This page has imagemaps containing thumbnails of creations of mine, using the incredible Photoshop software. These images are based on artistic contortionist poses to produce a picture with a difference - graceful, sometimes with a message, funny and perhaps bizarre on occasion. I could never have produced them in the normal darkroom. Click on a thumbnail to bring up a larger image.

Imagemap No 1 Backbend on rocks In the winery Come into my Web On the edge Surfside sculpture Air goddess Gymnast by the sea Dance on the stairs Rising from a seashell Resting in the shell

imagemap2 On the Rocks Queen of Bends Queen of Hearts Undersea ballet The demon cometh Lyrebird girl The Apparition Rooftop Bridge lady Posterised I talk to the birds Land worshiper At the Cavemouth I am Beautiful Over the Pinnacles In Full Bloom Classic Pose Handstands Josephine's Sunburst Up and Away Flower Burst Your Drink Sir Medallion swangirl bookends Fire vision New table decor Bull vaulting
All images are mine and are Copyright

All models not photographed by me are used by permission or are unknown to me. Please inform me of any Copyright breaches

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