Worth Matravers

Trade Directories

1849 - 1939


This index was prepared in 2009-10 by John Patrick.

It is an index of all the persons mentioned in the Worth Matravers sections of the Dorset trade directories. There were no sections for Worth Matravers in the directories prior to 1849 (or in 1852) and no mention of Worth Matravers in other sections.

This index is a finding aid only and the original directory should be consulted as many entries give more information than can be included in the index.

Names mentioned in the directory introductions are not included in the index unless they were local officials.

At the end of the index there is an extra list of entries with no personal names in the titles. Any names and positions given are shown, but these personal names are also in the main index.

In many cases there are several entries for the same person and this is because there was a significant change in their directory entry from one year to the next or they had more than one entry per year.

There are many obvious spelling and typographical errors in the directories and these have been indexed as printed in the directories. When searching for a particular name in the index and it cannot be found, it is advisable to search for alternative spellings of that name.

There are no surnames beginning with: A, G, I, K, Q, U, X, Y, Z.

A blank space in the index means that no information was given in that part of the directory entry.


The directories included in this index are as follows:

1849 - Post Office Directory (with Langton Matravers)
1851 - Hunt & Co's Directory
1855 - Post Office Directory (with Langton Matravers)
1859 - Post Office Directory (with Langton Matravers)
1865 - J G Harrod & Co's Directory (with Langton Matravers)
1867 - Post Office Directory
1871 - Mercer & Crocker's Directory
1875 - Kelly's Directory
1880 - Kelly's Directory
1885 - Kelly's Directory
1890 - Kelly's Directory
1895 - Kelly's Directory
1899 - Kelly's Directory
1903 - Kelly's Directory
1907 - Kelly's Directory
1911 - Kelly's Directory
1915 - Kelly's Directory
1919 - Kelly's Directory
1923 - Kelly's Directory
1927 - Kelly's Directory
1931 - Kelly's Directory
1935 - Kelly's Directory
1939 - Kelly's Directory



Initials or Given Name






BaileyR B & SonsEastington Farmfarmers1939       
BaileyR B & W BEastington Farmfarmers19311935      
BaileyThomasCoast Guard Stationstation officer1890       
BaileyW B (R B &)Eastington Farmfarmers19311935      
BainesGeorgeRenscombe Farm 1871       
BakerACoast Guard Station, St Alban's Headstation officer1915       
BourneWilliamHarmans Crosspoultry farmer19231927193119351939   
BowenJohn Herbert (Comdr FRGS)Bladonprivate1939       
BowerCharlesSquare & CompassInn18491851185518591865   
BowerCharlesSquare & Compassinn & shopkeeper1867       
BowerCharles innkeeper1871       
BowerJeremiah shopkeeper1849       
BowerJeremiah grocery etc dealer1851       
BradfordJohn dairyman1875       
BradfordJohn farmer18801885      
BrainGeorgeDownshay Farmcattle dealer193119351939     
BridgemanJohnCoast Guard Station, St Alban's Headstation officer1911       
BridleCharlesGaloss Gorestone merchant191119151919     
BridleHenry carpenter18991903190719111915   
BridleJames carpenter184918511895     
BridleJames carpenter, shopkeeper & parish clerk185518591865186718751880  
BridleJames parish clerk18671875188018851890   
BridleJames carpenter & parish clerk18851890      
BrixeyEdwinSquare & Compass P Hpublic house1903       
BrowningWillaim Frank (Rev MA)Vicaragevicar1939       
BullenGeorge blacksmith1880188518901895189919031907 
BullenWilliam blacksmith1911       
BurgumHarry HerbertHarmans Crossrefreshment rooms19351939      
CaineThomasBottom Farm 1871       
CainesAnn (Mrs)Renscombefarmer1855       
CainesHarryWeston Farmfarmer18951899      
CainesHarryWeston Renscombe 1903       
CainesHarryWeston & Renscombe Farmsfarmer1903       
CainesHarryRenscombe 1907       
CainesHarryRenscombe Farmfarmer19071911      
CainesThomas EdwardRenscombe Farmfarmer191519191923     
CoburnWilliam John (Rev)VicarageVicar192719311935     
ColemanAlfredDownshay Farmfarmer1911       
CollisonEdward Oliver (Capt MC)Silver Mist, Valley Road private1939       
CoxJamesCoast Guard Station, St Alban's Headstation officer1903       
CrockerWilliamWoody Hidefarmer1865       
CrossJesseCoast Guard Station, St Alban's Headstation officer1931       
CunninghamACoast Guard Station, St Alban's Headstation officer1935       
DarbyWilliam (Rev) Vicar1875       
DawsonM Ballard (Miss NFU)Sunnydown Private School& Miss R C Dawson - principals1931       
DawsonR C (Miss)Sunnydown Private School& Miss M Ballard Dawson NFU - principals1931       
DawsonR C (Miss)Sunnydown Private Schoolprincipal1935       
DayRobert fishing boat owner189018951899     
DennerRose (Mrs)Church Schoolsmistress1899       
DevoilFrankCoast Guard Station, St Alban's Headstation officer1927       
EasthamElizabeth Ann (Mrs)Church Schoolsmistress1890       
EavisHenryCoast Guard Stationstation officer1895       
EdwardesJames (Rev)VicarageVicar19111915      
FitzgeraldHenry James (MA)Vicarageclergy1855       
Foley Foley's Garage, Valley Roadgarage19351939      
FordGeorgeWoody Hydefarmer18801885189018951899190319351939
FordGeorge JunWoody Hydefarmer1907191119151919192319271931 
HardyCharlesSeaforth Cafécafé1939       
Havard Woody Hydefarmer1875       
HawkinsGeorge (William &)Worth & Weston Farms 1880       
HawkinsWilliamWorth & Weston Farms 1885       
HawkinsWilliam & GeorgeWorth & Weston Farms 1880       
HawkinsWilliam HenryWorth & Weston Farms 1890       
HaysonMary Elizabeth (Miss)Church Schoolsmistress1880       
HollandErnest JamesDownshay Farm 19231927      
HollandJohnQuar Farmdairyman18901895      
HomerWilliam Howard ClaudeDownshay Farmfarmer1915       
HooperGeorge fishing boat owner189018951899190319071911  
HooperGeorge (Montague &) fishing boat owners191519191923192719311935  
HooperMontague fishing boat owner1939       
HooperMontague & George fishing boat owners191519191923192719311935  
HooperWilliam shoemaker1880       
Hooper & Welsh  shopkeepers193119351939     
HopkinsWilliamSquare & Compass P Hpublic house1890       
JamesArchibald TomRenscombe Farmfarmer1939       
James Bros Renscombe Farmfarmers192719311935     
LanderFrank fishing boat owner191519191923192719311935  
LanderFrank & Son fishing boat owners1939       
LawrenceA JHappy Cottageprivate19311935      
LawrenceAlfred JohnHappy Cottageprivate1939       
LemarchandH (Maj)Instow Poultry Farm, Harmans Crosspoultry farm1931       
LemarchandH (Maj)Instow Poultry Farmpoultry farm1935       
LoweBarnard grocery dealer1851       
LoweJames shoemaker18751880188518901895189919031907
MearingJohn (Rev BD)VicarageVicar1923       
MillerJohnSquare & Compasspublic house & shopkeeper1875       
MillerJohnSquare & Compasspublic house1880       
MillerJohnSquare & Compass P Hpublic house1885       
NewmanCharlesSquare & Compass P Hpublic house19071911191519191927193119351939
NewmanCharlesSquare & Compass P HP H, accomodation for visitors, pony & trap hire1923       
OliverGertrude Ann (Mrs)Seabreezeboarding house1935       
PainterEmmanuel & SonsDownshay Farmfarmers1919       
PainterFerederick RalphHarmans Cross 1935       
PainterFrederick RalphHarmans Crosspig breeder1939       
PushmanOlive M (Miss CMB)Post Officemidwife19231927      
PushmanOlive M (Miss)Post Officemidwife193119351939     
PushmanRalphPost Officesub-postmaster1915191919231927    
PushmanRalphPost Officegrocer19151919      
PushmanRalphPost Officegrocer & provision merchant192319271931     
PushmanRalph grocer & post office1935       
ReynoldsSydneyHarmans Crosspoultry farmer19231927      
RichardsonJoseph George (Rev BA) clergy1867       
RichardsonJoseph George (Rev BA) Rector1871       
RussellGuy Hamilton (Col CIE DSO)Westacreprivate1939       
SavageJohnDownshay Farmdairyman1890189518991903    
ScullardThomasCoast Guard Station, St Alban's Headstation officer19191923      
SealyRobert farmer18491851      
ShepherdCharles Stuart (Rev)VicarageVicar1895189919031907    
ShepherdJohnWeston Farm 1871       
SimpsonThomasCoast Guard Station, St Alban's Headstation officer1907       
SivyerHarryCoast Guard Station, St Alban's Headstation officer1899       
SmithClaudeDownshay Farmdairyman1907       
SmithM L (Miss)Elementary Schoolsmistress1907191119151919    
SmithRichardCorley 19151919      
SmithThomasDownshay Farm 1871       
SmithThomas GoverDownshayfarmer18551859186518671875   
Spencer-WatsonGeorge (ARA)Downshay Manorprivate1931       
Spencer-WatsonMrsDownshay Manorprivate19351939      
SquibbAndrew fishing boat owner18991903190719111915   
SquibbWilliam fishing boat owner18901895      
StevensJohnDownshay Farmfarmer1885       
StevensJohnEastington & Worth Farmsfarmer1903       
StevensJohn & SonsEastington & Worth Farmsfarmers1915       
StevensJohn (Thomas &)Downshayfarmers1880       
StevensLaurie (Robert &)Eastington & Worth Farmsfarmers1919       
StevensLaurie (Robert &)Eastington Farmfarmers19231927      
StevensRobert & LaurieEastington & Worth Farmsfarmers1919       
StevensRobert & LaurieEastington Farmfarmers19231927      
StevensThomas & JohnDownshayfarmers1880       
StevensThomas & SonsWorth Farmfarmers1907       
StevensThomas & SonsEastington & Worth Farmsfarmers1911       
StrangeJack Ronald Stewart (Lt-Com etc)Corleyprivate19231927193119351939   
StrangeJack Ronald Stewart (Lt-Com etc)Worth Farmfarmer19231927      
StrangeJack Ronald Stewart (Lt-Com etc)Worth & Weston Farmsfarmer193119351939     
StrangeLouis Arbon (Lt-Col etc)Bonvilsprivate1923       
StrangeLouis Arbon (Lt-Col etc)Weston Farmfarmer19231927      
StrangeWalter JohnWestonprivate192319271931     
StrangeWalter JohnWestonlandowner1923       
TraceyFrederick Francis (Rev)Vicarageclergy1865       
TracyFrederick Francis (Rev)Vicarageclergy1859       
TrentMary A (Mrs)Square & Compass P Hpublic house18951899      
TurnerJohn shopkeeper1890       
TurnerJohnPost Officesub-postmaster18951899190319071911   
TurnerJohn shopkeeper & post office18951899      
TurnerJohn shopkeeper, stone merchant & sub-postmaster19031907      
TurnerJohn stone merchant & sub-postmaster1911       
TurnerWilliam fly proprietor19111915      
VincentCharlesQuar Farmdairyman18801885      
VossJames (Esq)Woody Hidegentry184918511855     
VossJames (Esq)Woody Hideprivate1859       
WallisMiss  19151919      
WarehamEdwinSeebreezeboarding house1939       
WaughMiss private1923       
WelshFlorence (Mrs) shopkeeper1927       
Welsh (Hooper &)  shopkeepers193119351939     
WilkinsonJoseph carpenter1871       
WilliamsJohn (Rev)VicarageVicar188018851890     
WoodAnnie (Miss)Church Schoolsmistress1885       




Name & Position






Church schoolsMiss Mary Elizabeth Hayson - mistress1880    
Church schoolsMiss Annie Wood - mistress1885    
Church schoolsMrs Elizabeth Ann Eastham - mistress1890    
Church schoolsMrs Rose Denner - mistress1899    
Coast Guard StationThomas Bailey - station officer1890    
Coast Guard StationHenry Eavis - station officer1895    
Coast Guard StationHarry Sivyer - station officer1899    
Coast Guard StationJames Cox - station officer1903    
Coast Guard StationThomas Simpson - station officer1907    
Coast Guard StationJohn Bridgeman - station officer1911    
Coast Guard StationA Baker - station officer1915    
Coast Guard StationThomas Scullard - station officer19191923   
Coast Guard StationFrank Devoil - station officer1927    
Coast Guard StationJesse Cross - station officer1931    
Coast Guard StationA Cunningham - station officer1935    
Elementary schoolsMiss M L Smith - mistress1907191119151919 
Foley's Garage 19351939   
Instow Poultry FarmMaj H Lemarchand19311935   
parish clerkJames Bridle18671875188018851890
Post OfficeJohn Turner - sub-postmaster18951899190319071911
Post OfficeRalph Pushman - sub-postmaster1915191919231927 
Square & Compass P HCharles Newman1939    
Sunnydown Private SchoolMiss R C Dawson & Miss M Ballard Dawson NFU - principals1931    
Sunnydown Private SchoolMiss R C Dawson - principal1935    
Swanworth Quarries Ltd 19351939   
Worth Quarries Ltd 1931