Photos that are faded, scratched or have missing or damaged areas can usually be digitally repaired and greatly enhanced, bringing special old memories back to life without damaging the original. Mould damage, stains and pen marks can be removed, yellow aged photos corrected and exposure and contrast adjusted. Provided the critical areas of the face are mostly intact, most photographs are repairable.  Photos can also be adjusted to sepia, black and white tones or digitally coloured. Old photographs or genealogy photo collections can also be copied to CD or DVD.


If you would like me to assess your photo:


      Scan photo in colour at 300 to 600 dpi - high quality jpeg (about 3MB file size)

      Send to me as an attachment by email

      I will send a no-obligation price quote by email

      On completion of restoration, I will send a proof by email attachment
         for your review and approval

      On receipt of payment I will send the restoration by email attachment

         Alternatively you can mail your photo (or a copy on CD or DVD) to me
         for restoration. 
Postal details given on request.


The cost of restoration will depend on the amount of damage and the level of detail to be repaired in damaged areas of the photo.
However most photos can be greatly enhanced for an affordable charge.



Payment can be made: 

                 Australia - Bank Deposit, Money Order, Bank Cheque or PayPal

                 International - Bank Deposit into a UK or USA account,
                                          PayPal -
[No PayPal account required - Credit card, debit card
                                          or bank account can be used through the PayPal site at no extra charge]
                                          Enter amount owing in form below


Contact me
Sue Mills


The photo's brightness and contrast was adjusted and the image converted to sepia.


Photo was faded and had damaged areas on
the girl's blouse, face and in the background.

The photo was sharpened, exposure adjusted and spots removed



The photo was very badly damaged with some missing areas.
The exposure and contrast needed attention





Photo had a large mark on face, dust and mould
stains and had become faded with age

Mark on face was repaired, stains removed, brightness
and contrast adjusted and oval frame added


Very badly damaged areas on the man's
right arm and beard on the faded photo.

The damaged areas on the clothes and face were repaired
and the photo sharpened and light and contrast adjusted


The man's jacket was badly damaged
and the photo had yellowed with age.

The man's clothes were repaired, yellow colour
cast removed and image exposure and contrast adjusted.
The image is produced in sepia.



Tear through centre of photo and the photo had become faded

Repaired tear and adjusted brightness and contrast.


Small 2.5in X 3.5in photo had creases
and needed tonal adjustments

Removed crease marks and enlarged photo to 6in X 4in


The photo was badly damaged with spots, some
areas had lost detail and the photo was faded

After removing the spots, the photo was sharpened and
light and contrast adjusted and detail added to some areas


Colour was added to the photo which was originally black and white.