I can’t think of anything that excites a greater sense of childlike wonder than to be in a country where you are ignorant of almost everything.
~  Bill Bryson  ~

An adventurer at heart, Sue has lived in England, South Africa, Austria and Australia. She loves photography, people and travel; with all three being inextricably intertwined throughout her life.

Sue’s passion for photographing babies, toddlers and children developed when she became a mother. Today, she specialises in location photography; using natural light and a relaxed familiar environment. She continues, with great joy, to capture the fleeting, precious and magical moments of childhood innocence and naturalness ... little people doing what little people do ... recording special moments and preserving memories that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Travel is her other great passion. Inspired by the impact and beauty of different cultures, architecture, lifestyles, people, music and food experienced around the world. She delights in endeavouring to capture the essential essence of the place she’s visiting — evoking cherished memories and dreams in the viewer.

Recently, she has started to combine her third passion of gardening and photography, where she regularly visits beautiful gardens and captures singularly simple and beautiful images of flowers.

For Sue, the two essential elements of any photograph are light and emotion. A photograph is the result of a moment captured and created to treasure, reflect upon, and savour. Her work has a strong emotive element about it — mainly minimalist in subject and composition, with restrained colours and shapes, resulting in images of simple elegance.

For five years she was hand-picked by ASeTTS (Association for Services to Torture and Trauma Survivors inc) for her compassion and empathy to contribute to their inaugural and subsequent calendars from 2006-2010.

Sue exhibited nearly sixty images at her first solo exhibition in Fremantle 2004 and has had numerous smaller exhibitions of 20-40 images since then. She has won numerous awards, including a First Prize at the York Society Photographic Awards — further recognition of her excellence as a photographer. She is also regularly asked to judge Photography Competitions and Camera Club Competitions.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Sue offers one-on-one mentoring in taking "Better Baby Photos" as well as tutoring "Photoshop" and "Basic Camera Craft" to help photographers get the optimum results for their images.

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