Purbeck Folk
Many thanks to David White of Swanage for the donations of photos on this page

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Joice Smith White - 1812 to 1895
Mother of W.D. White


William Davis White

William Davis White


William Davis White of Swanage [Carpenter] and Family - C 1893
Back Row - L to R: Gideon Walter, James Frederick,  William Ambrose,  Robert Gerrard  and Miriam Talbot
Middle Row - L to R:  William Davis White, Freeland George and Esther Miriam [Lander of Langton]
Front Row - L to R: Herbert Lander, Mary Chinchen, Maggie May and Esther Elizabeth
Taken by Walter Pouncy [photographer]
38 High West St, Dorchester and Swanage


Congregational Church Choir outing to Studland 1895 contains White family members
Rev. Thomas Steer (centre back row).

Hubert George White in Belvedere c.1905. and a cousin



The White Family at "Island View", Cluny Crescent, Swanage c 1905
Standing L to R: Gideon Walter, William Ambrose, James Frederick and Robert Gerard
Middle Row L to R: Freeland George, Esther Elizabeth [Mrs Cove], William Davis,
Esther Miriam [Lander], Miriam Talbot [ Mrs Hunt] and Herbert Lander
Front Row L to R: Mary Chinchen [Mrs Lock]  and Maggie May [Mrs Smith]


William Davis White -1839-1921

Esther Miriam White (1846-1917) Born Langton, Wife of William
Daughter of Ambrose and Miriam Lander nee Talbot



John Davis White [1848 to 1927]  Bathing machine
proprietor, Swanage.  Brother of William Davis White


William Davis White and his sister [left] - Sarah Crockett
with niece Lucy Katherine Cann (right) c.1920


Mrs. Joice Smith Bunnell, (taken in Sydney Australia),
elder sister of William Davis White.


Mrs. A.D. Snook - sister of William Davis White.


Gideon Walter White - Grand Hotel in background 1905

G.W. White and his wife Rose Violet [nee Mills]


Gideon Walter White - 1911
Swanage Fire Brigade


Gideon Walter White - 1915

Gideon Walter White - 1873 to 1946
Fire Chief - Swanage Fire Brigade


Dorset Fire Brigade county competition C1923.
L/R - Reginald White, Percy Foot, Frank Bishop, Freeland White [father of Reginald]



Swanage Fire Brigade C1923.
Back Row. William Gallop, Percy Foote, Frank Bishop, E Langdon.
Middle Row. F. Stockley, Arthur Summers, Reginald White, Freeland White.
Front Row. A Phippard, William Vaughn [2nd Officer ] Gideon White [ Captain ] Cecil Dorey


Swanage Fire Brigade C1923.
Back Row L/R. Frank Bishop, Percy Foot, Reginald White, Arthur Summers, E. Langdon,
F. Barnett [ Driver ] R. Pitcher.
Front Row including cyclists. A. Phippard, F. Stockley, William Henry Gallop, William George Vaughn 2nd Officer,
Gideon White Captain, Freeland White Foreman, J. Goater, C. Trent, and Cecil Dorey.