Trade Directories

1793 - 1939

A - C


This index was prepared in 2008 by John Patrick.

It is an index of all the people mentioned in the Swanage Trade directories. Company names are only included if they use the name of the proprietor in the title of the company. Other companies and organisations are not included unless the name of a person is mentioned in the directory entry and then it is indexed in the name of that person.

This index is a finding aid only and the original directory should be consulted as many entries give more information than can be included in the index.

At the end of the index there is an extra list of organisations, companies and clubs etc and the positions held by the people named, but these personal names are also in the main index. Directory entries with no personal names are also indexed here.

In many cases there are several entries for the same person and this is because there was a significant change in their directory entry from one year to the next or they had more than one entry per year. Some minor changes to their directory entry are absorbed into their main index entry.

There are many obvious spelling and typographical errors in the directories and these have been indexed as printed in the directories. When searching for a particular name in the index and it cannot be found, it is advisable to search for alternative spellings of that name.

Names marked * are those known to be wrongly spelt and there is a list of them at the end of the index.

A blank space in the index means that no information was given in that part of the directory entry.

Directory entries where no surname is given (ie: Madam Prunella) are indexed under "X"

Names mentioned in the directory introductions are not included in the index.


The directories included in this index are as follows:
1793 - Universal British Directory
1830 - Pigot & Co's Directory
1839 - W Robson's Directory
1842 - Pigot & Co's Directory
1849 - Post Office Directory
1851 - Hunt & Co's Directory
1852 - Slater's Directory
1855 - Post Office Directory
1859 - Post Office Directory
1865 - J G Harrod & Co's Directory
1867 - Post Office Directory
1871 - Mercer & Crocker's Directory
1874 - Butcher, Cole & Co's Directory
1875 - Kelly's Directory
1880 - Kelly's Directory
1885 - Kelly's Directory
1890 - Kelly's Directory
1895 - Kelly's Directory
1899 - Kelly's Directory
1903 - Kelly's Directory
1907 - Kelly's Directory
1910 - Bennett's Directory
1911 - Kelly's Directory
1915 - Kelly's Directory
1919  -Kelly's Directory
1823 - Kelly's Directory
1927 - Kelly's Directory
1931 - Kelly's Directory
1935 - Kelly's Directory
193 -9 Kelly's Directory



Initials or Given Name












AckermanMissThe Cottage, Newton Roadprivate190719111915       
Ackerman & BarrettMissesAllington, King's Road WestBoarding House1919         
AdamsAnnette (Mrs)122 King's Road WestBoarding House1935         
AdamsArthurRochleigh, Peveril Pointprivate19151919        
AdamsArthur R (Lt-Col Sir)1 Park RoadIsle of Purbeck Club Ltd - Hon Sec19271931        
AdamsArthur R (Lt-Col Sir)Swanage Cons Club, Kings Rd EastPresident19271931        
AdamsArthur R (Lt-Col Sir)6 Park RoadIsle of Purbeck Club Ltd - Hon Sec1935         
AdamsArthur R (Lt-Col Sir)Royal National Lifeboat InstitutionVicee-chairman1935         
AdamsArthur Robert (Lt-Col Sir)Rockleigh, Peveril Pointprivate1923192719311935      
AdamsArthur Robert (Sir)Swanage Urban District CouncilChairman & Council Member1927         
AdamsJoseph (Esq)Swanagegentry1842         
AdamsJoseph (Esq)Beach Cottagegentry1849         
AdamsMrsBeach Cottageprivate1851         
AdamsMrsSwanage Villagentry1855         
AdamsMrsKinross, Park Roadprivate19111915        
AdnamsMissSeymer Placeprivate19191923        
AdnamsMissesBaughurst, Linden Roadprivate1911         
AdnamsMissesSeymer Placeprivate1915         
AgerHenryHigh StreetRefreshment Rooms1915         
AlabasterMrsWinfrith, Ulwell Roadprivate1919192319271931      
AldridgeG B (Esq)2 Victoria TerraceIsle of Purbeck Yacht Club - Hon Treasurer188018851890       
AldridgeMissGlendale, Cranborne Roadprivate1899         
AldridgeMooring HenryCraig-y-Don, Bon Accord Roadprivate1890189518991903      
AldridgeMrsCraig-y-Don, Bon Accord Roadprivate191119151919       
Aldridge & Aldridge  Insurance Agents (Provident Life)1890         
AlexanderMrs private1851         
AlexanderPhilip (Esq) gentry1849         
AllenArthur AclandHill Side, Durlston Parkprivate1903         
AllenMissRothesay, King's Road Westprivate1911         
AllenMissBay Lodge, De Moulham RoadApartments1923         
AllenSamuel T (Rev) Independent Minister1855         
AllinghamE GCounty CourtClerk to Registrar1935         
AndersonA WMarston, Burlington RoadBoarding House1931         
AndersonJ (Mrs)Beecholme Private Hotel, Ulwell RoadProprietress - Private Hotel19351939        
AndersonKennethCamden, Burlington Roadprivate1915         
AndersonKenneth L MCluny, Cluny Crescentprivate1911         
AndersonKenneth L M (JP)Clunyprivate18901895189919031907     
AndersonMaude (Mrs)Beacholme, Ulwell RoadBoarding House192319271931       
AndrewsFrancis Tailor1793         
AndrewsH G & CoKing's Road WestElectrical Engineers1915         
AndrewsJ JnrDorsetshire BankInsurance Agent (Imperial Fire)1890         
AndrewsJamesThe Bankprivate188018851895       
AndrewsJamesThe BankManager of Dorsetshire Bank1895         
AndrewsJames JnrThe BankManager of Dorset Bank188018851890       
AndrewsJames JnrThe Bankprivate1890         
ArbonJames2 Victoria Terraceprivate1874         
ArbonJames (Lt)Sixth Dorset Volunteer ArtilleryCommanding Officer 1874         
ArbonJohnVictoria Terraceprivate1875         
ArbonMiss3 Park Roadprivate1880         
ArkellJamesRylston, Cranborne Roadprivate191119151923       
ArkellMrsRylston, Cranborne Roadprivate192719311935       
ArmsdenElizabeth (Miss)Almondbury, King's Road WestArtist1939         
ArmsdenMrsAlmondbury, King's Road Westprivate191919231927       
ArmsdenMrsKyoto, King's Roadprivate1923         
ArmsdenRobertOakmead, King's Road Westprivate1911         
ArmsdenRobertAlmondbury, King's Road Westprivate1915         
ArneyElizabeth (Miss)High StreetLaundress1895         
ArnoldEdwin James (Mrs)Hursley, Hanbury RoadApartments19191923        
ArnoldThomasSwanage UDC, Town HallClerk1927193119351939      
ArnoldThomasCemetery, NorthbrookClerk to Burial Board1927         
ArnoldThomasTown Hall, High StreetClerk & Acct Swanage UDC/Clerk to Burial Board1927         
ArnoldThomasCemeteries, Northbrook & GodlingstonClerk to Burial Board193119351939       
ArnoldThomasTown Hall, High StreetClerk & Accountant to Swanage UDC etc193119351939       
ArnottRobertGodlingston Manorprivate1931         
ArscottCaroline (Mrs)Black Swan, High StreetPublic House1903190719111915      
AsburyMargaret (Mrs)Elwyn, Stafford RoadBoarding House19271931        
AshHaroldCourt RoadGrocer1915         
AshtonEvelyn K (Mrs)3 High StreetTobacconist1939         
Ashton & Cooper 3 High StreetTobacconists1935         
AslettEdwardCourt HillTailor1927         
AtkeyFrederick CInvermay, Manor Roadprivate1911         
AtkinsJacob Shopkeeper1855185918651867187118751880   
AtkinsJacobHigh StreetGrocer1874         
AtkinsJacobHigh StreetLodging House/Apartments188518901895       
AtkinsL Mason1839         
AtkinsMissesMelbury, Drummond Roadprivate19191923        
AtkinsMrsWestwood House, Herston Roadprivate1911         
AtkinsonGeorge T (MA)Durlston Courtprivate19071911191519191923     
AtkinsonGeorge T (MA)Durlston CourtPreparatory School for Boys19071911191519191923     
AtkinsonGeorge T (MA)Swanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member19111915        
AtkinsonH (Rev)Congregational ChurchMinister1939         
AtkinsonHenry (Rev)The Manse, Gilbert Roadprivate (Congregational)1939         
AttyeMrsSunnydale Cottage, Durlston Roadprivate1919         
AustinJohn (Rev)LangtonClergy1852         
AustinMrsOberdale, Queen's Road Northprivate19231927        
AvernsMary Louisa (Mrs)National School, HerstonMistress 1899         
AylingArthur Harry2 Somerley PlaceGrocer, Tea Dealer & Prov Merch etc1890        
BabingtonStephenTontine HousesTrustee (see Trenchard, William)1875         
BaconF RSwanage Brick & Tile Co, GodlingstonProprietor1931         
BaileyMissSt Cross, Park Roadprivate1899         
BairdHugh HarperMount Scarr, Queen's Roadprivate1903         
BairdMrsMount Scarprivate19111915        
BaissL A (OBE)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMedical Officer19351939        
BaissL A (OBE)Dorset RC War Memorial Hosp, Peveril RdMedical Officer19351939        
BaissLlewelyn ArnoldCottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMedical Officer1915         
BaissLlewelyn ArnoldHarberton, Rempstone RoadAdmiralty Surgeon & Agent1915         
BaissLlewelyn ArnoldHarberton, Rempstone Roadprivate1915         
BaissLlewelyn ArnoldHarberton, Rempstone RoadPhysician & Surgeon (Drury, Rees & Baiss)1915         
BaissLlewelyn ArnoldHarbertonSwanage UDC - Medical Officer1927         
BaissLlewelyn Arnold (OBE)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMedical Officer1919192319271931      
BaissLlewelyn Arnold (OBE)Harberton, Rempstone RoadAdmiralty Surgeon & Agent191919231927       
BaissLlewelyn Arnold (OBE)Harberton, Rempstone Roadprivate191919231927193119351939    
BaissLlewelyn Arnold (OBE)Harberton, Rempstone RoadPhysician & Surgeon (Drury, Rees & Baiss)191919231927       
BaissLlewelyn Arnold (OBE)Harberton, Rempstone RoadPhysician/Surgeon (Rees, Baiss & de Jersey)193119351939       
BaissLlewelyn Arthur (OBE)Dorset RC War Memorial Hosp, Peveril RdMedical Officer1919192319271931      
BaissLlewelyn Arthur (OBE)Isolation Hospital, HerstonMedical Officer1927         
BaissLlewelyn Arthur (OBE)HarbertonSwanage UDC - Medical Officer19311935        
Baiss (Drury, Rees &)  1 The Parade & Corfe CastlePhysicians & Surgeons191519191923       
Baiss (Drury, Rees &)  Harberton, Rempstone RoadPhysicians & Surgeons1927         
Baiss (Drury, Rees &)  1 The Quay House & Corfe CastlePhysicians & Surgeons1927         
Baiss (Rees, & de Jersey) The Quay House, High StreetPhysicians & Surgeons1931         
Baiss (Rees, & de Jersey) Audley House, Burlington RoadPhysicians & Surgeons193119351939       
Baiss (Rees, & de Jersey) Harberton, Rempstone RoadPhysicians & Surgeons193119351939       
Baiss (Rees, & de Jersey) The Quay House, 10 High StreetPhysicians & Surgeons19351939        
BakerCharlesWhite SwanInn1830         
BakerE T (Mrs)Grey Friars, Victoria AvenuePrivate Hotel1927         
BakerE T (Mrs)Grey Friars Private Hotel, Victoria AveProprietress - Private Hotel1931         
BakerE T (Mrs)Grey Friars Private Hotel, 6 Victoria AveProprietress - Private Hotel1935         
BakerEdward WhitleyRailway Hotel, Station RoadVeterinary Surgeon19031907        
BakerHarryWinfrith, Ulwell Roadprivate1911         
BakerSydneyCoastguard Station, Peveril PointStation Officer1923         
BakerThomas GKenwynprivate1895         
BakerThomas G Erceldoune, Gilbert Roadprivate189919031907       
BakerWalterMelbury, Cranborne Roadprivate190319071911191519191923    
BakerWilliamSefton, King's Road Westprivate1939         
BakerWilliam J (Mrs)Grey Friars, Victoria AvenueApartments191519191923       
Baker (Shean &) Ballard Point, Burlington RoadPrivate School1939         
BalfourKenneth Robert (Capt MP)Stagden House, BournemouthCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1903         
BalfourKenneth Robert (Major)Kingston House, DorchesterCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1907         
BallJohnShip Inn, LangtonSaddler1874         
BallantineJamesDyrham, Burlington Roadprivate1915         
BallardReginald WBrooklyn, Gilbert Roadprivate1919         
BallardReginald WillisBrooklyn, Gilbert RoadDentist/Dental Surgeon19191923192719311935     
BallardReginald WillisBrooklyn, Gilbert Roadprivate1923192719311935      
BallardReginald Willis2 Gilbert Roadprivate1939         
BallardReginald Willis2 Gilbert RoadDental Surgeon1939         
BallsClifford LRoyal Victoria HotelManaging Director193119351939       
BalsomHenryRocquaine, Victoria Avenueprivate1915         
Bamford (Lacey &) Swanage & WarehamSolicitors1880         
BannisterW P (MA)Swanage Grammar School, Northbrook RdHeadmaster1931         
BannisterW P (MA)The Grammar Schoolprivate1931         
BarberEmma (Mrs)Peveril PointApartments1899190319071911191519191923   
BarberFrederick (Rev) Wesleyan Minister1871         
BarberFrederick JHigh StreetPork Butcher1895         
Barclay-BullP & MParade Private Hotel, The ParadeProprietors - Private Hotel1939         
BarkerEdward MossHerstonShopkeeper1919192319271931      
BarkerEdward Moss230 High Street, HerstonShopkeeper19351939        
BarkerElizabeth (Mrs)Cliffside, Ulwell RoadBoarding House1939         
BarkerToftHigh Streetprivate1907         
BarkerToft Physician/Surgeon (Hawkins, Barker & Drury)1907         
BarlowG (Mrs)121 High StreetConfectioner & Tobacconist1935         
BarlowThomas MiltonCourt Hill Cycle Store, High StreetCycle Dealer1931         
BarlowThomas Milton123 High StreetCycle Dealer1935         
BarltropGeorge HaydenBeauna Vista, Cluny CrescentApartments1899         
BarnabyAmelia (Mrs)Fairmont, Cluny CrescentApartments1911191519191923      
BarnabyJohnFairmont, Cluny CrescentApartments1907         
BarnardEdmund CharlesDowns View, Bon Accord Roadprivate1935         
BarnardMrsDowns View, Bon Accord Roadprivate1939         
BarnesF EwartSwanage Times & Dir, Station RoadRepresentative1931         
BarnesF EwartSwanage Times & Dir, 32 Station RoadRepresentative1935         
BarnesF EwartSwanage Times & Dir, 42 Station RoadRepresentative1939         
BarnesJohn Wheelwright1830         
BarnesMissCamden, Burlington RoadBoard Residence19311935        
BarnesRobert Carpenter18301842        
BarnesRobert Boat Builder1852185518591865      
BarnettE W JSports Depot, 11 Institute RoadProprietor - Sports Dealers1939         
BarnettW10 Station RoadProprietor - Smith, H, Fishmonger19351939        
BarnicottO R (Rev)Wesleyan ChapelMinister1875         
BarradellCharlesShip Hotel, High StreetHotel1907         
Barratt Swanage Motor Works, High StreetMotor Engineers - Dean & Barratt - Props19271931        
Barratt Station Garage, King's Road EastDean & Barratt - Props1931         
Barratt (Dean &) Swanage Motor Works, High StreetMotor Engineers - Proprietors1927         
BarrettFrancis EdwardLa Belle Vue, Bon Accord RoadPublic House19351939        
BarrettFrederick HStation RoadBoot & Shoe Warehouse19231927        
BarrettMrsLittle Home, King's Road Westprivate1915         
BarrettMrsGlencorse, Purbeck Terrace Roadprivate19271931        
Barrett (Ackerman & )MissesAllington, King's Road WestBoarding House1919         
BarringerK AEdgecroft, Burlingtonprivate1935         
BartlettEStation RoadSwanage Football Club - Hon Sec1927         
BartlettE D33 Station RoadSwanage Football Club - Hon Sec1935         
BartlettH4 Station Road Swanage Cricket Club - Hon Sec1899         
BartlettH4 Station RoadSwanage Printing Works1910         
BartlettHarryStation RoadPrinter189919031907191119151919    
BartlettHarry & SonStation RoadPrinters192319271931       
BartlettHarry & Son33 Station RoadPrinters19351939        
BartlettLeach (Rev)Beach Cottageprivate1890189518991903      
BartlettMissClifton, Rempstone Roadprivate1911         
BartlettMissesHighwarden, Durlston Roadprivate1915         
BartlettMrsLeftwich, Ulwell Roadprivate19151919        
BartlettRobert Leach (BA)Leftwich, Ulwell Roadprivate19071911        
BartlettT O (Rev) Rector1839         
BartlettThomas Oakey (Rev)SwanwichClergy1830         
BartlettWilliam RGilbert RoadApartments1895         
BartleyFrankWhite Swan, High StreetInn & Fly Proprietor1890         
BartonMrsWoodlands, Cecil Roadprivate1907         
BartonPriscilla (Miss)Craythorne, Queen's RoadApartments1911         
BarwickWilliam WFairhaven, Stafford RoadApartments1923         
BarwickWilliam WallaceKing's Road WestApartments19151919        
BassumJ RShip HotelInsurance Agent (Phoenix Fire)1885         
BassumJoseph RobertShip HotelHotel1885         
BastableWalter John Parish Clerk19111915        
BastableWalter JohnEldon TerraceParish Clerk1915         
BatesMissHumberstone, Sunnydale Roadprivate193119351939       
Battye-MillsCharles J & Florence BCraig-y-don, Bon Accord RoadPrivate Hotel1923         
Battye-MillsFlorence B (Charles J &) Craig-y-don, Bon Accord RoadPrivate Hotel1923         
BeadleMrsMarston, Burlington Roadprivate19111915        
BealeMissRockland Hse Priv Hotel,Stafford RoadMisses Beale & Boulton Props - Private Hotel1927         
BeanC P (Mrs)Wyke Lodge Country Guest Hse, Ulwell RdProprietress - Guest House1939         
BeanO RCommercial House, High StreetArchitect, House & Estate Agent1910         
BeanO RMin of Labour Employment ExchangeBranch Manager1919         
BeanO RPublishing Office, UlwellPrinter, Publisher & Advertising Agent1935         
BeanOliver RHigh StreetSouthampton etc Steam Packet Co Agent19111915        
BeanOliver RWyke Lodge, UlwellArchitect19311935        
BeanOliver RichardThe Wyke, Ulwellprivate1903         
BeanOliver RichardStation RoadArchitect1903         
BeanOliver RichardWyke Lodge, Ulwell Roadprivate19071911191519191923192719311935  
BeanOliver RichardHigh StreetArchitect190719111915       
BeanOliver RichardHigh StreetArchitect/Ins Agent/Typewriting Office/Publisher1919         
BeanOliver RichardStation ApproachArchitect/Hse,Est,Ins Agent/Type Office/Publisher19231927        
BeanOliver RichardStation ApproachPrinter, Publisher & Advertising Agent1931         
BeanRosina C (Miss)Wyke Lodge, UlwellArtist & Etcher19311935        
BeanRosina C (Miss)Wyke Lodge, UlwellPreparatory School for Boys & Girls1931         
BeanRosina C (Miss)23 Station RoadPreparatory School for Boys & Girls19351939        
BeanRosina C (Miss)Wyke Lodge, UlwellArtist1939         
BeatonSamuel (Gent)Court Farmgentry18301842        
BeaumontG (Lt-Col OBE)Froyle, Bungalow Estateprivate1935         
BeaumontMrsMelton Lodge, Ulwell Roadprivate19191923        
BeaumontMrsFroyle, Ballard Estateprivate1939         
BeavanC HGodwincote, King's Road Westprivate1907191119151919192319271931   
BeavanC HHigh StreetSolicitor1910         
BeavanC H118 King's Road Westprivate19351939        
BeavanCharles HHigh StreetSolicitor1907191119151919      
BeavanCharles HKing's Road WestSolicitor192319271931       
BeavanCharles H118 King's Road WestSolicitor19351939        
BeavesJeremiahBay View LodgeGardener to K L M Anderson Esq1899         
BeavisH WInstitute RoadCoal Dealer19071911        
BeavisH WBlechynden, King's RoadApartments19071911        
BeavisHenry WalterSurbiton, Victoria Avenueprivate1919         
BeavisHenry WalterThe Brook Coal Stores, King's Rd WestCoal Merchant19231927        
BeavisHenry WalterThe Brook Coal Stores, King's Rd EastCoal Merchant193119351939       
BeavisHenry WalterGannetts, Gannetts Parkprivate19351939        
Beavis & Sons  Builders1880         
BechervaiseMissRose Bank Cottage, High Streetprivate18901895        
BeddallMrsSherwood, Cliff Avenueprivate1907191119151919192319271931   
BeddallMrs2 Cliff Avenueprivate19351939        
BeechR E (Mrs)Grand Vue Private Hotel, De Moulham RdProprietress - Private Hotel19351939        
BeerEmily (Mrs)High StreetFancy Straw Worker189518991903       
BeerG DSwanage Constitutional ClubSecretary1903         
BeerG HOriental Café, Institute RoadBaker & Confectioner1910         
BeerG HConstitutional ClubHon Secretary1910         
BeerG HMasonic Hall, 1 Marshall RowFreemason's Lodge - Secretary19271931        
BeerG HSwanage Conservative Club, Kings Road ESecretary192719311935       
BeerG HBon Accord, Victoria Avenueprivate1931         
BeerG H9 Victoria Avenueprivate19351939        
BeerGeorge HEducation CommitteeChairman1923         
BeerGeorge HenryChurch HillBaker 1890         
BeerGeorge HenryHigh StreetBaker18951899        
BeerGeorge HenryInstitute RoadBaker & Confectioner1903190719111915      
BeerGeorge HenrySwanage Urban District CouncilChairman & Council Member1911         
BeerMary (Mrs)High StreetStraw Plait Maker1885         
Beere *GeorgeBon Accord, Bon Accord Roadprivate1907         
Beere *GeorgeBon Accord, King's Road Westprivate1911         
BegbieHaroldNewton Cottage, Herston Roadprivate1911         
BellF J LtdNew Era Cleaners, 9 The SquareProprietors - Cleaners1939         
BellGMowlem InstituteCommittee Member & Auditor1874         
BellGeorge Manager of Panton's Brewery1874         
BellGeorgeThe BreweryManager of Panton's Brewery18751880        
BellGeorgeBrewery Houseprivate1880         
BellairsE M (Mrs)4 Ulwell RoadBoarding House19351939        
BellamyJohn (Major)King's Lynn, Highcliffe Roadprivate1919         
BendellHenryGlobe Inn, HerstonInn1911         
BendingCharlesAnchor, High StreetPublic House1931         
BendingCharlesAnchor, 30 High StreetPublic House1935         
BendingThomasAnchor, High StreetPublic House19231927        
BenfieldEmma (Mrs)Park RoadShopkeeper1880         
BenfieldFrankBlack SwanInn/Public House18741875        
BenfieldThomasBlack SwanInn/Public House183918421849185118521855185918651867 1871
BenfieldThomasChurch HillLodgings1874         
BenfieldThomas (Mrs)Glenmore, Priest RoadApartments19191923        
BenjaminDSwanage Private Hotel, Park RoadProprietor - Private Hotel1939         
BenjaminDavidShore RoadDealer in Antiques1927193119351939      
BennettJSwanage Conservative Club, Kings Road ESecretary1911         
BennettJosephRidgemount, Park RoadApartments19111915        
BennettJoseph4 The ParadeApartments19191923        
BennettRobert3 York TerraceApartments18991903        
BennettStephen White (Esq)Bridge House, WarehamCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions191119151919       
BennettThomasLynden Hall, Ulwell Roadprivate1907         
BennettThomasInstitute RoadCarriage Proprietor190719111915191919231927    
BennettThomasLynden Hall, Ulwell RoadApartments1911191519191923      
BennettThomasSwanage Motor Works, High StreetMotor Engineers & Haulage Contractors1923         
BennettThomasUlwell RoadGarage Proprietor1927193119351939      
BennettWilliam LeslieHigh Streetprivate1919192319271931      
BennettWilliam LeslieHigh StreetPhysician & Surgeon1919192319271931      
Bennett (Dickson &)MissesInstitute RoadRefreshment Room1923         
BentinckFrederick Cavendish (Esq)Morton's House, Corfe CastleCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions19031907191119151919     
BenwellMrsIngleside, Park Roadprivate1919         
BerryFrancis8 Grosvenor Roadprivate190719111915       
BerryMissYWCA, Stafford RoadHon Secretary1915         
BerryMiss8 Grosvenor Roadprivate19191923        
BerwickHenry IsaacSt Quentin, Ulwell RoadApartments19191923        
BestAnn (Cecilia &, Misses)2 Grosvenor RoadLodging House1880         
BestAnn (Miss)2 Grosvenor RoadLodging House/Apartments188518901895189919031907191119151919 
BestCecilia & Ann (Misses)2 Grosvenor RoadLodging House1880         
BestCecilia (Miss)2 Grosvenor RoadApartments1923         
BestJohn Master Mariner186718711875       
BestJohnHigh StreetMaster Mariner1874         
BestJohn BPost OfficeWareham Postmaster1874         
Beswick & Jones 34 Park RoadBoarding House19351939        
BethellMrsHillcroft, Victoria Roadprivate19191923192719311935     
BevanEmma (Mrs)5 Mill TerraceApartments1919         
BevanMrsRothelstone, Herstonprivate1903         
BevesGeorgeFonthill, High StreetApartments1899         
BewseyElsie E (Miss)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMatron19271931        
BewseyS E (Miss)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMatron19351939        
BickEthel (Mrs)High StreetTobacconist1923         
BickJHigh StreetTobacconist1910         
BickW JHigh StreetWatch & Clock Maker1910         
BickWalter JohnHigh StreetWatch Maker189018951899       
BickWalter JohnHigh StreetTobacconist & Watch Maker19031907191119151919     
Bick'sMessrsHigh StreetTobacconists19271931        
Bick'sMessrs3 The SquareTobacconists19351939        
BiddlecombeJohn Grocery Dealer1851         
BiddlecombeJosephShip Commercial InnInn1851         
BiddlecombeJosephShipFamily & Commercial Hotel & Posting House1852         
BiddlecombeJoseph Family Hotel1855         
BiddlecombeJosephShip HotelHotel18591865        
BiddlecombeMrs2 Belvedereprivate18851890        
BiddlecombePhoebe (Mrs)Ship HotelHotel Keeper1867         
BiggsT S & CoHigh StreetWine & Spirit Merchants18851910191119151919192319271931  
BiggsT S & Co3 King Alfred Place & DorchesterWine & Spirit Merchants19031907        
BiggsT S & Co58 High StreetWine & Spirit Merchants19351939        
BiggsThomas Strange & CoHigh StreetWine & Spirit Merchants1890         
BiggsThomas Strange & CoHigh St & 3 King Alfreds Place & D'chesterWine & Spirit Merchants18951899        
BignallArthurRailway StationStation Master19071911191519191923     
BignallArthur JohnStation YardAgent for L&SW Railway19151919        
BignallArthur JohnStation YardAgent for Southern Railway19231927        
BignellMary Ann (Mrs)Parkhurst, Park RoadApartments1907         
BignellMary Ann (Mrs)Adelaide Villa, Sentry RoadApartments1911         
BillowsGeorge HenryInstitute RoadGas Fitter189018951899       
BillowsGeorge HenryInstitute RoadGasfitter & Furnisher19031907        
BillowsJInstitute RoadIronmonger1910         
BillowsWilliamHigh StreetGas Fitter1885         
BillsonFrederickWhite Lodge, Grosvenor Roadprivate1927         
BillsonFrederick W (LLB)White Lodge, Grosvenor Roadprivate193119351939       
BillsonFrederick WilliamSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1931         
BinghamPatricia M (Mrs)165 High StreetGrocer1939         
BirdA & CoCourt HillContractors1923         
BirdArthur & CoCourt HillContractors1919         
BirdE HShohola, Ulwell Roadprivate19271931        
BishopF Mason1839         
BishopF Insurance Agent (UK Temperence & General)1859         
BishopFrancis Shopkeeper1842         
BishopFrancis Grocer & Bricklayer18491855        
BishopFrancis Grocer etc1851         
BishopFrancis Shopkeeper & Stonemason1852         
BishopFrancis Grocer & Rate Collector1859         
BishopFrancis Jnr Grocer & Draper18671871        
BishopFrancis Snr Rate Collector18671871        
BishopJoseph Cooper18301842184918511852     
BishopJosephChurch HillCooper18551859        
BishopM A (Mrs)4 Gilbert RoadBoarding House1939         
BishopMary (Mrs)Brooklyn, Gilbert RoadApartments1899         
BishopMary Elizabeth (Mrs)2 Nelson VillasApartments18991903        
BishopWalterSymondsbury, Northbrook RoadApartments191519191923       
BissettMrs gentry1849         
Blake-FosterMrsNewton Cottage, High Streetprivate1907         
BloirMissSt Austell, Cluny Crescentprivate1907         
BloomerHarry HowardLongdown, Sunnydale Roadprivate193119351939       
BlossWilliam Escott (Rev)St Mary's ChurchCurate1915         
BlossWilliam Escott (Rev)St Aidan's, Cecil Roadprivate (Curate)1915         
BloxsomeJohn B3 Grosvenor Roadprivate188018851890       
BodleIsabel (Mrs)Court HillHome-made Confectionery1931         
BodyC (Miss)Portman House, Park RoadY W C A & Holiday Home, Lady Supt1911         
BondGerald Denis (Esq)Holme, WarehamCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions19031907191119151919     
BondHenry William (Esq)Tyneham House, WarehamCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1903         
BondJohn Wentworth Garneys (Esq)Creech Grange, WarehamCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions19031907191119151919     
BondNathaniel (Esq)Creech Grange, WarehamCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions19031907        
BondWilliam HenryTyneham House, WarehamCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1907191119151919      
Bondfield *John WarrenHerstonStone Merchant1890189518991903      
Bondfield *Martha (Miss)3 Exeter PlaceApartments1895         
Bondfield *Martha (Miss)3 Exeter Place, High StreetApartments18991903        
BonfieldA (C &, Misses)Park RoadApartments1907         
BonfieldA (C &, Misses)6 The ParadeApartments1911191519191923      
BonfieldC & A (Misses)Park RoadApartments1907         
BonfieldC & A (Misses)6 The ParadeApartments1911191519191923      
BonfieldGeorge Stone Merchant1793         
BonfieldGeorge3 Exeter PlaceLodging House18751880        
BonfieldMartha (Miss)Exeter PlaceLodging House1885         
BonfieldMartha (Miss)3 Exeter PlaceApartments1890         
BonfieldWilliam Baker1839         
Bonfield William Auctioneer18301842        
BookerF M (Mrs)9 The SquareTea Rooms1935         
BossomJames7 Stafford RoadMotor Car Proprietor1931         
BossomJohn E G7 Stafford RoadTaxi Cab Proprietor19351939        
BossomSara (Mrs)7 Stafford RoadApartments1923         
BossomSarah (Mrs)7 Stafford RoadApartments1907191119151919      
BoultJamesHigh StreetSaddler & Harness Maker189018951899       
BoultonM F (Mrs)Rockland Hse Priv Hotel, Stafford RoadProprietress - Private Hotel193119351939       
BoultonMissRockland Hse Priv Hotel, Stafford RoadMisses Beale & Boulton Props - Private Hotel1927         
BowerAlice (Mrs)Globe Inn, HerstonInn1919192319271931      
BowerAlice (Mrs)Globe Inn, Bell Street, HerstonInn19351939        
BowerBenjamin Stonemason1793         
BowerEli Hairdresser & Jeweller1865         
BowerEliPurbeck HouseChristian Knowledge Society Depot1867         
BowerEli Hairdresser, Perfumer & Fancy Repository1867         
BowerEli Religious Tract Society Depot1867         
BowerElizabeth (Miss)Church HillDay School18551859        
BowerFHigh StreetGrocer1910         
BowerFrederick Lodging House1880         
BowerFrederickFerne House, High Streetprivate1885         
BowerFrederickFerne House, High StreetApartments1890         
BowerFrederickHigh StreetShopkeeper190319071911       
BowerJ BLabour Social Club, High StreetSecretary19351939        
BowerJohn BertrandColenso, Exeter RoadApartments19191923        
BowerJohn SolomonAnchor, High StreetPublic House1919         
BowerLot Hairdresser18711880        
BowerLotHigh StreetHairdresser1874         
BowerMartha (Mrs)Round HouseFancy Stationer18741875        
BowerMartha (Mrs) Fancy Repository & Depot etc1875         
BowerN H M (Mrs)54 Park RoadBoarding House19351939        
BowerNicholas2 Victoria TerraceApartments1890         
BowerNicholasThe Moorings, Park Roadprivate1895         
BowerRobertGlobe Inn, HerstonInn1915         
BowerSarah Lodging House Keeper1851         
BowerSarah (Mrs) Lodging House18491855        
BowleyMrsThe Nest, King's Roadprivate1907         
BoxallP HKing's Road EastProprietor of Cull, H - Cycle Agent1931         
BoxallP H34 High StreetProprietor of Cull, H - Cycle Agent19351939        
BoxallP HKing's Road EastProprietor of Cull, H - Motor Garage19351939        
BoyleG & L (Misses)Shore RoadRefreshment Rooms1927         
BoyleL (G &, Misses)Shore RoadRefreshment Rooms1927         
BradfordF J (Mrs)Danescroft, Cecil RoadBoarding House1931         
BradfordF J (Mrs)7 Cecil RoadBoarding House19351939        
BradfordHerbertRoscoe, Osborne RoadBoot & Shoe Repairer19191923        
BradfordJob2 The ParadeApartments19191923        
BradfordJohnManor Farm Dairy, Langton 1874         
BradfordJosephHerstonFarm Bailiff to Sir JC Robinson1890         
BradfordW (Mrs)10 Cranborne RoadBoarding House19351939        
BradyMissSentryfields, Park Roadprivate1939         
BradyMissesSentryfields, Park RoadPrivate School for Girls191919231927193119351939    
BradyMissesSentryfields, Park Roadprivate192719311935       
BrainAlfred EParnham, Ulwell RoadApartments19191923        
BraithwaiteAlicia (Miss)Marylands, Rempstone RoadBoarding House1915         
BraithwaiteCharles Frederick (Rev)Wesleyan Methodist ChurchMinister1915         
BraithwaiteCharles Frederick (Rev)Melita, Park Roadprivate (Wesleyan)1915         
BraithwaiteMissCarlton Lodge, Ulwell Roadprivate1911         
BrewerRichard Butcher1793         
BridleCharlesDunvegin, Cluny CrescentApartments18991903190719111915     
BridleCharlesSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1903         
BridleEdwinLa Belle Vue, Bon Accord RoadPublic House19191923        
BridleEdwin James10 & 11 Stafford RoadBoarding House19351939        
BridleJamesLangtonGrocer & Draper1874         
BridleJohn Farmer1851         
BridleWilliam Carpenter18491851        
BridleWilliam Hamilton Schoolmaster1830         
BriggsE (Mrs)1 Marine VillaLodgings1874         
BriggsElizabeth (Mrs)Marine VillaLodging House1875         
BriggsJohn Shoemaker1793         
BrittenAlgernon JohnKarenza, King's Road WestSolicitor & Commissioner for Oaths1919         
BrodickPercival (Capt)Garden Cottage, Burlington Roadprivate1931         
BrodieB F (Miss)Elm House, Langtonprivate1874         
BrodieMrsMarine Villaprivate18651867        
BrodieWilliam (Esq) private1867         
BrodieWilliam Bird (Esq)Swanagegentry1852         
BrodieWilliam Bird EsqMarine Villagentry/private18551859        
BrodieWilliam RichardElm House, Langtonprivate1874         
BrookeEardleyHigh StreetHouse & Estate Agent/Auctioneer & Surveyor19151919192319271931     
BrookeEardley Auctioneer - see Eardley Brooke19351939        
BrookeGeorge P RSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1923         
BrookeGeorge P RSeaside Terrace, High Streetprivate192319271931       
BrookeH REardley Brooke, High StreetAuctioneers/Valuers/House, Land & Est Agents1935         
BrookeHarold RHigh StreetHouse & Estate Agent (firm Eardley Brooke)1931         
BrookeHarold R9 High Streetprivate19351939        
BrookeHarold R9 High StreetHouse & Estate Agent (firm Eardley Brooke)19351939        
BrookeHarold RoderickSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1931         
BrookeMrsAthelney, Northbrook Roadprivate1927         
Brooke-DewHenryBurlington House, Highcliffe Roadprivate1939         
BrookerMrsDurlston House, Park Roadprivate1919         
BrooksJohn BrittonAdelaide Villa, Marshall Rowprivate191919231927       
BrooksW T (MB)The Anchorage, Newton Roadprivate19351939        
BrooksW T (MD)The Anchorage, Newton Roadprivate1931         
BrownAug. Henry43 High StreetBaker19351939        
BrownCStation RoadButcher1910         
BrownCCounty CourtClerk to the Registrar1931         
BrownCCounty Court Office, High StreetClerk to the Registrar1931         
BrownCharlesStation RoadButcher190719111915       
BrownDavidBrassus, Burlington Roadprivate1911         
BrownEdwardHigh StreetApartments189919031907       
BrownEdwardChapel LaneSwanage Liberal Club - Secretary19191923        
BrownEdward (Mrs)Dudley, Richmond RoadApartments1919         
BrownEdward BarnesClarendon, Richmond RoadPlumber19191923        
BrownEliza (Miss)Silverdale, Gilbert RoadApartments1911191519191923      
BrownEliza (Mrs)HerstonShopkeeper1890189518991903      
BrownElizabeth (Mrs)HerstonShopkeeper18801885        
BrownFrances Catherine (Mrs)High StreetFishmonger189919031907191119151919192319271931 
BrownFrances Catherine (Mrs)7 High StreetFishmonger1935         
BrownFrederick Charles Builder (White & Brown)1907         
BrownG (Mrs)2 The ParadeApartments1910         
BrownGeorge WilliamBallard EstateGrocer & Post Office1939         
BrownGrace (Mrs)Brooklyn, Gilbert RoadApartments19031907        
BrownH Hill (Mrs)4 Gilbert RoadBoarding House1935         
BrownHarry2 & 3 The ParadeApartments19111915        
BrownHarryStation RoadEarthenware Dealer19271931        
BrownHarry5 Mermond PlaceEarthenware Dealer19351939        
BrownHarryShore RoadRefreshment Rooms19351939        
BrownHenrySunny Bank, Gilbert RoadApartments19191923        
BrownHenry HSwanage Swimming ClubTreasurer19031907        
BrownHenry HHigh StreetHairdresser190719111915       
BrownI J & Son4 Station RoadOpthalmic Opticians/National Health Opticians1939         
BrownJHigh StreetWardrobe Dealer1910         
BrownJane (Mrs)Lodersleben, Purbeck Terrace RoadApartments1890         
BrownJohn JHerstonShopkeeper1867         
BrownJosephNelson House, High StreetShopkeeper & Pony Traps on Hire1895         
BrownJosephHigh StreetShopkeeper189919031907       
BrownLawsonRest Harrow, Ulwell Roadprivate1931         
BrownMary Eliza (Mrs)High StreetWatchmaker1885         
BrownMrsThe Knap, Salisbury Roadprivate1915191919231927193119351939   
BrownMrs6 Sunnydale, Durlston Roadprivate1923         
BrownRMowlem InstituteCommittee Member1874         
BrownRichardHigh StreetJeweller 1871         
BrownRichardHigh StreetWatchmaker, Jeweller & Dealer in Pipes1874         
BrownRichardHigh StreetJeweller & Watchmaker1875         
BrownRichard Jeweller & Watchmaker1880         
BrownRobert CBlack Swan, 159 High StreetPublic House19351939        
BrownRose Adeline (Mrs)Station RoadButcher1919192319271931      
BrownRose Adeline (Mrs)25 Station RoadButcher19351939        
BrownSarah (Mrs)High StreetShopkeeper1911         
BrownSydneyCourt HillFishmonger1915         
BrownW7 High StreetFishmonger1939         
BrownWilliamVictoria TerraceFishmonger1885         
BrownWilliamHigh StreetFishmonger18901895        
Brown High StreetHairdresser1910         
Brown (White &) Mount Pleasant LaneBuilders1907         
BrowneLouisa (Mrs)Welmerdale, King's Road WestApartments1915         
BrowneLouisa (Mrs)Wilmerdale, King's Road WestApartments19191923        
BrowneRogerDurlston Cliff, Bon Accord Roadprivate19351939        
BrowningThomas (Mr) private1859186518671871      
BrownseyCThe Beach Café, Shore RoadManager - Beach Café1935         
BrunsdenAlbert EdwardThe PierPier Master & Sec of R N L I18991903        
BrunsdenAlbert EdwardRoyal National Lifeboat InstitutionSecretary18991903        
BrunsdenAlbert EdwardThe PierPier Master1907191119151919192319271931   
BrunsdenAlfredStation RoadFishmonger1911         
BrunsdenTed Pier Master1895         
BrutonAlec SBrutons' of Swanage, Institute RoadProprietor - Ironmongers1931         
BrutonAlec SBrutons' of Swanage, 3 Institute RoadProprietor - Ironmongers19351939        
BrutonH WInstitute RoadIronmonger1910         
BrutonHenry WGlendower, King's Road Eastprivate1911         
BrutonHenry WInstitute RoadIronmonger19111915191919231927     
BrutonHenry W4 Park Roadprivate1915         
BrutonMrs4 Park Roadprivate191919231927       
BrutonWilliam ArthurNortholme, Queen's Road Eastprivate19231927        
BryerH EDown End, Durlstonprivate19351939        
BuckAbel2 Marine Villas & Beachcroft, Park RoadApartments18901895        
BuckAbelBeachcroft, Park RoadApartments18991903        
BuckAlice (Nelly &, Misses)Pambulla, Park RoadApartments1899190319071911      
BuckJohn4 Belmont, High StreetApartments1899         
BuckNelly & Alice (Misses)Pambulla, Park RoadApartments1899190319071911      
BuckNelly (Miss)Pambulla, Park RoadApartments191519191923       
BuckStucley (Mrs)Herston Houseprivate1885         
BuckWilliam3 Seymour PlaceApartments1899         
BuckWilliam3 Seymer Place, Seymer RoadApartments190319071911191519191923    
BuckleH P (Capt RN retd)Coastguard Station, Peveril PointDistrict Officer19311935        
BuckleH P (Capt RN retd)Coastguard Station, Peveril Pointprivate19311935        
BuddG IThe SquareFruiterer1931         
BuddenJohn Shoemaker18301842        
BudgePhilip Edward LionelNorth Street, WarehamMagistrates Clerk - Wareham Petty Sessions1903190719111915      
BudgePhilip Edward LionelPenlu, Taunton Roadprivate1903         
BudgeW HattonCounty CourtRegistrar & High Bailiff193119351939       
BudgeW HattonCounty Court Office, High StreetRegistrar & High Bailiff1931         
BudgeW HattonCounty Court Office, 4a The SquareRegistrar & High Bailiff1939         
Budge & Slade Durlston House, Park Rd & WarehamSolicitors18901895        
BuglerGeorgeCourt RoadGrocer19231927        
BulesS MInstitute RoadJeweller1931         
BullGeorge WilliamWelmerdale, King's RoadApartments19071911        
BulosS MInstitute RoadJeweller1927         
BulosS MSahamara, Hill Roadprivate19351939        
BulosS M16 Institute RoadJeweller19351939        
Burbidge & Burt Royal Victoria HotelHotel18851890        
Burbidge (Nye, & Burt) Royal Victoria Hotel, Victoria TerraceHotel & The Shades1874         
Burbidge (Nye, & Burt) Royal Victoria HotelFamily Hotel & Posting House18751880        
BurbridgeJosephHigh StreetGrocer1919         
BurgeE (Miss)Vernon Lodge, 9 Burlington RoadProprietress - Boarding House1939         
BurgeM (Mrs)Vernon Lodge, 9 Burlington RoadProprietress - Boarding House1935         
BurgeMary (Mrs)Hambledon, Ulwell RoadApartments190719111915       
BurgeMary (Mrs)Hambledon & Retreat, Ulwell RoadApartments1919         
BurgeMrsIvanhoe, Burlington RoadApartments1923         
BurgesElizabeth (Mrs)High StreetLaundress1865         
BurgessEdward5 Eldon TerraceApartments18991903        
BurgessElizabeth (Mrs)Hill View House, High StreetApartments18901895        
BurgessMissRest Harrow, Ulwell Roadprivate19111915191919231927     
BurnettM (Mrs)Swiss Villa, Highcliffe RoadGuest House1939         
BurrowsWalterRoyal Oak, HerstonPublic House1911         
BurtA JHigh StreetFlorist1931         
BurtA J6 Station RoadFlorist19351939        
BurtAlbert JamesStation RoadFruiterer19111915191919231927     
BurtCSwanage Pier CompanyManager (joint)1867         
BurtC Swanage Pier Co Manager1871         
BurtCSwanage Pier CompanyManager1871         
BurtC E (Mrs)High StreetGrocer1927         
BurtCharles Stone Merchant18521865        
BurtCharles Grocer & Stone Merchant18551859        
BurtCharlesVictoria TerraceStone/Coal/Lime Mer/Grocer/Baker/Lodgings/etc18671875        
BurtCharles Grocer & Baker1871         
BurtCharlesMowlem InstituteTrustee1874         
BurtCharles1 Victoria TerraceGrocer & Confectioner etc1874         
BurtCharlesVictoria Terraceprivate1880         
BurtCharles HenryLeigh Cottage, Cornwall RoadTailor1919192319271931      
BurtCharles Henry7 Cornwall RoadTailor19351939        
BurtEManor House HotelHotel1830         
BurtENewton Stone QuarriesProprietor - Stone Merchants1923         
BurtE (Mrs)Dingle Boarding House, De Moulham RdProprietress - Boarding House1939         
BurtEdwin JohnPurbeck Houseprivate1919         
BurtEdwin John (Major)Royal National Lifeboat InstitutionPrincipal/President191919231927193119351939    
BurtErnestSilverdale, King's Road Westprivate190719111915       
BurtErnestThe Bungalow, Victoria Avenue Westprivate191919231927       
BurtEthel (Mrs)Aigburth, King's Road WestApartments1911         
BurtFrankIvy House & Londonprivate18801885        
BurtFrankHigh StreetGrocer1885         
BurtFrank1 Gordon Villasprivate18901895        
BurtFrederickSwanage Urban District CouncilVice-Chairman & Council Member1899         
BurtFrederickTresco, Cranborne Roadprivate1899         
BurtFrederickTresco, Court Parkprivate1903         
BurtGeorge Stone Merchant1859         
BurtGeorgePurbeck House, High Streetprivate1874         
BurtGeorgeSwanage PierManaging Director1874         
BurtGeorgeSwanage Gas WorksProprietor1874         
BurtGeorgeDurlston Water WorksProprietor1874         
BurtGeorgePurbeck House & Londonprivate1875         
BurtGeorgeCourt HillApartments18901895        
BurtGeorgeCowleaze LaneQuarryman18991903        
BurtGeorgeCowleaze RoadQuarryman1907         
BurtGeorgeAlpha Cottage, Park Roadprivate1907         
BurtGeorgeAlpha Cottage, Marshall RowApartments1911         
BurtGeorge (Esq)Purbeck Houseprivate1859186518671871      
BurtGeorge (Esq)Durlston Park EstateProprietor18671874        
BurtGeorge (Esq)Mowlem InstitutePresident & Trustee1874         
BurtGeorge (JP)Purbeck House & Londonprivate188018851890       
BurtGeorge JnrPark RoadLodging House1880         
BurtGeorge JnrCourt HillMaster Quarryman & Lodging House1885         
BurtH CHigh StreetBaker & Grocer1910         
BurtH C (Mrs)Osborne House, Seymer RoadBoarding House19231927        
BurtH WKing's RoadGrocer1907         
BurtH W (Mrs)Ellerslie, King's Road Westprivate1935         
BurtHarry WilliamEllerslie, King's Road Westprivate1919192319271931      
BurtHenry CharlesVictoria Terrace, High StreetGrocer, Baker, Wine & Spirit Merchant18951899        
BurtHenry CharlesVictoria Terrace, High StreetGrocer, Baker, Wine & Spirit Merchant etc19031907        
BurtHenry CharlesThe Castle, Durlston ParkRestaurant19031907191119151919     
BurtHenry CharlesHigh StreetGrocer1911191519191923      
BurtHenry Weeks Shopkeeper18671871        
BurtHenry Weeks Grocer & Stone Merchant18741875        
BurtHenry Weeks Stone Merchant & Farmer1880         
BurtHenry WeeksCourt Hillprivate18901895        
BurtHenry WeeksCourt Hill Houseprivate1899190319071911      
BurtHenry WeeksKing's Road WestGrocer1911         
BurtHenry WilliamCourt HillStone Merchant & Farmer1885         
BurtJames WStation YardCoal Merchant1935         
BurtJohn Edwin (Lt-Col)Royal National Lifeboat InstitutionPresident1935         
BurtJohn Edwin (Major)Royal National Lifeboat InstitutionPrincipal19191923        
BurtJohn Mowlem Mowlem Institute Trustee1874         
BurtJohn MowlemMowlem InstituteTrustee1874         
BurtJohn MowlemRoyal National Lifeboat InstitutionPresident189919031907       
BurtJohn MowlemSwanage Swimming ClubPresident189919031907       
BurtJohn Mowlem (Esq)Purbeck Houseprivate 1867         
BurtJohn Mowlem (JP)Purbeck Houseprivate18951899        
BurtJohn Mowlem (Sir JP)Purbeck Houseprivate1903         
BurtJohn Mowlem (Sir JP)Spring Hill Houseprivate1907         
BurtJohn Mowlem (Sir JP)Carthion, Durlston Roadprivate19111915        
BurtJohn Mowlem (Sir)Purbeck HouseCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1903         
BurtJohn Mowlem (Sir)Spring Hill HouseCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1907         
BurtJohn Mowlem (Sir)CarthionCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions19111915        
BurtJohn Mowlem (Sir)Royal National Lifeboat InstitutionPresident1911         
BurtJohn Mowlem (Sir)Royal National Lifeboat InstitutionPrincipal1915         
BurtJohn William Farmer1849         
BurtLadyCarthion, Durlston Roadprivate1919192319271931      
BurtLetitia Grocer & Stone Dealer1851         
BurtLetitia Stone Merchant1852         
BurtMissPurbeck Houseprivate19111915        
BurtMissRyton, Cecil Roadprivate1911         
BurtMissesPurbeck Houseprivate1895189919031907      
BurtMrsMarket Placeprivate1859         
BurtMrsPark Roadprivate1895         
BurtMrsKinross, Park Roadprivate189919031907       
BurtMrsTresco, King's Roadprivate1907         
BurtMrsCourt Hill House, High Streetprivate1915         
BurtRobert Stonemason1793         
BurtRobert Stone Merchant1839         
BurtRobert Grocer & Stone Master1842         
BurtRobert (Mrs) Grocer & Stone Merchant1849         
BurtWilliam Farmer1851         
BurtWilliamCowleaze LaneQuarryman18991903        
BurtWilliam Colbert Farmer1851         
BurtWilliam ColeHerstonShopkeeper1855         
Burt & Burt  Stone, Coal & Timber Merchants etc1890189518991903      
Burt & Burt King's RoadStone Merchants & Quarry Owners190719111915       
Burt & Burt Railway DepotStone Merchants1910         
Burt (Burbidge &) Royal Victoria HotelHotel18851890        
Burt (Nye, Burbidge &) Royal Victoria Hotel, Victoria TerraceHotel & The Shades1874         
Burt (Nye, Burbidge &) Royal Victoria HotelFamily Hotel & Posting House18751880        
BurtonOliverNorbeck, Victoria Roadprivate1907         
BurtonOliver (Rev)Norbeck, Victoria Roadprivate19111915        
Burt's NewtonStone Merchants1923         
Burt's NewtonHaulage Contractors192719311935       
Burt's Burt's Corner House, High StreetGrocers1931         
Burt's Burt's Corner House, 11 High StreetRestaurant19351939        
Burt's NewtonStone Merchants & Haulage Contractors1939         
BushPaul Warner (Adm Sir)Longham House, Nr WimborneCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1919         
BushPaul Warner (Rear Adm)Linden, East LulworthCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1911         
BushPaul Warner (Vice Adm Sir)Longham House, Nr WimborneCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1915         
BushellA B B Institute RoadDairyman1915         
BushillMissesFerndene, Cranborne Roadprivate1911191519191923      
BushillMrsFerndene, Cranborne Roadprivate189919031907       
BushillMrsSwiss Villaprivate1903         
BushillMrsOldfield House, Ilminster Roadprivate1903         
BushmanJohn Stone Master1830         
BussellCaroline (Mrs)Haverstock, Ulwell RoadApartments191519191923       
BussellGeorgeShore Villa, Shore RoadApartments1899         
BussellGeorgeHaverstock, Ulwell RoadApartments19071911        
ButlerCharles FPark RoadButcher19151919192319271931     
ButlerElizabeth Draper & Grocer 18301842        
ButlerElizabeth Post Mistress18301842        
ButlerElizabeth Grocer/Draper/Distributor of Stamps/Ins Agent1839         
ButlerGilbert VRoyal Victoria HotelResident Proprietor1927         
ButlerJohn C WSwanage Urban District CouncilVice-Chairman & Council Member1923         
ButlerJohn CharlesElementary School, HerstonMaster1907         
ButlerJohn Charles WilliamElementary School, HerstonMaster19111915191919231927     
ButlerLetitia (Mrs)3 BelmontApartments1903         
ButlerMissWesley Cottage, High Streetprivate191919231927       
ButlerRichard Tailor1793         
ButtCharles Butcher1852         
ButtJohn Butcher1851         
ButtanshawThomas HeganAvon, Burlington Roadprivate19231927193119351939     
ByrdeEvelyn HookInstitute RoadSolicitor (firm Slade, West & Byrde)19271931        
Byrde (Slade, West &)  Institute RoadSolicitors19271931       
CaineViolet Catherine (Miss)St Leonard's, Rempstone Roadprivate1927         
CaineViolet Catherine (Miss)St Leonard's School, Rempstone RoadPrincipal - Priv Day & Bd School for Boy & Girls1927         
CainesErnest Frank6 Grosvenor Roadprivate1923         
CallowayThomasAnchor Hotel, High StreetInn Keeper1899         
CalthropEdwardGosberton, Ulwell RoadSurgeon1899         
CalthropEdwardGosberton, Ulwell Roadprivate1899         
CambleFrederickSwanage UDC, Town HallSurveyor, Sanitary Insp. & Water Engineer192719311935       
CambleFrederickSwanage UDC, Town HallSurveyor & Water Engineer1939         
CameronDonaldDonne, Cecil RoadUpholsterer19111915        
CameronDonald15 Station RoadUpholsterer & Practical Cabinet Maker1923         
CameronDonald15 Station RoadUpholsterer1927         
CameronDonaldStation Road (back)Upholsterer1931         
CameronDonald & CoDonne, Cecil RoadUpholsterers1919         
CameronDonald & CoStation RoadHouse Furnishers1919         
CampbellLieutCoastguard StationR N1867         
CampbellMrsMarston, Burlington Roadprivate1935         
CandyW E (Lieut)Volunteer Artillery, Kings RoadSecond Officer1907         
CannEmma (Mrs)Eden HouseApartments1899         
CannK M (Miss)Central Prep School, Station RoadPrincipal1931         
CannRHigh StreetCoal Merchant1910         
CannR (Mrs)Swanage Music Society, Mowlem InstituteSecretary19351939        
CannR ESwanage UDC, Town HallCollector of Poor Rate191919231927       
CannR EMasonic Hall, 1 Marshall RoadFreemasons' Lodge - Secretary1923         
CannRobertSpringfield & WarehamCorn, Seed, Coal etc Merchant1899         
CannRobertThe Arcade & Wareham/LulworthCorn/Cake/Flour/Seed/Coal & Coke Merchant1903         
CannRobert EdgarThe ArcadeCorn/Cake/Flour/Seed/Coal & Coke Merchant etc1907         
CannRobert EdgarThe Arcade, High StreetInsurance Agent19111915        
CannRobert EdgarThe Maze, Station RoadInsurance Agent1919         
CannRobert EdgarThe Maze, Station RoadAccountant1923192719311935      
CannRobert EdgarSwanage UDC, Town HallSwanage UDC Collector of Gen & Water Rates193119351939       
CannRobert EdgarThe Maze, Station RoadAccountant & UDC Rates Collector1939         
CannRobert HStation RoadAccountant1939         
Cann & Son The Arcade, High St & WarehamCorn/Cake/Flour/Seed/Coal & Coke Merchant etc1911         
Cann & Son The Arcade, High StreetCorn Merchants1915         
CardI Draper1839         
CardewMrsMinterne, Park Roadprivate1927         
CardewWilfred PMinterne, Park Roadprivate1911191519191923      
CareyThomas & CoThe Wharf, High StreetCorn & Coal Dealers & Seedsmen1903         
CarlyonTErceldoune, Gilbert Roadprivate1923         
CarpenterA ClairHigh Streetprivate1907         
CarpenterA ClairHigh StreetSurgeon-Dentist1907         
CarruthersRobert Physician1830         
CarterArthurCourt HillPrinter1931         
CarterCyrus MorganCassio, Victoria Avenueprivate19271931        
CarterCyrus Morgan36 Victoria Avenueprivate19351939        
CarterJ WRunnymeade, Newton Roadprivate1927         
Carter & Co High StreetElectrical Engineers1919         
CarverAlfred WrightSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member193119351939       
CassellR WHigh StreetFishmonger19271931        
CassellR W48 High StreetFishmonger19351939        
CattellHarold58 King's Road WestHouse Decorator1935         
CattellLilian (Mrs)Fairhaven, Stafford RoadApartments1919         
CattleFrederickNewtonShoeing & General Smith19031907        
CattleFrederickHerston RoadShoeing & General Smith19111915        
CattleFrederickRosabert, High StreetShoeing & General Smith & Apartments1919         
CattleFrederickHigh StreetShoeing & General Smith19231927        
CattleHaroldKing's Road WestApartments1923         
Cattle & Ryall NewtonShoeing & General Smiths etc1899         
CauteJ1 Park RoadHairdresser1910         
CauteJulesVictoria Terrace, High StreetHairdresser1899         
CauteJulesPark RoadHairdresser1903         
CauteJulesInstitute RoadHairdresser190719111915       
CaveEdward Watkins (His Hon. KC)County CourtJudge1939         
CaveMissSouthmead, Victoria Avenueprivate1919         
CaveWilliamShip Hotel, High StreetHotel1890         
CecilEustace Brownlow G (Lord)Lytchett Heath, PooleCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1903         
ChadwickR M (MA)ForresPrincipal - Prep Boarding School for Boys19271931        
ChadwickR M (Rev MA)St Mary's ChurchCurate1935         
ChadwickR M (Rev MA)ForresPrincipal - Prep Boarding School for Boys19351939        
ChadwickR MackenzieSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1927         
ChadwickRohan McKenzie (MA)Forres, Northbrook Roadprivate19191923        
ChadwickRohan McKenzie (MA)Forres, Northbrook RoadBoys' Preparatory Boarding School19191923        
ChadwickRohan McKenzie (MA)Forresprivate19271931        
ChadwickRohan McKenzie (Rev MA)Forresprivate (Curate of St Mary's)1935         
ChadwickRohan McKenzie (Rev MA)Corrie, De Moulham Roadprivate1939         
ChadwickTrevor McKenzieNew Moorings, Northbrook Roadprivate19351939        
Chaffey (Sutton &)Misses2 Stafford RoadApartments 1895         
ChalmersWilliamMarket PlaceTobacconist1885         
ChamberlainRobert (Rev) Clergy18421849        
ChambersCharles (Rev)Congregational ChapelMinister1874         
ChambersCharles (Rev)Independent ChapelMinister1875         
ChambersRose (Miss)Parnham, Ulwell RoadApartments1907         
ChampneyMrsHillcroft, Victoria Roadprivate1939         
ChandlerL J (Mr & Mrs)Richmond Private Hotel, 8 Victoria AveProprietors - Private Hotel1939         
ChandlerLouis JBay Lodge Private Hotel, De Moulham RdProprietor - Private Hotel1935         
ChapmanBruceShore Villaprivate1903         
ChapmanBruceShore Villa, Beach Roadprivate1907         
ChapmanBruceShore Villa, Shore Roadprivate1911         
ChapmanElizabethHaverstock Guest House, Ulwell RoadGuest House1939         
ChapmanH A BIsle of Purbeck Golf Club, High StreetSecretary1907         
ChapmanJamesFigure Head Coff Tav, High StreetCoffee Tavern189018951899       
ChapmanMrsShore Villa, Shore Roadprivate1915         
ChapmanR (Mrs)Craig-y-Don Priv Hotel, Bon Accord RoadProprietress - Private Hotel19351939        
CharlesF (Miss) Boarding House (Cole & Charles)1907         
CharlesMrsAudley House, Burlington Roadprivate19151919        
Charles (Cole &) The Gables, Victoria AvenueBoarding House1907         
CharltonRoyBarford House, Salisbury Roadprivate19351939        
CharltonRoy2 Institute RoadManager - National Provincial Bank Ltd19351939        
CharltonRoyNat Prov Bank Ltd, 2 Institute RoadManager19351939        
CharringtonH W (Mr)Mowlem InstituteHon Secretary1867         
CharringtonHarry WilliamSwanage BreweryBrewer1865         
CharringtonHarry WilliamThe BreweryBrewery Manager/Ins Agent/Mowlem Hon Sec1867         
CharringtonHarry WilliamThe BreweryInsurance Agent ( Liverpool, London & G. F&L)1867         
ChastonHenryHigh StreetGardener to the Misses Burt18991903        
CheatleEdwardThe Bungalow, Newton Roadprivate19191923        
CheerEdwardHigh StreetTailor1923         
CheesemanEdward Robert RamsayShohold, Ulwell Roadprivate1899         
CheesemanHenry Draper1871         
CheesemanHenryHigh StreetDraper, Hosier & Glover1874         
CheesemanHenry EMagnolia HouseDraper18751880        
ChevalierHarrySpring Hill Houseprivate19231927        
ChilcottG J47a Station RoadTailor1939         
ChilcottGeorge JohnHigh StreetTailor19231927        
ChilcottGeorge John LtdHigh StreetTailors & Outfitters1919         
Chilcott & Co Commecial House, High StreetDrapers1923         
ChinchenAdelaide (Mrs)Seaford, Priest RoadApartments19191923        
ChinchenAnn Straw Hat/Bonnet Maker18421852        
ChinchenEllen (Miss)Gamberton, Park RoadApartments1923         
ChinchenFanny Kirk (Mrs)The GrovePrivate Hotel1895         
ChinchenJames & Nathaniel Merchants1793         
ChinchenJohn StrongLangtonGrocer & Draper1874         
ChinchenNathaniel Stone Master1830         
ChinchenNathaniel (James &) Merchants1793         
ChinchenR Shoemaker1839         
ChinchenRichard FrederickWestleigh, Cornwall RoadTailor1919192319271931      
ChinchenRichard Frederick3 Cornwall RoadTailor19351939        
ChinchenRobert Boot & Shoe Maker1849         
ChinchenRobert (Mrs)Gamberton, Park RoadApartments1919         
ChinchenTimothy (Esq) gentry1793         
ChinchenWilliam10 Park RoadApartments1919         
ChinchenWilliam JamesHomeleigh, Cornwall RoadPlumber19191923        
ChinchenWilliam JamesHomeleigh, King's Road EastPlumber19271931        
ChinchenWilliam James16 King's Road EastPlumber19351939        
Chinchen & White  Stone Merchants1839184918521865186718711899   
Chinchen & White  Coal & Stone Merchants1855187518801885      
Chinchen & White High Street & Purbeck QuarriesStone Merchants & Quarry Owners18901895        
Chinchen/White/Wm Collins  Stone Merchants1903         
Chincher *Ann Straw Bonnet Maker1851         
Chincher *Nathaniel Stone Merchants (Chincher & White)1851         
Chinchin *Charles4 Stafford RoadApartments18991903        
Chinchin *Richard FrederickLynwood, Argyle RoadTailor1915         
Chinchin *Sarah (Miss)Glenhurst, Park RoadApartments18991903        
Chinchin *William10 Park RoadApartments18991903190719111915     
ChiversEdgarElementary School, HerstonMaster1903         
CholmeleyRobert Arthur (MA)Thornhaugh, Park Roadprivate1899         
CholmeleyRobert Arthur (MA)Thornhaugh, Park RoadSchool for Young Gentlemen1899         
CholmeleyRobert Arthur (MA)Thornhaugh, Cluny Crescentprivate19031907        
CholmeleyRobert Arthur (MA)Thornhaugh, Cluny CrescentSchool for Young Gentlemen1903         
CholmeleyRobert Arthur (MA)Thornhaugh, Cluny CrescentPreparatory School for Young Gentlemen1907         
ChudleighMrsCoogee, Durlston Roadprivate1915         
ChudleighRichard (Rev MA)Coogee, Durlston Roadprivate1919         
ChurchillBenjamin George2 Seymer Place, Seymer RoadApartments1923         
ChurchillEmma (Miss) Bookseller etc see Hill & Churchill19111915        
ChurchillEmma (Mrs)High StreetFancy Goods Dealer19151919        
ChurchillFrederick Henry LockPurbeck Inn, High StreetInn190319071911       
ChurchillFrederick Henry LockRailway Hotel, Station RoadHotel1915191919231927      
ChurchillFrederick Henry LockRailway Hotel, Station RoadProprietor - Hotel193119351939       
ChurchillGeorgeHigh StreetFancy Repository1911         
Churchill (Hill &) 2 Station RoadBooksellers/Stationers/Wool Repository189518991903       
Churchill (Hill &) Institute RoadBooksellers/Stationers/Wool Repository19071911        
Churchill (Hill &) Institute RoadStationers1910         
Churchill (Hill &) Institute RoadBooksellers1915         
Churchill (Hill &) Institute Road & Station RoadBooksellers191919231927       
Churchill (Hill &) Institute RoadBooksellers, Stationers, Newsagents etc1931         
Churchill (Hill &) 12 Institute RoadBooksellers1935         
Churchill (Hill &) 6 Institute RoadBooksellers1939         
ClapcottFrancis Butcher1849         
ClarkAmy S & Elizabeth E (Misses)Danesfort, Highcliffe RoadApartments1923         
ClarkAmy S (Miss)Danesfort, Highcliffe RoadApartments191119151919       
ClarkE S Insurance Agent (Phoenix Fire)1890         
ClarkE SHigh Street & WarehamSolicitor & Commisioner for Oaths18991903        
ClarkElizabeth E (Amy S &, Misses)Danesfort, Highcliffe RoadApartments1923         
ClarkGeoffrey & Partners48a High StreetArchitects1939         
ClarkH JHigh StreetSurgeon1910         
ClarkHenry JamesHigh Streetprivate189919031907       
ClarkHenry JamesHigh StreetSurgeon & Police Surgeon189919031907       
ClarkJHigh StreetBaker1910         
ClarkJames Baker184918511852       
ClarkJames Baker & Farmer185518591865       
ClarkJames Bathing Mach's/Baker/Farmer/Shopkeeper1867         
ClarkJames Shopkeeper1871         
ClarkJamesHigh StreetBaker & Grocer1874         
ClarkJohnChurch HillBaker19031907        
ClarkMartha Mildred (Mrs)Westwood, King's Road WestBoarding House1915         
ClarkRichardShip Hotel, High Street Manager18951899        
ClarkRichardShip Hotel, High Street Proprietor1903         
ClarkeC (Mrs)South Cliff Road, Durlstonprivate1931         
ClarkeC (Mrs)Lowther, South Cliff Road, Durlstonprivate1935         
ClarkeCharles William Arden (Rev MA)Newton Grangeprivate1931         
ClarkeE ESports Depot, 11 Institute RoadSports Dealers1935         
ClarkeErnestPolice Station, Argyle RoadSergeant1919         
ClarkeFrank AHigh StreetSaddler & Harness Maker1923         
ClarkeGeorge SamuelKewstoke, Cecil Roadprivate19191923        
ClarkeLeonard T121 High StreetConfectioner1939         
ClarkeMargaret (Mrs)Capenor, Exeter RoadApartments1919         
ClarkeMargaret (Mrs)Colwyn, Exeter RoadApartments1923         
ClarkeMiss (Mrs &)Clifton Private Hotel, 1 Rempstone RoadPrivate Hotel19351939        
ClarkeMrsNewton Grangeprivate1935         
ClarkeMrs & MissClifton Private Hotel, 1 Rempstone RoadPrivate Hotel19351939        
ClarkeS (Mrs)King's Road WestCostumier1927         
CleallC (Mrs)Magnolia HouseGrocer1875         
CleallCaroline (Mrs)High StreetGrocer1874         
CleallEmma (Mrs)Seymer PlaceApartments1907         
CleallEmma (Mrs)2 Belvidere, Seymer RoadApartments19111915        
CleallFrederick John Plumber/Painter/Glazier/Lodging House1875         
CleallFrederick John2 BelvederePlumber/Painter/Glazier/Gilder etc1880         
CleallFrederick JohnHigh StreetPlumber & Gas Fitter18851890        
CleallFrederick John2 BelvederePlumber & Gas Fitter189518991903       
CleallH Painter1839         
CleallH L2 BelvedereHouse Decorator1910         
CleallHenryCourt HillLibrary185518591867       
CleallHenry Library1865         
CleallHenry Lance Schoolmaster1842         
CleallHenry Lance Painter18421852        
CleallHenry Lance Plumber & Glazier1849185118551859      
CleallHenry LanceAlma HousePlumber & Glazier1865         
CleallHenry Lance Plumber, Glazier & Lodging House1867         
CleallJohn2 Belvedere, Seymer RoadApartments1923         
CleallMissCourt HillLibrary1871         
CleallMrs Grocer1871         
CleallMrsMagnolia Houseprivate1880         
CleallMrsMagnolia House, High Streetprivate1885         
CleallMrs & Son Plumbers1871         
CleallS HThe Dorset Knitting Co, 17 Station RoadKnitting Depot19351939        
CleallStacey MontagueAbbots Leigh, King's Road Westprivate1919         
CleallSydney HStation RoadBerlin Wool Repository191119151919       
CleallSydney HRosendale, Victoria AvenueApartments1915         
CleallSydney HerbertStation RoadTobacconist19271931        
CleallSydney Herbert19 Station RoadTobacconist19351939        
Cleall & Sons High StreetOil Merchants, Plumbers etc1874         
CleaveHenry (Sergt-Maj)Volunteer Artillery, King's Road EastDrill Instructor1911         
CleaveHenry Sergt-Maj)Jesmond, Richmond RoadDrill Instructor to Dorsetshire RGA1911         
CleggWilliamParkhurst, Park Roadprivate1919         
Clegg & Clegg Central Garage, Station RoadMotor Agents1919         
ClemensonGeorgeStation RoadConfectioner1899         
ClemensonGeorgeStation RoadConfectioner & Tobacconist1903         
Cleoll *Alfred Ernest4 Arcade Terrace, High StreetApartments1899         
CliftonJOld Bank House, High StreetArchitect & Surveyor1910         
CliftonJames EdwardMowlem InstituteHon Secretary18851890        
CliftonJames Edward2 Victoria TerraceArchitect & Surveyor/Hon Sec Mowlem Institute1885         
CliftonJames Edward2 Victoria Terraceprivate1885         
CliftonJames EdwardOld Bank HouseArchitect & Surveyor/Hon Sec Mowlem Institute1890         
CliftonJames EdwardOld Bank Houseprivate1890189518991903      
CliftonJames EdwardOld Bank HouseArchitect & Surveyor189518991903       
CliftonJames Edward (Esq)Gilbert RoadCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions191119151919       
CliftonJames Edward (JP)Northbrook, Gilbert Roadprivate190719111915191919231927    
Clifton & Robinson Northbrook, Gilbert RoadArchitects190719111915       
ClothierGeorge Henry (Rev)Congregational ChurchMinister191119151919       
ClothierGeorge Henry (Rev)The Manse, Gilbert Roadprivate (Cong.)191119151919       
CoatesNorman (Lt-Col)Newton Manor, Herstonprivate1919         
CobbJohn Cooper18671871        
CockbaineH W102 High StreetRegistrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages19351939        
CockbaineHarold William102 High StreetRegistrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages19351939        
CockeDNew Langton Priv Hotel, 4a Institute RdProprietor - Private Hotel1939         
CockerellCharles Baker & Confectioner18751880        
CockerellCharlesHigh StreetConfectioner & Grocer1885         
CockerellCharlesPark RoadConfectioner & Baker1890         
CockerellCharles RoseHigh StreetBaker & Grocer1874         
Cockhaine *Harold WilliamWarehamDeputy Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages1931         
CockramJohn (Captain)Swanwichgentry1830         
CockramLewis (Esq) gentry1793         
Cockram (Edmonds &)  Maltsters & Brewers1793         
CocksGeorge Painter & Plumber1852         
CocksGeorge Wilder Plumber, Painter & Insurance Agent1855         
CocksGeorge Wilder Insurance Agent (London Union Fire & Life)1855         
CodlingB PGodlingstone tileriesprivate19351939        
CoffinJohn Shopkeeper1880         
CoffinJoseph Tailor184918511852185518591865    
CokeMrsBallard Cottage, Burlington Roadprivate1915         
ColbourneArthur Edward6 Purbeck PlacePublisher - Swanage Directory1885         
ColeHenry Baker & Grocer1880         
ColeHorace WardQuern's Cottage, Ulwell Roadprivate19111915        
ColeJohn Stone Merchant1793         
ColeMary Shopkeeper1793         
ColeWilliam Ferry Boat1793         
Cole Elizabeth Ann (Mrs)The Gables, Victoria AvenueBoarding House1911         
Cole & Charles The Gables, Victoria AvenueBoarding House1907         
Cole & Collins  Merchant1793         
Cole-BowenMervynClabrey, Walrond Roadprivate19351939        
ColemanArthurBlenheim, Park RoadApartments189919031907191119151919    
ColemanArthur5 The ParadeApartments1911191519191923      
ColemanArthur WCentral Chambers, Station RoadOutfitter1931         
ColemanArthur W31 Station RoadOutfitter19351939        
ColemanEva (Mrs)Blenheim, Park RoadApartments1919         
ColemanJames Tailor & Draper18491851        
ColemanJamesChurch HillTailor & Draper1855         
ColemanJamesInstitute RoadApartments1890         
ColemanJamesPark RoadApartments189518991903       
ColemanJames (Mrs)Gamberton, Park RoadApartments19071911        
ColemanMaria Straw Bonnet Maker18511852        
ColemanSamuel PeterHigh StreetGrocer1899         
ColemanThomas Grocer & Stone Mason1851         
Coleman Thomas Tailor18421852        
ColeridgeStephen (Hon MA)Camden House, Burlington Roadprivate191919231927       
ColesWilliam Richard2 York TerraceApartments18991903        
ColeyS Birt (Rev)Melita, Park RoadWesleyan Minister1895         
ColeyS Birt (Rev)Wesleyan ChurchMinister1895         
CollardAvalonThe Castle, Durlstone ParkRefreshments Rooms1899         
ColleauJoseph AlfredSea View Straw Plait & Basket Manufacturer & Milliner etc1874         
ColleauJoseph AlfredSea View HouseStraw Plait & Basket Manufacturer 1875         
ColleauJoseph AlfredSea View Straw Plait & Basket Manufacturer 1880         
ColleauJoseph AlfredHigh StreetStraw Plait Manufacturer & Newsagent1885         
ColleauJoseph AlfredHigh StreetStraw Plait Manufacturer1890         
ColleauP MStation RoadFancy Repository1910         
ColleauP MStation RoadStationer & Straw Basket Maker1919192319271931      
ColleauP M29 Station RoadStationer & Straw Basket Maker1935         
ColleauP M29 Station RoadStationer, Fancy Goods & Straw Basket Maker1939         
ColleauPriscilla (Mrs)Station RoadStraw Basket Maker18951899190319071911     
ColleauPriscilla M (Mrs)Station RoadStraw Basket Maker1915         
CollierEdith (Mrs)Malverne, Park RoadPrivate School1907         
CollierGeorge HenrySt Austell, Cluny CrescentApartments1919         
CollierMrsSt Austell, Cluny Crescentprivate1923         
Collier Swanage Fruit Market, 10 The SquareFruit Market (Rice Bros & Collier)1935         
Collier Swanage Fruit Market, 10 The SquareFruit Market (Rice & Collier)1939         
CollinJoseph Taylor1867         
CollinsArthurKingsmead, King's Road Westprivate1915         
CollinsArthur Robert (Rev)St Mary's ChurchCurate1923         
CollinsBessie (Miss)Esher, Osborne RoadApartments19191923        
CollinsE (Mrs)24 Victoria Avenueprivate19351939        
CollinsElizabeth (Mrs)6 Stafford RoadApartments18901895        
CollinsElizabeth (Mrs)Darracot, High StreetApartments18991903        
CollinsGeorgeHerston Reading Room Secretary18901895        
CollinsJamesPolice Station, High Street Sergeant1895         
CollinsJohn (Rev)SwanwichClergy1830         
CollinsJoseph Stone Merchant1793         
CollinsL M (Miss)St Michael's, King's Road WestPrivate School1927         
CollinsMissThe Myrtles, Victoria Avenueprivate1931         
CollinsWAlbany, High StreetPropr - Com'l Temp'ce Hotel & Refreshment Rms1910         
CollinsWKing's RoadStone Merchant1910         
CollinsWalterSilverdale, Gilbert RoadApartments189919031907       
CollinsWalterSilverdale, Gilbert Roadprivate1903         
CollinsWalterSwanage Urban District CouncilVice-Chairman & Council Member1911         
CollinsWalterHigh StreetTemperance Hotel1911         
CollinsWalterInstitute RoadRefreshment Rooms1911         
CollinsWalterSt Michaels, King's Road EastCollector & Assessor of Taxes etc1915         
CollinsWalterSt Michaels, King's Road EastEducation Committee Clerk & Attendance Officer1915         
CollinsWalterSt Michaels, King's Road EastTax Coll & Assesr/OAP Clerk/School Att Officer1919         
CollinsWalterSt Michaels, King's Road EastIncome Tax Coll & Asse'r/OAP Committee Clerk192319271931       
CollinsWalterSt Michaels, King's Road EastEducation Committee - Correspondent192319271931       
CollinsWalterSt Michaels, King's Road EastTax Coll & Assesr/Ed Comm Corr/OAP Clerk192319271931       
CollinsWilliam Quarryman & Mason1865         
CollinsWilliamClairmont, Purbeck Terr RoadApartments1890         
CollinsWilliamClifton HouseApartments1895         
CollinsWilliamPurbeck QuarriesQuarry Owner18991903        
CollinsWilliamHavelock, Rempstone RoadStone Merchant & Apartments1899         
CollinsWilliamHavelock, Cranborne Roadprivate1903         
CollinsWilliamSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1907         
CollinsWilliamKing's RoadStone Merch/Quarry Owner/Carting Contractor19071911        
CollinsWilliamWycliffe, King's RoadCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1919         
CollinsWilliam & SonKing's Road WestStone Merch/Quarry Owners/Carting Contractors1915         
CollinsWilliam & SonInstitute RoadCoal Merchants1915         
CollinsWilliam (JP)Wycliffe, King's Road Westprivate19191923        
CollinsWilliam (Mrs)Millbrook, King's RoadApartments19071911        
CollinsWilliam (Mrs)Wycliffe, King's Raod WestApartments1915         
Collins (Chinchen/White &)William Stone Merchants1903         
Collins (Cole &)  Merchant1793         
CollisGeorgeUlwell House, Ulwellprivate1903         
CollisWilliam grocer1871         
ColmerChristopherSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1923         
ColmerChristopher ATerra Nova, Victoria Avenueprivate1919         
ColmerChristopher AClabrey, Walrond Roadprivate19231927        
ColmerChristopher AInstitute RoadDentist1923192719311939      
ColmerChristopher A21a Institute RoadDentist1935         
ColombCharlesStafford House, Stafford RoadApartments189919031907       
ColsonJ (Miss) Hon Agent to Shipwrecked Mariners Society1874         
ColsonJohn Morton (Rev MA) Clergy184918511855       
ColsonJohn Morton (Rev MA)BelvidereClergy18591865        
ColsonJohn Morton (Rev)SwanageClergy18421852        
ColsonJulia (Miss)1 Belvedere, Park Roadprivate18741875        
ColsonJulia (Miss)Belvedereprivate1875         
ColsonMiss Hon Agent - Shipwrecked Mariners Society187518801885189018951899190319071911 
ColsonMiss1 Belvedereprivate1903         
ColsonMiss1 Belvidere, Seymer Roadprivate19111915        
ColsonMiss1 Belvidere, Seymer RoadHon Agent - Shipwrecked Mariners Society19111915        
ComperThomas William EHigh StreetHardware Dealer1931         
ComperThomas William E187 High StreetHardware Dealer1935         
ComperThomas William E187 & 189 High StreetHardware Dealer1939         
ComptonThomasSouth ViewGardener to Mrs Rendell1899         
ConderEthel Mary (Miss MA)Lansdowne HousePrivate Boarding School for Girls19191923        
CookAlbert EdwardThe Nest, King's Road WestApartments1911191519191923      
CookConstance G (Mrs) (Stanley &)34 Station RoadConfectioners1939         
CookConstance G (Mrs) (Stanley &)38 Station RoadTobacconists1939         
CookStanley & Constance G (Mrs)34 Station RoadConfectioners1939         
CookStanley & Constance G (Mrs)38 Station RoadTobacconists1939         
CookWilliam74 King's Road WestShopkeeper1939         
CookeEsmond H (Mrs)3 Park RoadBoarding House1935         
CooksleyAmy M (Mrs)White Swan, 31 High StreetPublic House1935         
CooksleyByron JamesWhite Swan, High StreetPublic House1919192319271931      
CoombesErnest YeatmanSpringfield, Victoria AvenueTravelling Draper/General Dealer for Purbeck Dist1935         
CoombesErnest YeatmanSpringfield, Victoria AvenueTravelling Draper1939         
CoombesMartha Blacksmith1830         
CoombesWilliam Blacksmith1793         
CooperAlbert ThomasThe Cottage, Durlston ParkEstate Manager to Durlston Park Estate190719111915       
CooperAlbert Thomas1 Sunnydale, Durlston RoadFarm Bailiff to Durlston Park Estate1919         
CooperAlbert Thomas1 Sunnydale, Durlston Roadprivate1923         
CooperAlfredClifton House, Rempstone RoadApartments18991903        
CooperB & SonHigh StreetConfectioners19271931        
CooperB & Son95 High StreetConfectioners19351939        
CooperErnest WilliamStation RoadOutfitter1931         
CooperF C (Mrs)King's Lynn, Highcliffe RoadBoarding House1939         
CooperJ GVictoria AvenueSurgeon1910         
CooperJohn Gerald (MB)Rocquaine, Victoria Avenueprivate1907         
CooperJohn Gerald (MB)Rocquaine, Victoria AvenuePhysician & Surgeon1907         
CooperJohn Gerald (MB)The Fawn House, Bon Accord Roadprivate1935         
CooperLucy (Mrs)6 Institute RoadTobacconist1931         
CooperWilliamPeveril PointApartments1899         
CooperWilliam HenryMaycroft, Park RoadApartments1890         
CooperWilliam HenryPeverill VillaApartments1895         
Cooper (Ashton &) 3 High StreetTobacconists1935         
Cooper Brothers High StreetGrocers1903190719101911      
CooteLieut (RN)Coastguard StationInspecting Commander1895         
CorbenAlexanderKings Arms, LangtonInn Keeper1874         
CorbenDennis John JamesHerstonShopkeeper191919231927       
CorbenE & CoHerstonStone Merchants & Haulage Contractors1927         
CorbenE LHerstonStone Merchant1931         
CorbenEdward8 Park RoadBoarding House19351939        
CorbenEdwinGordon Villas, High StreetApartments1907         
CorbenEdwin3 Park RoadApartments1911         
CorbenEva (Mrs)HerstonShopkeeper190719111915       
CorbenFrances (Mrs)3 Park RoadApartments191519191923       
Corben (Haysom &)  355a High Street, HerstonStone Merchants1935         
Corbet *EdwardMount ScarApartments1890         
Corbet *EdwardHerstonApartments1895         
CornfordNathaniel (Rev MA)Glendale, Cranborne Roadprivate19031907        
CornwallA E (Ald)Baptist Mission Hall, King's Road WestHon Pastor19351939        
CornwallF (Ald)Baptist Mission Hall, King's Road WestHon Pastor1931         
CorrJohn Henry (Rev)Swanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1935         
CorrPhillip (Rev)Holy Ghost Catholic ChurchCanon Regular191919231927193119351939    
CorrPhillip (Rev)The Priory, Victoria Avenueprivate (Roman Catholic)191919231927193119351939    
CosensW B (Capt)Eaton Villa, Purbeck Terraceprivate1895         
CosensWilliamThe BeachCosens & Co Agent18901895        
Cosens & Co Ltd The BeachShipping Co (Henry J Hixson - Agent)1885         
Cosens & Co Ltd The BeachShipping Co (William Cosens - Agent)18901895        
Cosens & Co Ltd  Steam Boat Owners (A J Ward - Agent)1899190319071911191519191923   
Cosens & Co Ltd High StreetSteamboat Proprietors1910         
Cosens & Co Ltd High StreetSteam Boat Owners (A J Ward - Agent)19271931        
Cosens & Co Ltd 6 High StreetSteam Boat Owners (A J Ward - Agent)19351939        
Cosins *G D2 Gordon Villasprivate1895         
CossinsG DSwanage Swimming ClubVice President189919031907       
CossinsGeorge Dyer2 Gordon Villas, High Streetprivate189919031907       
CossinsMrs3 Gordon Villas, High Streetprivate1923         
CossinsWilliam Brown3 Gordon Villas, High Streetprivate189919031907191119151919    
CotteeSamuel WilliamSwanage & WarehamAuctioneers, Valuers, Estate Agents etc19151919        
Cottee & Watt Swanage/B'mouth/Wareham/RingwoodAuctioneers, Valuers, Estate Agents etc19071911        
CotterBernard (Rev)The Prioryprivate1907         
CottonFrederick (Lieut)SwanageR N1852         
CoulterJoseph William (Rev MA)St Adens, De Moulham RoadCurate of St Mary's1899         
CourtenayMissSt Leonard's, Rempstone Roadprivate1931         
CourtenayMissSt Leonard's School, Rempstone RoadPrincipal - Private Day & Boarding School for Girls193119351939       
CourtenayMiss8 Rempstone Roadprivate19351939        
Courtenay & Shepherd High StreetAuctioneers1903         
Courtenay *EdwardHerstonWheelwright1880         
CourtneyAnnie (Miss)Parnham, Ulwell RoadApartments (see Chambers, Rose)1907         
CourtneyEdwardManwell's LaneWheelwright19111915191919231927     
Coutts-TrotterMrsCraigendoran, Victoria Roadprivate19231927        
CoveBessie (Mrs)Island View, Cluny CrescentApartments1923         
CoveElizabeth (Mrs)High StreetTobacconist1915         
Coventry Louisa (Mrs)Swanagegentry1852         
CoventryF (Esq)  1839         
CowmanDouglas H BThe Laboratory, Central Chambers, Stn RdConsulting Chemist19311935        
CoxAlfredInstitute RoadPhotographer1903         
CoxDenton (RN retd)Coastguard Station, Peveril PointDistrict Officer1939         
CoxFHigh StreetBoot & Shoe Maker1910         
CoxFrances (Mrs)Carnarvon, Rempstone Roadprivate1919         
CoxFrances (Mrs)Carnarvon, Rempstone RoadApartments1923         
CoxFrankHigh StreetBoot & Shoe Dealer19111915191919231927     
CoxFrankMount PleasantApartments191519191923       
CoxFrankThe Bushes, Durlstonprivate193119351939       
CoxFrankHigh StreetBoot & Shoe Repairer1931         
CoxFrank68 High StreetBoot & Shoe Repairer19351939        
CoxFrederickHigh StreetBoot & Shoe Dealer19031907        
CoxG H5 Institute RoadPhotographer1910         
CoxGeorge HInstitute RoadPhotographer190719111915       
CoxGeorge H5 Institute RoadPhotographer191919231927       
CoxGeorge HGalata, Victoria Avenue WestApartments19191923        
CoxGeorge HenrySwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1923         
CoxJohn JeavonsThe Retreat, Ulwell Roadprivate1907         
CoxJohn William Plumber1851         
CoxJosephHigh StreetConfectioner19271931        
CoxNewton (RN ret)Coastguard Station, Peveril Pointprivate1939         
CoxPatrickPark Hill, Park Roadprivate1927         
CoxPatrick Hume (MA)Durlston Courtprivate1927193119351939      
CoxWalter Eustace (Rev MA)The Haven, Victoria Roadprivate193119351939       
CoxWilliamHigh StreetBoot Repairer1911         
CoxWilliamExeter RoadBoot Repairer19151919192319271931     
CoxWilliam3 Exeter RoadBoot Repairer1935         
Cox & Ellis Durlston CourtPreparatory School for Boys1927193119351939      
Cox (Williams & Co)  Bankers18421852        
Cox (Williams & Co)  Bankers (Manager - William Grove White)1852         
Craft Fanny (Mrs) Ladies' Boarding School1849         
CraftFanny Ladies' School1851         
CraftJames Coast Waiter (Customs)1839         
CraftJames Custom House Officer1852         
CraftMary Boarding School18421852        
CraftWilliam Cabinet Maker & Lloyd's Agent1839         
CraftWilliam Carpenter1842         
CraftWilliam Cabinet Maker184918521855       
CrawshawJ B H26 Victoria AvenueSwanage & District Bowling Club - Hon Sec19351939        
CrawshawJohn BenjaminSwanage Urban District CouncilVice-Chairman & Council Member1935         
CrawshawJohn Benjamin26 Victoria Avenueprivate19351939        
CrawshawJohn BenjaminSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1939         
CreedAlbert Butcher1871         
CreedCharles5 Park Road & High StreetButcher1874         
CreedCharlesPark RoadButcher1875         
CreedP (Mrs)Laurel Villa, Herstonprivate18741875        
CribbWilliam Surgeon18301842        
CribbWilliam Chemist & Druggist1839         
CrickmayGeorgeClarence Cottage, Chapel Laneprivate1911         
CrockerGeorge James Lodging House1867         
CrockerWilliam JamesHigh StreetApartments18991903        
CroftM (Mrs)Cygnet Hotel, Ulwell RoadProprietress - Private Hotel19351939        
CrookMissAshdown, Ulwell Roadprivate19191923        
CrossPhilip Watchmaker1880         
CrossPhilipHigh StreetWatchmaker & Jeweller18851890        
CrossPhilipHigh StreetWatchmaker/Jeweller/Restaurant/Tobacconist1895         
CruickshankJ NIvanhoe, Burlington Roadprivate1919         
CruickshankJ NIvanhoe, Burlington RoadSurgeon1919         
CrumpTStation RoadConfectioner1907         
CrumpTStation RoadTobacconist1910         
CrumpThomasStation RoadConfectioner1911191519191923      
CuffeRobert11 Park Roadprivate1939         
CullElizabeth (Mrs)Belle Vue FarmFarmer187418751880       
CullGeorgeBelle VueFarmer1885         
CullHHigh StreetCycle Agent1927         
CullHKing's Road EastMotor Garage1927         
CullHKing's Road EastCycle Agent (P H Boxall. Propr)1931         
CullH34 High StreetCycle Agent (P H Boxall, Propr)19351939        
CullHKing's Road EastMotor Garage (P H Boxall, Propr)19351939        
CullHarryInstitute Road & WarehamCycle Agent19151919        
CullHarryKing's Road East & WarehamMotor Garage19151919        
CullHenryInstitute RoadCycle Agent1923         
CullHenryKing's Road East & WarehamMotor Garage1923         
CullWilliamBelle VueFarmer1890         
CurnowAlbert JamesHigh StreetFruiterer1931         
CurnowAlbert James39 High StreetFruiterer19351939        
CurtisCHigh StreetDairyman1907         
CurtisCHigh StreetYe Olde Knitson Dairie1910         
CurtisCharlesHigh StrretDairyman19111915        
CurtisCharles J Dairyman see Dean & Curtis1923         
CurtisCharles JHigh StreetFruiterer1927         
CurtisGeorgeRoyal Oak, HerstonInn/Public House1880         
CurtisGeorge5 Gordon Villas, High StreetCab Proprietor1903         
CurtisGeorgeNorthbrook, Gilbert Roadprivate1931         
CurtisGeorge16 Gilbert Roadprivate19351939        
CurtisJoseph Butcher see Masters & Curtis19111915        
CurtisKathleen (Miss)37a High StreetMilliner1939         
CurtisWalterAnchor HotelHotel & Fly Proprietor1895         
Curtis (Dean &) Institute Road & High StreetDairymen1923         
Curtis (Masters &) High StreetButchers19111915        
CurzonA J18 Institute RoadFlorist1939         
CutfieldMrsFroyle, Bungalow Estateprivate1931         
CutlerWilliam Mason1793