… Feel you’re having close encounter experiences?


Do you:


 *  Experience missing time?

 *  Have unexplained scars or marks      on  your body

 *  See UFOs or are fearful of ‘them’?

 *  See strange non-human figures?

 *  Have dreams in which you       cannot  move?

 *  Experience clairvoyant      capabilities?

 *  Feel you are continuously being      watched or  observed?

 *  Regularly hear unusual buzzing      or high pitched   sounds?

 *  Ever dream of passing through      windows  walls or ceilings?

 *  Feel you need to talk to someone      who will  honour your      experiences and help you to        understand wha  it all means?


Contactee Close Encounter Resource Network launched in UK in 2003 aims to provide professional counselling and support to people with ‘contact’ experiences and their families. The purpose of  CONCERN  is to raise global awareness of all realities and how these can be harnessed to better the lives of all people.

Due to the nature and growing interest in this area of work, consultation and information is given to researchers, therapists, the media and members of ufology-related organisations.

CONCERN staff members also regularly deliver presentations, seminars and workshops in the UK and overseas.

employees are qualified professionals with many years experience in counselling and psychology. Their commitment to helping people with contact experiences stems from an unmet demand and a need to raise close encounter awareness in the global community.

can help you by:

- listening and honouring your experiences

- providing you with one-on-one counselling

- referral to professional therapists

- access to a support group

- information and resources

If yes, then
can help you.
If you would like to actively be involved and
can offer assistance in CONCERN

‘honouring all realities’

website - http://groups.msn.com/indigoconnexion

Email : concern.north@tiscali.co.uk

or Samantha Carr Email: samantha_carr2002@yahoo.co.uk