Purbeck Militia List


Herston Tything


A Perfect List of the Men in the Tything of Herston
Between the ages of 18 & 53? Drawn by me John ....? Tythingman

Lewis COCKMAN Farmer's Son Aged 20  
William HARDING Stone Cutter Aged 22  
David CLARKE Stone Cutter Aged 25  
Robert SEYMER Stone Cutter Aged 41  
Giles HARDING Stone Cutter Aged 26  
John COLE Stone Cutter Aged 30  
John LININGTON Heliyor? Aged 27  
Robert BONFIELD Stone Cutter Aged 30  
Benjamin BOWER Stone Cutter Aged 30  
William BRINE Stone Cutter Aged 32  
Joseph COLLINS Stone Cutter Aged 34  
John REMSTONE Stone Cutter Aged 18  
Samuel KING Stone Cutter Aged 18  
Richard BOWER Stone Cutter Aged 27  
William CULEARS? Stone Cutter Aged 25 Martialley or Mentialley
William LUCKURST Dairyman Aged 27  
Walter SPINCER Sheppard Aged 37  
John SYMES Stone Cutter Aged 28  
Edward LAMBERD Lab. Aged 28  
James SANDERS Farmer's Son Aged 20  
Robert DAMPIER Farmer's Son Aged 20  
Joseph SANDERS Stone Cutter Aged 39  
Joseph KING Stone Cutter Aged 40  
John COX Carpenter Aged 35  
Thomas CLARK Stone Cutter Aged 30  
Samuel LUCKURST Lab. Aged 19  
Israel BOWER Stone Cutter Aged 22  
Israel BOWER Stone Cutter Aged 40  
William BOWER Stone Cutter Aged 19  
Robert EDMONDS Lab. Aged 48  
John EDMONDS Farmer's Son Aged 19  
True BEST Stone Cutter Aged 23  
Isaac BEST Stone Cutter Aged 21  
Rheuben BOWER Stone Cutter Aged 30  
Astone BOWER Stone Cutter Aged 34  
James VYE Stone Cutter Aged 27  
Thomas LAMBERD Lab. Aged 30  
Joseph GALTON Lab. Aged 40  
George BOWER Stone Cutter Aged 40  
Thomas CHINCHEN Stone Cutter Aged 23  
William BARTLETT Stone Cutter Aged 40 Infirm
Edward BROWN Stone Cutter Aged 30  
John BROWN Stone Cutter Aged 25  
Timothy PHIPPARD Stone Cutter Aged 37  
Joseph VYE Stone Cutter Aged 20  
James TALBOTT Lab. Aged 19  
William CHINCHEN Stone Cutter Aged 40 The same
Titus CHINCHEN Stone Cutter - Collector
of the Land Tax
Aged 27  
Henry BOWER Stone Cutter Aged 40  
Henry CORBIN Stone Cutter Aged 30  
Peter CORBIN Stone Cutter Aged 30  
Tytus CORBIN Stone Cutter Aged 27  
James HAYWARD Stone Cutter Aged 24  
John PHIPPARD Stone Cutter Aged 25  
Samuel PHIPPARD Stone Cutter Aged 22  
Henry BURT Stone Cutter Aged 32  
John VYE Stone Cutter Aged 31  
Richard HAYSOM Stone Cutter Aged 30  
Henry WARRAN Stone Cutter Aged 20  
James WARREN Stone Cutter Aged 21  
Joseph LAMBARD Shoemaker Aged 20  
John CULL Dayreyman [sic] Aged 40  


Unknown Tything



John WELSTED Overseer of Kings Cordage
Thomas IRELAND Supervisor of Excise
William MIST Exciseman
Joseph FRITH Currier
William EWER Exciseman
John TILSTED Cordwainer
Thomas TILSTED Sailmaker
James WALKER Sawyer
Bernard DUNFORD Basketmaker
William ANDELUM Basketmaker
James AISH Labourer
Benjamin WISE Clerk - the collector of the Customs House
William SCOTT Servant


Tything of Studland


----? Wallden having Estate of h------?

John EDMONDS Servant  
Timothy STEVENS King's Officer  
Joseph BARNES King's Officer  
Peter PHIPPARD King's Officer  
Henry GOULD Junr.    
William GOULD Yeoman  
John BILES   Unfitt
Peter BROWNSEA   Unfitt
John DAVIS Lab.  
John BARTLETT Lab.  
Elok HALE Marbler  
John HALE Lab.  
Richard BOWER Blacksmith  
Richard STILES Lab.  
John COOK Farmer  
John SEYMOUR Farmer  
John SUMMERS Farmer  
William BAILEY   Unfit
Peter MEADER Farmer  
James SNUCK King's Officer  
Thomas STONE   Unfit
Robert WHITE Clarke of the Parish  
John DOLEN Marbler  


Whitecliff Tything

Dorset August the 11th 1759

A List of the Men in the Tything of Whiteclift and Hundred of Rowbarrow
John Nineham Tythingman

Richard TALBOT's Two sons viz    
Stephen TALBOT  
James TALBOT  
John DUKE Lab.


Rempstoun [sic] Tything


John Symonds Tythingman

Mr George COLE Collector of the Land Tax
and overseers? of the Poor
Henry WISEMAN    


Ower Tything

August 11th 1759

This is to let you know that I have but one man in my
tything that is within the Age mentioned in the Warrant

Stephen SMITH Tythingman aged 53 years of the Tything of Ower and Hundred of Rowbarrow


Worth Matravers Tything

Edward Smith Tythingman 1759

A list of the names of the men in the Tything of the Parish of Worth Matravers
in the Hundred of Rowbarrow that are Lyable to Serve his Majesty in the Militia

John CURTIS Yeoman  
Charles BOWER Marbler  
John BATTRICK Dairyman  
Richard STICKLAND Lab.  
Robert HOWARD Marbler  
Thomas RAWLINS Yeoman  
Ephraim GREEN Lab.  
William BISHOP Lab. Broken Leg
Timothy SMITH Blacksmith Not healthy
William SMITH Yeoman  
James SMITH Yeoman  
Henry RAWLES Labourer  
William BUSH Labourer  
Lewis BOWER Marbler  
James CORBIN   Deaf
John PYKE Marbler  
Thomas VYE Marbler  
Edward SMITH Shoemaker  
Thomas COASTFIELD Lab.  
Richard SMITH Tayler  
Robert SQUIBB Marbler  
Joseph BOWER Marbler  
Samuel SMITH Yeoman  
Edward BARNES Marbler  
William HASKOLL Marbler  
Edward HASKOLL Marbler  
John MARSH Labourer  
John BARNES jun.   A cripple
John BOWER Marbler  
Peter BOWER Marbler  


Tything of Afflenton [sic]


in the Hundred of Rowbarrow

John RALS Servant  
Edward LILLINGTON Servant  
Robert DIFFY Labourer  
William FALE Labourer  
John STONE   Lame
Thomas SMITH Tayler  
Luse GOVER Farmer  
William GORIG Daryman [sic]  
John SAVAG Farmer  
Henry STICKLAND Servant  
Thomas BRADFORD Lab.  
William STILES Labourer  
Edward GOVER   Deaf


Langton Wallus [sic] Tything


A list of such Persons fit to serve in the Militia Forces

John Smith Tythingman

Samuel BOWER Stone Cutter  
John BOWER Apprentice Stone Cutter  
John LONG Labourer  
Thomas BOWER Stone Cutter  
Joseph DOWLAND Stone Cutter  
Thomas DOWLAND Stone Cutter  
Tucker BROWN Stone Cutter  
Joseph COASTFIELD Stone Cutter  
Thomas WEBBER Tayler  
Samuel CHINCHEN Stone Cutter  
Alexander CORBEN Stone Cutter  
Samuel COOPER Lab.  
James TURNER Stone Cutter  
Daniel TRIM Lab.  
Rose SMITH Blacksmith  
Richard BRIGS Shoemaker  
George EDMONDS Clark [sic] Infirm
Thomas HANCOCK Labourer  
Samuel THICKS Stone Cutter  
James [Blank] Stone Cutter Infirm
Thomas TACKAL Servant  
John OYERS Husbandman  
William OYERS Husbandman  
John RICKETS Husbandman  
John RALTINGS Lab.  
Thomas GOVER Husbandman  
Thomas CITCAT Servant  
William BATRICK Lab. Deaf
John BAKER Husbandman  
Thomas BAKER Husbandman  
William BAKER Husbandman  
George BAKER Husbandman  
John BUTTEN Servant