Worth Matravers


In force, 15th October, 1931 to 14th October, 1932
The Register contains the names in either alphabetical or street order, as shown herein, of all persons entitled to vote as parliamentary and as local government electors.
The index letters in columns 2 {a) headed ” Parliamentary,” or 2 {b) headed “ Local Govt.” of the Register (see first page)
show the nature of the qualification of an elector, as follows:—

Men Women
R = Residence qualification. Rw = Residence qualification.
B = Business premises qualification. Bw = Business premises qualification.
0 = 0ccupation qualification. Ow = Occupation qualification.
D = Qualification through wife’s occupation. Dw = Qualification through husband’s occupation.


NM=Naval or military voter.
The entry of the appropriate index letter or letters against a name in the column 2 (a) headed ” Parliamentary” indicates that the elector
is a parliamentary elector, and the entry of the appropriate letter or letters against a name in the column 2 (b) headed Local Govt.” indicates
that the elector is a local government elector (for headings, see first page of Register). Where no index letter is entered in one or other of those columns against a name, the elector is not entitled to the franchise to which the column relates.
† Persons against whose names the mark † is placed are not entitled to vote in respect of that entry at Elections of County Councillors.
‡ Persons against whose names the mark ‡ is placed are not entitled to vote in respect of that entry at Elections of Rural District Councillors.
§ Persons against whose names the mark § is placed are not entitled to vote in respect of that entry in the case of a Borough, or Urban District at Elections for Borough or District Councillors as the case may be and in the case of a Parish at Elections for Parish Councillors or at Parish Meetings.
* Persons against whose names the mark * is placed will vote at another polling place at Parliamentary Elections.
a Persons against whose names the letter a is placed are absent voters.
J u r o r s .—Persons who are qualified to serve as such are indicated by the letters printed after their names, thus :— J = Juror. SJ = Special Juror.
Dated this 15th day of October, 1931.


No.Franchise SurnameFirst Name Residence or property and

abode of non-resident occupier

 ParliamentaryLocal Govt.  
604RwOwAdamsAnnieThe Lodge
605ROBaileyRichard Burchall—JEastington Farm (joint)
606RwDwBaileyRuthEastington Farm
607RwBaileyDorothy EmilyEastington Farm
608ROBaileyWilfred Burchall—JEastington Farm (joint)
609RwBaileyOlive EvaEastington Farm
610ROBaileyWilliam Charles—JQuarr Farm
611RwDwBaileyFlorence MaryQuarr Farm
612RwBarkhamAdeline (Miss)Sunnydown School, Langton Matravers
613RwOwBarnesGertrudeHarmans Cross
614RwBarnesDoris EdithHarmans Cross
615ROBartlettEdwinHill Bottom
616RwDwBartlettKathleen MayHill Bottom
617ROBartlettFrederick Hill Bottom
618RwDwBartlettRosina ElizabethHill Bottom
619ROBealeJohn The Vicarage
620RwDwBealeBessie EllenThe Vicarage
621ROBenfieldAlfred GeorgePurbeck View
622RwDwBenfieldEthel MayPurbeck View
623Rw---BenfieldFrances Jane (Miss)Purbeck View
624ROBenfieldEric Wayelcot
625RwDwBenfieldMaud Wayelcot
626RBestJohn HenryHaycrofts
627RwBoaseUrsulaDownshay Manor
628ROBourneWilliam—JHarmans Cross
629RwDwBourneLilianHarmans Cross
633RBowerGeorge EdwinCottage
635RwDwBowerBeatrice KateDo.
637ROBowerWilliam JeremiahWinspit
638RwDwBowerMabel Lily MayWinspit
639ROBradfordHerbertHarman’s Cross
640RwDwBradfordYoland MayHarman’s Cross
641ROBrainAlfred Ernest—JDownshay Farm
642RwDwBrainJennieDownshay Farm
643ROBridleCharlesGallows Gore
644RwDwBridleElizabeth MaryDo.
645ROBridleFrederick ArchibaldWorth
646RwDwBridleAnne LouisaWorth
647ROBridleHarryThe View, Downshay
648RwDwBridleEvaThe View, Downshay
649ROBuglerThomasHill Bottom
650RwDwBuglerMary LouisaHill Bottom
651ROBuglerCharlesHill Bottom
652RwDwBuglerFrances MaryHill Bottom
653RBuglerArthur WilliamHill Bottom
654ROBuglerWilliam Rose Cottage, Worth
655RwDwBuglerLouisa Rose Cottage, Worth
656ROBurgamHarry HubertHarmans Cross
657RwDwBurgamBlancheHarmans Cross
658ROBurtCharlesBerrima, Worth
659RwDwBurtAlice MaudBerrima, Worth
660ROCattleEdward JohnWeston
662ROChismanAlbert JamesDownshay
663RwDwChisman Agnes FlorenceDownshay
664ROCleall Sidney HerbertFlower Meadow
665RwDwCleall Lucy AmeliaFlower Meadow
666ROCobb DavidCressy
667RwDwCobb ElizabethCressy
668RwCobb BessieCressy
669RRCobb Reginald EdwinCressy
670ROCobb Walter CharlesCottage
671RwDwCobb Annie I.ouisaCottage
672ROCobum William John (Rev.)The Vicarage
673ROCorben EdwinCottage
674RwDwCorben Maria LouisaDo.
675ROCorben FrankHarmans Cross
676RwDwCorben BerthaHarmans Cross
677ROCorben William CharlesSchool House
678RwDwCorben Beatrice AnnieSchool House
679ROCowman Douglas HenryThe Old Quarry
680RwDwCowman Margaret ElizabethThe Old Quarry
681ROCox Harry BruceHaycrofts
682RwDwCox Martha MargaretHaycrofts
683ROCrosse JesseSt. Albans Head
684RwDwCrosse IdaSt. Albans Head
685RwOwDawson Ruth Cros Wella (Miss)Sunnydown (joint) Langton Matravers
686RwOwDawson Maria Ballard (Miss)Sunnydown (joint) Langton Matravers
687RwOwDon EthelHarmans Cross
688RDon Helen Mary (Miss)Harmans Cross
689RODunford JohnSunnyside, Harmans Cross
690RwDwDunford Eva LilySunnyside, Harmans Cross
691RwOwDymond Jane (Miss)The Haven
692ROEmerson Richard LeslieThe Cott
693ROFord George—JWoodyhyde Farm
694RwDwFord BessieDo.
695RFord Arthur GeraldWoodyhyde Farm
696RFord Edward George VictorWoodyhyde, Corfe Castle
697RwFord Florence MabelWoodyhyde, Corfe Castle
698ROFoxwell JohnValley Road
699RwDwFoxwell EvelineValley Road
700RwOwFrost Constance EvelynPrimrose Hill
701ROGordon FrederickWhite Lodge
702RwDwGordon LilyWhite Lodge
703ROGrant EdwinCottage
704RwDwGrant EmilyDo.
705ROGrant William CharlesDownshay
706RwDwGrant Edith MaryDownshay
707ROGreen CharlesQuarr
708RwOGreen WilliamCottage
709ROHancock GeorgeHarmans Cross
710RwDwHancock FrancesHarmans Cross
711ROHardy CharlesBungalow
712RwDwHardy Beatrice GertrudeBungalow
713ROHayward Arthur GeorgePeaky
714RwDwHayward Millicent IrenePeaky
715ROHillier HenryBrockley
716RwDwHillier MayBrockley
717ROHoneybun ArthurPeaky
718RwDwHoneybun ElizabethPeaky
719ROHooper Charles ArthurHoneysuckle Cottage
720RwDwHooper JessieHoneysuckle Cottage
721ROHooper George HenryCottage
722ROHooper MontagueCottage
723RwDwHooper BessieCottage
724ROHopkins SidneyWorth
725RwDwHopkins Rose EvaWorth
726ROHutton Samuel KingBungalow
727RwDwHutton MaryBungalow
728ROIngram Frederick CharlesWorth
729RwDwIngram Gladys MayWorth
730ROJackson Cyril RobertThe Haven
731RwDwJackson Irene MarshThe Haven
732ROJackson George HowardValley Road
733ROJames Archibald Tom—JRenscombe Farm (joint)
734ROJames Douglas William—JRenscombe Farm (joint)
735RwDwJames Laura EthelRenscombe Fann
736ROLander FrankCottage
737RwDwLander Sarah JaneCottage
738ROLander Frederick MillerCottage
739RwDwLander AliceCottage
740ROLander JesseWorth
741ROLander SidneyWorth
742RwDwLander RoseWorth
743RLander WalterWorth
744ROLawrence Alfred James—JHappy Cottage
745RwDwLawrence Kate MarionHappy Cottage
746RwLock Ellen Kate (Miss)Sunnydown, Langton Matravers
747NMO aLock William HenryCressy
748RwDwLock Gladys VioletCressy
749ROLord Bertie CharlesWorth Quarry Company
750RwDwLord Ethel MayWorth Quarry Company
751ROMaidment StephenWorth
752RwDwMaidment Evelyn AnnieWorth
753ROMatthews Eric GriffithsPirbright, Valley Road
754RwDwMatthews Maud VioletPirbright, Valley Road
755ROMiller CharlesWorth Matravers
756RwDwMiller QueenieWorth Matravers
757RwOwMiller Eliza JanePeaky
758RMiller Charles EdwardWorth
759ROMiller GeorgeKia Ora
760RwDwMiller OliveKia Ora
761RwOwMorgan Dorothy CareyWorth Matravers
762RwOwMorshead BeatriceHarman’s Cross (joint), Corfe Castle
763RwOwMorshead Ida MaudHarman’s Cross (joint), Corfe Castle
764RONewman CharlesSquare and Compass
765RwDwNewman FlorenceDo.
766RONewman Charles JamesBraemar
767RwDwNewman FrancesBraemar
768ROOates Joseph HenryGayferi, Valley Road
769RwDwOates Sybil Mary PeregrineGayferi, Valley Road
770RwOwOdam MaryStoneleigh
771RwOwOliver Gertrude AnnLe Chalet
772RwOwOliver ElizaWorth Matravers
773ROPainter EmanuelHarmans Cross, Corfe Castle
774RwDwPainter AhceHarmans Cross
775RPainter Frederick RalphHarmans Cross
776ROPainter SidneyCapplestone
777RwDwPainter Mary LouiseCapplestone
778RwPorter Eleanor Ida Mary (Miss)Sunnydown, Langton Matravers
779RPowell EmrysWorth
780ROPrior Arthur DonaldChannel View
781RwDwPrior Winifred MabelChannel View
782ROPrior Bertram GeorgeCapplestone
783RwDwPrior MillyCapplestone
784RPrior Harry ElishaHili Bottom
785RPushman Edward WalterPost Office
786RwOwPushman Olive MarionPost Office
787RwPushman Daisy KatePost Office
788RPushman John CourtneyPost Office
789ROPushman RalphCottage
790RwDwPushman Georgina LucyDo.
791RwOwRead Edith EmilyWorth
792RORead EdwardWorth Matravers
793RORose Ernest FrankDownshay
794RwDwRose WinifredDownshay
795RORose HerbertValley Road
796RwDwRose DorothyValley Road
797ROSalmon Thomas HenryWorth
798RwDwSalmon MaryWorth
799ROSamways FrankWorth Matravers
800RwDwSamways Amelia SelinaWorth Matravers
801ROSaunders Leonard JamesSt. Albans Head
802RwDwSaunders Emma LouisaSt. Albans Head
803ROSheppard Egbert Ernest1 London Row
804RwDwSheppard Emma1 London Row
805ROSmith Henry ThomasHarmans Cross
806RwDwSmith AmeliaHarmans Cross
807RSmith ReginaldHarmans Cross
808RwSmith Vera DorothyHarmans Cross
809RStockley EdwardPrimrose Hill
810ROStockley RichardPrimrose Hill
811ROStockley William GeorgePrimrose Hill
812RwDwStockley Edith JanePrimrose Hill
813ROStoner FrederickSt. Albans Head
814RwDwStoner Mary LouisaSt. Albans Head
815ROStrange Jack Ronald Stewart—SJCorley
816RwDwStrange Enid MayCorley
817ROStrange Walter JohnWeston Farm
818RwDwStrange KateWeston Farm
819ROStrover JamesSt. Albans Head
820RwDwStrover Mabel MaySt. Albans Head
821ROStuart-Harris Thomas FrederickStuartdene
822RwDwStuart-Harris Mary PhoebeStuartdene
823RwStuart-Harris Winifrede (Miss)Stuartdene
824ROSuttleGeorge AllenGallows Gore, Langton Matravers
825RwDwSuttleAliceGallows Gore, Langton Matravers
826ROSuttleGeorge HenryPrimrose Hill
827RwDwSuttleJane MargaretPrimrose Hill
828ROSuttleWilliam RandolfCompact Farm
829RwDwSuttleMargaret Elinor ElizabethCompact Farm
830RwOwTalbotFlorence EdithGallows Gore
831RwOwTemple-CottonLucyHarmans Cross
832RwOwThompsonEvelyn RosamundChapmans Pool
833RwOwThompsonWinifred AmyChapmans Pool
834RwOwThompsonGertrude MayChapmans Pool
837ROTurner Henry GeorgeCottage
838RwDwTurner EllenCottage
839ROWallace Percival FrankWorth
840RwDwWallace DoraWorth
841ROWareham EdwinGlencoe
842RwDwWareham MaudGlencoe
843ROWatson George SpencerDownshay Manor
844RwDwWatson Hilda Mary SpencerDownshay Manor
845RwOwWelch Jane Sproat o’Donnell (Miss)Harmans Cross, Langton Matravers
846ROWelsh Walter JohnWorth
847RwDwWelsh Florence MabelWorth
848ROWelsh William JamesLondon Row
849RwDwWelsh Jessie LouisaLondon Row
850RwOwWest Florence BelleHarmans Cross
851ROWeston Andrew WallaceHarmans Cross
852RwDwWeston HildaHarmans Cross
853RwOwWilson Ada Mary Louisa (Miss)Harmans Cross, Langton Matravers
854ROWood PercyKnolldown, Corfe Castle
855RwDwWood Ada PechellKnolldown, Corfe Castle
856RWood Bennett WilliamKnolldown, Corfe Castle
857ROWoolan Sydney WalterCurlew
858RwDwWoolan EthelCurlew
859ROYea HenryWeston
860RwDwYea EmilyWeston