Trade Directories

1793 - 1939

M - R



Initials or Given Name











MaberJamesNetto, Osborne RoadCarpenter1911191519191923    
MacaulayArthur James DenmanWoodlands, Cecil Roadprivate1915       
MacDonaldA RBungalow EstateConfectioner & Post Office1935       
MacDonaldAlexanderHerstonEvangelist & Missionary1885       
MacDonaldAlexanderMission ChurchMissioner1885       
MackayFrances (Mrs)4 Grosvenor RoadLodging House1885       
MackrayW N (MA)ForresPrincipal - Preparatory Boarding School for Boys19351939      
MackrayWyndham N (MA)Forresprivate19351939      
MaddoxErnest E (MD)Hill Cottage, Newton Roadprivate191119151919192319271931  
MaggsMrsThe View, Bon Accord Roadprivate1911       
MalpasOrlandoStation Road & WarehamTailor & Outfitter1895       
ManleyMissBon Accord RoadWordsworth Home of Rest - Lady Supt19271931      
MansellArthur (Lieut RN)Coast Guard StationInspecting Commander1880       
ManwellGeorgeLockerbie, Victoria Roadprivate1911       
ManwellHenryBridge CottageLodging House18751880      
ManwellHenry2 Wilson VillasLodging House/Apartments18851890      
ManwellHenry2 Bridge HousesApartments189518991903     
ManwellPeter2 Grosvenor TerraceLodgings/Apartments1874188518901895    
ManwellPeterGrosvenor TerraceLodging House18751880      
ManwellPeter2 Grosvenor Terrace, Park RoadApartments18991903      
MarchClara (Miss)9 Stafford RoadApartments18991903      
MarksCharles HenryCourt RoadGrocer1919       
Marriott-DodingtonHugh (Esq)Castle Garden, WarehamCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions191119151919     
MarshHHigh StreetBoot & Shoe Repairer1910       
MarshHenryHigh StreetBoot Maker18851890      
MarshHenryCowleaseBoot Maker1895       
MarshHenryHigh StreetBoot Repairer190319071911191519191923  
MarshHenry (John &) Stone Merchants & Drapers18491851      
MarshJames Stone Master1830       
MarshJames Miller18301842      
MarshJohn Tallow Chandler1793       
MarshJohn & Henry Stone Merchants & Drapers18491851      
MarshJohn (Samuel &) Linen Drapers18421852      
MarshMiss7 Grosvenor Roadprivate19191923      
MarshPeter Maltster & Brewer1793       
MarshSamuel Linen Draper1830       
MarshSamuel Stone Master1830       
MarshSamuel Stone Merchant & Grocer1839       
MarshSamuelHigh Streetprivate18751880      
MarshSamuel & John Linen Drapers18421852      
MarshSamuel (Mr) gentry/private18551859186518671871   
MarshSamuel Henry Stone Merchant & Draper1855       
MarshSamuel Jnr Stone Merchant1793       
MarshSamuel Snr Baker1793       
MarshSarah (Mrs)7 Park RoadApartments1907       
MarshSarah (Mrs)Denehurst, Park RoadApartments19111915      
MarshThomas Stone Merchant1793       
MarshallsayWalterUlwell FarmFarmer191919231927     
MarshfieldBetsy (Mrs)HerstonFarmer18591867      
MarshfieldMissMoorings, Park Roadprivate1899       
MarshfieldRob Dugdale& at WarehamSolicitor1874       
MarshfieldSeth Farmer184918511855     
MarshfieldSethCalifornia FarmFarmer1874       
Marshfield & Hutchings Anchor InnSolicitors from Wareham1875       
Marshfield & Hutchings Anchor Inn & Albert HouseSolicitors from Wareham1880       
Marshfield & Hutchings Myrtle Cottage, High Street & WarehamSolicitors1885       
MarstonMrsParkhurst, Park Roadprivate1899       
MartenTom P3 Grosvenor Roadprivate1911191519191923    
MartinEva (Miss)6 Stafford RoadApartments190719111915     
MartinWilliam Ludgate (Surg R/Adm)Ulwell Lodge, New Swanageprivate193119351939     
MasonHenry James (Rev BA)Church Hill Houseprivate1885       
MasonWilliamRoyal National Lifeboat InstitutionSecretary1907       
MastermanH Shoemaker1867       
MastermanHenryJubilee Terrace, HerstonShoemaker189018951899     
MastermanHenryPost Office, HerstonSub-postmaster19031907      
MastermanHenryJubilee Terrace, HerstonShoe Maker & Sub-postmaster1903       
MastermanHenryJubilee Terrace, HerstonGrocer & Sub-postmaster1907       
MastermanHenry Arnum Bootmaker1871       
MastermanS Shoemaker1867       
MastersAmelia (Mrs)West End CottageLodging House/Apartments1865189018951899    
MastersElizabeth (Miss)9 Stafford RoadApartments1907       
MastersErnest WalterHerstonShopkeeper1931       
MastersErnest Walter355 High Street, HerstonShopkeeper1935       
MastersFChurch HillHairdresser1910       
MastersFrankLauriston, Queen's RoadApartments1911191519191923    
MastersFredChurch HillHairdresser1903       
MastersFredHigh StreetHairdresser1907191119151919192319271931 
MastersFred171 High StreetHairdresser19351939      
MastersHarriet A (Miss)Stafford House, Stafford RoadApartments1911       
MastersHenrySub Post OfficeSub-postmaster1899       
MastersJamesQueen's RoadApartments18991903      
MastersJames (Mrs)Glenora, Exeter RoadApartments19191923      
MastersJoseph Master Mariner & Lodging House18751880      
MastersJosephStratford HouseApartments18901895      
MastersJoseph5 Gordon Villas, High StreetMaster Mariner1899       
MastersJoseph (Capt)Stafford Houseprivate1885       
MastersLois Maria (Mrs)Town End HouseLaundress1865       
MastersLois Maria (Mrs) Laundress1867       
MastersLucy (Miss)355 High Street, HerstonShopkeeper1939       
MastersMaria (Mrs) Laundress1871       
MastersMaria (Mrs)NorthbrookLaundress18901895      
MastersMary (Miss)9 Stafford RoadApartments1911191519191923    
MastersR G12 Hanbury RoadSecretary - Swanage Football Club1939       
MastersSedgewick21 Park Roadprivate19351939      
MastersSedgewick21 Park RoadSolicitor & Commisioner for Oaths19351939      
MastersW HHigh StreetWatchmaker & Optician1910       
MastersWilliam Carrier to Wareham1830       
MastersWilliam Master Mariner186518671871     
MastersWilliamHigh StreetWatch Maker189919031907     
MastersWilliamSwanage Urban District CouncilVice-Chairman & Council Member19271931      
MastersWilliamLabour Social Club, High StreetSecretary1931       
MastersWilliam (Mrs)West End CottageLodging House1885       
MastersWilliam HenryHigh StreetWatch Maker1911191519191923    
Masters & Curtis High StreetButchers19111915      
MateW & SonsSwanage Times & Directory, Station RdProprietors19311935      
Mathew-LannoweEdmund Byam (Lt-Col)The Gwyle, Ulwell Roadprivate1919       
MatthewsCharles HShip Hotel, High StreetHotel19111915      
MatthewsCharles HenryCourtlea, Linden Roadprivate191919231927     
MatthewsH (Mrs)Highbury Boarding House, Institute RdProprietress - Boarding House1931       
MatthewsH (Mrs)Highbury Boardg House, 4a Institute RdProprietress - Boarding House1935       
MatthewsWilliam LevettPark RoadFurniture Dealer1919       
MatthewsWilliam LevettKing's Road EastFurniture Dealer1923       
MattisonF CCorrie, King's Road Eastprivate1911       
MattisonF CCorrie, De Moulham Roadprivate191519191923192719311935  
MavrogordatoMrs1 Grosvenor Terrace, Park Roadprivate1919       
MaxwellAlex. Hyslop (His Honor)County CourtJudge19311935      
MaxwellHamiltonParkhurst, Park Roadprivate1903       
MayWalterKing's Road EastTailor1927       
MayesJohn ThomasHigh StreetBoot & Shoe Warehouse1885       
MayoMrsRocklands, Cluny Crescentprivate190319071911191519191923  
MayoWalterKingcroft, King's Road WestApartments19191923      
MaysonMrsGreenacre, Bon Accord Roadprivate1939       
McAdamCuthbert (Very Rev)Holy Ghost Catholic ChurchPriest1907       
McAdamCuthbert (Very Rev)The Priory, Victoria Avenueprivate190719111915     
McAdamCuthbert (Very Rev)Holy Ghost Catholic ChurchPriest (Prior)1911       
McAdamCuthbert (Very Rev)Holy Ghost Catholic ChurchCannon1915       
McCarthyDanielThe Market, Station RoadButcher1923       
McCarthyJ (Miss)Princess Villa, Princess RoadApartments19111915      
McCauseland * Church HillSurgeon1910       
McCauslandAlbert StanleyChurch Hill HouseSwanage UDC Medical Officer18951899190319071911191519191923
McCauslandAlbert Stanley (MD)Church Hill Houseprivate18951899190319071911191519191923
McCauslandAlbert Stanley (MD)Church Hill HouseSurgeon/Medical Officer/Admiralty Surgeon etc18951899190319071911   
McCauslandAlbert Stanley (MD)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadSurgeon18951899190319071911   
McCauslandAlbert Stanley (MD)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMedical Officer191519191923     
McCauslandAlbert Stanley (MD)Church Hill HouseSurgeon & Medical Officer to UDC191519191923     
McCauslandAlbert Stanley (MD)Isolation Hospital, HerstonMedical Officer19191923      
McCauslandAlbert Stanley (MD)The Small House, Church Hillprivate19311935      
McCauslandArthur (Col)Clarence Cottageprivate1899       
McCauslandArthur K (Lieut Col)Clarence Cottageprivate1903       
McCauslandMiss5 Sunnydale Villaprivate189919031907     
McClellandM A (Mrs)Cintra, Ilminster RoadPrivate Guest House19351939      
McCredieWilliam DonaldFort House, Battlemead Roadprivate1939       
McDonaldPeter (Rev)Rothelstone, Bell St, HerstonCurate1899       
McElroyMissOlinka Cottage, Purbeck Terrace Roadprivate1911       
McElroyMissGlencorse, Purbeck Terrace Roadprivate19151919      
McElroyMrsGlencorse, Purbeck Terrace Roadprivate1923       
McKayFrances (Mrs)Melita, Park RoadApartments1890       
McKenzieThomas Bernard10 Stafford RoadApartments19191923      
McKevittB JLyndhurst, Exeter RoadInsurance Agent1931       
McKevittB JLyndhurst, 6 Exeter RoadInsurance Agent1935       
McKevittElsie (Mrs)Collingwood, Ulwell RoadApartments1907       
McKevittElsie (Mrs)Grey Friars, Victoria AvenueApartments19071911      
MeachamAlfred Furniture Dealer (Earle & Meacham)1907       
Meacham (Earle &) 1 Park RoadFurniture Dealers1907       
Meacham (Earle &) King's RoadUpholsterers1910       
Meacham (Earle &) Station Road & 1 Park RoadHouse Furnishers1911       
Meacham (Earle &) Station Road House Furnishers1915       
MeadeCharles HippisleyBroome, Cranborne Roadprivate1907       
MearingArthurStafford RoadTeacher of Music1903       
MearsA R (Miss)Frogmore House, High StreetSpirella Corsetiere1931       
MearsAlice Rose (Miss)Rothsay, King's Road WestCorset Makers (see Dolman, Bessie Emma)191919231927     
MeatesFlorence (Mrs)Melbury, Cranborne RoadBoarding House19351939      
MedcalfA L10 Rockstone Place, SouthamptonBournemouth Court - Official Receiver1939       
MedhurstAmy & Sarah (Misses)Brasted House, Ulwell RoadApartments1911191519191923    
MedhurstSarah (Amy &, Misses)Brasted House, Ulwell RoadApartments1911191519191923    
MedleyFrederickGlobe P H, HerstonPublic House1895       
MedleyFrederickJubilee Road, HerstonApartments1899       
MedringtonMarensStation RoadHairdresser1927       
MeechAmenda (Miss) Milliner (Smith & Meech)19031907      
Meech (Smith &) Institutue RoadMilliners19031907      
MellishGeorgeKenilworth, Park RoadLodging House/Apartments18851890      
MellishGeorgeBrewery House, Park RoadApartments1895       
MellishHenry R39 Station RoadFruiterer1939       
MellishLStation RoadDairy1910       
MellishRobertBrook DairyDairyman18851890      
MellishWilliam JosephStation RoadDairyman1895189919031907191119151919 
MelmothMary (Mrs) Grocer1880       
MelmothMary (Mrs)High StreetGrocer1885       
MelmothPhineas Grocer1849185518591865186718711875 
MelmothPhineas Grocer & Stone Merchant1851       
MelmothPhineasHigh StreetGrocer1874       
MelmothWilliamMill Terraceprivate1885       
Melton & Stafford Tresco, King's Road WestNursing Home191119151919     
Melton & Stafford Rollah, Springhill WestNursing Home19231927      
Melton & Stafford Rollah, Springfield RoadMasseuses193119351939     
MercierMrsLandisfrn, De Moulham Roadprivate1899       
MerrikinJohnHigh StreetConfectioner1927       
MerrikinJohnHigh StreetBaker, Confectioner & Café1931       
Metcalfe-SmithB (Major)Shore Villa, Shore RoadIsle of Purbeck Golf Club Secretary1911       
Metcalfe-SmithBertram (Lt-Col CBE)Shore Villa, Shore Roadprivate19191923192719311935   
Metcalfe-SmithBertram (Lt-Col CBE)Shore House, Shore Roadprivate1939       
MickleWilliamLocal Board of HealthChairman1885       
MillerE JacksonThe Ridge, Durlston Roadprivate1935       
MillerJohn1 Arcade Terrace, High StreetApartments1899       
MillerJohn WilliamHigh StreetSolicitor & Commissioner for Oaths1923       
MillerJohn WilliamInstitute RoadSolicitor & Commissioner for Oaths1927       
MillerJohn WilliamTudor Buildings, Institute RoadSolicitor & Commissioner for Oaths1931       
MillerJohn William20a Institute RoadSolicitor & Commissioner for Oaths1935       
Miller (Humphries, Kirk &) 28 Institute RoadSolicitors1939       
MillsCharlesPendu, Manor RoadBoard Residence1919       
MillsEdward Cyril (Major)Bellairs, Cliff Avenueprivate19111915      
MillsHorace A1 Institute Roadprivate19351939      
MillsHorace A1 Institute RoadManager to Westminster Bank Ltd19351939      
MillsHorace AWestminster Bank Ltd, 1 Institute RoadManager19351939      
MillwardEdgar William5 Park RoadApartments191519191923     
MillwardEdgar WilliamSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1927       
MillwardEdgar WilliamSwanage Urban District CouncilChairman & Council Member1931       
MillwardEdgar William5 Park Roadprivate1931       
MillwardMrs10 Park Roadprivate19351939      
MillwardWHigh StreetGrocer1910       
MillwardWKing Alfred's PlaceDrapery Stores1910       
MillwardWilliamKing Alfred's PlaceGrocer1880       
MillwardWilliamHigh StreetGrocer & Draper18851890189518991903   
MillwardWilliamSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member18991907      
MillwardWilliamKing's RoadSwanage Steam Laundry Co - Managing Director19031907      
MillwardWilliamWestward Ho! High Streetprivate1907       
MillwardWilliam & SonHigh StreetGrocers & Drapers1907       
Millward & Son High StreetGrocers1911       
MinchinMrsThe Mount, Durlston Roadprivate1931       
MinifieEdith (Mrs)Victoria Terrace, High StreetConfectioner1899       
MinifieGeorgeSteinberg, Stafford Roadprivate1903       
MinifieGeorgeBryher, Cecil Roadprivate1907       
MinifieGeorgePurbeck View, Queen's Roadprivate1911       
MitchellCHigh StreetPlumber1910       
MitchellClifford HCluny Crescent & High StreetPlumber & Apartments1899       
MitchellClifford HSt Kevern, Cluny CrescentApartments1903       
MitchellClifford HHigh StreetPlumber1903       
MitchellClifford HStation Road & High StreetPlumber190719111915     
MitchellClifford HOddfellows, Independent Order ofSecretary19191923      
MitchellClifford HenryHillsea, Queen's Road Eastprivate19191923      
MitchellJamesHigh Streetprivate1885       
MitchellLawrence HBell Street, HerstonGeneral Smith1911       
MitchellMrsThe Croft, Queen's Road Eastprivate1927       
MitchellMrsCornwall Villa, Queen's Road Eastprivate19311935      
MoallanMrsFermain, Rempstone Roadprivate1927       
MocattaJ C M (Miss)Rosegarth Nursing Home, Burlington RdMatron1931       
MocattaMissGlen View, Northbrook Roadprivate1911       
MocattaMissWaterside, Peveril Pointprivate1915       
MoffatElijahHigh StreetOutfitter1899       
MomwellPeter Stonemason1871       
MongerMrsIsolation Hospital, HerstonMatron1927       
MongerMrsDane Court Bdg House, SpringhillBoarding House1931       
MonsonHon MrsBallard, Burlington Roadprivate1911       
MontgomeryLeo Edmund (Rev)Holy Ghost Catholic ChurchCannon1915       
MontgomeryLeo Edmund (Rev)The Priory, Victoria Avenueprivate (Catholic)1915       
MoodyFrancisLindfield, Queen's Roadprivate1915       
MooreElizabeth H (Miss) Girls' School see Dawson & Moore1911191519191923    
MooreFrankElementary SchoolMaster1927       
MooreR EDorchester House, Institute RoadSwanage & District Bowling Club - Hon Sec1931       
MooreReginald EInstitute RoadMilliner1927       
MooreReginald E5 & 23 Institute RoadLadies' & Gentlemen's Outfitter1931       
MooreReginald E9 Institute RoadGentleman's Outfitter1935       
Moore (Dawson &) Sunnydown, Peveril Point RoadGirl's Boarding & Day School1911191519191923    
MorandiLouisMalchera, Cecil RoadApartments1911       
MorganGeorge (Rev) Curate18491851      
MorganGeorge (Rev)SwanageClergy1852       
MorganLeonardChurchill HouseBoarding House1931       
MorganLinda (Mrs)3 Park RoadBoarding House1939       
MorganThomas  Boys Day School18491851      
MorresH F M (MA)Erceldowne,Gilbert Roadprivate1931       
MorrisAda (Mrs)4 Grosvenor Terrace, Park RoadApartments1911       
MorrisAlfred ScanlanEder HouseApartments1903       
MorrisJohn Charles (Rev)6 Sunnydale, Durlston Roadprivate19111915      
MorrisonEricSwanage Farm, Ulwell RoadDairyman1939       
MorrisonMaggie (Mrs)NewtonFarmer1923192719311935    
MortenJohn WinslowKing's Road WestGrocer19271931      
MortenJohn Winslow67 King's Road WestGrocer19351939      
MortenMrsGenista, Cecil Roadprivate19071915      
MortenMrsIvanhoe, Linden Roadprivate1911       
MortimerJoseph98 King's Road Westprivate1939       
MortimerRobert G JStation RoadOutfitter1927       
MortonJohn HileySt Ives, Gilbert Roadprivate1903       
MortonJohn WStation Roadprivate1923       
MossJohn Builder18751880      
MossJohnSea View Cottageprivate1885       
MossMrs Sea View Cottageprivate18901895      
MoufletGertrude (Mrs)Belle Vue RestaurantRestaurant19231927      
MouldO CBungalow Estate P O, New SwanageConfectioner & Sub-postmaster1931       
MouldSidneyHigh StreetConfectioner1923       
MoullanArthur DFermain, Cranborne Roadprivate1907       
MoullanArthur DFermain, Rempstone Roadprivate1911191519191923    
MoullinMrsFermain, Rempstone Roadprivate1931       
MoullinMrs12 Rempstone Roadprivate1935       
MowlemCharlesNew InnInn18491851      
MowlemJ ESwanage Swimming ClubVice President19031907      
MowlemJ E (Esq)Mowlem InstitutePresident1911191519191923    
MowlemJames EMowlem InstituteSecretary1903       
MowlemJames EMowlem InstitutePresident190719111915     
MowlemJohn (Esq JP)Victoria Terracegentry/private18651867      
MowlemJohn (Esq) gentry/private18491851      
MowlemJohn (Esq)Swanagegentry1852       
MowlemJohn (Esq)Victoria Terracegentry/private18551859      
MowlemJohn EMowlem InstitutePresident191919231927     
MowlemJohn ErnestDe Mowlem Villaprivate189018951899     
MowlemJohn Ernest (Esq)Victoria AvenueCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1903191119151919    
MowlemJohn Ernest (Esq)De Moulham VillaCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1907       
MowlemJohn Ernest (JP)De Mowlem Villa, Victoria Avenueprivate1903       
MowlemJohn Ernest (JP)De Moulham Villa, Victoria Avenueprivate1907191119151919192319271931 
MowlemJohn Ernest (JP)10 Victoria Avenueprivate19351939      
MowlemMrsDe Mowlem Villaprivate1885189018951899    
MowlemMrsDe Mowlem Villa, Victoria Avenueprivate1903       
MowlemMrsDe Moulham Villa, Victoria Avenueprivate1907       
MowlemThomas JDe Moulham Villasprivate18751880      
MowlemThomas JosephMoulham Villa, De Moulham Roadprivate 1874       
MowlemThomas Joseph (Esq)Mowlem InstituteVice President & Trustee1874       
MurphyJohn (Mrs)Princess Villa, Princess RoadApartments19191923      
MusgraveMissMontrose, Park Roadprivate1927       
MusgraveMisses25 Park Roadprivate19351939      
MusgraveMrsMontrose, Park Roadprivate19191923      
MusgroveHaroldCourt HillConfectioner19271931      
MusgroveHarold S1 Court HillConfectioner19351939      
MusprattHelenHigh StreetPhotographer1931       
MusprattHelen (Miss)10 Institute RoadPhotographer19351939      
MusprattVivian Edward (Lt-Col)Cliff Cottage, Shore Roadprivate19351939      
MussonEdward HenryShip Hotel, High StreetHotel1919      
NashE RussellSpringfield, High Streetprivate1927       
NashHubert HenryFairlawn, Park Roadprivate1915       
NashWilliam GElmhurst, Park Roadprivate1895       
Nathan & Co  Coal & Stone Merch (George Weeks, Mngr)1874       
NattGeorge1 Bridge HousesApartments1895       
NealeHenryEarlsmead, Park RoadApartments19191923      
Neale Seaside House Private Hotel, Ulwell RdProprietors Sharpe & Neale1939       
Neale (Sharpe &) Sea Side House, Ulwell RoadBoarding House19311935      
NeateReginaldGraystones, Burlington RoadBoarding House1939       
NelsonEdward Agar Horatio (Hon)Lanka, Rempstone Roadprivate1911       
NelsonJohnThe Market, Station RoadCycle Agent1923       
Neville & Co King's Road EastMilliners19271931      
Neville Jones High Street & WarehamSolicitors (Preston, Redman & Neville Jones)19231927      
Neville Jones Tudor Buildings, Institute RoadSolicitors (Preston, Redman, N Jones & Howie)19311935      
Neville Jones (P'n, R, & H) 1 Tudor Buildings, Institute RoadSolicitors (Preston, Redman, N Jones & Howie)1939       
NewG LSwanage Conservative Club, King's Rd EHon Treasurer1939       
NewMrsRockhill, Stafford Roadprivate1890       
NewmanWHigh StreetSwanage Foorball Club - Hon Sec1923       
NicholsHenryHigh StreetCycle Agent1899       
Nichols & Son High StreetCycle Agents19031907      
Nichols & Son Institute RoadMotor & Cycle Engrs/Gas & Hot Water Fitters 1910       
Nichols & Son Institute RoadCycle Agents1911       
Nichols & Son King's Road WestMotor Garage1911       
NicholsonMissLansdown House SchoolPrivate Boarding School for Girls1927       
NicholsonMissPeveril Point Private HotelPrivate Hotel192719311935     
NicholsonMissLansdown House School, Cluny CresPrivate Boarding School for Girls19311935      
NicholsonMissPeveril Point HotelProprietress - Hotel1931       
NicholsonMissPeveril Point Private HotelProprietress - Private Hotel19351939      
Nicoll-GriffithH V (Rev MA)Swanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1939       
Nicoll-GriffithH V (Rev MA)St Mary's ChurchRector & Surrogate1939       
Nicoll-GriffithHubert Victor (Rev MA)The Rectory, Cranborne Roadprivate (Rector & Surrogate)19351939      
NinehamJohn6 Stafford RoadApartments18991903      
NinehamKate (Mrs)Kelvin Side, Ulwell RoadApartments190719111915     
NinehamThomas (Lieut RN)St Hilary, Victoria Avenueprivate1911       
NinehamThomas (Lieut-Com RN)St Hilary, Victoria Avenueprivate191519191923     
NinehamThomas (Lt-Col)Swanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1919       
NoblettWalter38 High StreetConfectioner1939       
NormanA & Sons259 High StreetStone Merchants19351939      
NormanFrederickCourt HillGrocer188518901895     
NormanWilliam Albert (Capt RD RNR)Dane Court, Springhillprivate1927       
NormanWilliam Albert (Lieut-Com RN)Dane Court, Springhillprivate191519191923     
Norman & Sons 1 St Mary's PlaceStone Merchants1931       
NorthoverE JohnRed Lion, High StreetPublic House1907       
NorthoverHHigh StreetButcher & Potato Merchant1910       
NuttallJamesSea Wall, Burlington Roadprivate19351939      
Nye, Burbidge & Burt Royal Victoria Hotel, Victoria TerraceHotel & The Shades1874       
Nye, Burbidge & Burt Royal Victoria HotelFamily Hotel & Posting House18751880     
OakleyLivingstoneClarence Cottage, Chapel Laneprivate1915191919231927    
OakleyThomas (Mr & Mrs)Glenthorn Private Hotel, Ulwell RoadProprietors - Private Hotel1939       
O'BrienMortimerHillsea, Queen's Roadprivate1907       
O'BrienMortimer (Capt)Mount View, Queen's Roadprivate1911191519191923    
O'ConnorJoseph (Rev)Holy Ghost Catholic ChurchPriest19071911      
O'ConnorJoseph (Rev)The Priory, Victoria Avenueprivate19071911      
O'KeeffeE J (BA)Rest Harrow, Ulwell RoadSwanage UDC Medical Officer1939       
O'KeeffeE J (BA)Restbarrow, Ulwell RoadMedical Officer of Health to Urban District Council1939       
OldGeorge WilliamHigh StreetBoot & Shoe Repairer191919231927     
OldfieldMrsBerachah, Linden Roadprivate191919231927     
OldhamGeorge9 Institute RoadOutfitter1939       
OldhamMrs100 King's Road Westprivate1939       
O'NeilH Surgeon & Apothecary1793       
OrchardAlbert GeorgeHerstonGeneral Dealer18991903      
OrttewellRichardSaxmundham Hse, Burlington Roadprivate1927       
OsbornFrancis (Lieut)Coastguard StationR N1865       
OsborneFrank6 Grosvenor Roadprivate1919       
OttawayWalter ErnestHigh StreetSaddler & Harness Maker19271931      
OttawayWalter ErnestStation RoadSaddler & Harness Maker1935       
OttawayWalter Ernest44 Station RoadSaddler & Harness Maker1939       
OtterwellRichardSaxmundham House, Burlington Roadprivate19311935      
OutramArthur (Rev MA)Kherward, Bungalow Estateprivate1931       
OutramArthur (Rev MA)Kherwara, Bungalow Estateprivate1935       
OutramMrsKherwara, Ballard Estateprivate1939       
Ouvry-NorthJohn North (Rev)1 Exeter Place & East ActonRural Dean1875       
OwenMadameSt Augustine's, Burlington Roadprivate1907       
OwenMrsBay Lodge, De Moulham Roadprivate1931       
OwenT B (Mrs)Bay Lodge, De Moulham RoadGuest House1939      
PackhamMissBird's Eye View, Salisbury Roadprivate1907       
PadleyReuben162 High StreetGrocer1935       
PadmoreH PMowlem InstituteSecretary1907       
PadmoreHarry PRedlands, Linden Roadprivate19231927      
PadmoreHarry PowellAbbotsfordMaster of Board School 18951899      
PadmoreHarry PowellBoard SchoolMaster18951899      
PadmoreHarry PowellAbbotsfordMaster of Elementary School 1903       
PadmoreHarry PowellElementary SchoolMaster190319071911191519191923  
PadmoreHarry PowellAbbotsford, Newton Roadprivate191119151919     
PadmoreThomas National Schoolmaster1895       
Page Ethel (Augusta &, Misses)Station RoadDressmakers1911       
PageAugusta & Ethel (Misses)Station RoadDressmakers1911       
PageMissesStation RoadCostumier1910       
PaineFanny (Miss)Sunnybank, Gilbert RoadApartments19111915      
PaineHenryBrewery Houseprivate18851890      
PaineHenryThe BreweryBrewery Manager (Panton)18851890      
PaineHenryGilbert Roadprivate1895       
PaineHenrySunnybank, Gilbert RoadApartments189919031907     
PaineMissDanescroft, Cecil Roadprivate191919231927     
PalgraveReginald F DHillside House & House of Commonsprivate18751880      
PalgraveReginald Francis Douce Hillside, Peveril Roadprivate1890       
PalgraveReginald Francis Douce (Sir)Hillside, Peveril Roadprivate1895       
PalmerHerbertVictoria Terrace, High StreetHouse Furnisher1899       
PalmerK MKing's Road EastConfectioner1931       
Palmgrave *R F DHillside, Peveril Roadprivate1874       
PantonH J Swanage & WarehamBrewers, Maltsters & Spirit Merchants1874       
PantonHenry J Brewers, Maltsters & Spirit Merchants1871       
PantonHenry J & CoThe Brewery & Wareham & RingwoodBrewers, Maltsters & Spirit Merchants18851890      
PantonHenry JohnThe Brewery & WarehamBrewers, Maltsters & Spirit Merchants18751880      
PantonJames Brewer18391851      
PantonJames Brewer & Maltster1842185218551859    
PantonJamesThe BreweryBrewer, Maltster & Spirit Merchant1867       
PantonJames A Brewers, Maltsters & Spirit Merchants1871 18751880    
PantonJames ASwanage & WarehamBrewers, Maltsters & Spirit Merchants1874/6       
PantonJames AlbertThe Brewery & WarehamBrewers, Maltsters & Spirit Merchants18751880      
Parey *SamuelSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1911       
Park & Webster Institute RoadIronmongers19031907      
ParkerAlbert FrankHigh StreetGrocer/Confectioner/Tobacconist/General Store1931       
ParkerAlbert FrankHigh StreetGrocer1935       
ParkerAlbert Frank205 High StreetGrocer1939       
ParkerE M & W S Ltd10 Institute RoadArt Needlework Depot1939       
ParkerEdith (Miss)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMatron1915       
ParkerFrankHigh StreetFlorist1931       
ParkerGladys Thuriel (Miss)St Leonard's, Rempstone Roadprivate1927       
ParkerGladys Thuriel (Miss)St Leonard's School, Rempstone RoadPrincipal - Private Day & Bdg Sch for Boy & Girls1927       
ParkerMrsArt Needlework Depot, Station RoadProprietress19311935      
ParkerW S Ltd (E M &)10 Institute RoadArt Needlework Depot1939       
ParrWilliam Riddell (Rev MA)St Mary's ChurchRector191919231927     
ParrWilliam Riddell (Rev MA)The Rectoryprivate (Rector)191919231927     
ParrWilliam Riddell (Rev MA)St Mary's ChurchRector & Rural Dean etc1931       
ParrWilliam Riddell (Rev MA)The Rectory House, Cranborne Roadprivate (Rector & Rural Dean etc)1931       
ParrishF APurbeck Press, 16 Station RoadProprietor - Printers & Bookbinders1939       
ParryFrederickInstitute RoadConfectioner1903       
ParryMrsRothesay, King's Road Westprivate1915       
ParrySamuelHigh StreetOil & Colourman189518991903     
ParrySamuelSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member189919151919     
ParrySamuelSwanage Urban District CouncilChairman & Council Member1903       
ParrySidneyLeeholme, King's Road Eastprivate19191923192719311935   
ParrySidney HerbertSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1919       
ParrySydney HHigh StreetArt Pottery Agent1931       
ParrySydney H51 & 53 High StreetStone Merchant19351939      
Parry Bros High StreetOil & Colour Men190719111915     
Parry Bros High StreetGlass & China Dealers etc1910       
Parry Bros High StreetIronmongers1919192319271931    
Parry Bros 65 High StreetIronmongers19351939      
ParsCharles F RCrown Hill, Bon Accord Roadprivate1927193119351939    
Parson *FrederickGlenthorne, Ulwell RoadApartments1907       
Parson *George FRailway StationInsurance Agent (Phoenix Fire)1885       
ParsonsCharles HKing's Road EastDairy19271931      
ParsonsCharles H6 King's Road EastDairy19351939      
ParsonsE R & HBeach Café, The EsplanadeProprietors19271931      
ParsonsE RussellThe EsplanadeStudland Motor Service Co - Motor Coach Prop's1923       
ParsonsE RussellStation Garage & The EsplanadeStudland Motor Service Co - Motor Coach Prop's1927       
ParsonsEustace RussellLeutchine, Burlington Roadprivate1919       
ParsonsEustace RussellBeach Stores & Café, Ulwell RoadCaterers, Confectioners & Tent Proprietors19191923      
ParsonsEustace RussellThe Flat, Ulwell Roadprivate192319271931     
ParsonsEvelyn (Miss)Cliffside, Ulwell RoadApartments1911       
ParsonsFlorence (Miss)Sea Bank Lodge, Ulwell RoadApartments19191923      
ParsonsFrankSea Bank Lodge, Ulwell RoadApartments & Builder189919031907     
ParsonsFrankSea Bank Villaprivate1903       
ParsonsFrankBeach RoadRefreshment Rooms1907       
ParsonsFrankUlwell Road Sub Post OfficeSub-postmaster19111915      
ParsonsFrankSea Bank Lodge, Ulwell RoadApartments19111915      
ParsonsFrankPost Office, Ulwell RoadRefreshment Rooms19111915      
ParsonsFrankSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1915       
ParsonsFrederickMarket PlaceConfectioner1885       
ParsonsFrederickArcade TerraceCab Proprietor1890       
ParsonsFrederickHawthorne, Institute RoadCab Proprietor1895       
ParsonsFrederickHawthorne, Institute RoadApartments1899       
ParsonsFrederickGlenthorne, Ulwell RoadApartments1911191519191923    
ParsonsFrederick HenryGlenthorne, Ulwell RoadBoarding House192719311935     
ParsonsG FRailway StationInsurance Agent (Phoenix Fire)1890       
ParsonsGeorge FMount Pleasant, High StreetBuilder/Contractor/Sanitary & Heating Engr etc1939       
ParsonsGeorge FrancisRailway StationStation Master & Insurance Agent1885       
ParsonsGeorge FrancisRailway StationStation Master18851890189518991903   
ParsonsH (E R &)Beach Café, The EsplanadeProprietors19271931      
ParsonsHaroldQueensbury, Queen's RoadApartments191119191923     
ParsonsHaroldThe Whim, Queen's RoadApartments1915       
ParsonsHenrietta (Mrs)Beach Stores & Café, Ulwell RoadCaterers, Confectioners & Tent Proprietors19191923      
ParsonsHenry St LegerSelangor, Linden Roadprivate1907       
ParsonsJSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1899       
ParsonsJohnPeveril PointApartments1895       
ParsonsJohnSea Side Villa, Ulwell RoadApartments1899190319071911191519191923 
ParsonsJohnSea Side Villaprivate1903       
ParsonsJohnBurlington Roadprivate1907       
ParsonsJohnBarford, Salisbury Roadprivate19111915191919231927   
ParsonsJohnKing's Road EastBuilder & Contractor1927       
ParsonsJohnKing's Road WestConfectioner1927       
ParsonsJohnShore RoadConfectioner19271931      
ParsonsJohn & SonsStation RoadBakers19151919192319271931   
ParsonsJohn & Sons LtdKing's Road EastBuilders, Heating & Elec Engrs, General Contr1931       
ParsonsJosephLocal Board of HealthSurveyor & Inspector188018851890     
ParsonsJosephBay View HouseLodging House & Surveyor to Local Board188018851890     
ParsonsJosephBeach ViewApartments & Surveyor to Local Board1895       
ParsonsJosephNestleton, Park RoadBuilder (Parsons & Hayter)18991903      
ParsonsJosephNestleton, Park Roadprivate1903       
ParsonsJosephCraig Ellachie, Burlington Roadprivate19111915191919231927   
ParsonsJosephOld Rectoryprivate19311935      
ParsonsJoseph & SonInstitute RoadBuilders1931       
ParsonsJoseph & Son28 Institute RoadBuilders1935       
ParsonsJoseph Jnr2 Peveril VillasApartments1890       
ParsonsJoseph JnrBlenheim, Park RoadApartments1895       
ParsonsL M (Miss)The Bungalow, Burlington RoadApartments1911191519191923    
ParsonsM V (Miss)14 Station RoadConfectioner1935       
ParsonsM V (Miss)14 Station RoadPastrycook1939       
ParsonsMissBank Lodge, Ulwell RoadBoarding House1927       
ParsonsMissesThe Bungalow, Burlington Roadprivate1907       
ParsonsMrsOld Rectoryprivate1939       
ParsonsW H (Rev) Rector1910       
ParsonsWilliam E3 Station RoadBaker19351939      
ParsonsWilliam Henry (Rev)The RectoryRector1907       
ParsonsWilliam Henry (Rev)The Rectoryprivate1907       
Parsons & Hayter Station RoadBuilders1899       
Parsons & Hayter Station RoadBuilders/Contractors/House & Land Agents1903       
Parsons & Hayter Institute RoadBuilders190719111915     
Parsons & Hayter 9 Institute RoadBuilders & Contr's/ House, Land & Estate Agents1910       
Parsons & Sons 8 King's Road EastBuilders1935       
Parsons & Sons 8 & 10 King's Road EastBuilders1939       
Parsons, Hayter & Sons Institute RoadBuilders191919231927     
PatersonViolet (Mrs)19 Ulwell RoadBoarding House1935       
PattersonEuphemia Allan (Miss)Tweed House, Park RoadApartments1899190319071911    
PattersonVSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1935       
PattersonV (Capt)Swanage Urban District CouncilChairman & Council Member1939       
PattersonV (Capt)British Legion Club, 150 High StreetSecretary1939       
PattinsonFrankHigh StreetTobacconist1931       
Pattison (Williams & Co)  Bankers1830       
PayneElizabeth (Mrs)3 The ParadeApartments19191923      
PayneHarry StanleyWoodlands, Cecil Roadprivate19191923      
PayneI Confectioner1839       
PayneRogerCarnarvon House, Rempstone RoadApartments19111915      
PayneWilliamHigh StreetLodging House/Apartments188518901895     
PayneWilliam2 Marine VillasPier Toll Collector & Apartments1899190319071911    
Payne & Co High StreetFruiterers1911       
PearceCharles T (M D)Durleston ParkProp of Hydropathic Est & Sanatorium1880       
PearceCharles T (MD)Durleston Parkprivate1880       
PearceW HSwanage UDC, Town HallSurveyor & Sanitary Inspector1915       
PearceWilliam HTown HallSurveyor & Sanitary Inspector to UDC1915       
PearsonMary E (Mrs)Meyrick Grange, Burlington RoadApartments1911       
PearsonMary E (Mrs)1 Mill CottagesApartments1915       
PeartE IBritish Legion Club, 150 High StreetSecretary1935       
PeatyDavid Watchmaker etc1867       
PeckW P (Rev) Mowlem Institute Hon Sec1865       
PeckWilliam P (Rev)Jubilee SquareWesleyan Minister1865       
PeirceJ A LCottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMedical Officer1939       
PeirceJames Arthur LilwallCottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMedical Officer1919192319271931    
PeirceJames Arthur LilwallMarylands, Rempstone Roadprivate191919231927193119351939  
PeirceJames Arthur LilwallMarylands, Rempstone RoadHon Medical Officer to Cottage Hospital191919231927193119351939  
PelhamHenry1 Grosvenor Terrace, Park RoadLodging House1885       
Pemmy *Edward (MD)Queen's Cottage, Ulwell Roadprivate1919       
PennEmma (Mrs)The ParadeApartments1911       
PennEmma (Mrs)St Albans, Park RoadApartments19151919      
PennHenry6 Institute RoadSports Dealer & Tobacconist1919       
PennMrsChelsea, Park Roadprivate1907       
PennellReginald Humphrey Lee1 Belvedere, Seymer RoadCivil Engineer1919       
PenneyEdward (MD)Querns Cottage, Ulwell Roadprivate1923       
PenneyErnest AlfredWhite Swan, High StreetPublic House189518991903190719111915  
PenneyWilliamVictoria TerraceChemist & Bookseller etc1855       
PenneyWilliam Insurance Agent (Atlas Fire)1855       
PenneyWilliamVictoria TerraceNews Rooms & Library Secretary1855       
PennyMrsQuerns Cottage, Ulwell Roadprivate1927       
PercyHarold1 Albion PlaceTurf Commision Agent1931       
PercyHarold33a High StreetTurf Commision Agent19351939      
Percy (Langridge &) MissesSt Austell, Cluny CrescentApartments1915       
PerkinsMrsThe Knowleprivate18991903      
Perrin Walter George Park RoadSwanage Gas & Water Works Manager18991903      
PerrinW GSwanage Cricket ClubHon Secretary1903       
PerrinWalter GFreemason's Lodge, The InstituteSecretary1911       
PerrinWalter GeorgePark RoadAgent for Durlston Park Building Estate1899190319071911    
PerrinWalter GeorgeMarshall RowSwanage Gas & Water Works Manager etc19071911      
PerrinWalter GeorgeMarshall Rowprivate1911       
PerrinWalter GeorgeSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1915       
PerrinWalter GeorgeRyton, Cecil Roadprivate1915       
PerrottMrsHighwarden, Durlston Roadprivate1927       
PerryMrsQuern Cottage, Ulwell Roadprivate1931       
Persey (Langridge &)MissesWestmoreland, Cluny CrescentApartments1919       
PertonMrsSwiss Villa, Ulwell Roadprivate1907       
PessellMissSandringham, Victoria Avenueprivate1907       
PessellSusanna (Miss)Sandringham, Victoria AvenueApartments1911       
PessellSusanna Luckes (Miss)Sandringham, Victoria AvenueApartments1915       
PessellSusanna Luckes (Miss)The Gables, Victoria AvenueApartments1919       
PhillipsF H (Lt-Col)Symondsbury, Rabling Roadprivate19311935      
PhillipsHenryThe Limes, Park Roadprivate18991903      
PhillipsL (Miss)Seaforth Private Hotel, Victoria AvenuePrivate Hotel193119351939     
PhillipsWilliam Allen (Rev)Jubilee SquareWesleyan Minister1880       
PhillipsWilliam Allen (Rev)Wesleyan ChapelMinister1880       
PhippardAlbert4 Stafford RoadApartments19071911191519191923   
PhippardFrederick JamesTaunton RoadTinplate Worker19111915191919231927193119351939
PhippardFrederick JamesNestleton, Park RoadApartments191519191923     
PhippardI Grocer1839       
PhippardJames Tinman184218511852     
PhippardJames Tinplate Worker184918551859     
PhippardJames (Mrs)Bindon House, High Streetprivate1885       
PhippardJohnRockhills, Stafford RoadLodging House1885       
PhippardJoseph Shopkeeper1842       
PhippardJosephHigh StreetStonemason188518901895     
PhippardJosephHigh StreetApartments18991903      
PhippardMissCliff Cottageprivate18741895      
PhippardMrsRose Bank Cottage, High Streetprivate189018951899     
PhippardThe MissesCliff Cottageprivate18751880      
PhippardThomasAlbert Terrace, Court HillQuarryman18991903      
PhippardWalterHigh Streetprivate1885       
PhippardWalter2 Arcade Terrace, High StreetApartments18991903      
PhippardWilliamNew InnInn183018391842     
PhippardsMissesCliff Cottageprivate1871       
Pierce *J A LCottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMedical Officer1935       
PiercyHorace Melvill McLeod (Rev BA)St Mary's ChurchCurate191919231927     
PiercyHorace Melvill McLeod (Rev BA)Karenza, King's Road Westprivate1923       
PiercyHorace Melville McLeod(RevBA)King's Road Westprivate1919       
PikeEdwinPolice Station, High StreetConstable1885       
PikeLeonard Gaskill (Esq)Kingbarrow, WarehamCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1907191119151919    
PilkingtonCaptPark Roadprivate1874       
PilkingtonCaptCoast-Guard Station Inspecting Commander1874       
PilkingtonEdward (Capt)Rochford HouseR N1875       
PilkingtonEdward (Capt)Coast Guard StationInspecting Commander1875       
PilkingtonEdward William (Capt)Osborne HouseR N 18491851      
PilkingtonWilliam (Capt)SwanageR N1852       
PinderR G (Capt)Volunteer Artillery, Church Hill Commander1895       
PiperEdith (Mrs)Elwyn, Stafford RoadPrivate Hotel1935       
PirkussMary (Miss)The Gables, Victoria AvenueBoarding House1923       
PitcherSydney GeorgeHerstonGrocer1919192319271931    
PittmanKeith8 Grosvenor RoadApartments1890       
PittmanKeithBrighton House, Park RoadApartments18951899      
PittmanKeithBrighton Villa, Queen's RoadCarpenter1903       
PittmanKeithSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member19031907      
PittmanMrsWyborne, Ulwell Roadprivate 19071911      
PixHenry (Rev MA)Minterne, Park Roadprivate189018951899     
PizzeyMrsSt Bride's, Burlington Roadprivate191119151919     
PlommerHarryStation RoadColonial Meat Stores Manager1895       
PlommerHenryStation RoadButcher1899       
PlummerStephen CoventryIrnham, Rempstone Roadprivate1899       
PlummerStephen Coventry House Agent etc (Saul & Plummer)1899       
PlummerStephen Coventry House Agent (Plummer & Doyle)1903       
PlummerStephen CoventryStation RoadHouse Agent1907       
Plummer & Doyle Station RoadHouse Agents1903       
Plummer (Saul &) 1 Station RoadInsurance & Estate Agents etc1899       
Plummers Station RoadAuctioneers/Valuers/House/Estate/Ins Agents1911191519191923    
Plummers Town Hall RoadAuction Mart191119151919     
Plummers Station RoadAuctioneers1927       
Plummers 1 Station RoadAuctioneers/House Agents/Valuers/Ins Agents1931       
Plummers 41 Station RoadAuctioneers/House Agents/Valuers/Ins Agents1935       
Plummers 41 Station Road & 28 Institute RoadAuctioneers/House Agents/Valuers/Ins Agents1939       
Plummer's 1 Station RoadAuctioneers/Valuers/House/Estate/Ins Agents1910       
PocockMrsElvaston, Peveril Pointprivate1911       
PoleE WCoastguard Station, Peveril PointStation Officer1939       
PondA (L &)King's Road WestBuilders1935       
PondA W (Mrs)Swanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1935       
PondFred Builder see Pond & Walton1923       
PondFrederickHandfast TerraceBuilder1907       
PondFrederick WSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member19031907      
PondFrederick WGordon TerraceBrick & Tile Merchant & Builder1903       
PondFrederick WLinden RoadBuilder1911       
PondFrederick WPrincess RoadBuilder1915       
PondFrederick WEverest, Queen's Roadprivate1927193119351939    
PondGeorge Boot & Shoe Maker186518671871     
PondGeorgeHigh StreetBricklayer1885       
PondGeorge2 St Mary's PlaceBuilder1899       
PondGeorgeKing's RoadBuilder19031907      
PondGeorgeVernon House, King's Road WestBuilder1911       
PondGeorgeLinden RoadBuilder1915191919231927    
PondJeffersonKarenza, King's Road Westprivate1927       
PondJefferson23 Hillsea RoadBuilder1939       
PondJohn Butcher1793       
PondL & AKing's Road WestBuilders1935       
PondM EHigh StreetFruiterer1923       
PondThomas UlwellMiller1867       
Pond & Walton Princess Road & WarehamBuilders & Contractors1919       
Pond & Walton Station Rd(office)/Princess Rd(works)Builders & Contractors1923       
Pond & Walton Swanage Cinema, Station RoadProprietors19231927      
Pond & Walton Station Rd(office)/Princess Rd(works)Builders1927       
PopeF (Mr & Mrs)York Private Hotel, Cauldon RoadProprietors - Private Hotel1939       
PopeJ Swanage Pier Co - Secretary1871       
PopeJ Insurance Agent (Edinburgh Life)1875       
PopeJ Insurance Agent (Reliance Life)1875       
PopeJ Insurance Agent (Rock Life)1875       
PopeJ Insurance Agent (Nor & Lon Acc & Marine)1875       
PopeJ Insurance Agent (Imperial Fire)1875       
PopeJames Insurance Agent (Crown Life)1867       
PopeJames Insurance Agent (Imperial Fire)1867       
PopeJames Insurance Agent (Rock Life)1867       
PopeJamesDorsetshire BankManager of Dorsetshire Bank186718741875     
PopeJames Art Union of London - Agent1867       
PopeJamesDorchester Old BankDorchester Old Bank - Manager1871       
PopeJamesMowlem InstituteSecretary18741875      
PopeJamesDorsetshire Bank, High StreetInsurance Agent & Sec to Swanage Pier1874       
PopeJamesHigh Streetprivate1874       
PopeJames Insurance Agent (Accident)1875       
PopeJamesThe Bankprivate1875       
PopeJames (Sgt Maj)Sixth Dorset Volunteer ArtilleryHon Sec & Treasurer1874       
PopleBeatrice (Miss)14 King's Road EastShopkeeper1935       
PortalFrederick WKingsgarn, Burlington Roadprivate1911191519191923    
PorterArthur William2 Grosvenor Roadprivate1935       
PorterJohanna (Mrs)Adelaide Villas, Marshall RowApartments1907       
Porter & Fisher High StreetOpticians1923       
Postance (Renneck &)Misses4 Grosvenor Terrace, Park RoadApartments1923       
PotburyMrsVernon Lodge, Burlington Roadprivate1907       
PotburyMrsAshford Lodge, Burlington Roadprivate1911       
PotterB (Miss)Mill Pond RoadPhotographer1927       
PotterBertha (Miss)Mill Pond RoadPhotographer193119351939     
PottsCharlesWhite Hart InnInn 185918651871     
PottsCharlesWhite HartInn & Master Mariner1867       
PottsCharles Master Mariner1875       
PouncyWalterHigh Street & DorchesterPhotographer189018951899     
PouncyWalterHigh StreetPhotographer & Gilder1903       
PoundsI (Miss)Rosegarth Nursing Home, Burlington RdMatron - Nursing Home19351939      
PowellAlice (Mrs)Wasdale, Linden RoadApartments1911191519191923    
PowellRStation RoadPhotographer1910       
PowellThomasStation RoadPhotographer1899190319071911    
PowellThomasEducation CommitteeChairman19151919      
PowellThomasShore RoadPhotographer19151919192319271931   
PowellW A JPowell's, Shore RoadPhotographers1939       
PowellW HartHigh StreetDraper19271931      
PowellW Hart110 High StreetDraper19351939      
PowellW PEducation CommitteeChairman192719311935     
PowellW P A JPowell's, Shore RoadPhotographers1935       
PowellWilliam F TRoyal National Lifeboat InstitutionHon Secretary1927193119351939    
PowellWilliam F TThe Chalet, High StreetRoyal National Lifeboat Institution - Hon Sec1927       
PowellWilliam F TThe Studio, Shore RoadRoyal National Lifeboat Institution - Hon Sec193119351939     
Powell's Powell's, Shore RoadPhotographers (W P A J Powell)1935       
Powell's Powell's, Shore RoadPhotographers ( W A J Powell)1939       
PownallB C (Rev BA)Church Hillprivate (Curate)1903       
PragnellMrsVernon Lodge, Burlington Roadprivate1919       
PrangnallCharlesHigh StreetGrocer1931       
PrangnallCharles103 High StreetGrocer19351939      
Prangnel *CharlesInglestone, Victoria RoadApartments1923       
Preston High Street & WarehamSolicitors (Preston, Redman & Neville Jones)19231927      
Preston Tudor Buildings, Institute RoadSolicitors (Preston, Redman, N Jones & Howie)19311935      
Preston, R, N J & H 1 Tudor Buildings, Institute RoadSolicitors (Preston, Redman, N Jones & Howie)1939       
PrewerWilliam LongBreckles Lodge, Ulwell Roadprivate19191923      
PriceMrsPark Cottageprivate185918651867     
PriceMrsOsborne Houseprivate1871       
PriceMrsChurch Hillprivate1874       
PriceMrsHigh Streetprivate18751880      
PriceRobert (Rev MA)St Mark's Chapel, HerstonCurate in Charge1903       
PriceRobert (Rev)St Aldhelm's ChurchCurate in Charge1903       
Price & Sons Ltd High StreetPianoforte Warehouse1903       
PritchardJohn PIngleside, Park Roadprivate19231927      
ProckterF & SonCourt HillWindow Cleaners1931       
ProfeitGeorge W (Esq)Charborough, WarehamCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions191119151919     
ProwseLieut Preventive Station Superintendent1839       
PryceW DSunnydale, Durlston Roadprivate1927193119351939    
PughCecilSt Nicholas, Burlington Roadprivate1911       
PughHenryHigh StreetBaker1890       
PullengerMrsAvon, Burlington Roadprivate1915       
PullingerEssex LlewellynAvon, Burlington Roadprivate1919       
PunchardWilliamSt MoritzApartments1899       
PurchaseMontague49 & 51 Station RoadGrocer1939       
PurchaseThomasDe Mowlem VillaApartments1895       
PurchaseThomasWolfeton, Victoria AvenueApartments19111915      
PurchaseThomasWolfeton, Linden RoadApartments19191923      
PurchaseTomRocklands House, Stafford RoadApartments189919031907     
PurchaseTomKing's Road WestFruiterer & Greengrocer192319271931     
PurchaseTom74 King's Road WestFruiterer & Greengrocer1935       
PurdieN M (Miss MBE RRC)The Downsprivate19351939      
PurdieN M (Miss MBE RRC)The Downs Nursing HomeNursing Home19351939      
PurkisM (Miss)Wolfeton Private Hotel, Victoria AveProprietress - Private Hotel19311939      
PurkisMary (Miss)Wolfeton, Victoria AvenueBoarding House191919231927     
Purkiss *M (Miss)Wolfeton Private Hotel, 15 Victoria AveProprietress - Private Hotel1935       
Pursey (Langridge &)MissesWestmoreland, Cluny CrescentApartments1923       
PushmanHenrySwan InnInn 1793       
PushmanHenry Shopkeeper18421849      
PushmanJames Grocer & Stone Mason1851       
PushmanJames Shopkeeper1852       
PushmanMariaWhite HorseInn/Public House1839       
PushmanPeterRed LionInn/Public House1830       
Pushman GeorgePeveril HouseLodging House18801885      
PykeC JBournemouth CourtOfficial Receiver1935       
PykeMrs gentry1849       
PyleJames F (Rev)Wesleyan ChurchMinister1903       
PyleJames F (Rev)Melila, Park Roadprivate (Wesleyan)1903      
QuarrillT VUlwell RoadShopkeeper1939      
RadclyffeCharles James (Esq)Hyde House, Bere RegisCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions190319071911     
RadclyffeCharles Robert Eustace (Esq)Woodlands, Bere RegisCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1903       
RadclyffeCharles Robert Eustace (Esq)Hyde House, Bere RegisCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions1907191119151919    
RadmoreMrsThorverton, King's Road Westprivate191119151919     
RailtonJamesVeradene, Cecil Roadprivate1907       
RandallPercyAlbion Place, High Streetprivate189919031907     
RandallPercyCoogie, Durlston Roadprivate1911       
RandallThomas Stone Master 18301842      
RandallThomas Stone Merchant18391852      
RandallThomas Stone Merchant & Farmer184918511855     
RandallThomas Packet Boat to Poole1855       
RandallWilliam RichardWarehamRegistrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages1931       
RandallWilliam RichardHigh StreetRegistrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages1931       
Randall & Son High StreetChemists18991903190719111915   
Randall & Son The PharmacyChemists1910       
Randall & Son Ltd High StreetChemists1927       
Randall & Son Ltd 12 The SquareChemists19351939      
Randall & Sons High StreetChemists19191923      
Randall & Sons The SquareChemists1931       
Randall *MrsAsher Houseprivate1871       
RandellEmily Ann (Mrs) Coal & Stone Merchant & Farmer1875       
RandellEmily Ann (Mrs) Coal & Stone Merchant1880       
RandellEmily Ann (Mrs)High StreetCoal & Stone Merchant1885       
RandellMissHigh StreetPrivate1907       
RandellMissesAshlar, High Streetprivate1923192719311935    
RandellMrs Coal & Stone Merchant18711874      
RandellMrsHigh Streetprivate18741875188018851890189518991903
RandellTSwanage Pier CompanyManager (joint)1867       
RandellTHigh StreetSolicitor1910       
RandellThomas Stone Merchant & Farmer18591865      
RandellThomas Coal & Stone Merchant & Farmer1867       
RandellThomasHigh StreetSolicitor & Secretary to Swanage Pier Co1880188518901895    
RandellThomasLocal Board of HealthClerk1890       
RandellThomasCemetery, NorthbrookClerk to Burial Board189018951899190319071911  
RandellThomasSwanage UDC, Town HallClerk18951899190319071911   
RandellThomasSwanage Pier Co, Town Hall, High StreetSecretary1903190719111915    
RandellThomas (BA)High Streetprivate18801885189018951899   
RandellThomas (BA)High StreetSolicitor/Local Bd Clerk/Swanage Pier Co Sec189018951899190319071911  
RandellThomas (BA)Haslar, High Streetprivate19031907      
RandellThomas (BA)Ashlar, High Streetprivate191119151919     
RandellThomas (BA)High StreetSolicitor & Secretary to Swanage Pier Co19151919      
Randen *ThomasMowlem Institute & Reading RoomSecretary1880       
RaweJohn (Mr)Jubilee Squaregentry/private18551859      
RawlesEdmundSwanage MillMiller (Water)1885       
RawlesJohnSwanage MillMiller (Water)18901895189919031907   
RawlesJohnSomerley PlaceCorn Dealer1895       
RawlesJohnSomerley Place, High StreetCorn Dealer189919031907     
RawlesJohnHigh StreetCorn Dealer1911       
RawlesJohnHigh StreetShopkeeper19151919      
RawlesJohnMill Pond RoadCorn Dealer191519191923     
RawlingsThomasChurch HillTailor18551859      
RawlinsThomas Tailor184918511865     
RawlinsThomasChurch HillTailor1867       
RayJohnGreyfriars, De Moulham Roadprivate1899       
RaymondMontague J (Capt)Volunteer Artillery, Kings RoadCommander190319071911     
ReadAPolice Station, Argyle RoadSergeant1935       
ReadAndrew H ESwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1939       
ReaneyA M (Mrs)5 Victoria AvenueBoarding House19351939      
ReaneyWilliam HenrySwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1935       
Reaney's 39 Station RoadFruiterers1935       
ReddropH G19 Institute Roadprivate19351939      
ReddropH GBarclays Bank Ltd, 19 Institute RoadManager19351939      
ReddropH G19 Institute RoadManager Barclays Bank Ltd19351939      
RedmanF Vernon L (Capt)Quarries, Bon Accord Roadprivate193119351939     
RedmanF Vernon L (Capt)1 Tudor Buildings, Institute RoadChartered Accountant (Ware, Ward & Redman)193119351939     
Redman High Street & WarehamSolicitors (Preston, Redman & Neville Jones)19231927      
Redman Tudor Buildings, Institute RoadSolicitors (Preston, Redman, N Jones & Howie)19311935      
Redman (Preston, N J & H) 1 Tudor Buildings, Institute RoadSolicitors (Preston, Redman, N Jones & Howie)1939       
Redman (Ware, Ward &) 1 Tudor Buildings, Institute RoadChartered Accountants193119351939     
RedoutJamesHigh StreetBaker1890       
RedoutJamesRosefield Villa, Court HillFly Proprietor1911191519191923    
RedoutJamesHigh StreetFruiterer1931       
ReedC WGrand Theatre, Station RoadManager1939       
ReedC WSwanage Cinema, Station RoadManager1939       
ReesMrsInvermay, Manor Roadprivate1923192719311935    
ReesW A (OBE MD)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMedical Officer19351939      
ReesW A (OBE MD)Dorset RC War Memorial Hosp, Peveril RdMedical Officer19351939      
ReesWilliam Arthur (MD)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadSurgeon1911       
ReesWilliam Arthur (MD)1 The Paradeprivate19111915      
ReesWilliam Arthur (MD)The ParadeSurgeon (Hawkins, Drury & Rees)1911       
ReesWilliam Arthur (MD)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMedical Officer1915       
ReesWilliam Arthur (MD)1 The ParadeWareham Union Medical Officer & Pub Vaccinator1915       
ReesWilliam Arthur (MD)1 The ParadeSurgeon (Drury, Rees & Baiss)1915       
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)1 The ParadeSurgeon (Drury, Rees & Baiss)19191923      
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMedical Officer1919192319271931    
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)1 The ParadeWareham Union Medical Officer & Pub Vaccinator19191923      
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)Dorset RC War Memorial Hosp, Peveril RdMedical Officer1919192319271931    
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)1 The Paradeprivate19191923      
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)The Quay HouseWareham Union Medical Officer & Pub Vaccinator1927       
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)The Quay Houseprivate19271931      
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)The Quay HouseSurgeon (Drury, Rees & Baiss)1927       
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)The Quay House, High StreetSurgeon (Rees, Baiss & de Jersey) Med Off etc1931       
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)The Quay House, High StreetWareham Guardians Comm Med Off & Pub Vac193119351939     
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)The Quay House, 10 High Streetprivate19351939      
ReesWilliam Arthur (OBE MD)The Quay House, 10 High StreetSurgeon (Rees, Baiss & de Jersey) Med Off etc19351939      
Rees (Drury, & Baiss) 1 The Parade & Corfe CastlePhysicians & Surgeons191519191923     
Rees (Drury, & Baiss) Harberton, Rempstone RoadPhysicians & Surgeons1927       
Rees (Drury, & Baiss) 1 The Quay House & Corfe CastlePhysicians & Surgeons1927       
Rees (Hawkins, Drury &)  Harberton, Rempstone RoadPhysicians & Surgeons1911       
Rees (Hawkins, Drury &)  1 The Parade & Corfe CastlePhysicians & Surgeons1911       
Rees, Baiss & de Jersey The Quay House, High StreetPhysicians & Surgeons1931       
Rees, Baiss & de Jersey Audley House, Burlington RoadPhysicians & Surgeons193119351939     
Rees, Baiss & de Jersey Harberton, Rempstone RoadPhysicians & Surgeons193119351939     
Rees, Baiss & de Jersey The Quay House, 10 High StreetPhysicians & Surgeons19351939      
ReidMrsFoxlease, Durlston Roadprivate1939       
ReidRobert Newby HartleyFoxlease, Durlston Roadprivate19191923192719311935   
Reid & Williams King's Road WestDrapers19271931      
Reid & Williams 59 King's Road WestDrapers1935       
RendellRobert EdwardGad's Hill, Exeter RoadApartments19191923      
ReniesPaula (Miss)Gosberton, Ulwell RoadBoarding House1939       
Renneck & PostanceMisses4 Grosvenor Terrace, Park RoadApartments1923       
RentonM S (Mrs)Holmwood, Burlington Roadprivate1939       
RexCharles Tailor & Baker1830       
ReynoldsMissThe Quest, Durlstonprivate1931       
ReynoldsR W & CoHigh StreetWine & Spirit Merchants18991903190719101911   
ReynoldsR W GShore Villa, Shore RoadIsle of Purbeck Golf Club - Secretary1915       
ReynoldsR W GThe Downs Bungalow, Seymer Roadprivate1927       
ReynoldsRobert William GeorgeSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member19111915      
Reynolds & Co High StreetWine & Spirit Merchants19151919192319271931   
Reynolds & Co 12 High StreetWine & Spirit Merchants19351939      
RhodesArthur JohnCamden, Burlington Roadprivate1911       
RiceWilliam7 Victoria AvenueBoarding House19351939      
Rice Swanage Fruit Market, 10 The SquareFruit Market (Rice & Collier)1939       
Rice Bros Swanage Fruit Market, 10 The SquareFruit Market (Rice Bros & Collier)1935       
RichardsLeonard8 The SquareTobacconist1939       
RichardsonJames6 Grosvenor RoadLodging House1885       
RichardsonMrsDera, Cecil Roadprivate1927       
RichesArthurBurlington, Victoria Roadprivate1903       
RichesC HKnap Stores, HerstonShopkeepers (see Smith, E M, Miss)193119351939     
RichesE GKings Lynn, Highcliffe Roadprivate1931       
RichesEverett GeorgeKing's Lynn, Highcliffe RoadBoarding House1935       
RidoutJChurch HillGrocer1910       
RidoutJamesHigh StreetBaker1895       
RidoutJamesChurch HillBaker1899       
RigbyRichardNational School, HerstonMaster1867       
RobertsEdwin FrankStation RoadTobacconist & Confectioner1919       
RobertsEsq  1839       
RobertsMary (Mrs)Ivy Glen, Ulwell RoadApartments1911191519191923    
RobertsMaud E (Miss)Cliff House, Cliff AvenueApartments19111915      
RobertsMaud E (Miss)Risden, Cliff AvenueApartments19191923      
RobertsMrsGraystones, Burlington Roadprivate1911191519191923    
RobertsWilliam John (Mr)Swanagegentry1842       
RobertsonC & JGlencoeYacht Agents1907       
RobertsonJ (C &)GlencoeYacht Agents1907       
RobinsonE A (Esq)2 Victoria TerraceIsle of Purbeck Yacht Club - Hon Sec188018851890     
RobinsonEdmund Arthur Architect (Clifton & Robinson)190719111915     
RobinsonGeraldKenilworth, Park Roadprivate1899       
RobinsonGeraldSwanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member19031911      
RobinsonJohn Charles (FSA)St Aldhelms, Park Rd & Londonprivate1874       
RobinsonJohn Charles (FSA)St Aldhelms House & Newton Manorprivate1875       
RobinsonJohn Charles (FSA)Newton Manor & Londonprivate18801885      
RobinsonJohn Charles (Sir FSA)Newton Manor & Londonprivate189018951899     
RobinsonJohn Charles (Sir FSA)Newton Manorprivate190319071911     
Robinson (Clifton &) Northbrook, Gilbert RoadArchitects190719111915     
RobsonHenry Denne (Col)Oswald, West LulworthCounty Magistrate - Wareham Petty Sessions19151919      
Robson & Son High StreetGrocers19151919192319271931   
Robson & Son 59 High StreetGrocers19351939      
RodneyMissesAcra, Bon Accord Roadprivate1915       
RoeJamesCourt Hillprivate1874       
RoeJamesAlbert TerraceClerk to Local Board1880       
RoeJamesLocal BoardClerk1880       
RoeJamesBurial BoardClerk to the Burial Board1880       
RoeJamesAlbert TerraceClerk to Local Board of Health1885       
RoeJamesCemetery, NorthbrookClerk to the Burial Board1885       
RoeJamesAlbert Terrace, Court HillClerk to the Burial Board1885       
RoeJamesAlbert Terrace, Court HillClerk to Urban Sanitary Authority & Burial Board1885       
RogersAlice (Miss)Cottage Hospital, Queen's RoadMatron1911       
RogersCaptThe Gables, De Moulham Roadprivate1899       
RogersCaptThe Gables, Victoria Avenueprivate1903       
RohrsMrs7 Gordon Villasprivate1895       
RollinsDavidGlenville, Victoria Avenueprivate1919       
RollsGeorge HChildery, Ulwell Roadprivate1923       
RollsMrsChildery, Ulwell Roadprivate192719311935     
RoseAlban EStation RoadProprietor - Rose Bros, Watchmakers1931       
RoseAlbertTownsend RoadMonumental Mason1923       
RoseEdwardKelston VillaLaundry1899       
RoseH J & SonsTownsend RoadMonumental Masons1927193119351939    
RoseHenry JohnHigh StreetMonumental Mason18991903      
RoseHenry JohnTownsend LaneMonumental Mason19111915      
RoseHenry JohnTownsend RoadMonumental Mason1919       
RoseJHigh StreetStonemason1910       
RoseN DCentral Garage, Station RoadProprietor - Motor Engineers19271931      
RoseN DCentral Garage, 26 Station RoadProprietor - Motor Engineers19351939      
RoseWilliam AStation RoadNewsagent19231927      
RoseWilliam AStation RoadNewsagent, Bookseller & Stationer1931       
RoseWilliam A46 Station RoadNewsagent, Bookseller & Stationer19351939      
Rose Bros High StreetWatchmakers1890189518991923    
Rose Bros High StreetWatchmakers, Opticians & Cycle Agents19031907      
Rose Bros High StreetWatch & Clock Makers1910       
Rose Bros Central Hall, Station RoadHall Proprietors19111915      
Rose Bros High StreetWatch Makers & Cycle Agents191119151919     
Rose Bros Station RoadMotor Garage19111915      
Rose Bros Station RoadWatch Makers1927       
Rose Bros Station RoadWatchmakers (Alban E Rose, Propr)1931       
Rose Bros 24 Station RoadWatchmakers (Alvan E Rose, Propr)19351939      
RoseveareErnest SInstitute RoadIncome Tax Consultant19271931      
RoseveareErnest S6a Institute RoadIncome Tax Consultant1935       
RoseveareErnest S7a Institute RoadIncome Tax Consultant1939       
RoseveareMargaret (Mrs)5 High StreetArts & Crafts1939       
RoseveareMrs46 Victoria Avenueprivate19351939      
RossHarry (Col CB CIE DSO)Melbury, Cranborne Roadprivate19271931      
RossHarry (Col CB CIE DSO)Swanage Urban District CouncilCouncil Member1931       
RowMrsRoyal VictoriaFamily Hotel & Posting House1871       
RowRichardVictoria HotelHotel1839       
RowRichardRoyal Victoria HotelHotel 184218511859     
RowRichardRoyal Victoria HotelFamily & Boarding Hotel & Posting House184918521855     
RowRichardRoyal Victoria HotelHotel & Boarding House1865       
RowRichardRoyal Victoria HotelFamily Hotel/Posting House/Omnibus Proprietor1867       
RoweArthur WilliamLealholme, Victoria Avenueprivate1919192319271931    
RoweMrs1 Park Villasprivate1871       
RoweMrsLa Belle Vue RestaurantRestaurant1871       
RowlandsArthur JohnKnollsea, Ulwell Roadprivate19351939      
RuckMissCliffside, Ulwell Roadprivate189919031907     
RugglesJohn (Major-Gen)Montana, Burlington Roadprivate19111915      
RugglesMrsMontana, Burlington Roadprivate1919       
RussellA G BScar Bank Houseprivate19311935      
RussellA G B (MVO JP)Scar Bank Houseprivate1939       
RussellEustaceUlwell Road Stamp OfficePostage Stamp Office1919       
RussellFlorence (Matilda &, Misses)Westbury, Rempstone RoadApartments19111915      
RussellMatilda & Florence (Misses)Westbury, Rempstone RoadApartments19111915      
RussellMatilda (Miss)Westbury, Rempstone RoadApartments1907       
RussellWarwickCraythorne, Queen's Road Eastprivate1923       
RuthvenChristopher MSwanage Motor Co Ltd, High StreetMotor Engineers1919       
RyallJHigh StreetGeneral Smith1910       
RyallJohn Blacksmith (Cattle & Ryall)1899       
RyallJohnHigh StreetFarrier1907       
RyallJohnHigh StreetGeneral Smith19111915      
RyallJohnDurlston & Court FarmsFarmer193119351939     
RyallJohn & SonsHigh StreetGeneral Smiths19191927      
RyallJohn & SonsHigh StreetGeneral Smiths, Farmers & Dairymen1923       
Ryall (Cattle &) NewtonShoeing & General Smiths etc1899