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Dubbed 'The Wartime Domesday Book', the 1939 Register is the most comprehensive survey of the population of England and Wales ever taken. In September 1939, the Second World War had just broken out. 65,000 enumerators were employed to visit every house in England and Wales to take stock of the civilian population. The information they recorded was used to issue Identity Cards, plan mass evacuations, establish rationing and co-ordinate other wartime provisions. TNA 

This index was created in 2017 by John Patrick & Lew Fletcher.
It is an index of all the entries from the 1939 register of Studland made available in December 2017 for public view.
Where a person has more than one surname, that person is indexed under each surname.
There are no surnames beginning with I, X, Y and Z.
It is possible that some surnames and/or first names are wrongly spelt. These have been indexed as written in the register.
A ? will appear in the index where it is not possible to read part of an entry due to the adjacent redaction or poor quality of the document.
Entries in the occupation column are sometimes too much to fit in the index and have been abbreviated. Reference should be made to
the original records in these cases.
Entries in the notes column are sometimes incomplete due to the scan not going far enough across the page. A ? will appear in this case.
Where names or other data are hard to read, various sources have been used to verify the details. These sources include GRO birth and
marriage indexes, electoral registers, census returns and Swanage street directories etc.

NOTE: The register was taken on 29 September 1939 and recorded people where they were on that date regardless of where they lived.
Although the need for registration ended in 1952, the register was kept up to date regarding name changes until 1991 for National Health Service purposes.

Some entries of deceased people are still closed and some open records relate to people still alive!

If a name is missing it will be because that entry is closed.


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