Transcribed and donated to the Dorset OPC Project by Kim Parker


List extracted from the Administration Act Books of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) and translated from Latin to English by George FRY and originally published in instalments
in "Notes & Queries for Somerset and Dorset" over a period of nine years from to 1890 to 1899.

George FRY's notes:
DORSET ADMINISTRATIONS - The following list of the Grants of Administration to the Estates of Intestates in the County of Dorset has been extracted from the records of the Prerogative Court
of Canterbury, now at Somerset House. They commence in the year 1559, the date of the earliest existing Act Book. The division of the various years is that adopted in the Official Calendar, and is
that of the New Style, but the entries themselves are dated in the Old Style.
In all cases consanguineus has been rendered "kinsman" and prox' consanguineus "next of kin."
When a surname is not given it may always be taken to be the same as that of the deceased.
The Administration Act Book for 1643 contains Acts for the months of January to May, inclusive, and one Act only for July.
The following note appears in the Act Book for 1644: - "There were noe Administracions graunted at London in Anno 1644, untill November that yeare; when there was a new seale made for this
office by authoritie of Parliament."
[As of December 1894 the] Administration Acts for 1653-4 for Dorset are at present missing from the series at Somerset House. They are entered in "Original Calendar N4" which includes
Cornwall, Gloucestershire and Somerset-shire as well as Dorset, but there is no indication as to which of these counties the deceased belonged. [The entries listed here for those years could]
consequently refer to one or other of the four counties mentioned.
The Administration Act Book for 1662 cannot be found but the ... names [for that year] appear in the Calendar of Dorset folk to whose estates Administration was granted [in 1662].
Kim Parker's Notes:
The PCC Act Books are now held at the National Archives at Kew (ref: PROB 6), but as of 2014 they had not yet been indexed. Seeing as less than half of Dorset's parish registers
prior to the Civil War 1642-51 and the Commonwealth 1649-60 have survived - and many of those have gaps, or only partial information (with mothers' names often ommitted) - this
list is invaluable for family historians.
George occasionally 'forgot' to translate the Latin version of given names into their English equivalent, particularly if the Latin version of the name had started to be used as a name in
its own right by the 19th century - e.g. Ludovicus for Lewis, Matilda for Maud, Isabella for Elizabeth, etc - so I have corrected them.
Placenames have varied greatly over the centuries, so I have tried to identify the parish to which the settlement, manor or estate belonged (where it is not given) and I have called
this the "Standardised Residence". However, it has not been possible to identify the parish in some cases, and in other cases where the placename is a common one that crops up in
several parishes - e.g. Burton and Kingston. Such places have been classed as [unknown].
Despite George's note about the years being presented 'old style', he was not consistent in doing so in his list. Since he presented his list by year, and then alphabetically within year,
this was not so important as the order in which grants were made could be deduced from the folio number. However, this deduction is more difficult when the entire list of, so I have 'corrected'
some of the dates to show both the year according to old style dating (the number to the left of the /) and new style dating (the number to the right of the /). In the Julian calendar (old style dating)
the year ran from March 25th to March 24th.


of Deceased
Forename Recorded Residence Standardised
Grantee & Relationship to Deceased Date Folio
BAKER Ursula, widowChurch Knowle Church Knowle Daniel BAKER, grandfather and guardian of Susan BAKER, daughter 14 Dec 1686187
BROWNE GeorgeBradle, Church Knowell Church Knowle William BROWNE, son 06 0Oct 1671122
CLAVELL ThomazineBarneston Church Knowle John CLAVELL, son 07 Dec 1568140
COLLENS Alexander, seniorWest Orchard, Church Knowle Church Knowle Alexander COLLENS, junior, son 26 May 167765
DOLLING Edward Knowle, but died in the ship "Rebecca" Church Knowle Penelope Botterall, widow, attorney for Susan DOLLING, relict 04 Mar 1694/5 51
HARVEY RichardChurch Knowle, Purbeck Church Knowle Thomas HARVEY, brother 09 Feb 1656/734
SWAINE GeorgeChurch Knowle Church Knowle Edith SWAINE, relict 12 Feb 1676/729
CHAPMAN JohnLangton Langton Long Blandford
or Langton Matravers
Richard CHAPMAN, brother and Thomas, son of Thomas CHAPMAN, kinsman 18 Jan 1581/229
HALL Peterdied in the ship "Sandwich" Langton Long Blandford
or Langton Matravers
John AMBROSE, attorney of Bridget HALL, relict, now of Langton 07 Jan 1697/817
HARVEY WilliamLangton Langton Long Blandford
or Langton Matravers
Elizabeth HARVEY, relict 21 Jan 1649/504
BARNES Thomas, bachelorLangton Wallis, but died in the ship "Devonshire" Langton Matravers Lewis BARNES, father 01 Feb 1695/625
CHECKFORD JoaneLeeson, Langton, Purbeck Langton Matravers Richard CHECKFORD, son 29 Jun 1659255
COPPINGER MatthewLangton, Purbeck Langton Matravers Mary COPPINGER, relict 08 Jun 167166
DOLLEN WilliamLangton, Purbeck Langton Matravers Judith DOLLEN, spinster, sister 17 Sep 1672134
FRANCKLYN GeorgeLangton Matravers Langton Matravers Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan WHEELER, principal creditor - Mary FRANCKLYN,
relict, renouncing
11 Feb 1706/721
FRANCKLYN JohnLangton Purbeck Langton Matravers Mary FRANCKLYN, relict (further grant Jan 1714) 11 Feb 1706/721
FRANKLYN JohnLangton Matravers Langton Matravers Mary, wife of John HOLMS, junior, daughter - Mary FRANKLYN, rellict,
dying before administering (previous grant Feb 1707)
08 Jan 1714/154
GALLY JamesLangton Matravers, but died in the ship "Essex" Langton Matravers John WESTON, attorney for Catherine GALLY, relict 02 Nov 1692204
MASTERS JohnLangton Purbeck, but died in Newfoundland Langton Matravers Dorothy MASTERS, relict 16 May 1706103
MOMPESSON MargaretLancton Matrevers, Purbeck Langton Matravers George MOMPESSON, son 01 Dec 1656306
RIDDOUT JohnLangton Matravers Langton Matravers Mary, wife of Lionel Yeelder, daughter 08 Sep 1691158
SAVAGE William, armigerDeane Sixpenny Handey,
Studland or Witchampton
Grace SAVAGE, relict 06 Mar 1692/349
BARTON JohnBrancksey Studland John GWYSE, next of kin 20 May 1590140
CHATTOCK WilliamStudland, Purbeck Studland Richard CHATTOCK, grandfather of Ann CHATTOCK, only child of the deceased 13 Feb 1655/631
COMBS GeorgeStudland, but died in the ship "Elizabeth" Studland Elizabeth, wife of John FOSTER, attorney of Anne COMBS, relict 08 Apr 170979
DRAYCOTT FrancisBrownsey, Poole Studland John MILLER, proctor, pending litigation between Mary DRAYCOTT, widow,
sister, Priscilla, wife of Edward NORWOOD, Abigail & Elizabeth BARRINGTON, nieces on sister's side and Edmund COLLYER, executor
14 Aug 1690142
DRAYCOTT FrancisBrownsey Studland Priscilla, wife of Edward NORWOOD, niece on sister's side 19 Dec 1690204
HANCOCKE JohnStudland, but died aboard the ship "Happy Returns" in the King's service Studland Richard STEPHENS, father & attorney of Susan HANCOCKE, relict 10 Oct 1673119
BARTON JohnBruncksley Studland (Bruncksey,
i.e. Brownsea)
William SANDES, Knight, creditor (of goods not administered by John GWISE May 1590 and Thomas GODDARD Nov 1605) 18 Feb 1605/629
ALFORD ThomasSwanwich Swanage Mary ALFORD, relict 12 Apr 168360
BANFIELD RichardSwannedge, but died at sea in the ship "Andrew" in the State's service Swanage John BANFIELD, son28 Aug 1655 171
COCKERAM PriscillaSandwich, Purbeck Swanage Bruin COCKERAM, husband 06 Oct 1647148
COCKERAM John, armigerSanwich in Purbeck Swanage Thomas COCKERAM, brother 05 Mar 1669/7043
CORBIN RobertSandwich, but died in the ship "Assurance" in the King's service Swanage Dennis SEFFRAY, attorney of Ann CORBIN, relict 21 Jun 167873
EDMONDES EdwardSwanage, but died in the ship "Northumberland" Swanage Ely DUFFETT, attorney of Alice EDMONDES, relict 10 Mar 1695/647
HENDYE WilliamSandwich Swanage John PHEPPARD of Sandwich, sayler 29 Jan 1623/473
MARSHFIELD Thomas SandwichSwanage Mary MARSHFIELD, relict 15 Feb 1676/728
MEADWAY GeorgeSwanage Swanage Matthew MEADWAY, father 18 Jan 1700/13
MELMOTH PeterSanwich, Purbeck Swanage Susanna MELMOTH, relict (further grant Feb 1681) 14 Dec 1680179
MELMOTH Peter, seniorSanwich, Purbeck Swanage Lewis Cockram, guardian of Elizabeth & Peter MELMOTH, children of the deceased - Susanna MELMOTH, relict, having died without administering (former grant Dec 1680) 08 Feb 1680/123
MELMOTH JohnSanwich, Purbeck Swanage William MELMOTH, cousin & guardian of Susanna, Judith, Phineas & John MELMOTH, children of the deceased - Cecily MELMOTH, relict, being dead 17 Oct 1692185
MELMOTH WilliamSandwich, but died in the ship "Thunder Bomb" Swanage George CLARKE, principal creditor - John GOVER, uncle, renouncing 20 Feb 1720/129
MELMOUTH JohnSwanidge Swanage Ursula MELMOUTH, relict 14 Feb 1641/2104
PETTEN Alexander, widowerSandwich Swanage Anne, wife of Robert POULDEN, daughter 23 Jan 1721/212
PIKE BartholomewSandwich Swanage Grace PIKE, relict12 Mar 1677/8 32
SERRELL AnthonySwanwick, Isle of Purbeck Swanage Agnes SERRELL, relict 04 May 1627152
SERRELL HenrySanwich, Purbeck Swanage Mary SERRELL, relict 12 Apr 168361
TREW PeterWhitcliffe, Purbeck Swanage Ann TREW, relict09 Aug 1660 112
VERGE ThomasSanwich Swanage Mary VERGE, relict21 Feb 1688/9 24
WADHAM JohnSwainedge, Isle of Purbeck Swanage Winifred WADHAM, relict 18 Oct 1632131
DOLLING RobertDunshay, Worth Matravers Worth Matravers Mary & Selina DOLLING, sisters 24 Oct 1674153
DOLLING MaryDunshay Worth Matravers Margaret, wife of John PYKE, and Selena DOLLING, sisters 08 Feb 1675/619
FORTESCUE Eleanor, widowQuare Worth Matravers (Quarr) John PITT, uncle (mother's side) & guardian of Francis & Elizabeth, children of the deceased 31 Mar 1669/7043
BALLING WilliamPurbeck [unknown Purbeck parish] Susanna BALLING, relict 28 Nov 1672166
GILLAM alias PARRYS Roger Purbeck[unknown Purbeck parish] Agnes GILLAM alias PARRIS, relict 28 Jan 1568/9141
LITTLE WilliamPurbeck, but died in the ship "Sandwich" [unknown Purbeck parish] John AMBROSE, attorney of Elizabeth LITTLE, relict 07 Jan 1697/818
MUNDAY ThomasIsle of Purbeck [unknown Purbeck parish] Frances MUNDAY, relict 03 Jan 1617/18153
PARRYS alias GILLAM Roger Purbeck[unknown Purbeck parish] Agnes GILLAM alias PARRIS, relict 28 Jan 1568/9141
PYKE JohnPurbeck [unknown Purbeck parish] Margaret PYKE, relict 05 Jun 1703127
STREETE ThomasPurbeck, but died at Harwich, Essex [unknown Purbeck parish] John STREETE, brother 17 Nov 1651181
TALBOT WilliamIsle of Purbeck [unknown Purbeck parish] Edith TALBOT, relict 05 Feb 1614/154
TOOP MargeryPurbeck [unknown Purbeck parish] Henry GREENING, nephew on sister's side 21 Jun 167367
WELLS CatherinePurbeck [unknown Purbeck parish] Ann WELLS, spinster, daughter 10 Sep 1700183
WITT JohnPurbeck, but died in the ship "John & Mary" [unknown Purbeck parish] Edmund BUGDEN, principal creditor - Ann WITT, relict, renouncing 31 Oct 1685133
YOUNGE WalterKingsale, Ireland, but died in the Isle of Purbeck [unknown Purbeck parish] John YOUNGE, brother 19 Jun 162073