Stephen Haley


The One Second, More series has been nominated for the prestigious Prix Pictet Photography prize in Paris.

This year’s theme is consumption and the short List will be announce November 2013.

This series depicts just one second in the annual world wide production of various consumer objects.

Seven paintings are featured in the New Horizons exhibition, Sale Regional Gallery, curated by Simon Gregg.

Catalogue available:

Saturday 1 June to Sunday 25 August 2013

New Horizons surveys methods and approaches to landscape painting in the early twenty-first century. Common to each of the works is a modification of the natural world, and a sense in which the world has become magnified, artificial and constructed. While still retaining connections to the familiar, New Horizons proposes an alternate reality where things are not always what they seem.

Featuring nine of Australia’s leading contemporary painters: Stephen Bram, Stephen Bush, Peter Daverington, Stephen Haley, Sam Leach, Tony Lloyd, Kate Shaw, Darren Wardle and Alice Wormald.

Somewhere About Now

The artist’s first survey exhibition featuring work from 2006 - 2012

City of Glen Eira Gallery

Sept 27 - Oct 28, 2012

Curated by Diane Soumilas

With accompanying 34 page colour catalogue with essays by Diane Soumilas and Kelly Gellatly

Free floor talks by artist Stephen Haley are scheduled at Glen Eira City Council’s Gallery on Wednesday 10 October 2.30pm and Sunday 21 October at 2.30pm

Here is There

Bendigo Art Gallery

29 Jan - 27 March 2011

This solo exhibition features a large scale video installation, Driveby; a retroreflective wall drawing and a major new virtual photographic diptych Here (227) and There (107) that included 334 individual portraits of anonymous people and depicts the number of people that are born and die in the world each minute.

Curated by Leanne Fitzgibbon and Tansy Curtin


The video work Respose has been curated into the featured video section of the Hong Kong Central Art in March 2017.

It is a “fly through” of a virtual hotel room – the sort of generic, standardized space that is now repeated globally - with surface variations. It was constructed and animated using 3D modelling software, photographic images and resources drawn from the internet. The 2 minute work infinitely loops back to its beginning.

While the title Repose evokes rest, things may also be re-posed – as one would a question, or in rearranging a set piece.

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair - September 2017

Stephen Haley and Sophia Hewson

Mars Gallery will be presenting a two person exhibition at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair this year.

This will be a major exhibition of my new Paintings, Lightjet Photographs and Videos.

Digital: The World of Alternative Realities

16 February - 4 June 2017


Curated by Charles and Leah Justin with an essay and opening address by Professor Tim Flannery, this is a survey exhibition of recent digital art featuring 20 artists 4 of my major works.

I will also be speaking on a panel discussion examining issues surrounding the digital with Daniel Crooks and Simon Finn in March.

Rupert Bunny Foundation Visual Arts Fellowship

Recipient of this award in 2016 in collaboration with Penelope Davis, the project - Reverse Photography - experiments with creating photograms from 3D printed works created from virtual models sourced from the internet - thus taking virtual objects into actual objects and then back into the virtual.

The final exhibition of lightjet prints and other works will be exhibited in September 2017 at the City of Port Phillip Art Gallery, St Kilda.


Hong Kong Art Central , 27 March - 1 April 2019.

Three new Virtual Photographs and a new video animation, Fugue State, will be exhibited in Hong Kong with Mars Gallery.

In part, these are works inspired from previous travel to the city of Hong Kong - at once a unique space but emblematic of the increasing and rapid global urbanization and digitization that is the key feature of our age.