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In Memory
Wife of Lawrence Warburton Pike
Died 15th Dec 1933
She shared her husband's love
of animals and birds
Erected this stone to his memory

30th August 1900

In loving and grateful remembrance
Lawrence W. Pike
of Furzebrook
A good, kind, true, unselfish
man who passed from this life uttering
Christ's beautiful words of promise

Blessed are the merciful for they
shall obtain mercy.

The memory of the just is blessed









In Memory of
John William Pike
of Westport Wareham
Who died 29 Dec 1869
Aged 66 years


And of Mary his wife
Who died 14th April 1866
Aged 39 years


And of her Mother
Charlotte Bridges Mayer
Relict of the late Mr. Thomas Mayer
of Longport Staffordshire
Who died at Wareham
On the 22 January 1867
Aged 73 Years


Also of Mary Emma Place
Died March 9th 1876
Aged 71




Third son
William Joseph and Anna Pike
Drowned in Studland Bay
July 26th 1863
Aged 7 Years


Crystal Anna

Their 2nd daughter
Died October 11[14?] 1874
Aged 23 Years








Pike Monument

Left Stone

wife of Joseph Pike


Right Stone

Conard - Pike
------- Wareham
Who died Feb. 14 18_9
Aged 85


Photos and transcriptions by David Pike



The following is a transcription and photo of the above Monument kindly donated by John Rowley


In Memory of

Anna Wife of

William Joseph Pike
of Parkstone

Died 23rd Jun 1882
Aged 58 Years


Also of William Joseph Pike
of Parkstone
Died Aug 25th 1884
Aged 75 Years


Anna Lilian Pike
of East Down Blandford
Daughter of above
Died May 18 1941
aged 87 Years


In Memory of
Warburton Pike
of Highgate London
Died January 30th 1882
Aged 64 Years


Also of
Eliza Pike
Wife of the above
Died on the 25th Febr 1895
at Highgate near London
Aged 74 Years



Annie Gaskell Pike
Daughter of the above
who died March 10th 1919
Aged 63 Years


Also of
Leonard Gaskell Pike
of King Barrow Wareham
Son of the Above
Who died February 14th 1939
Aged 85 Years








Joseph Talbot


June 28th 1887

Aged 46 Years



Died Mar 23 1886

Joseph Fooks

Aged 83