"How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Tranform Your Life"

by Mary Rodwell

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The book has been the result of six years of intensive study and research as therapist and principal of ACERN.  The material from over 700 individuals and their families to compile a book that would meet the needs of those “waking up to their contact experiences’ and for those already aware of their Contact.

I researched over 130 books as references in Ufology and many more in related fields of study. To date, Australian publications have no therapeutic material on Contact experiences. America has a few, but most are about the 'classic 'form' of Contact and will contain stories of clients with minimal self-help information.

I have read nothing that offers an in-depth resource. In the UK there are no therapeutic/metaphysical books on Abduction/contact, it is still considered too controversial.

Research figures as to the incidence of this experiences is uncertain, but two of the most respected are Budd Hopkins, a researcher of 20 years who suggests figures of 6-8 million.

A roper poll some years ago suggested a 2% of the population in America. Professor of psychiatry at Harvard University and author of two books on the subject, Dr John Mack proposes figures of upwards of 2% - 5% of the American population.


I believe this is a conservative estimate, as it only explores 'classic' abductions. My manuscript is not only aimed at this smaller percentage of ' classic' contact, but a much greater number who may have experienced a more 'subtle' form and are still unaware of what it is. They are often the spiritually/psychically and metaphysically aware. It also will be of interest to therapists and researchers, not only of Contact experiences, but those seeking understanding in their lives and reality.

Awakening acts as a guide, a self-help resource that takes you through your awakening process, it asks YOU if you are having experiences you can’t explain, and it offers you a ‘key’ to remembering.

Its focus is the range of experiences called Contact with non-human extraterrestrial beings. It demonstrates that there are many ‘forms’ of such experiences apart from the well known ‘classic’ X-files sometimes very traumatic kind. Other forms may be very subtle and range from a feeling of being very ‘different’ to even their own family, with a knowledge and awareness of a multi- reality with knowledge and information they have not consciously learnt. Many feel very isolated because of this and unaware that they are one of many who feel the same.

Awakening begins by exploring how modern man define present reality. This definition often is the cause of the conflict for those who experience this multi-level reality and so it causes a conflict of paradigms which is isolating as it is bewildering. Although this conflict is only present in more westernised society who bases its judgements on a scientific third dimensional framework.


The first chapter begins with a letter from a mature and a highly intelligent professional, who is faced with a realization that he had been having Abduction/contact experiences throughout his life. Frightened and isolated, his letter shows his confusion as he is torn between denial and acceptance. He shares how a book on 'Abductions' was the catalyst to his awakening to his own Contact.

Dana Redfield, herself a Contact 'experiencer', said about this chapter:
" David's letter describes exactly how I felt, after reading John Mack's book Abduction. Isn't it interesting that our experiences can be different, but the same feelings attend the waking up."

Dana Redfield…. Author of Summoned and Et/Human Link…Hampton Roads

Chapter two offers some 100 'indicator,’ of this experience, from sighting a UFO to the less well known points of reference, as it guides the reader to discern if these are relevant to their own personal experiences.

Chapter three leads the individual through the 'questioning of their reality,' and explores conventional explanations of this experience, as it explains why conventional explanations are too limited and cannot fully explain this phenomenon. It leaves you to decide if your experience fits the conventional explanations or if you are indeed
having some form of Contact.


If you believe you maybe having Contact, then the latter part of the chapter explores the Contact process in "Contact the Chrysalis for Change" and how many individuals experience some of this process and slowly to move from one paradigm to an expanded one. How Contact is a catalyst for change and transformation.

Chapter four is about Sandra, and her courageous story of how at just fourteen years of age, was diagnosed as mentally ill, after she had told her Doctor she was seeing 'aliens.' This chapter follows her personal quest to understand what was happening to her. She finally challenged the medical diagnosis, found her own “truth” about her experiences.

Chapter four was very inspirational to me and very helpful. It is a very powerful story for what you are working to accomplish. It is particularly "healing" for me, if I think I had it bad, here is a young woman who had a tougher time of it. I can't get enough of 'experiencer' stories."

Dana Redfield…….author Summoned ( Hampton Roads)

Chapter five explores 'fear' as our personal Armageddon to awakening to our multi-reality and shows many strategies individuals use to cope with fear, from practical to spiritual.

Chapter six explores emotional support and the many ways to access this support safely and with confidence. The differences between researcher and counsellor, and what each can offer you.

Chapter seven looks at support groups, both professional and self-help. It shows how experiencer’s can support each other by setting up their own support groups, with practical suggestions and guidance.

Chapter eight contains a personal account by Tracey Taylor, a young woman who consciously remembers her interactions with extraterrestrial beings, she describes them and what they have communicated to her. Tracey has produced some amazing geometric and symbolic art that reflects what she has been shown; she explains what she believes is now occurring on the planet. She also describes her 'process' to produce this art and how she feels speaking the languages and writing the scripts that manifest through her Contact experiences. This has been recorded in an award winning video produced by ACERN "Expressions of ET Contact, a visual blueprint."

Dana Redfield authors (Summoned..Human ET /Link) comments:
“Tracey’s story is particularly inspiring to me, she invokes “recognition” in me, which unleashes more questions. She really captures in words, and turns on lights. Her story is fascinating, and she is extraordinary, I think. All over, powerful testimonies in your manuscript. I don’t see how it cannot attract curious professionals, and of course the value for experiencers is inherent.”

Chapter nine focuses on Children with Contact, and contains personal accounts. These children are often called “Star Kids.’ Other names are 'Indigo Children' and Children of light. (See books same name).  I include some of the latest research and evidence for these 'new children on the block,' The chapter not only explores some of the evidence for these children, but asks if the readers' children display some of these characteristics and how to support and help them.

Chapter 10 The ‘Missing pregnancy syndrome, and include the traditional medical explanations for this syndrome, I show how personal accounts 'conflict' with the traditional explanations. It also includes a personal, emotive story of Ann Andrews, (Author of Abducted) who traveled from the UK to Western Australia, to discover through regression what happened to her ‘missing pregnancy' which she believed through flashbacks and trauma had been taken by extraterrestrials, as she asked the question of them, "Why did 'they' take my son?' A regression to explore this question completely changed her understanding of what happened to her missing pregnancy, and has implications that are astounding.

Chapter eleven explores the reality of 'Implants,' as those with Contact often feel they have implants placed within their body after Contact experiences. I explore the evidence for their physical and metaphysical reality, with an unusual case study of a lady who believed she had metaphysical 'energy' 'implants' which incorporates a 'past life' memory.

Chapter twelve discusses (HSA) high sense Abilities (psi) ‘transformative’ effects of Contact, I call "Fruits of Contact.' This translates into abilities such as clairvoyance and telepathy etc. I describe what these abilities are and how to recognize them, with some short personal accounts of how they manifest for some individuals.

Chapter thirteen offers information, references and resources available through books and many other outlets such as media and organizations specific to this experience, to show the reader the many ways that they can access information.

Chapter fourteen Expressions of ET reality, awakening to our multidimensional selves, gives examples of the further reality of ET Contact through drawings, scripts and language that individuals manifest. They describe their process and understanding.  I also share two stories of how some terrifying Contact experiences were transformed into very positive healing experiences, which created dramatic changes in lifestyle for two young men. And how whatever the experience this Contact has some positive outcome. This chapter also explores the phenomenon of 'ET Secret Schools ' and the evidence for their reality.

Chapter fifteen explores 'a holistic model of Contact support' and I show how this multi-experience benefits from this approach. And how 'holism' is changing not only our understanding of physical healing, but of psychological and spiritual health. By using a conventional but expanded model of therapy, I show how this model can offer the client a clearer understanding that resonates at a deeper level. I demonstrate why I needed to 'marry' the cognitive professional model with this metaphysical base. I demonstrate through regression, how this new model works. This is aimed at researchers and therapists.

Chapter 16 “The ET Contact elephant.” I show how this complex phenomenon has no single answer and we all have versions of its truth. To ask the reader to access their own understanding, to be aware that any conclusions will only be a part of this complex phenomenon and that it will also be altered by their own personal focus, attitude and spiritual beliefs. And to be aware that what we choose to believe will decide how we cope and what we understand. It asks the reader to look at the facts and decide what they feel this may be saying to them, not only for themselves, but humanity as a whole.

The Afterward 'The Alien Lady', a title that was given me by one of my clients, as and begin a short synopsis of how my life has changed by supporting those with Contact. Contact has proved the catalyst for me to question all my beliefs to ask what is the nature of personal reality?

The book essentially aims to create a bridge between two paradigms; the multidimensional experience and the present accepted third dimensional one. I suggest that we 'deny many of our experiences, because we struggle to 'fit' them into a third dimensional framework. This creates doubt and confusion within the psyche and our fear limits what we allow ourselves to experience. I argue that if we can acknowledge that ‘reality’ to encompass this broader paradigm, we can start to make sense of it and can integrate more of what we experience as reality.

The book shows that ‘classic’ Abductions and the more 'subtle ' forms of Contact are the experience of a multidimensional universe. The book offers some explanations, as well as information, to encourage personal exploration of this reality and to explore what Contact may mean for us all.

Ms Mary Rodwell


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