Langton Matravers

Trade Directories

1849 - 1939


This index was prepared in 2009-10 by John Patrick.

It is an index of all the persons mentioned in the Langton Matravers sections of the Dorset trade directories. In early directories there were no separate sections for Langton Matravers and names from these dates are taken from the Swanage and Wareham sections of the directories where the location was given as Langton or nearby.

This index is a finding aid only and the original directory should be consulted as many entries give more information than can be included in the index.

Names mentioned in the directory introductions are not included in the index unless they were local officials.

At the end of the index there is an extra list of entries with no personal names in the titles. Any names and positions given are shown, but these personal names are also in the main index.

Entries for businesses & organisations etc are indexed under the name of the person shown in the entry.

In many cases there are several entries for the same person and this is because there was a significant change in their directory entry from one year to the next or they had more than one entry per year. Some minor variations are absorbed into the main index entries.

There are many obvious spelling and typographical errors in the directories and these have been indexed as printed in the directories. When searching for a particular name in the index and it cannot be found, it is advisable to search for alternative spellings of that name.

There are no surnames beginning with: O, Q, U, V, X, Y, Z.

A blank space in the index means that no information was given in that part of the directory entry.



The directories included in this index are as follows:
1830 - Pigot & Co's Directory (Swanage section)
1842 - Pigot & Co's Directory (Swanage & Wareham sections)
1849 - Post Office Directory
1851 - Hunt & Co's Directory
1852 - Slater's Directory (Swanage section)
1855 - Post Office Directory
1859 - Post Office Directory
1865 - J G Harrod & Co's Directory
1867 - Post Office Directory
1871 - Mercer & Crocker's Directory
1874 - Butcher, Cole & Co's Directory (Swanage section)
1875 - Kelly's Directory
1880 - Kelly's Directory
1885 - Kelly's Directory
1890 - Kelly's Directory
1895 - Kelly's Directory
1899 - Kelly's Directory
1903 - Kelly's Directory
1907 - Kelly's Directory
1910 - Bennett's Directory (Swanage section)
1911 - Kelly's Directory
1915 - Kelly's Directory
1919 - Kelly's Directory
1923 - Kelly's Directory
1927 - Kelly's Directory
1931 - Kelly's Directory
1935 - Kelly's Directory
1939 - Kelly's Directory



Initials or Given Name















AbbottJohnShip Innpublic house1915191919231927193119351939     
AustinJohn (Rev)Langtonclergy1852           
AustinJohn H (Rev)RectoryCurate1851           
BallHenry saddler1851           
BallJohnShip Inninn1871           
BallJohnShip Inn, Langtoninn & saddler1874           
BallJohnShipinn & saddler1875           
BallThomas bricklayer1851           
BallamRobertHigh Streetshopkeeper193119351939         
BarnesCharlesShip Inninn184918511855         
BarnesGeorge baker1875           
BarnesMary (Mrs)Ship Inninn185918651867         
BartlettRLangton Church Reading Roomssecretary191119151919         
BartlettReginald builder1915192719311935        
BartlettReginald parish clerk1919           
BartlettReginaldOsborn Villabuilder & contractor & apartments19191923          
BartlettReginald CThe Homesteadprivate1935           
BartlettReginald CMoorcroft, Hyde Roadprivate1939           
BartlettReginald C builder1939           
BartlettReginald HThe Courtsprivate1931           
Bartlett & Nichols Hyde Garagemotor engineers & bus proprietors1923192719311935        
BayleyEdmond Goodenough (Rev)RectoryRector1849           
BeathLena (Mrs)Garfieldapartments1923           
BeavisDonaldCoombe Farmfarmer19351939          
BowerAmbrose & Son stone merchants18991903190719111915       
BowerCharlotte (Miss) smallholder19311935          
BowerEdwardPost & MO etcsub-postmaster1899           
BowerEdwardLangton Reading Roomssecretary1903           
BowerEdward & ErnestPost Officeshopkeepers1899           
BowerErnestPost Office etcsub-postmaster1903190719111915191919231927     
BowerErnest grocer, draper & sub-postmaster19031907191119151919       
BowerErnest grocer & sub-postmaster19231927          
BowerErnest grocer19311935          
BowerErnest grocer & post office1939           
BowerErnest (Edward &)Post Officeshopkeepers1899           
BowerEva (Miss) smallholder1939           
BowerFrank shopkeeper18851890          
BowerFrankPost Officesub-postmaster1895           
BowerFrankPost Officeshopkeeper1895           
BowerJames shopkeeper1899           
BowerJames stone merchant1907           
BowerJessie Smith (Miss) confectioner193119351939         
BowerJob shopkeeper1871           
BowerJohn blacksmith1880188518901895        
BowerJohn quarry owner see Harris & Bower1915           
BowerLaurieActonquarry owner1939           
BowerReuben grocer18851890189518991903       
BowerReuben Short stone merchant1907           
BowerSaul beer retailer18991903          
BowerThomas shopkeeper18751880188518901895       
BowerThomas stone merchant189919031907         
BowerThomas Albert stone merchant19111915191919231927       
BowerThomas S stone merchant1919           
BowerWalter quarry owner1935           
BowerWilliam SMaycroft 1907           
Bower (Harris &)  quarry owners19151919192319271931       
BradfordJamesPucklake Farm 18901895          
BradfordJamesPucklake Farmfarmer18991903190719111915191919231927    
BradfordJohnManor Farm Dairy, Langtondairy1874           
BradfordJohnManor Farmdairyman1875           
BradfordWilliam JamesPucklake Farmfarmer193119351939         
BridleJames shopkeeper1867187118751880        
BridleJamesLangtongrocer & draper1874           
BrodieMissElm House 18751880188518901895189919031907    
BrodieWilliam (Esq)Elm House 1871           
BrodieWilliam RichardElm House 1875           
BrownJames AlbertPurbeck Stone Worksstone merchant etc18901895189919031907       
BrownJohnDorset Quarries Ltdmanager1931           
BrownTimothy & Son stone merchants1885           
BrowneJoseph SElementary Schoolmaster1903           
BullenWilliam blacksmith1899190319071911        
BurtAlfred stone merchant19071911          
CampbellMissNational Schoolmistress1855           
ChapmanNigel KeithSpywaypreparatory boarding school for boys1931           
ChapmanNigel KiethSpyway Houseprivate19271931          
ChapmanNigel KiethSpyway Houseboarding school for boys1927           
ChinchenCharles maltster & farmer1849           
ChinchenGeorge baker1885           
ChinchenGeorge & Son bakers189018951899190319071911      
ChinchenJames farmer & maltster1851           
ChinchenJohn shopkeeper18651871          
ChinchenJohn shopkeeper & stone merchant1867187518801885        
ChinchenJohn StrongLangtongrocer & draper1874           
ChinchenJoseph stone merchant185918651867         
ChinchenSusan (Miss) grocer191919231927193119351939      
Chinchen & Son  bakers1915191919231927        
Chinchen & Son  bakers - Mrs A A White, proprietress193119351939         
ChippRobertDunford Farmbailiff to S Serrell Esq1851           
ChittyOlive (Miss)National Schoolroommistress1895           
Clifford-HawkesEdward (Rev MA)Rectory 1899           
CooperAnnie (Elizabeth &, Misses) shopkeepers1911191519191923192719311935     
CooperElizabeth & Annie (Misses) shopkeepers1911191519191923192719311935     
CorbenAlexander stone merchant1851           
CorbenAlexanderKings Armspublic house1855185918651867187118751880     
CorbenAlexanderKings Arms, Langtonpublic house1874           
CorbettReginaldOld Malt Houseprivate1911           
CorbettReginaldOld Malt Houseboys' boarding school1911           
CorbettReginaldThe Old Malthouseprivate191519191923192719311935      
CorbettReginaldThe Old Malthouseboys' boarding school191519191923192719311935      
CoulterJoseph William (Rev MA)Rectoryclergy1903190719111915        
CrawfordThomas WalterManor Farmdairyman1919           
CrawshawEustace James (BA)Garfieldprivate193119351939         
CrawshawEustace James (BA)Garfield Boys Preparatory Schoolheadmaster193119351939         
CreadMrsCoombe Farm 1871           
CullGeorgeDunford Farmfarmer1849           
CurtisJoseph farmer1859186518671871        
DaviesDavid (Rev BA)Cambria Cottageclergy184918511855         
DavisDavid (Rev)Langtonclergy18421852          
DavisHenryShip Inninn188018851890         
DavisTomKing's Arms PHpublic house19351939          
DocwraJohn WilliamLeeson House 1875           
DymondMissTwo Leasprivate191119151919192319271931      
DymondMiss (OBE JP)Two Leasprivate19351939          
EastmanEWilkswood Dairydairyman1935           
EastmentAmelia (Mrs)Seacombe, High Streetboarding house1939           
EdmondsGeorgeActongrocer etc1851           
EdmondsGeorgeLangton Conservative Workg Mens Clubsecretary1899           
EdmondsMaria (Miss)Kings Arms P Hpublic house1885189018951899190319071911     
EdmundsCharles (William &)Coombebrewers, maltsters & farmers1880           
EdmundsCharles Chinchen4 Victoria Terrace, Swanagebrewer, maltster, farmer & dairy1890           
EdmundsCharles ChinchenThe Malthouse & Wilkswood Farmfarmer1895189919031907        
EdmundsCharles Chinchen4 Victoria Terrace, Swanagedairy18951899          
EdmundsCharles ChinchenWilkeswood Farmfarmer1911           
EdmundsCharles ChinchenMaltaprivate19151919          
EdmundsCharles ChinchenMalta, Spyway, W'wood & Durnford fmsfarmer1915           
EdmundsCharles ChinchenMalta & Wilkswood Farmsfarmer1919           
EdmundsCharles Chinchen (William &)Coombe & 4 Victoria Ter, Swanage (dairy)brewers, maltsters & farmers1885           
EdmundsRebecca (Mrs)Coombe Farmdairy18951899          
EdmundsWilliam malster & farmer185518591865         
EdmundsWilliam brewer, maltster & farmer1867           
EdmundsWilliam brewer1871           
EdmundsWilliamCombe Farm, Langton 1874           
EdmundsWilliamCoombe Farmdairyman189019111915         
EdmundsWilliamCoombe Farmdairy1903           
EdmundsWilliamCoombe Farmdairyman & overseer1907           
EdmundsWilliamCoombe Farmfarmer1919           
EdmundsWilliam & CharlesCoombebrewers, maltsters & farmers1880           
EdmundsWilliam & Charles ChinchenCoombe & 4 Victoria Ter, Swanage (dairy)brewers, maltsters & farmers1885           
EdmundsWilliam & SonsCoombebrewers, maltsters & farmers1875           
ElwesJohn (Esq)Leeason House 1865           
FordGLangton Bus Co, Acton Laneproprietor1935           
ForwardJohnShip Inninn19031907          
GabbitasMissLeeson Houseprivate19351939          
GabbitasMissLeeson Houseschool for girls19351939          
GaenCharles shoemaker18751880          
GaenJohn shoemaker1875           
GarlandGeorge Vallis (Rev MA JP) Rector1867           
GarlandGeorge Vallis (Rev MA) Rector185518591865         
GarlandJohn BingleyLeeson Housegentry1842           
GeanCharles shoemaker1871           
GilbertAWilderness, Valley Roadprivate1939           
GorridgeWilliam dairyman1907           
GregoryAsherManor Farmfarm bailiff to John Stevens esq1899           
GrovesEdwardManor Farmdairyman1880           
GuyFrederickCoombe Farmsmallholder192319271931         
HaggardVictor Ernest DebonaireThe Old Malthouseprivate1939           
HaggardVictor Ernest DebonaireOld Malthouse School& Evan C Hope-Gill - headmasters1939           
HandcockRobert baker & postmaster1855           
HandcockRobertPost Officereceiver18551859          
HandcockRobert postmaster1859           
Harden Bros Downs Quarry, Kingston Roadquarry owners, stone merchs & mon masons etc19351939          
HardyRobert bill poster1903           
HarrisJohnKingston Roadquarry owner1939           
HarrisRobert J gen haulage contr, sand gravel & coal merchant1935           
HarrisRobert J general haulage contractor1939           
HarrisRosa Mary (Miss)National Schoolinfants' mistress1899           
HarrisRosa Mary (Miss)Elementary Schoolinfants mistress1903           
Harris & Bower  quarry owners19151919192319271931       
HaynesJohn grocer, corn & provision merchant1875           
HaynesJohn grocer & corn merchant18801885          
HaywardCharles parish clerk18511855185918671875       
HaywardCharles parish clerk & postmaster1865           
HaywardCharlesPost Officereceiver18671875          
HaywardCharlesLangton Sub-Post Officepostmaster1874           
HaywardCharlesLangtonbranch post office1874           
HeathBertCounty Policeconstable19191923          
HindcockRobertPost Officepost office at Robert Hindcock's1851           
HindcockRobert baker1851           
HodgesThomas Gustavus Eugene (Esq)Langton Villa 1867           
HollandJamesLangtongrocer & draper1874           
HollandJames shopkeeper18751880          
HollandJamesManor Farmdairy1885189018951899190319071911     
HollandJames market gardener1890           
Hope-GillEvan Charles (MA)The Old Malthouseprivate1939           
Hope-GillEvan Charles (MA)Old Malthouse School& Victor E D Haggard - headmasters1939           
HorlickThomasKnaveswell Farmfarmer1849           
HorlockJamesLangton Reading Roomssecretary1907           
HorlockJospeh farmer186518671871         
HorlockThomasKnaveswell Farmfarmer1851           
HorlockWilliamManor Farmfarmer191919231927193119351939      
Howden Bros  stone merchants1931           
HoweAnne (Mrs)Hydedistrict nurse1931           
HoweEdwardHydegolf professional to Swanage & Studalnd Golf Club1931           
HunterGeorge ThomasNational Schoolmaster1899           
IvoryJohn bailiff to B Garland Esq1851           
JenkinsHarry farmer18491851185518591867       
KearleyJohnCoombe Farmfarmer1849           
KearleySusan (Mrs)Coombe Farmfarmer18551859          
KenworthyJoseph (Rev)Langtonclergy1842           
KnightAmy Blanche (Miss)Leeson Househigh school for girls1903190719111915191919231927     
KnightAmy Blanche (Miss)Leeson Houseprivate boarding school for girls1931           
KnightMissLeeson Houseprivate19031907191119151919192319271931    
KnightMissStepphill School of Domestic Scienceprincipal1931           
LandenGordon (Mrs)Rookery Nook Tea Rooms, High Streetproprietress1939           
LanderAlbert baker1915191919231927        
LanderAlbert Joseph baker1931           
LanderAmbrose shopkeeper1855185918651867187118751880     
LanderAmbroseLangtongrocer & draper1874           
LanderEdward grocery dealer1851           
LanderG & TKingston Roadquarry owners & stone merchants etc19351939          
LanderGeorge & Titus stone merchants1931           
LanderGwen (Miss grocer1935           
LanderJames shopkeeper1865           
LanderSamuel J shopkeeper18671875          
LanderSamuel JamesLangtongrocer etc1874           
LanderSusan (Mrs) shopkeeper188018851890189518991903      
LanderT (G &)Kingston Roadquarry owners & stone merchants etc19351939          
LanderThomas baker187518801885189018951899190319071911   
LanderTitus (George &) stone merchants1931           
LandesSamuel shopkeeper1871           
Lee-ElliottC L (MA)Durnfordprivate19351939          
Lee-ElliottC L (MA)Durnfordboys' boarding school19351939          
LeggAlbertCoombe Farmsmallholder19231927          
LeggAlbertCoombe Farmfarmer1931           
LeggAnna (Mrs)Langtongeneral shop1874           
LeggF (Mrs)Steppshill Boarding Houseboarding house1935           
LeggGeorge baker1867           
LeggHannah (Mrs) shopkeeper18751880188518901895       
LeggMrs baker & shopkeeper1871           
LeggRichard WManor Farmdairyman19231927          
LesterLesterDumford Hall 1855           
LesterLester (Rev SCL)Rectory, Leeson House 18801885          
LesterLester (Rev SCL)Rectory 18901895          
LockAda (Mrs)Wilkeswooddairy1911           
LockSelina (Mrs)Actonshopkeeper18991903          
LovellThomas WilliamLangton Bus Comanaging director - Grey Safety coaches etc1931           
LovellThomas William omnibus proprietor - see Langton Bus Co1931           
LucasArthurValley Roadhaulage contr, garage prop & motor engineer etc1931           
LucasArthurValley Roadhaulage contractor19351939          
LucasRobert haulage contractor193119351939         
MarshAaron parish clerk18991903190719111915       
MarshLevi cabinet maker1899           
MarshOliver cabinet maker190319111915         
MarshOliver cabinet maker & overseer1907           
MarshOliver builder1919           
MarshOliver builder & undertaker19231927          
MarshOliver & Reginald H builders193119351939         
MarshReginald H assistant overseer19191923          
MarshReginald H rating officer192719311935         
MarshReginald HWallis Cottagerating officer1939           
MarshReginald H (Oliver &) builders193119351939         
MarshfieldMargaret (Mrs) dairy185518591865         
MarshfieldMargaret (Mrs) cowkeeper1867           
MarshfieldMrs cowkeeper1871           
MarshfieldWilliamKings Armspublic house1851           
MastersGeorgeShip Innpublic house1911           
MastersWilliamPurbeck Co-op Stone Ind Ltd, Acton Lanesec - quarry owners, stone merch & mason contr19271931          
McCredieWilliam DonaldMaltaprivate192319271931         
McCredieWilliam DonaldMalta & Wilkswood Farmfarmer1923192719311935        
McCredieWilliam DonaldWlikswoodprivate1935           
McCredieWilliam DonaldNew Barn & Wilkswood Farmsfarmer1939           
MillwardWilliam grocer etc189919031907         
MorriceFrederick Francis James (Esq)Leeson House 18671871          
MossJohn shopkeeper1849           
MossJohn grocery etc dealer1851           
MossJohn shopkeeper & builder1855           
MossJohn shopkeeper & stonemason1859           
MossJohn stonemason1865           
MossJohn bricklayer1867           
NicholsLeonard J motor engineer, see Bartlett & Nichols1923192719311935        
Nichols (Bartlett &) Hyde Garagemotor engineers & bus proprietors1923192719311935        
ParsonsTom dairyman1915           
PearceySydney ErnestHigh Streetgrocer1939           
PeartIvan EmersonElementary Schoolmaster1927           
PellattThomas (MA)Durnford Houseprivate189518991903190719111915      
PellattThomas (MA)Durnford Houseprivate school1895189919031907        
PellattThomas (MA)Durnford Houseboys' boarding school19111915          
PellattThomas (MA)Durnfordprivate1919192319271931        
PellattThomas (MA)Durnfordboys' boarding school1919192319271931        
PhillipsMary (Miss)National Schoolroomhead mistress1895           
PhippardLouisa Jane (Miss)High Streetdraper1939           
PhippardThomas stone merchant1911           
PidgeonHerbertManor Farmdairyman1915           
PorterRobertShip Inninn18951899          
ReedGeorge HElementary Schoolmaster19071911191519191923       
RobinsonJames GeorgeNational Schoolmaster1890           
RobinsonSarah (Mrs)National Schoolmistress1890           
RogersSerrell (Capt)Durnford 1890           
RyallHarry blacksmith191519191923192719311935      
SalwayWilliam farmer1871           
SampsonJohn HCoombe Farmsmallholder192319271931         
SaundersCharles farmer1890           
SaundersCharlesDurnford Farmfarmer1895           
SaundersThomas shoemaker188518901895         
SavageGeorge carpenter184918511855         
SavageJohn carpenter185918651867187118751880188518901895189919031907
SearleSheffield (Esq)Dunfordgentry1842           
SearleSheffield (Esq)Leaston Housegentry1852           
SerrelMissDunford Hallgentry1849           
SerrelMrsDunford Hallgentry1849           
SerrelSheffield (Esq)Leesongentry18491855          
SerrellHarriet (Miss)Dunford Hallgentry1851           
SerrellMrsDunford Hallprivate1859186518671871        
SerrellMrsDunford 18751880          
SerrellMrsDurnford 1885           
SerrellSheffield (Esq)Leesongentry1851           
SerrellSheffield (Mrs)Dunford House, Langtonprivate1874           
SmithAaron beer retailer & blacksmith18511855          
SmithAaron blacksmith & innkeeper185918651867         
SmithAaron innkeeper1871           
SmithAaronNew Inn, Langtoninn & shoeing smith1874           
SmithAaron blacksmith & beer retailer1875           
SmithGeorge blacksmith184918511855185918651867      
SmithJ & Son insurance agents (Star Life)1875           
SmithJames shopkeeper1849185518591865        
SmithJames grocer & draper1851           
SmithJames blacksmith1875           
SmithJamesGarfield House 1890189518991903        
SmithJames & Son grocers & drapers1867190319071911191519191923     
SmithJames & Son grocers187119271931         
SmithJames & SonLangtondrapers/milliners/outfitters/stationers etc1874           
SmithJames & Son drapers, booksellers & fancy repository1875           
SmithJames & Son drapers18801885          
SmithJob ironmonger & upholsterer etc1865           
SmithJob ironmonger/china, glass, e'ware dlr/cabinet mkr1867           
SmithJob ironmonger187118801885         
SmithJobLangtoncontractor/builder/undertaker/gen furnisher etc1874           
SmithJob ironmonger/china etc dlr/cabinet maker/builder1875           
SmithMrsGarfield Houseprivate1915           
SmithSamuel James & Son drapers, grocers & corn merchants1890           
SmithSamuel James & Son drapers1895           
SmithSamuel James & Son grocers & drapers1899           
SmithSamuel James (JP)Garfield Houseprivate19071911          
SmithThomas blacksmith1849           
Smith & Son Langton & Victoria House, Swanagedrapers1910           
SpeerWalterKing Arms P Hpublic house1915           
SpicerHenryCoombe Farmfarmer1865           
StevensThomasKings ArmsInn1849           
StevensThomas jobmaster1915           
StevensThomas & SonsEastington & Swanagefarmers18801885          
StevensThomas & SonsEastington & Blashenwell Farmsfarmers1907           
StevensThomas & SonsManor Farmfarmers1911           
Stevens & Sons Manor Farmfarmers1915           
SticklandAlbert Edward butcher1927           
SticklandCrosdee farmer1871           
StillwellHenryLeeson House 1885           
StilwellHenryLeeson House 1890           
StrangeLouis Arbon (Lt-Col DSO etc)Garfield Houseprivate1927           
StudleyFrederickCoombe Farmsmallholder1935           
StudleyFrederickCoombe Farmfarmer1939           
SymsCharles Philip parish clerk1880188518901895        
SymsCharles PhilipPost Officereceiver188018851890         
TadmanErnest James (Rev BA)RectoryRector1919192319271931        
TadmanErnest James (Rev BA)RectoryRector & Rural Dean for Purbeck19351939          
TalbotJames shoemaker1855185918651867        
TalbottJames shoemaker1851           
ThornM (Mrs)Girls' School, Langtonmistress1874           
ThorneMaria (Mrs)National Schoolmistress1885           
TolleyW EPolice Stationconstable1927           
TrentFrankKings Arms P Hpublic house1919192319271931        
TrentGeorgeWilkswood Farmdairyman1890           
TrentGeorgeCoombe Farmdairyman1895           
TrotmanE F (Rev)Langton ChurchRector1874           
TrotmanEdward Fiennes (Rev BCL)The Rectory, LangtonRector1874           
TrotmanEdward Fiennes (Rev BCL)  1875           
TrotmanEdward Triennes (Rev BCL) Rector1871           
WallridgeGerald Alfred Thomas JamesWilkswooddairyman1939           
WarnerEricSpyway House School headmaster - prep boarding school for boys1935           
WarnerEric (BA)Spyway Houseprivate19351939          
WarnerES & FGSpyway House Schoolheadmasters - prep boarding school for boys1939           
WarnerF GSpyway House School headmaster - prep boarding school for boys1935           
WarnerF G (BA)Spyway Houseprivate19351939          
WarnerFG (ES &)Spyway House Schoolheadmasters - prep boarding school for boys1939           
WatsonR (Rev) Curate1859           
WebberElizabeth (Mrs) straw bonnet maker185518591867         
WebberTCo-op Stone Industries Ltd, Steppssecretary - stone merchants1923           
WebberThomas stone merchant1931           
WelshJ (Miss)Quarr Cottageartist193119351939         
WhiteA A (Mrs) proprietress - Chinchen & Son, bakers193119351939         
WhittleBramley (Esq)Cambria Cottage 1865           
WhittleBramley (Mr)  1867           
WilesAbsalomPolice Station, Langtonconstable in charge1874           
WilesE (Mrs)Infants' School, Langtonmistress1874           
WilsonA M L (Miss)Barn Studioartist1939           
WilsonE M (Miss)Barn Studioartist19311935          
WincottEdward shoemaker1851           
WingateWilliam market gardener19151919192319271931       



Name & Position

Year 1Year 2Year 3 Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7
County PoliceBert Heath - constable19191923     
Dorset Quarries LtdJohn Brown - manager1931      
Elementary SchoolJoseph S Browne - master/Miss Rosa Mary Harris - infants' mistress1903      
Elementary SchoolGeorge H Reed - master19071911191519191923  
Elementary SchoolIvan Emerson Peart - master1927      
Garfield Boys' Preparatory SchoolEustace James Crawshaw BA - headmaster193119351939    
Girls' School, LangtonMrs M Thorne - mistress1874      
Infants' School, LangtonMrs E Wiles - mistress1874      
Insurance agents - Star LifeJ Smith & Son1875      
Kings Arms P HTom Davis1939      
Langton Bus CoThomas William Lovell - managing director1931      
Langton Bus CoG Ford - proprietor1935      
Langton ChurchRev E F Trotman - rector1874      
Langton Church Reading RoomsR Bartlett - secretary191119151919    
Langton Conservative Working Men's ClubGeorge Edmonds - secretary1899      
Langton Reading RoomsEdward Bower - secretary1903      
Langton Reading RoomsJames Horlock - secretary1907      
Langton Sub Post OfficeCharles Hayward - postmaster1874      
National SchoolMiss Campbell - mistress1855      
National SchoolMrs Maria Thorne - mistress1885      
National SchoolJames Geo Robinson - master/Mrs Sarah Robinson - infants mistress1890      
National SchoolGeorge Thomas Hunter - master/Miss Rosa Mary Harris - infants' mistress1899      
National SchoolroomMiss Mary Phillips - head mistress/Miss Olive Chitty - mistress1895      
Old Malthouse SchoolEvan Charles Hope-Gill MA & Victor Ernest Debonaire Haggard - headmasters1939      
Parish ClerkCharles Hayward18671875     
Parish ClerkCharles Philip Symes1880188518901895   
Parish ClerkAaron Marsh18991903190719111915  
Parish ClerkReginald Bartlett1919      
Police StationW E Tollet - constable1927      
Police Station, LangtonAbsalom Wiles - constable in charge1874      
Post Officeat Robert Hindcock's1851      
Post OfficeRobert Handcock - receiver18551859     
Post OfficeCharles Hayward - receiver18671875     
Post OfficeCharles Philip Symes - receiver188018851890    
Post OfficeFrank Bower - sub-postmaster1895      
Post OfficeEdward Bower - sub-postmaster1899      
Post OfficeErnest Bower - sub-postmaster1903190719111915191919231927
Purbeck Co-operative Stone Industries LtdT Webber - secretary1923      
Purbeck Co-operative Stone Industries LtdWilliam Masters - secretary19271931     
Purbeck Stone & General Trading Co Ltd 191919231927    
Rookery Nook Tea RoomsMrs Gordon Landen - proprietress1939      
Ship InnJohn Abbott1939      
Spyway House SchoolEric & F G Warner - headmasters1935      
Spyway House SchoolE S & F G Warner - headmasters1939      
Stepphill School of Domestic ScienceMiss Knight - principal1931      
Steppshill Boarding HouseMrs F Legg1935