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On this imagemap are some pictures of young artists who have appeared in Australia - specifically Melbourne and Perth - two of our State Capitals. All the artists are now adults, but hopefully keeping as limber as they are here. Click on a thumbnail to bring up a bigger picture.

The Performers
Pina1 Pina2 Pina3 Pina4 Pina5 Pina6 Pina7 Pina8 Folded back Fold off table Statuette Foldover 2 Table edge Thirsty Circus poster(ised) Bendup posterised Taking a bow I face you I face you too Standing backbend Touch the floor Full triple fold Floorbend Splits and backbend Preparing to bend Twisting Splits and handstand Twist to the left Twist to the right

On the left - Pina Conti appearing on TV. Centre line - unknown artists from The Flying Fruitfly Circus. On the right - Michelle Sparrow from Tivoli in Perth.

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