Rectors of Studland

From Hutchins History of Dorset and Studland Church

Walter WAVELIN cl. inst. 5 cal. May,1300
William GARDINER acolyte, inst. 8 id. Nov. 1342
Nicholas de LUDINGTON  
William de LANGE chaplain, on the resignation of Ludington, instituted ult. May, 1366
Thomas ROBERT  
Adam BRYSTOWE cl. on the resignation of Robert, instit. 18 April, 1411, exchanged with
John ORUM rector of Tarrant Keineston, inst. 11 Jun, 1414
John WYLLE, alias SCRYVENER chaplain on the resignation of Orum, instituted June 17, 1414
exchanged with
John LANE Rector of East Wogwyl, dioc. Exon, inst. 9 May 1419
Phillip GOFFE chaplain, on the resignation of Lane, instit. 8 March, 1428
Robert CARVILE chaplain, on the death of Goffe, instit. 17 Jan. 1437
Richard WHITBY LL.B. Canon Residentiary of Sarum, and Rector of Morton, on the
resignation of Carvile, inst. 10 May 1453
David RAGER  
John KEGWYN chaplain, presented to this church of Saint Nicholas, on the resignation of Rager, instituted 25 Feb 1466
Richard BOURTON or BOSTON cl. on the resign. of Kegwyn, instit. 11 Jul, 1469
Henry SUTTON cl. on the resign. of Boston, inst. 16 Oct, 1472
William HORNSEY chaplain, on the resignation of Sutton, instit. 26 Nov. 1474
John THORPE cl. on the death of Hornsey, inst. 28 July,1480
William LILLINGTON chaplain, on the resignation of Thrope, inst. 11 March, 1492
Richard LUCAS pbr. on the death of Lillington, inst. 10 Jan. 1536
John ROBILACK 1578
Adam HILL 1579
John LOVELAKE 1579
Henry MILLER 1591
William BULL 1593
Nathaniel BULL May 28, 1625. He had a dispensation to succeed his father William Bull
deceased, confirmed by the King May 30
Francis FRAMPTON 1627, on the death of Nath. Bull
John BEAUMONT 1658
Benjamin JEWET succeeded, 4 Jan 1680, on the death of Beaumont
Robert TURNER 1685, 13 April, on the ......... of Jewet
William ABEL vicar of Bere, 19 Nov, 1691
Richard GERARD ind. April 29, 1701
Robert BAILEY ind. Feb. 10, 1711
Benjamin CULME M.A. Oct. 23, 1718, ind. Nov. 1, also rector of Glanvil's Wotton
Thomas COLSON M.A. rector of Stoke Bayford, co. Somerset, on the death of Culme,
instit. May 31, 1744. He was after rector of Woodsford
John WOOD B.A. June 22, 1784, on the death of Colson
John Morton COLSON LL.B. Nov 8, 1786, on the cession of Wood. Died Dec.17, 1837, aged 75
Charles Michael TURNER inst. 1838, resigned Oct 10, 1853
George ALSTON B.A. inst. Nov 21, 1853
Charles Robert DIGBY 1878
Frederick Swift ALGEO 1892
Arthur Robert COLLINS 1923
John Hartforth JAQUES 1932 - Canon
Harold BOWDEN-SMITH 1936
Sydney Ernest CROUCH 1940
Henry Herbert Redvers BARTON 1942
Oswald Rochfort YERBURGH 1959 - Canon
Frank Arthur Youngman 1966
William Douglas O'HANLON 1972 - M.A. Canon
John Michael BLOOMFIELD 1983 - Priest in Charge
David K.  CALLARD M.A. - 1983
Dudley RACTLIFFE B.A. D.P.S. - 1993
John S. WOOD B.S.C. - 2002


Swanage and Studland Team Ministry Est. 1986

Team Vicars

Frank SCAMMELL M.A. - 1986
William WATTS 1993