Hunts - 1851

Mrs ADAMS Beach Cottage  
Rev. John Morton COLSON A.M.    
Mrs Grove COVENTRY    
Robert DUGDALE esq.    
Rev. William FAIRFAX Independent minister  
Lieut John HANCOCK R.N.    
Rev. James Leonard JACKSON M.A. Rector  
Rev. George MORGAN Curate  
John MOWLEM esq.    
Capt. Edward William PILKINGTON R.N. Osborne house  
John TAYLOR esq.    
Thomas BENFIELD 'Black Swan'  
John BIDDLECOMBE Grocery dealer  
Joseph BIDDLECOMBE 'Ship Commercial Inn'  
Francis BISHOP Grocer & c.  
Joseph BISHOP Cooper  
Sarah BOWER Lodging House Keeper  
John BRIDLE Farmer  
William BRIDLE Carpenter  
William Colbert BURT Farmer  
Letitia BURT Grocer and stone dealer  
William BURT Farmer  
John BUTT Butcher  
Ann CHINCHER Straw bonnet maker should be Chinchen
Nathanial CHINCHER & Wm. G WHITE Stone merchants should be Chinchen
James CLARK Baker  
Henry Lance CLEALL Plumber and glazier  
Joseph COFFIN Tailor  
James COLEMAN Tailor and draper  
Maria COLEMAN Straw bonnet maker  
Thomas COLEMAN Grocer and stone mason  
John William COX Plumber  
Fanny CRAFT Ladies' school  
Henry Digby Cotes DELAMOTTE Surgeon and registrar of births and deaths  
Harry DIBBEN Baker  
Thomas DOWLAND Grocery dealer  
George ELLIS Carpenter & grocery dealer  
Timothy FARWELL Carpenter  
John FITZ Draper & grocer  
Geo. FOOKS 'Globe Inn', Herston  
Alfred GILLINGHAM Grocer & draper  
Henry GILLINGHAM Stone & coal merchant  
George GOVER Farmer  
Edmund GRANT Farmer  
Mark GRANT Baker  
Thomas GRAY Tailor  
Thomas HADGRAFT Tailor  
Alice HARVEY Baker  
Charles HATCHARD Blacksmith  
George HIXON White Swan'  
James HIXON 'White Hart'  
Thomas HUNT Farmer  
Maria HUSSEY Grocer & draper  
John LININGTON Bricklayer  
John & Henry MARSH Stone merchants & linen drapers  
Seth MARSHFIELD Farmer  
Phineas MELMOTH Grocer & stone merchant  
Thomas MORGAN Boys' school  
Charles MOWLEM 'New Inn'  
James PANTON Brewer  
James PHIPPARD Tinman  
James PUSHMAN Grocer & stone mason  
Thomas RANDALL Stone merchant & farmer  
Thomas RAWLINS Tailor  
Richd. ROW 'Royal Victoria Hotel'  
Mary Ann SEYMOUR Straw bonnet maker  
William SHOREY Watchmaker and agent to Phoenix fire office  
John S. SMEDMORE Builder & ironmonger  
Charles SMITH Blacksmith  
James SMITH Miller  
John STEVENS Grocery dealer & shoemaker  
Thos. STEVENS Beer retailer, Herston  
John SUMMERS Grocery &c. dealer  
William THOMPSON Grocery &c. dealer and brewer  
George TOMES Grocery &c. dealer  
William TRENCHARD Carpenter  
Elijah VACHER 'Anchor Inn'  
William VYE 'Red Lion Inn' and butcher  
William George WALKER Chemist & druggist and agent to the Atlas Fire and Life and Metropolitan Life Insurance Companies  
Eliz. WEBBER Straw bonnet maker  
Peter WEBBER Grocery &c. dealer  
Daniel WHITE Cabinet maker and proprietor of the public baths  
Joseph WHITE Farmer - Whitecliff  
William WHITE Cabinet maker  
William Grove WHITE Manager - Dorsetshire Bank - draw upon Williams, Deacon & Co.  
Charles WILCOX Surgeon