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Baines, Frank The History of John Mowlem and Company
(Vol I and II)
Benfield, Eric (1940), Bugler, Brian R (ed) (1990) Purbeck Shop
(Ensign Publications) (ISBN 1854550357)
A Stoneworker's Story of Stone
Brannon, Philip (1858) The Illustrated Historical and Picturesque Guide to
Poole and Bournemouth
... Part III.-Swanage and the
Isle of Purbeck. [With plates and a map.]
(Longman & Co.: London; R. Sydenham: Poole)
Braye, John (1890) Swanage (Isle of Purbeck)
Its history, resources as an invigorating Health Resort,
botany, and geology [With plates and maps.]
(W. H. Everett & Son: London)  
Calkin, J. Bernard  (1968) Ancient Purbeck   An account of the geology of the Isle of
Purbeck and its early inhabitants
Chabot, Diana (1995) The Corbens of Purbeck
(Hemphill Publications, Hove)
(ISBN:  1899374043)
Cooper, Ilay Purbeck Revealed
(James Pembroke Publishing, Bath)
(ISBN 0954817605)
To order copies ph 07813 308416
Deacon, Tim (1996) Swanage Railway in Colour (Ian Allan, Shepperton) (ISBN:  0711024618)  
Densham, W, and Ogle, J (1899) The Story of the Congregational Churches of

Findlay, Ian Hamilton (1998) Eyres, Patrick (ed) Four Purbeck Arcadias (New Arcadian journal. no 45/46, Leeds) George Burt, the uncrowned King of Swanage,
and his late nineteenth century achievement of
creating Durlston park as a seaside Arcadia;
the conservation of Durlston compared to that
of Lulworth Castle and Tyneham; and the
Arcadian proposals for Arne
Hardy, William Masters (1906) 2nd ed (1978) Smuggling days in Purbeck (Purbeck Press, Swanage)
The haunts, methods and adventures of
Purbeck smugglers
Hardy, William Masters (1908) Old Swanage, or, Purbeck past and present. a
collection of articles, topographical, historical,
antiquarian, biographical and anecdotal.
(Dorset County Chronicle, Dorchester (1908 and 1910).
(Ken Tomkinson Ltd, Kidderminster 1980 edition)

Haysom, David and Bragg, David (1991): Swanage and Purbeck in old photographs
(Alan Sutton) (ISBN:  0862998891)
Haysom, Nathaniel (1992) Records of Swanage
(Melledgen) (ISBN:  0906637228)
Hinton, David (ed) (2002) Purbeck Papers   Looks at various aspects of Purbeck history
and archaeology
Green, David (1995) Swanage Railway Company : a pictorial guide
(Swanage Railway Company, Swanage) (ISBN:  0952583704)  
Jones, Percy Thoresby (1934) The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin,
... Illustrated.
(British Publishing Co.: Gloucester & London)  
Legg, Rodney (1972) Purbeck Island. The industrial, social and natural
history of a corner of England.
(Dorset Publishing Co, Sherborne) (SBN 902129)
Legg, Rodney (1983) Old Swanage (Dorset Publishing: Sherborne)
Legg, Rodney (1995) Swanage Encyclopaedic Guide
(Dorset Publishing Company, Wincanton) (ISBN:  0948699450)  
Lewer, David and Smale, Dennis (1994): Swanage Past. (Phillimore: Chichester) (ISBN:  0850339499)
Morris, Jeff (1984, 1993, 1998) The story of the Swanage lifeboats
(Royal National Lifeboat Institution)
Mowlem, John (1788-1868)David Lewer (ed) (1990) John Mowlem's Swanage
(Dorset, Wincanton,)
Diary 1845-1851. with an introduction and
O'Hara, Mike and
Buxton, Ben  (2001)
Purbeck Camera Dovecote Press, Wimborne
ISBN I 874336 90 3
Containing 'More than 150 photographs, from
Victorian times to the present, that superbly
illustrate the changing character of one of the
most unspoilt and fascinating corners of
Popplewell, Lawrence (1988) Stone blocks and greenheart.
(Melledgen, Bournemouth) Swanage seen from its piers 1859-96
(Poole Bay Series)
Pushman, David (1995) Purbeck Underground
  Describes the history of the stone trade in
Pushman, David (1991) The Loss of the SS Treveal   Dorset shipwreck mystery
(occurred off of St. Albans Head)
Simpson, Llewellyn Lloyd The Registers of Swanage, Co. Dorset, 1563-1812.
(Parish Register Society)
Transcribed by Llewellyn Lloyd Simpson.
Southey (1894 The Life of Reverend Andrew Bell John Murray, London; William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh Volume 2 chapter 27 onward
Tatchell, Leonard (1951) A Short History of the Swanage Congregational
  Compiled at the request of the Minister, Deacons and Members [With plates.]
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