Purbeck Folk

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Francis Haysom [1791 - 1879]
Father of James
Pier master, Fisherman

Francis Haysom at the Bankers Swanage


John Haysom [1824 - ] Son of Francis Stonemason
 Landlord of the Purbeck Hotel and Fisherman of Swanage

Ann Haysom [nee Tomes]
Wife of John Haysom of Swanage


Photo kindly donated by Samantha Garrity

Back row (left to right)
Annie Kent Haysom, Lina Haysom, William Haysom

Front Row (left to right)
Sidney William Tomes, Mary Bishop Tomes (nee Haysom), Frances Emma Tomes,
John Haysom, Mary Adelaide "Addie" Tomes, Ann Haysom (nee Tomes)

Photo kindly donated by Samantha Garrity

Left to right - Frances Emma Tomes, Sydney William Tomes and Mary Adelaide Tomes 


Ann Haysom (nee Tomes)

Annie Kent Haysom

Photos kindly donated by Samantha Garrity


Photos kindly donated by Samantha Garrity

Frances Emma “Em” Turner nee Tomes


Photo kindly donated by Samantha Garrity

Top down

Henry Twelves Dixon Turner
Madeline Dixon Watson (nee Turner)
Frances Emma Turner (nee Tomes)
Mary Dixon Turner
Frances Madeleine Turner
Jessie Elizabeth Turner
Henry Albert Turner
Lina Dixon Turner
Ruth Dixon Turner
Arthur Dixon Turner
Winifred Dixon Turner


In Melrose, MA, USA


Photo kindly donated by Samantha Garrity

Albert Tomes (1843-1906)



Photo kindly donated by Samantha Garrity

Daughters of Albert and Mary Bishop Tomes
From left to right: Alfred Charles Wright, Mary Adelaide Wright nee Tomes,
 Frances Emma Turner nee Tomes, and Henry Twelves Dixon Turner.
The young boy is Alfred Cyril Gordon Wright, oldest child of Alfred and Mary Adelaide Wright


Photos kindly donated by Samantha Garrity
Lina Haysom


James Haysom  [1829 - 1908]
husband of Caroline

Caroline Hurlstone [ 1832 - 1914]
wife of James Haysom.
Lived at Roundhouse Swanage


The Round House Swanage with Caroline Haysom wife of the owner James Haysom in the doorway


James Haysom [centre facing woman]


Emma Hurlstone Haysom [later Talbot] - aged 18 - Swanage
Daughter of James Haysom.

Emma Haysom at time of marriage to Thomas Talbot
1877  - Swanage Congregational


Job Hardy and Caroline - [1861 - 1942] [nee Haysom]
Daughter of James and Caroline Haysom

Caroline Hardy nee Haysom


Hugh Smith
Husband of Mary Bonfield of Swanage

Mary Smith nee Bonfield of Swanage


Hugh Smith and Mary his wife [nee Bonfield]

Mary Bonfield and child


Samuel Bonfield of Swanage - Quarrier
Taken mid 1850's


Mary Bonfield [nee Miller] - Wife of Samuel Bonfield of Swanage
Taken mid 1850's


Swanage Masons in Vauxhall, London - Haysom's Talbot's and Tomes - 1880's. Dog called ROCK


The dog called Rock from photo above


Swanage Masons in London  - 1880's


The Manner St Yard in London with all the Dorset Masons [ young Turks]
Man in flat cap front row standing 3rd from right, Thomas Talbot, and lots of Haysoms and Tomes





Believed to be the brother of Ann Bishop - wife of Francis Haysom

Mable Hooper - Mother of local poet of Langton
Lived at the Steps


Swanage Girl Guides - Back far right  - Kathleen [Jo] Howell [1917-2005]