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Conference Organiser (UK).

Mary was invited as a guest speaker at the 2002 Leeds UFO Conference in Leeds, United Kingdom. During the conference, Mary’s book, entitled “Awakening”, was launched. (Published by Fortune Books Ltd., UK).   Following are testimonials received in response to this book.

As Principal of ACERN, she offers counselling support, hypnotherapy and information to those with all those who have ‘anomalous experiences’ particularly Abduction/contact experiences. Lecturing Nationally and Internationally and producer of the award winning documentary “Expressions OF ET Contact - a visual blueprint?’ Through her work as Principal of ACERN she has written numerous articles on this subject and this is her first book.   Mary is a clinical member of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) in America and committee member of the Australasian Society OF Psychical Research (ASPR) and UFO research (UFORUM) in West Australia.

Mary and her support group has appeared in an Australian Documentary OZ Encounters “UFO”s IN Australia. And she also acted as research consultant for a UFO exhibit in Australia “Phenomena.”

Up to date,  ACERN has been resourced by over 700 individuals in Perth, as well as from overseas, Japan, France, UK and North America

Whilst recently attending the Leeds 21st International UFO Conference, I had the opportunity to discuss the Experience‚ phenomena with the author of this inspiring publication. Whilst speaking with her, Mary Rodwell's enthusiasm for this subject and the help she can give to her clients (Mary's term for contactees/abductees) literally shines through her whole being. It can also be easily discerned within the pages of this, in my opinion, long awaited publication.

Originally from the UK, Mary now lives and works in Perth, Western Australia, where she migrated to in 1991. Mary is a registered nurse and certified midwife (UK). After further training as a Professional Counsellor, Mary worked for the National Health Service for five years in a medical practice. Mary has worked for two counselling agencies in Perth; at present, she has her own private practice.

Mary Rodwell, is perhaps a name you are not familiar with, but indeed a name you should familiarise yourself with, as this publication should be on every abductee/contactee researchers bookshelf for as Dr. Roger Leir says "In my opinion this will become the bible of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon and will make itself apparent in every library the world over." How true those words will prove to be.

Do you believe that you have had ET contact?
Mary's book is designed to give those who believe they are experiencing this heart wrenching phenomena some advice on how to handle and come to terms with the phenomena, see in Chapter 5.  With tips on how to come to terms with the fear by use of relaxation and meditation techniques, by use of colour therapy, visualisation techniques and even Mantras to help, Mary even shows how to write the fear away in an attempt to come to terms with this paradigm.

Chapter 7, looks at support groups both professional and self-help.  It shows how experiencers can support each other by setting up their own support groups, with practical suggestions and guidance.

I am determined to ask the question, WHY hasn't this been done in the UK? Surely there are sufferers of this act within the British Isles who need support, it's all very well as ufo investigators for us to listen to and document abduction events, BUT practical and real help must be given where needed and asked for, it is time those in the relevant medical/counselling professions sat up and took real notice of this phenomena and not just conveniently class all as psychiatric cases.  In Chapter nine Mary focuses on Children with Contact, this chapter contains personal accounts. These children, Mary explains are often called Star Kids.‚ Other names are 'Indigo Children' and Children of light.  Included within this chapter are some of the latest research and evidence for these 'new children on the block,'   The chapter not only explores some of the evidence for these children, but asks if the readers' children display some of these characteristics and how to support and help them.

Mary, in the final chapter the Alien Lady, tells us how her work with those who have been titled Contactees, Abductees‚ or simply Experiences‚ as had an effect on her own perception of what is reality.

The book shows that those experiences that are termed Classic Abductions cases and the more 'subtle ' forms of Contact are the experience of a multidimensional universe.

This fascinating publication offers some explanations, as well as information, to encourage personal exploration of this reality and to explore what Contact may mean for us all.  It also lists many groups and organisations world wide that the experiencer may find helpful in coming to terms with this form of reality.

We have seen the results of other investigators and researchers into the Abduction Scenario‚, such as Prof John Mack and also Budd Hopkins, but, as far as I am aware, Awakening‚ is the first publication to offer workable help and advice to the sufferers of this phenomena.   Full credit must be given for a professional such as Mary Rodwell for the active part she has shown and for the stand she and her fellow Australian co-workers in ACERN have made, more power to their elbows.

Buy this publication now and start to make a difference and offer some help to those who Experience this heart wrenching, gut churning, ufological phenomena. A little understanding can go a LONG way.

©Chris Evers, EYE, 2002.

"Awakening" by Mary Rodwell is a fascinating book!  It is insightful, factual, detailed and looks at many different aspects of the alien abduction enigma. Those interested in this subject will undoubtedly hail this book as a classic in its own right.

It will take pride of place in countless libraries around the world and will be referred to by scholars of this subject for a long time to come.  It will also comfort many of those who have experienced the abduction phenomena on a first hand basis."


Philip Mantle
Former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association.
Co-Author - "Without Consent"- British Abductions

Mary Rodwell & Philip Mantle
at the UFO Leeds Conference 2002

It helped enormously, and thrilled me to learn of people in Australia who were seeing, hearing, speaking and having experiences like I was in the deepest layers of my secret life,--- stuff you seldom voice--not because its crazy, but because its too different, and difficult to communicate.

I found these new connections because of one keen and courageous woman--and a professional too!-- Mary Rodwell. Together, investigators, counsellors and experiencers of the Contact and Encounter phenomenon have been inching along the path of discovery in the flashlightbeam of meticulous and narrow thought.

Awakening is a lantern book. Of course it is--the author is Mary Rodwell.

Dana Redfield, Author
Summoned: Encounters with Alien Intelligence
The ET-human Link: We are the Message
Lucy Blue and the Daughters of Light
Ezekiel's Chariot


Awakening is an excellent resource book that helps layman, experiencers and professionals attempt to gain an understanding of this increasingly worldwide phenomenon.

Dolores Cannon - Author of:
The Convoluted Universe Book 1
The Custodians Beyond Abduction
Legacy from the Stars
The Legend of Starcrash
Keepers of the Garden
A Soul Remembers Hiroshima
Between Death and Life
They Walked With Jesus
Jesus and The Essenes
Conversations with Nostradamus Books 1, 2 & 3

Dolores Cannon and Mary Rodwell

Mary, I have to compliment you on your integrity and clear vision in presenting this material, as a researcher I am inundated with data from repeat abductions and contacts with the phenomena, and its hard to persist over time without some 'decay' or contamination creeping in, with what we are told.

It is refreshing and welcome to see both your video and written word presented with such clarity.

Ruth Mckinley Hoover
PhD LSCW President of ACCET (Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists)


This isn't just another research book, it is much, much more as it is written by a lady who has hands on contact with the people she writes about. Mary is a trained counsellor who has made it her lifes work to help those who are trying to cope with the many aspects of alien or extraterrestrial Contact. Her professionalism shines through the pages, combined with her compassion and true concern for the people she is trying to help.

Her approach to each case is totally non-sensationalist, looking at all possibilities and explanations, logical, rational and often irrational.  Mary softly challenges the readers' perceptions and many will no doubt find themselves questioning their own views on the realities of this bizarre subject.

Someone once said, with regards to the UFO/Abduction phenomenon, the absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence and how true that statement is!

At last, we have a well written, well researched book which will be of tremendous help to so many, both now and in the future.

Ann Andrews
Author of Abducted


When Mary told me she was going to write her book 2 years ago I was not surprised.    I met Mary back in 1996 at an UFO conference in Brisbane. Mary had travelled all the way from Perth to be there.  I remember her well, her enthusiasm for wanting to give help and support to experiencers was evident even way back then.  But the thing I remember most about Mary was how she presented herself.   She was at all times "professional" which is a rare commodity in this field.

Over the years, Mary, you have driven over many bumps in the road in ufology, but no matter how bumpy the road got, you have always shown integrity and the guts to follow through. Mary, I have to give you credit were credit is due, you have done a wonderful job putting your book together and should be congratulated.  It is truly a wonderful compilation of helpful and informative information.  I only wished you had written it sooner, you could have saved me a lot of time in looking and money (smile).  

From a personal experiencers point of view, I find you have left no rock unturned, no theory passed over, no experience dismissed.  It gives ideas of how the experiencer can help themselves to cope and come to terms with their experience.  It gives advise on how to find the right person for the experiencer to talk to about their experience, be it family, a Ufologist or a therapist.  It is truly a book I could recommend to a person who has had, or is having, a high level of strangeness happening.  Example, Alien contact or an Abduction.

On page 129, you have been brave enough in publishing information which examines the star children phenomenon.  As a magazine editor, I believe it is important to get the information out and allow people to make up their own minds and you have, well done.

I could go on, but I think its best when people read this review they try to get copy. It is a must for anyones' library.  Well done

Diane Harrison
National Director
The Australian UFO Research Network and UFO Hotline.

Australian Skywatch Director
Co Editor
The Australasian UFOlogist Magazine

Tel number 1800 77 22 88 a Free Call
Australian UFO Research Network -

A non profit organisation

PO Box 738
Beaudessert 4285
QLD Australia
Tel 07 55 44 6888

This book is subtitled 'How Extraterrestrial Contact can Transform Your Life, my first feelings were really wondering what to expect, especially so when the comment on the front cover comes from Dr. Roger Leir (who also > > writes the foreword to the book) and states "In my opinion this book will become the bible of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon".  When someone of Dr Leir's standing gives a book such a high accolade, you have to be impressed.  However, I was already eager to get 'stuck into' this book having spoken to Mary at the 21st Leeds UFO Conference in September.

Every so often, you read a book that makes you sit up and take note, this book does more than just that?   Mary Rodwell is a trained midwife and therapist from Australia; she is also the principal for ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) and a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist.  I have to be honest here and say that I agree one-hundred percent with Dr. Leir's statement, this book is something special.  I really have only one problem?  I do not think that my words for this review can do justice to just how good this book is?

Awakening covers all aspects of the Abduction/contact phenomenon, including regression, implants, missing pregnancies, star children and much more.  However, what is different about this book is that it is aimed at the experiencers and specifically directs you to ask the question "Am I having Contact?"

The book offers support and advice to those who know or suspect that they may be having contact.  It is for this reason that I feel it will become an invaluable tool for experiencers, researchers and counsellors alike.  The book is written in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand and a compelling read. The whole view point of this book comes from a qualified therapist who was initially sceptical of the contact phenomena, but remained open minded. Once she had spent time working with these people, she became convinced that whole phenomena of Abduction/contact was something real and happening to ordinary people the world over.

The information included in the book that comes from the experiences of those that Mary has worked with is a refreshing look at the whole phenomena. Especially so as the book opens with the experiences of one of those people, in the form of excerpts of a letter written to Mary.

I don't think that I have been able to find something about this book that I do not like. However, if I had to state one thing, it would be that it is not long enough and I would definitely like to read more about Mary's research.  This book is a most compelling read and one that I found hard to put down.  I certainly feel that this book should be on the shelves of all those serious researchers into the Abduction/contact phenomena. I would definitely recommend it to those I know. I am not one for grading books, but if I had to, for this book I would give it 10 out of 10.

Finally, I have one more thing to say about Awakening? Read it, Now!  You may find your own life transformed!

Steve Rider
Southampton UFO Group, Secretary.
October 2002.
    Confession time. I missed the 21st Leeds International UFO Conference because I had to attend my best friend's wedding down south. I understand that Mary Rodwell's brief talk at Leeds was well received and having digested AWAKENING, I can understand why people wanted to hear more.

What a refreshing change to read a book about experiencers written by a woman!

With due respect to you menfolk and not withstanding the efforts of a small clutch of female authors in the U.S. who have penned material about alien abductions, Mary is in a league of her own.

You see, it takes a woman to know how a woman thinks, reacts, and get her to reveal personal details that only we can truly understand and have empathy with.

Given that the bulk of abductees tend to be women, I suspect that the disproportionate number of predominantly male abduction researchers has unquestionably led some women to keep their experiences to themselves. Not that Mary restricts her efforts to just women, of course; men too find her calm and understanding approach to be exactly what they seek. Consider these words, penned by Ann Andrews, author of ABDUCTED.

"This isn't just another research book, it is much, much more as it is written by a lady who has hands on contact with the people she writes about. Mary is a trained counsellor who has made it her life's work to help those who are trying to cope with the many aspects of alien or extraterrestrial contact. Her professionalism shines through the pages, combined with her compassion and true concern for the people she is trying to help. Her approach to each case is totally non-sensationalist, looking at all possibilities and explanations, logical, rational and often irrational."

This is a book about experiencers. That is an experience in itself. Quality.

Rating: Excellent

Kate Miller
UFO MAGAZINE (UK) November/December 2002
Thank you for doing the show, Mary.

You are a terrific guest. I have taken a great deal of pride in having a person of substance to discuss these controversial ideas. Your book is fascinating. Your handling of the topic was extraordinarily thorough and meaningful. The link will be up after this weekend. I hope you look out for it. We will be asking for you again. I hope you consider another appearance in the near future. Again, many thanks!!

Tony Gill - Radio Interview
413 626-0222

If you would like to hear the radio interview, please go to:

Hi Mary,

I've just about finished reading your book. I think it is a very comprehensive and illuminating work on the whole subject of 'Contact' - it covers just about every aspect of this etherial branch of the 'UFO Phenomenon' and is valuable as an introduction for the newcomer to this topic OR as a reference resource to experienced researchers !

As a result, it should appeal to a large cross-section of the community - at least to the generally curious and open to learning about many different subjects. So that could keep the sales moving forward on a REGULAR basis, especially as the cover and title will not 'date' as time moves on !

So once again, good luck with the sales because the book DESERVES to do well, simply because it is that good!

Dudley Robb
UFOR NswVirusScan Online



Yes, it is an excellent resource. The support group chapter was excellent. Leir is right in saying it is the bible for those with contact experiences, but also for those who know people experiencing contact. I found I read about five chapters. It was really easy to read. I loved all the bullet points, easy explanations for things, your depth of thought, questioning and the stories. I liked the chapter with Ellis' story, missing pregnancies, star children and some others. The only negative I have about the book is that there was not enough of it all and I mean that (a compliment). Next book please; perhaps one on regressions - people's stories with descriptions of people's contact experiences and definitely one on star children.

Jacinta Goerke



"Awakening" is wonderful!   Reading the contents, I zoomed in on Fear, which is a section I have yet to finish in my course.  At first I thought, Oh no --- all that thinking I've done on it and Mary's gone and written it all first!   I almost didn't look --- thinking I'd better wait, but my curiosity got the better of me and skimmed through to see what you cover. Yeaaah!!! Different things!

It's a wonderful resource----all it's lacking is an index. Isn't there a computer program which can create an index?

It looks to me as though the market has improved for books on abduction---I hope many will read yours and gain courage through it.

Congratulations and well done!

Karin Hoppe Holloway - Therapist, United Kingdom


Dear Mary,

I now have my "Awakening" book at hand here at the "abode!"  The entire chapter of Tracey Taylor's experiences, etc. is the most awesome as it is nearly everything I have remembered/taught on a cosmic level!!!   Interestingly on page 120, "Horus" resonates as I recently had an "event" or "experience" involving a kind of alter found by archeologists, it had a thick layer of gold and was very intricately carved.  It was about 12' high.  In the center of the last two feet was a circular piece.  There were students in Egyptian costumes trying to organize some kind of play around this artifact to bring money in to further their archeologic program.  I was drawn into the theater, sat down in about the 10th row.  A male figure suddenly materialized behind me.  I was drawn to the circular object of this artifact.  It began to emit a beam of light that struck me very hard, the being behind me steadied me and accompanied me as I literally floated towards the eye.  The power was amazing--no, more like being sucked in by one of those gigantic wind tunnel machines!  The students all left when this started.  A woman came in dressed in a rather dirty robe and escorted me to the Catholic church across the street where the power within tore apart the alter of the church in a rage at religious ideologies.  All during this event/dream I had only one thought in my mind, the power of this artifact, yes, but more importantly the words "Eye of Horus" came out of my lips...and it was this Eye of Horus who had been searching for someone to take this ancient power to new use.

I want to quote from page 123, "As individual beings, we are made up of infinite geometrical encoding and harmonic frequencies, which exist universally, ultimately linking all life and consciousness together."

I was also intrigued with the same impression/connections with the Mantis beings.  My dear Mantis friend and mentor Oglbe was exactly as she described!!

And lastly, Page 114:  I also received information about the raising of human consciousness and of a dimensional shift that is presently happening on earth.  it is going to assist us and enable us to access 'other realms' more freely, as well as increase our spiritual understanding."

THIS LAST PARAGRAPH IS PROBABLY THE MOST PROMINET MESSAGE that stands as the most important aspect for those awakening to realize!!

Much love to everyone who rises up to understand this last paragraph for this is what it is all about...the spaceships are like cars driving down a highway.  Nothing compared to the reality of those within!

Lori Cordini


Dear Mrs. Rodwell,

I read your very interesting book,"Awakenening,"which I bought directly from your hands at a stand in the auditorium of Leeds University this past September.  We had a lovely chatter and I'm sorry now that it was not longer.  In fact, you impressed me as a dedicated individual and very delightful at the same time.  

Why am I writing you this letter? There was one particular chapter in your book that attracted my attention greatly.  It was on Tracy Storey and her personal abduction story is the reason why I'm writing you now. Her story fascinated me so much, simply because she was actually reciting a dialogue on Prehistory, and she even quoted "Horus" who was actually the son of Enki, his father, the Chief Scientist of the Anunnaki race and his mother, Isis, Medical Officer. According to Sitchin's 12th Planet these two individuals were instrumental in creating the first ten individuals (5 females and 5 males) on Earth that was gradually spread over our planet  .I presumed you have read his book.  I've attended two of his seminars that he held these recent years, the last one was held at Dallas, Texas this past October.

Let me go back to his creation story.   It seems after getting no satisfactory result splicing animal and homo-erectus genees, both Enki and Ningursag (Sumerian names) merged their Anunnaki genes (name of their race) with that of homo-- erectus and produced us, homo sapiens, a genetically bicameral species. They were used as slaves to work in the mines.  Initially, we were a hybrid and and could not procreate, but the demand for us became greater and then were genetically engineered to reproduce and have children.  Sitchin tells it all in detail in his book.   By the way, he's written 10 books since 1976.

Now the real purpose of this letter is to find out how Tracey could write a factual passage way beyond her conscious understanding.Incredible, to say the least.  On page 113, I like to quote what she said: "To my astonishment, this information was also contrary to everything I had been taught regarding human evolution.   It said that the human race had been created by Extraterrestrials.  The writing also contained information about the genetic manipulation of human and ET-DNA, used to create other species."End of quote.  She later repeated the experiences about a Contact that was written by a social worker, who also had her ET contact experiences.   Many of these experiences echoed her own.  And from that time on she met you and other contactees to discuss and interpret symbols and sacred geometry. Some of them said they existed in ancient temples and in pyramids around the world, many related to star systems, such as Sirius and the Constellation Orion.  This is all true (100%), Mary.   I was flabbergasted!   It's hard to believe, but it cannot be denied. Yet, numerous psychics have also had similar experiences of ET beings from Sirius.

My reason for writing you, Mary, is there a possibility of my communicating with this young lady on another matter related to my recent readings and research of the subterranean world.   If it is at all possible, we could do it either E-mail or just the regular mail.   When the last great global catastrophe occured, it was in 9,792BC.   Before that time there were prophecies stated from the Maya and Old Egyptinas that our world was to be destroyed in 2012.  I say this because I recently read an astonoshing book by two writers who are fully convinced with their research that such a calamity will exist.   If this disaster is truly going to happen, I need to substantiate it with more hard evidence.   

Tracey has been in contact with important figures (immortals) of the Anunnaki race who came to Earth thousands of years ago.   This race, according to Sitchin, are members of the 10th planet which are due to arrive in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter sometime in the early years of the next century.  Is there a lesson here for us?  If this is our history, what are we supposed to have learned to avert another great flood or better yet, a huge global disaster? Or is that too unpredictable to guess?

Perhaps Tracey can help us out by communicating telepathically with them to assist in understanding if an imminent disaster is going to happen--yes or no. There is a lot to be done for it concerns the survival of mankind, Mary.   This is an unusual request, Mary, but if you can help me with this request you'll be greatly appreciated by all who may be concerned.

Un Fuerte Abrazo,
Victor Campo

bicameral species.

Mary Rodwell's new book, "The Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life", is a wonderful and most helpful book.  True to its subtitle, "The Awakening" provides evidence for the postive and optimistic frame-of-reference with which it reports the many Star Visitor encounters with humans (experiencers).

"The early chapters walk the experiencer or other interested reader through the stages of doubt, uncertainty and anxiety which many undergo in trying to deal with such contacts.  Mary's lovely chapter on the Star Children is itself worth the price of the book. She does a magnificent job of relating, through first-person stories, the extraordinary abilities and outlook that these advanced children have as a consequence of their or their parents' contact by Star Visitors.

"Following a useful chapter on implants (extraterrestrial or human), the book explores the "high sense" [ESP] abilities" which experiencers acquire during and after contact.  Mary goes on to outline the various areas in which experiencers "awaken to our multidimensional selves."

"This book is buttressed by scores of direct reports from experiencers Mary has interviewed.  As a mental health professional, she can and does attest to their mental soundness and convincingness. The weight of this testimony makes the growthful outcomes reported that much more an extraordinary uplifting report.

As an author of an earlier similar book, "Close Extraterrestrial Encounters", I can say that I am glad my book sold out before now. Mary Rodwell's book is a superior and contemporary tour-de-force of the human-Star Visitor encounter phenomenon transforming our world.

"The Awakening" (ISBN# 1-903782-03-1) is available from bookstores or the publisher, Beyond Publications:

I wish you all success with this fine book.

In the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

From: "J Halbert" <>
To: "Mary Rodwell" <>
Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 12:40 AM
Subject: Awakening> Hello Mary,

Dear Mary,

I just recently finished reading Awakening. It's a marvel of insightful research, and beautifully showcases your caring, benevolent counseling. I completely agree with Dr. Leir's comment on the cover, and the book is a valued addition to my library of phenomena literature.

I especially liked: how you've categorized and very thoroughly covered questions to identify possible Contact experience - p. 34ff; summarized what we've come to know about Contact - p. 258ff; that you included samples of Jane's and Tracey's amazing drawings, and Rochelle's and Tracey's hieroglyphic script; your wonderfully helpful use of bullet summaries throughout, making for quick reference and ease of readability; your referencing reading material by subject matter - p.295ff (about a third of these works are in my library); the fact that your Experiencer friends demonstrate that Contact is occurring with several different races; and especially how you, and the Experiencers you have come to know, have presented human/alien Contact in a truly positive and transformative light - which I most certainly believe it is.

Like you, to my knowledge, I have not had any Contact experience. Your thoughts about how you'd " to go to Alaska..." and "...what about me?" (p. 268) truly echoed my own deeply felt wishes... And, like you, I've been asking myself, "why I chose to be so passionate about a subject that I had no personal experience of..." But while the desire (for Contact) is there, the 'need' (to have Contact as a way to make the phenomena more credible), however, is not... So many of the various parts of the "ET elephant" have been confirmed and corroborated for me by countless others...

Two of my close friends are Experiencers and I plan to share your book with them. Thanks again for all you are doing!

Love and blessings,
Joan Halbert


Dear Mary,

I was sent a review copy of your book by Beyond Publications. It has become one of my 'bibles' for witness support literature. At the moment, it's actually 'the' bible because of it's unique focus on how to help oneself and other experiencers.

I find myself agreeing with much of what you write, e.g. the stages of coming to terms with 'abduction' experientially, how that affects one's world-view etc. The choices that are to be made, the difficulties, and the positives.

Best wishes,
James Basil


Dear Mary,

My name is danny. I've only recently finished reading your book Awakening.  For me, it was an incredible book which gave me a lot of insight on how all these people, who have had contact, must have felt before they met you.  Its a subject that I've been taken by the last 6 years or so.  Its good to know that there are people like you who help people with contact experiences.

Well, just wanted to say a few words, thanks as your book has helped me also.


Dear Mary,

I am writing with reference to your (superb) book: “Awakening”.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on an excellent piece of work.

I found the title particularly appropriate to my own gradual realisation of what has been occuring to me since my childhood. It has only been for (approximately) the last fourteen years that I have come to realise the origin of my experiences.

Subsequently I have been on something of a journey of discovery and found the answer to many personal questions that I had on the nature of Space / Time and the universe although the precise origin of the "Space People" remains a mystery to me.

However the questionaire included in the book combined with the experiences recounted by others has helped me to find the validation of the experience that I was seeking - so Thank You !

Yours sincerely,