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Mary Rodwell, author of Awakening and Principal of ACERN, guides you through this unique data, with personal accounts from Australia, American, Israel and the United Kingdom.

Complex artwork, strange scripts, symbols and 'alien languages'? Is this "Contact Communication"?  Professional artists from both the UK and Australia share their stories and explain how their artistic abilities are used to 'draw' the 'visitors' as they really are. American author, Dan Redfield, translates "Contact Communication" through geometric concepts and codes she believes act as a universal language with energetic triggers to 'awaken us'.

The late Adrian Divir, computer engineer, heals with the help of 'Extraterrestrial doctors'.  Rochelle D'Elia feels a dual-consciousness through her 'extraterrestrial heritage' and uses sound and energy to heal on many levels.

Whatever you choose to believe, Contact experiences demonstrate a global phenomenon, with transformative outcomes, from healing to unusual forms of communication. These 'expressions' offer us a tantalising glimpse into this fascinating enigma.     Duration: 81 minutes

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2003 International UFO Film Congress Laughlan USA
“Best Musical Score In A UFO Documentary” EBE Award
Mary Rodwell RN, Therapist, Researcher and Principal of  ACERN introduces some of the best audio and visual material from  ACERN's database.  Incredible artwork, drawings of ET beings, symbols and scripts drawn by experiencers themselves and show an integrity of experience -a visual expression of Contact.  How and why do "experiencers" feel impelled to create such unusual artwork and symbolism?

Tracey Taylor, an "experiencer", briefly narrates her story and the process that guides and inspires her drawing of unusual and intricate designs.  She explains the symbolism of them and why she feels they act as a trigger to awaken us to further understanding of our origins.

Expressions of ET Contact, like the "crop circles", may offer another piece of the puzzle in understanding this enigma.  This video is a fascinating visual record of Contact in Australia.      Duration 52 minutes.

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  1999 International UFO Film Congress Laughlan USA “Best Musical Score In A UFO Documentary” EBE Award “Best Abductee/Contactee Documentary” EBE AWARD