Kelly's Directory 1915

Page 2


Henry Ager Refreshment rooms, High Street
H.G. Andrews & Co. Electrical engineers, King's Rd we
Mrs Caroline Arscott Black Swan P.H., High Street
Harold Ash Grocer, Court Road
Geo.T. Atkinson M.A. Preparatory school, Durlston Crt
Llewelyn Arnold Baiss M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond. Physician & surgeon (firm, Drury, Rees & Baiss), Admiralty surgeon & medical officer to the Cottage Hospital, Harberton, Rempstone Road
Mrs William J. Baker Apartments, Grey-Friars, Victoria Avenue
Mrs Emma Barber Apartments, Peveril Point
Edward Barker Shopkeeper, Herston
Mrs Amelia Barnaby Apartments, Fairmont, Cluny Cres
Harry Bartlett Printer, Station Rd
William Wallace Barwick Apartments, King's Rd west
Walter John Bastable Parish clerk, Eldon Terrace
Oliver Richard Bean Architect, High Street
Charles H. Beavan Solicitor, High Street
George Henry Beer Baker & confectioner, Institute Road
Joseph Bennett Apartments, Ridgemount, Park Road
Thomas Bennett Carriage proprietor, Institute Road & Apartments, Lynden Hall, Ulwell Road
Miss Ann Best Apartments, 2 Grosvenor Road
Walter John Bick Tobacconist & watch maker, High Street
T.S. Biggs & Co. Wine & spirit merchants, High St
Arthur John Bignall Agent for the L. & S.W. Railway, Station Yard
Walter Bishop Apartments, Symondsbury, Northbrook Rd
Misses C. & A. Bonfield Apartments, 6 The Parade
Mrs Sarah Bossom Apartments, 7 Stafford Road
Robert Bower Globe Inn, Herston
Miss Alicia Braithwaite Boarding house, Marylands, Rempstone Road
Charles Bridle Apartments, Dunvegin, Cluny Crescent
Eardley Brooke House & estate agent, auctioneer & surveyor, High Street
Charles Brown Butcher, Station Road
Miss Eliza Brown Apartments, Silverdale, Gilbert Rd
Mrs Frances Catherine Brown Fishmonger, High Street
Harry Brown Apartments, 2 & 3 The Parade
Henry H. Brown Hair dresser, High Street
Sydney Brown Fishmonger, Court Hill
Mrs Louisa Browne Aparts., Welmerdale, King's Rd we
Albert Edward Brunsden Pier master, The Pier
Henry W. Bruton Ironmonger, Institute Rd
Miss Nelly Buck Apartments, Pambulla, Park Rd
William Buck Apartments, 3 Seymer Place, Seymer Rd
Mrs Mary Burge Apartments, Hambledon, Ulwell rd
Burt & Burt Stone mers. & quarry owners, King's Rd we
Albert James Burt Fruiterer, Station Road
Henry Charles Burt Grocer, High Street & restaurant, The Castle, Durlston Park
A.B.B. Bushell Dairyman, Institute Road
Mrs Caroline Bussell Aparts., Haverstock, Ulwell Road
Charles F. Butler Butcher, Park Road
Donald Cameron Upholsterer, Donne, Cecil Road
Cann & Son Corn merchants, The Arcade, High St
Robert Edgar Cann Insurance agent, The Arcade, High St
Capital & Counties Bank Limited (The) (branch) (Henry Roberts Lodge, manager Institute Road
Frederick Cattle Shoeing & general smith, Herston Road
Jules Caute Hair dresser, Institute Rd
Cemetery (C.E. West, Town Hall, clerk to the burial board) Northbrook
Central Clothing Hall Co. Limited Outfitters, High St
Central Hall (Rose Brothers, proprietors) Station Road
Richard Fredk. Chinchin Tailor, Lynwood, Argyle Road
William Chinchin Apartments, 10 Park Road
Miss Emma Churchill Bookseller & c. see Hill & Churchill
Mrs Emma Churchill Fancy goods dealer, High St
Fredk. Henry Churchill Lock, Railway Hotel, Station St
Miss Amy S. Clark Aparts., Danesfort, Highcliffe Road
Mrs Martha Mildred Clark Boarding house, Westwood, King's Rd west
Mrs Emma Cleall Apartments, 2 Belvidere, Seymer Rd
Sydney H. Cleall Berlin wool repository, Station Road & Apartments, Rosendale, Victoria Avenue
Clifton (F.R.I.B.A.) & Robinson (F.S.I.) Architects, Northbrook, Gilbert Road
Arthur Coleman Apartments, 5 The Parade & Blenheim, Park Road
Mrs Priscilla M. Colleau Straw basket maker, Station Rd
William Collins & Son Stone merchants, quarry owners & carting contractors, King's Rd west (T. No. 5) & coal merchants, Institute Rd
Walter Collins Collector & assessor of Income Tax, clerk & attendance officer to the Education Committee & clerk to the Old Age Pension Committee, St Michael's, King's Rd east
Mrs Wm. Collins Apartments, Wycliffe, King's Rd we
Albert Edward Cook Aparts., The Nest, King's Rd west
Albert Thomas Cooper Estate manager to the Durlston Park Estate, The Cottage, Durlston Park
Mrs Eva Corben Shopkeeper, Herston
Mrs Frances Corben Apartments, 3 Park Rd
George Corben Quarryman, Herston
Cosens & Co. Limited (A.J. Ward, local agent) Steam boat owners
Cottage Hospital  (Albert Stanley McCausland M.D. Brux, William Arthur Rees M.D. Lond.,F.R.C.S. Eng. Cyril Herbert Sharpe L.R.C.P. & S. Edin. & Llewelyn Arnold Baiss M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. medical officers; Miss Edith Parker matron) Queen's Road
Samuel William Cottee F.A.I. Auctioneers, valuers, house and estate agents, hotel & public house valuers, rent collectors, insurance agents & certified bailiffs, Swanage; & at Wareham See advertisement page 45
Edward Courtney Wheelwright, Manwell's Lane
Mrs Elizabeth Cove Tobacconist, High Street
Frank Cox Boot & shoe dealer, High Street & Apartments, Mount Pleasant
George H. Cox Photographer, Institute Road
William Cox Boot repairer, Exeter Road
Thomas Crump Confectioner, Station Road
Harry Cull Cycle agent, Institute Rd & motor garage, King's Rd east; & at Wareham
Charles Curtis Dairyman, High Street
Joseph Curtis Butcher, see Masters & Curtis
Joseph S. Date Builder, Alverton, Victoria Avenue west
Arthur John Davies Apartments, St. Cross, Park Road
Misses Frances & Annie Davis Apartments, Irnham, Rempstone Road
George Jacob Davis Apartments, Glenroy, Park Road
Samuel Dawe Tailor, High Street
Dawson & Moore Girl's boarding & day school, Sunnydown, Peveril Point Rd
Miss Hetty Mary Dawson Aparts., Sefton, King's Rd. we
James Day Fruiterer, Institute Road
William Day Grocer, High Street
Charles William Talbot Dean Dairyman, High Street
Mdlle. Henriette Lecler De Holstein Teacher of French, La Maisonnette, Ulwell Rd
William Arthur Denness Apartments, Comrie, Park Rd
William Dixon & Son Confectioner, High Street
William Dixon Baker, Church Hill
Domestic Bazaar Co. Limited Station Road
Andrew Dorrill Apartments, Excelsior, De Moulham Rd
John Dowdeswell Manager of Lloyds Bank Ltd, High St
Drury, Rees & Baiss Physicians & surgeons, Harberton, Rempstone Road & 1 The Parade; & at Corfe Castle
George Dunning Greengrocer, High Street
Earle & Meacham House furnishers, Station Road
Eastmans Limited Butchers, Institute Road
George Edgar Plumber, King's Road east
Mrs Mary Edgar Apartments, Kenmore, Gilbert Road
Albert Edmonds Apartments, Lindisfarne, Victoria Avenue
Mrs Rebecca Edmonds Aparts. 3 Grosvenor Ter., Park Rd
Edward Elton Jobbing gardener, Bell Street, Herston
Madame Emma Emerson Dress maker, Institute Road
John Eyres Red Lion P.H. High Street
Walter Eyres Chimney sweeper, Fern House, High St
George Farwell Apartments, Ivyholme, Cranborne Road
Misses Julia & Emma Fell Boarding house, Craigside,Spring Hill
Harry George Francis Chimney sweeper, Herston
Freemason's Lodge (No. 1146, De Moulham) (Lionel D.P. Way, sec.) The Institute
Joseph Frisby Ltd. Boot & shoe dealers, Station Road
Walter Gallop Plumber, Rockstone, Cornwall Road
Mark Garrett New Inn, High Street
Gilbert Hall (Southern Cinema Co. proprietors) King's Rd west
Henry Gillingham Boot & shoe maker, High Street
Miss Minnie Gover Apartments, St Meva, Queen's Rd
Misses Bessie & Lucy Grant Apartments, 7 The Parade
Edward Green Boot repairer, Church Hill
George Green Shopkeeper, High Street
Augustus C. Grosutt Grand Hotel
Mrs Elizabeth Guy Aparts., Aigburth, King's Rd west
William Guy Farmer, Belle Vue