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Inner Alchemy Series

Guided meditations on CDs
From the multi international award winning team from Acern, comes this great meditation CD series -
Meditations by Mary Rodwell, Music by David Sandercock
Simply Sensational


  •     Connecting To The Wise You
  •     The Inner Healer
  •     Connecting To Your Spirit Guides
  •     Exploring Past Lives
  •     Inner Peace
  •     Detox
  •     Chakra Activator
  •     Creating Abundance
  •     Create Your Own Destiny
  •     Learn To Astral Travel
 Armchair Journey to the Stars

Following is a letter of recommendation from Mary to a professional enquirer

Re: your request on what CD to recommend given their individual needs.

Connecting to the Wise Part of You
This one helps with those unsure how to connect and trust their inner wisdom/selves. Individuals that feel isolated, confused, unable to make decisions. Feeling lost, seeking answers and new direction.

Inner Healer
This is a good general creative relaxation for all kinds physical and emotional illness, especially illness of the obvious emotional/psychological base. It offers empowerment, and tools to help individuals take responsibility for their healing. ie Backpain, Hypertension, Migraines, heart conditions, Diabetes etc

Connecting to your Spirit Guides
Metaphysical/spiritual in that most will need to believe they have a "higher self" or source or spiritual help or a Guardian Angel etc. For those seeking a closer/ experiential connection to those spiritual sources of guidance and support. Particularly helpful for those feeling very alone and isolated.

If you have any particular conditions you would like reccomendations for, let me know


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