Purbeck Folk

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Thomas Talbot [1853 - 1933] - Aged 8 years
Son of James and Elizabeth Talbot


Thomas Talbot [1853 - 1933]
Age 16 years - Son of James of Langton

Thomas Talbot [1853 - 1933]
Age 21 years of Langton


Thomas Talbot [1853 - 1933]
At time of his wedding to Emma Haysom - 1877

Emma Haysom at time of marriage to Thomas Talbot - 1877
Swanage Congregational


Thomas Talbot [1853 - 1933]


Thomas Talbot [middle front].at the Great Globe Greenwich before removal to Swanage
Francis [Frank] Haysom [left] - brother to Emma.


Carrie Talbot  [1882-1974] - aged 2
Outside the Mowlem Institute. Cheap seafront photo on tin.

William [1880-1960], Arthur [1883-1980, Carrie [1882-1974] and Thomas Talbot [1878-1961]
Children of Thomas and Emma Talbot


Emmy Talbot [1889-1894]
Daughter of Thomas and Emma Talbot

Thomas [1878-1961] and William [1880-1960] Talbot
of Thomas and Emma Talbot


Thomas and Emma Talbot with family - C 1890


Carrie Howell [nee Talbot 1882-1974]
Daughter of Thomas Talbot of Langton

Thomas, William and Arthur Talbot
Sons of Thomas and Emma taken at Swanage at the relief of Mafeking


Thomas Talbot with wife Florence Dyer - 1903

Florence Talbot wife of Thomas Jnr with Percy and Stanly


William Talbot's marriage to Rose Corbin - 1908

William Talbot with wife Rose [Corbin]


William Talbot - Royal Flying Corps

Arthur Talbot's wedding to Rose Pearce
Also present William Talbot. Emma Talbot. Carrie Talbot. James Talbot. Miriam Talbot and Rachel Talbot


James and William Talbot in old age

Thomas and Emma Talbot in old age