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I'd like to inform you about a brand new section of the Birmingham UFO Group website specifically for people who have had contact experiences of one form or another. To get to the Contactee Support page, either select it from the menu bar at the top of the BUFOG website main page, or click on the below link:

It recently came to our attention that support for contactees/abductees in the UK is extremely lacking. So we at BUFOG decided to do something about this. We decided that the best thing to do would be to host a regular meeting where contactees could openly talk about their experiences with one another, and ask any questions they may have. But rather than actual live meetings, we decided that we would set up a secure chatroom on the site and host online discussions instead. This has a number of very good advantages. Firstly it means that anyone from around the world can connect into it, there is no issues with being able to reach a particular location for the meetings. It also means that people can remain completely anonymous, and do not even have to reveal what they look like, so confidentiality is assured. As well as these advantages, the chatroom is completely free to use and run, so there are no costs involved with hiring a place for the meetings.

I will be hosting the discussion meetings, which will take place on a monthly basis for two hours. The next meeting date and time can be viewed at any time on the Contactee Support page. We decided also to make the chatroom non-public and require a specific user name and password to enter. This has been done to increase the level of privacy due to the often sensitive nature of the subject. If you would like to join in with the discussion meetings, please contact me at provide details of why you would like to take part and I will get in touch.

The initial discussion meeting is going to take place on Sunday 23rd May 8.00-10.00pm GMT.

Please forward this E-Mail and spread the word about our new page and the planned online meetings. If you have any questions about the page or how to access the chat, please let me know.

Dave Hodrien
BUFOG Chairman/Investigator