other life altering experiences such as NDE’s (near death Experiences), act as a catalyst to human consciousness and act to deconstruct our present limited paradigm and awaken us to a broader multidimensional reality. Therefore showing it to be transformative and life changing.

In the following two hour, in-depth presentation, I spoke about the New human i.e. "Star Kids phenomenon." How we are changing as a species. I explored the ET educational syllabus, its complexity and depth with testimony from the children of their time on space- craft, what they experience. The ‘Secret school,” syllabus, were taught subjects such as Quantum Physics, the real origin of the human species, telepathic communication skills, etc.

These children are also told of the genetic alterations to themselves and others. I explored how this manifests and how they are different not just in terms of psychic ability but also inherent in their psychological and biological makeup. I also spoke about how experiencers and Star Kids seem to act as ‘conduits’ or ‘triggers’ to help the rest of us to wake up. The ‘downloading ‘of information from symbols, scripts and languages, which act as triggers for us on many levels even to our very DNA.. I also discussed the communication and healing aspects of the “New human.” The healing and communication programs, how it manifests for the experiencer.

I was delighted at the openness and receptivity to this material from the audience. Many who later told me how it resonated with them. Some saying how they have found themselves doing ‘unusual’ forms of healing. It was very heartening that my material was so well received and I was asked if I would present again next year.

Some of the speakers of note (for me certainly) was Biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, an articulate and dynamic speaker. His research into stem cells and the fact that he has demonstrated we are not DNA determined i.e. his book, The Biology of Belief. His presentation was riveting and fascinating and opens up many exciting probabilities in terms of how we can change and heal through positive thought, new science echoing and qualifying what we understand metaphysically.

Dr Masaru Emoto, (Hidden messages in water) again showing how water responds to thought and prayer. Interestingly, I took some digital pictures in the auditorium when Emoto was speaking. Only one of two digital pictures showed numerous 'orbs' in it. Although both pictures were taken concurrently. The ‘orb’ phenomenon is fascinating, and it has shown that these ‘orbs’ are NOT dust particles or droplets of water.

James Gilliland, has experienced both near death experiences (NDE) and Contact. These experiences have made him far more multi-dimensionally open and aware. He talked about his Contact with loving extraterrestrial beings, as well as showed some amazing footage of craft, energy lines and the mysterious ‘orbs’ taken at his home in Washington State. He believes there is some kind of energy vortex where craft are filmed daily. Included in his presentation is remarkable footage of pyramidal shape craft. Just brilliant! www.eceti.org

Other speakers of note were Dr James Hurtak and his wife.” The keys of Enoch”.  Former NASA Astronaut Brian O’Leary. Dr Janet Colli (Sacred Encounters), Remote Viewer Courtney Brown, Attorney, peace activist Alfred Webre etc. “Exopolitics.” Geri De Stefano, a psychologist/medium works with the ‘indigo’s/Star Children in Vancouver, It seems these children are being recognised by the more aware professionals everywhere.

The following week I participated in a 2 day "Star kids workshop” with Dr Boylan and Marian Macneil in White rocks south of Vancouver. It was a two day event and 22 individuals attended. One young man came all the way from the UK to attend and individuals from the USA and Alaska. Two delightful young children attended for part of the workshop and Dr Boylan showed them and the rest of the group how to dowse to demonstrate how Star Kids energy fields are so much wider than normal human energy fields. For more information on the Star Kids project and workshops, see Doctor Boylan’s web site www.drboylan.com

I spoke in Vancouver for the UFOBC at Vancouver’s Public Library. Martin Jasek the co-ordinator who has investigated some interesting sightings himself one, which involved a huge Mother ship. There are numerous sightings regularly in British Columbia.

Whilst in Vancouver I also recorded an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre JD MED. ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space, www.peaceinspace.com

The radio show is CFRO 102.7FM. This can be heard on www.coopradio.org. Alfred’s interview was focused on the “New human” and where we may be headed in terms of evolving human consciousness.

Whilst in Vancouver I was also contacted by Biologist/healer Ellen Hayakawa, who is connecting with many of the "new" kids in her work. She recounted the story of a three year old child, who, when saw her mother get badly burnt with hot water and suffered a severe blister scold, put her little hand over the burn and immediately the blister and burn just disappeared. Remarkable information such as this, confirms to me these kids are everywhere. Ellen hopes to have a World summit in 2008 in Vancouver on Spirituality and Sustainability with half the speaker’s being these children, see ehayakawa@ellenhayakawa.com

Ellen told me she had met these kids everywhere and had also met with the Dali Lama's sister and that she was coming to Vancouver with some of the children.
The week before the Hawaii exopolitical conference June 9th-11th ‘06, I was on Big Island Hawaii and stayed as a guest of Joan Ocean on Sky island ranch. Joan is world renowned for her work and research with dolphins. Joan a professional psychologist and takes individuals to swim with these delightful cetaceans, and individuals who are also unwell. It is believed that swimming with dolphins helps in healing. And there are some remarkable stories recounting the healing effects from swimming with these remarkable cetaceans. They have also been known to help individuals in danger in the water, protecting them, the pod leading the individual safely back to shore.
Joan gave me the tremendous gift, by sharing a dolphin swim with her, we swam amongst the spinner dolphins and it was the most amazing experience and one I will never forget. Website www.JoanOcean.com

Joan is presently investigating the “Big Foot” phenomenon. It seems “Bigfoot’ or Sasquatch are often seen near or around UFO’s and even seen leaving space-craft. Research suggests that they are very psychic, intelligent and are seen all over the world, even if known by different names such as: Yeti, Yowie etc. Some individuals, in the more remote regions say they see them regularly and even know what they like to eat. James Gilliland told me that they like to eat, Apples and cucumbers. I read a fascinating book whilst at Joan’s called “The Psychic Sasquatch’ written by social scientist Jack “Kewaunee” Lapseritis, Social scientist. He researches and communications with them. James Gilliand also told me he has encounters with them on his ranch. See James web site- www.eceti.org
Joan Ocean, Mary Rodwell, Suzanne Hanson & Elaine First
Accounts of the participants and presenters at the ET world peace conference in Hawaii see web site www.etworldpeace.com. It recounts how the historic declaration was created, and who participated. Such luminaries in the disclosure field, such as Hon Paul Hellyer, (Canada’s former Minister of Defence) and Ambassador Macdonald. Participating in such an event was certainly something to remember.

I was also fortunate enough to have a personal meeting, and informal lunch with Hon Paul Hellyer, his wife, and American/Italian Journalist, Paola Harris the day after the conference. We discussed Australia’s position and its role in disclosure.

I believe the fact that the first exopolitical conference had such well respected figures such as Ambassador Macdonald and Hon Paul Hellyer, offered it enormous credibility. And the groundbreaking declaration we all participated in. The Jerry Pippin Show's web site and that of Paola Harris has details of this historic event.

The West Hawaii Today Newspaper covered the event headline “ET for World peace” And for me it’s not just “ET for World peace” but “Humans for world peace” and this very important point I wished to highlight in my presentation. To have peace in space, we have to look to ourselves first and even closer to home, the future of Ufology and Exopolitics which are still so conflicted in acceptance or each others perspectives. I opened my presentation with this analogy, calling the Contact phenomenon the ‘ ET elephant.’ The story of the blind men who are all holding parts of the elephant, and because they are blind they think they know what the elephant is, but of course they cannot see the whole elephant. We are likewise and instead of seeking what divides us, maybe seek to find what unites us and respect different perspectives as part of the whole. Maybe, we will get a better understanding of this phenomenon, as well as unite our efforts for peace in our ufological and exopolitical community.
Speakers at the ET World Peace Conference in Hawaii
My final leg of my tour was in New Zealand and I stayed as a guest of Suzanne Hansen (UFOCUS NZ) and her husband Thomas. Suzanne herself is a researcher, International speaker and experiencer. She works with an airtraffic controller to cover all bases from sighting report investigations, to support and information for experiencers of CEs. In particular offering investigation, research, archiving, support, resources. Nationwide network with investigators throughout
the country. Website address: www.ufocusnz.org.nz - Email address: ufocusnz@xtra.co.nz

Suzanne is currently planning a conference to be held in NZ next September.
Suzanne and her family, live just outside of Tauranga, in Pahoia, North Island. A really beautiful spot.
I presented in Auckland and Tauranga. Whist there, I met individuals who had numerous sightings, often with personal Contact experiences. Suzanne told me the Tauranga area is particularly strong for sightings, especially between Motiti and Mayor Islands. Suzanne, a lifelong experiencer has conscious memories of being on the space- craft.
UFOCUS NZ has a web site, is new national network, offering counselling, resources and research into sightings in New Zealand.

When I presented in Tauranga, there was a surprisingly good newspaper article about my forthcoming presentation published in The Bay of Plenty Times Newspaper, 27th June ’06 “Feel Smart, Thank Your Lucky Aliens!" The journalist, Anna Bowden, chose to highlight particularly my work with the new kids, their higher intelligence and abilities. Go to newspaper article to read more.

What was highlighted throughout this tour for me was how some of our researchers in Australia are on the ‘cutting edge” of new material, and with a far more open media than most others countries I visited. Well done OZ!

Note : Both Suzanne Hansen and I will present next year in Sydney June ‘07 Australasian Ufologist’s metaphysical/UFO conference.