Purbeck Folk

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Francis Haysom [1791 - 1879]
Father of James
Pier master, Fisherman

Francis Haysom at the Bankers Swanage


John Haysom [1824 - ] Son of Francis Stonemason
 Landlord of the Purbeck Hotel and Fisherman of Swanage

Ann Haysom [nee Tomes]
Wife of John Haysom of Swanage


James Haysom  [1829 - 1908]
husband of Caroline

Caroline Hurlstone [ 1832 - 1914]
wife of James Haysom.
Lived at Roundhouse Swanage


The Round House Swanage with Caroline Haysom wife of the owner James Haysom in the doorway


James Haysom [centre facing woman]


Emma Hurlstone Haysom [later Talbot] - aged 18 - Swanage
Daughter of James Haysom.

Emma Haysom at time of marriage to Thomas Talbot
1877  - Swanage Congregational


Job Hardy and Caroline - [1861 - 1942] [nee Haysom]
Daughter of James and Caroline Haysom

Caroline Hardy nee Haysom


Hugh Smith
Husband of Mary Bonfield of Swanage

Mary Smith nee Bonfield of Swanage


Hugh Smith and Mary his wife [nee Bonfield\

Mary Bonfield and child


Samuel Bonfield of Swanage - Quarrier
Taken mid 1850's


Mary Bonfield [nee Miller] - Wife of Samuel Bonfield of Swanage
Taken mid 1850's


Swanage Masons in Vauxhall, London - Haysom's Talbot's and Tomes - 1880's. Dog called ROCK


Swanage Masons in London  - 1880's





Believed to be the brother of Ann Bishop - wife of Francis Haysom

Mable Hooper - Mother of local poet of Langton
Lived at the Steps


Swanage Girl Guides - Back far right  - Kathleen [Jo] Howell [1917-2005]