From originals in House of Lords - 23 Feb 1641/42

Thomas Monday

Robert Monday

William Talbott

Henry Adams

Luke Chippe

John Tewxbury

William Chattocke

John Talbott

Henry Panther

Thomas Panther

John Talbot

George Greene

John Phipperd

Henry Bayly Jr

William Cowper

Richard Bayley Sr

George Duke

William Styles

Peter Tombes

Richard Styles

John Mowlam

William Partridge

Richard Strawbridge

Simon Miller

William Scorey

John Vintrey

John Crocker

William Mersh

John Bondville/Bradwell Sr

Richard Duke

John Browne

John Rickett

Alexander Mowlam

Thomas Miller

William Strode

Dennis Tombes

William Smith

Nicholas Seller

William Welsteed

William Panther Sr

William Panther Jr

Nicholas Knowles

Henry Edwards

George Duport

Richard Squibb

David Coleman

Robert Bayley

John Bradwell Jr

Richard Bayley


John Frampton - Minister


Edward Squibb

Richard Chattick - Churchwardens


Peter Talbot - Overseer

Mr Henry Welles a Papist and Edward Norman reported to be popishly affected absent themselves

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