ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network)
Research into “Homo Noeticus” Star Children
History Sheet   -   CONFIDENTIAL

Parental Name:    
Marital Status:  
Telephone Number:     
Number of Children:  
Child 1

Note: Did they show advanced physical / intellectual development?
Age of crawling:   
Can you remember any comments your child made which you considered was unusual for their development and age?    If so, could you please put age the comment was made, what the comment was as accurately as you can remember?







Did they draw unusual pictures (such as strange landscapes speak in an unusual way or write in symbols or scripts?   If so what age did they do this?







Has your child ever talked about “imaginary friends” angelic beings or non-human beings that visit them and if so at what age and what did they say about them?







Does your child talk about being in space ships, if so what did they say about them?







Does your child mention if they see their siblings you or your partner on the craft,  if so in what context?






Does your child talk about learning things on the craft, if so what was it?







Does your child mention if they are given food, if so what was it like?







Does your child ever mention anything about toilets on the craft?







Does your child mention other children on the craft, if so what did they look like and did they see people that they recognised, if so who were they?







Does your child mention medical procedures, if so what kinds?







Does your child mention any healing procedures, if so what were they?







Did they speak of other dimensional/parallel realities?






Do they ever mention a place they are from that is not earth, if so where and do they have a name for the place?
What does your child know or understand about the “Extraterrestrials” who visit them?
Is your child fearful about their experiences, if so what do they fear?
Does your child have memory of past lives?
Have a maturity and wisdom that is beyond their years?
Have information/data they have not consciously learnt?
Does your child have unusual abilities ie Psi/ High sense Abilities such as:
  • Telepathic abilities (can read your mind sometimes)

  • See energy fields

  • See non-physical spirits or “extraterrestrials “ (Clairvoyance)

  • Feel they are being spoken to telepathically (Clairaudience)

  • Feel ‘spirit’ energies, around them (Clairsentience)

  • Feel like they go out of body “Astral Travelling?"

  • Say they can converse with animals?

  • Can affect physical objects around them with their mind (Telekinesis)

  • Any other abilities you consider ‘unusual, please explain?”
Do they have problems with electrical fields and cannot wear watches, or may affect computers or other electrical equipment?
Has your child been diagnosed as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder?)   If so are they on medication?
Does your child have any phobias if so what are they?
Does your child have any special dietary likes or dislikes?
Does your child say anything unusual about their physical body?
Does your child have a sense of ‘mission or purpose, if so what is it?
Does your child talk about unusual abilities they feel they have, or have had before?
Has your child mentioned they are ‘different’ in any way, if so in what way?
Do you experience any other paranormal phenomenon in your home, if so please explain?
Did your child ever mention he/she felt different to their siblings or even you, if so how do they say they are different?
Has your child offered you ‘healing’ spontaneously, if so give the circumstances, and how it was offered?
Do they experience excessive nosebleeds or marks/lumps on their body that can’t be explained?
Have they been involved in any unusual incident such as gone ‘missing ‘ for a time with no explanation, if yes please explain?
Have you or they seen unexplained lights in the sky, if so when was it, and did you experience anything else unusual afterwards?
Has your child shown any physical sensitivity ie sensitive to loud sounds for example, if so what are they?
Has your child have any ‘food ‘ sensitivities?”

Please complete the same questions for any other children that you might have, no matter how young they are.


Have you any of this documentation ie pictures, symbols, scripts (written languages) that you/and they are prepared to photocopy and share for this research.     If so please send to:

33, Watsonia Road,
Gooseberry Hill, 6076
West Australia

Tel/fax International (618) 9454 3702
Web address &

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