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The Faculty of Star Kids Project - Director Dr Richard Boylan, Ph.D., MSW, M.S. Ed., B.A. LLC - American researcher into Star Visitor-human contact, behavioral scientist, anthropologist, university associate professor of Psychology (emeritus), and certified clinical hypnotherapist - Mary Rodwell, RN, Educator, Healer

The Star Kids Project Ltd is a non-profit organisation which serves Star Kids, parents, families and friends and Star Seeds, adults with star heritage.

For a more in-depth introduction, please visit Faculty of Star Kids Project under the Articles page on this website or log on now to


The Beyond web site at: is well worth a visit. It is constantly being updated. Following is a sample of their material.

Alien Abductions:

The 1948 Friar's Abduction Case by Gianfranco Degli Esposti.

Alternative History:
Steeple Bells by Miroslav Provod.

Alternative health/medicine:
The Magic of Healing by Mark Bennett.

Cover-ups and Conspiracies:
A Good Soldier. Questions about VA disability and Multiple Sclerosis by Ed Gehrman.

Frontier Science:
The Alchemist and the Witch - A Brief Comparison by Brian Allan.
Tilley Demo Prematurely Terminated by Wheel Bearing Failure by Sterling D. Allan.

Tripping the Light Fantastic - Hallucinogens and Enlightenment by Brian Allan.
The Spirit World and Miracles by David Howard.

The History Channel and Roswell - A Response by Kevin Randle.
Interview with Lynda Moulton Howe by Paola Harris.
New Classified Documents Surface by Grant Cameron.

NEWS Updates.

Win copies of 'Politics of the Imagination' by Colin Bennett.


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Plus find out how to purchase the latest books from Fortune Books Ltd including 'Without Consent' by Carl Nagaitis and Philip Mantle, 'Awakening by Mary Rodwell, and The Beginners Guide to Life After Death by Peter Shires.


East Yorkshire Encounters   (United Kingdom)

Chris Evers & Gary Anthony are the webmasters and joint editors of EYE Magazine. They are continuing to update the new EYE web site on an almost daily basis, so remember to return.


The EBE-ET I.B is a bimonthly bulletin published by EBE-ET.

EBE-ET I.B. is the only UFO informative exclusively about the Brazil UFO phenomena in circulation nowadays.   All the texts are from the UFO Magazine Brazil and translated by the translators' of EBE-ET team.

For the Jan/Feb 2003 edition go to


Roy Hale is the Owner of The Lost Haven website and is well worth a visit.


Dr Michael E Salla's website is dedicated to producing high quality research papers that focus on the political implications of what an overwhelming amount of evidence conclusively points to as an Extraterrestrial presence on Earth that is known by clandestine government organizations who keep official knowledge of this presence secret from the general public and elected political officials. The evidence suggests that decision making is restricted to a small group of officials drawn primarily from the military and intelligence branches of various national governments who operate on a 'need to know' basis, and whose appointments are made in a way that 'stretches' or breaks accepted constitutional guidelines and processes.

If one accepts the available evidence and concludes that the above is indeed occurring, then it is up to each individual to familiarize themselves with the issues and take whatever action is appropriate. The place to begin your journey through this site and discover Exopolitics is through the Research Study papers and the articles that are periodically published on this site.


Experienced something unusual?  Think you are an indigo or starchild?  Want support, advice, or just curious?


Take a visit to Jacqueline Zoller's site at   Take a break at the Eden Light tri-level pole property retreat. built at the top of the Araluen Valley set amidst a forest of Jarrah and Red Gums. The 8 acres of grounds are mainly left to nature whilst an acre or so has been cultivated into fragrant gardens of Roses, Gardenia, Jasmine, Port Wine Magnolias and fruit trees including Orange with its fragrant blossom.

The retreat itself is completely self-contained and has everything you will need for your break. There are many modalities of healing offered at the retreat, including Massage, Reiki and Spiritual healing. Please visit the site for further information.


Australian Cosmic Connection is a user friendly group who explore our past, present and future extraterrestrials contacts and contactees, alien races, cultures and phenomena, other realities physical and non-physical, the coming changes, personal awareness, self development and more. Times are changing. Are you changing with the times?


Colin Bennett's Site "Combat Diaries" is somewhat unusual and controversial and is well worth a visit.   Google records the site as having two million hits in one year !


LUFOS - the London UFO Studies Group. They invite anyone with a sighting to email the UFO Zone.


Michael Rutherford is an independent researcher into UFOs and abductions. He invites anyone with a sighting to email him. Michael promises to reply to all emails.



The Journal of A.K. Jones - Copyrighted to Philip Shipley and Rob Townsend -

The long lost journal of A.K. Jones, one of the original truth seekers into the subjects of Aliens, Paranormal, Ghosts, Myths and Legends is discovered after more than 40 years. Found in the attic of a condemned cottage in the North Yorkshire Dales, this amazing life's work which is the embodiment of one individual's quest to uncover the truth.

The A.K. Files is an exciting new website that offers you a unique look into the world of UFO's, Aliens and the Paranormal through the use of traditional art and sculpture.


Are you interested in The Mysterious Connection Between Alien Abductees & the Bible? - if so, go to:

A very interesting read!


For "indigos", "star kids" or absolutely ANYONE wanting to open their minds further and realise their natural birthright by choosing consciousness rather than conditioning...
To visit the website about the wise children and youth of today...and about the coming earth and consciousness changes for all of us, whatever "age." - go to:



Contactee Close Encounter Resource Network launched in UK in 2003 aims to provide professional counselling and support to people with ‘contact’ experiences and their families. The purpose of  CONCERN  is to raise global awareness of all realities and how these can be harnessed to better the lives of all people.

Due to the nature and growing interest in this area of work, consultation and information is given to researchers, therapists, the media and members of ufology-related organisations.

CONCERN staff members also regularly deliver presentations, seminars and workshops in the UK and overseas.

employees are qualified professionals with many years experience in counselling and psychology. Their commitment to helping people with contact experiences stems from an unmet demand and a need to raise close encounter awareness in the global community.

can help you by:

- listening and honouring your experiences
- providing you with one-on-one counselling
- referral to professional therapists
- access to a support group
- information and resources


Check out Ellis Taylor's site "Looking Into the Dark Places".

Ellis' site presents alternative views to the reader that might be encountered in the mainstream press. Although he encourages everyone to form their own opinions and to express their beliefs in any way they wish, he does not support anything that causes unnecessary harm. In his view, preconceptions and systems of belief are contrary to the quest for truth, so you will find that Ellis is non-dogmatic, non-religious and non-prejudiced.

Well worth a visit to



Philip Mantle, former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association, launched his latest book "Without Consent" at this year's UFO Leeds Conference in the United Kingdom.

For further information, please go to: