Church Knowle

Militia List - 1798

dated Nov 9th 1798

Transcribed by Caryl Parsons

James CROMBE [Coombes?]  Tythingman

A true List of all the Persons usually and at this time Dwelling in the parish and Tything above of Between the ages of 18 and 45 years Distinquishing their Ranks and Occupations, Family Size, Exemptions and Infirmities


  Surname Probable
Ranks/ Occupations Wife, Children      
Samuel MINTON   daryman yes, 2 5' 9"    
Thomas HARDY   labourer   5' 8"    
George TAYLER   labourer   5' 8"    
James WHILLETT/WHITTELL? Whittle? labourer   5' 7"    
John WHIT ? White? labourer   5' 7"    
Robert T/FEARY ?   labourer   5' 8" seaman line crossed through
Stephen SE/IMAN   labourer   5' 9" has served line crossed through
James BARDON? Burden? daryman yes, 2 5' 7" has a subetut now serving line crossed through
Henrey WHITE   labourer yes, 4 5' 8"   line crossed through
James HIBES ? (sighted elsewhere) Hibbs? labourer no, 5 5' 7"   line crossed through
James HIDE ? (sighted elsewhere) Hyde labourer yes, 4 5' 7" now serving in Volunteers line crossed through
John SEY---/SIYMON?   labourer   5' 9" ?asthmatic line crossed through
Tomas SIMON? (sighted elsewhere)   labourer yes, 1 5' 8" bad shoulder line crossed through
Samuel COOPER?   yeoman   5' 10" now serving in Yeoman Cavelry line crossed through
John ELLIOTT   yeoman yes, 5 5' 8" now serving in Yeoman Cavelry line crossed through
Richard PARSONS/PEREN?   labourer yes, 3 5' 7" seaman line crossed through
Abraham YEBINGS/GIBINS?   labourer   5' 7" find by a Peal line crossed through
William COOPER   labourer   5' 8"    
Gorge BENNET   labourer   5' 7"    


All Persons who Shall think themselves aggrieved by having their names Inserted in this List or by any others being ometted may appeal at the Red Lion in Wareham the 19 day of Novr. Next at 10 Clock Or they will lose the Benefit of appealing as no Appeal for any Incapacity can be Afterwards Heard
James CROMBE, tithingman