Swanage Wills

Original Wills and Administrations of Archdeaconry Court of Dorset
held at Dorset County Record Office

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DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1572/17

Thomas Kydgill [Kidgell] of Sandwytche

- ‘sycke and feeble in body’

- Body to be buried in the churchyard at Swanage

- Church of Swanage: a cylver shepe

- Mary Roberts wife of Jhon [John] (dau): house in Corfe being before the hygh crosse in Corfe

- Mary (dau): hole bargain at Woolson alias Woolgarsen, Corfe

- Mary (dau): one yoke of oxen

- Joan Roberts dau of Jhon and Mary: one Sear Kyd heyfer and two chylver sleepe

- Every godchild: 4d a piece

- Jhon [John] Pyrses alias Saveney and his 3 children: 3 silver shepe to each one sheepe

- Purnell Cull (maidservant): chylver shepe

- Jhon [John] Chinchin [Chinchen] (manservant): chylver shepe

- Manlie Kydgyll (wife): rest

Witnesses: William Kyngman, John Robeats, Richard Cull
Proved 18 April 1572


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1664/23

John Browne of Sandwich
Administration bond: Robert Cuffe of Whitechurch and Stephen Hancock [signs as 'Steeven'] of Wes...[text missing] bound 15 November 1664
Robert Cuffe and Stephen Hancock, principal creditors and administrators
Before: Richard Fitzherbert


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1664/24

Robert Kent of Swanwick
22 October 1664
Administration: Marie Stone and Anne Kent of Sturminster Marshall daughters of Robert Kent deceased to administer goods etc

Witnesses/before: Richard Fitzherbert, Samuel Fitzherbert


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1665/17  

William Camell of Sandwich
Administration: Rebecca Camell, relict and testatrix of William, of Swanwich and John Camell.

16 February 1665


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1665/16

Thomas Melmer [Melmoth] of Sandwitch
Administration: Peter Melmer, marbler and Alexander Harvey of Blandford bound.

Peter Melmer to administer goods of Thomas Melmer.

27 February 1665
Witnesses: William Horlocke, Richard Fitzherbert


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1666/27

Symon Talbot, seaman of Sandwhich

- 'perfect health and memory but bound to sea by the grace of God'

- Jerrad Talbot (son): 10s

- Aderey Standard (dau): 40s

- Aderey (dau)'s two children: 10s a piece

- Mary Talbot (dau): rest, executrix

- Lewis Cockram and Richard Collins both of Sandwhich 'trusty and well beloved friends': overseers and 2s a piece

His Mark

Witnesses: James Tubb, Humphry Harris
Commission oath: to Brune Cockram, Clerk and rector of Swanwich, Thomas King rector of Langton to give oath to
Mary Talbott alias [text missing], executrix 7 August 1666

Mary to administer will of Simon Talbott her 'brother' (note husband crossed out)
Oath administered to Mary Brow[ne - text missing], dau and executrix of Symon Talbott 8 August 1666 before Brune Cockram, minister
Witnesses Avice Tayler (her mark) John Picke [?]

DHC reference: Da/I/1666/10

Simmon Talbott of Swannich, sea man 'lately deceased in his Majesty's Service in the Fox in the year 1666'

- Total: 25 9d 6d

Witnesses: John George, William Weare (mark)
Exhibited by Mary Browne, executrix before Brune Cockram 8 August 1666




DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1666/26

William Farre [Farr] of Sandwich
Will made: 15 September 1666

- 'being aged and weak of body'

- body to be interred in the parish churchyard of Sandwich

- Anna Exton (dau): tenement in Herston, then to John Farre (son)

- Anna Exton (dau): second best feather bed with feather bolster and a feather pillow with a rug, pair of blankets and one pair of fine Dowlas sheets

- Ruth Exton (gdau): 10

- Nicholas Exton (gson): 10

- Elizabeth Exton (gdau): 10

- John Exton (gson): 10

The above legacies to be delivered to Edward Exton (son-in-law) or Anna Exton (dau - their mother) to benefit interest and paid when his children are 21 years of age

- William Farre (gson): 10

- John Farre (gson): 10

- Anna Farre (gdau): 10

- Elizabeth Farre (gdau): 10

The above legacies to be delivered to John Farre to benefit interest and paid when they are 21 years of age

- Parish Church of Sandwich: 20s to be paid to churchwardens within 12 months after my decease

- Poor of Sandwich: 20s to be distributed within a month after my decease

- John Farre (son): rest and executor

- 'my trusty and wellbeloved in Christ', Mr Lawrence Culliford of Whitcliffe and Mr Giles Collings [Collins] of Oure: overseers and 5s each

His Mark
Witnesses: William Talbutt, John Hopkins


DHC reference: AD/DT/W/1667/29

Ann Trew, widow of Whitclife [Whitecliff, Swanage], Isle of Purbeck
Will made: 18 November 1667

- Edward Hayward ('well beloved friend and brother'): all goods, money etc for his use paying legacies below

- Thomas Hayward (kinsman): 40 to be paid 25 March 1670

- Sara Hawar[text missing] (kinswoman): 10 to be paid when aged 22 years

- Ephram Hayward (kinsman): 5

- 'Bredget Haward' (kinswoman): 5

- Abram Hayward (kinsman): 5

- Ann Hayward (kinswoman): 5

  to be paid when they come to the age of twenty years

- Ephram Hayward (Kinsman): 'one quofor one box and pees of gold of tenn shillings'

- Abram Hayward (kinsman): 'one cobbard one pease of goald of tenn shillings'

- 'Bredet Hayward' (kinswoman):'one quofer one box and pease of gold of tenn shillings'

- Ann Hayward (kinswoman): one chest one pease of gold of tenn [text missing]

- Thomas Hayward (kinsman): all pewter and brass, one [text missing], two feather bolsters, three sheets

- Edward Hayward ('be loved brother': executor

- Henry Vie [Vye], Nicholas Outten (loving friends): to be overseers and 10s each

Signed: x Her mark
Witnesses: Henry Vie [Vye], Nicholas Outten, John Vy [Vye]

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1668/35

Nicholas Pettin, Senior, Mariner of Sandwich, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset
Will made: 17 August 1667

- Very sick of body

- Nicholas (son): second best feather bed

- Edward (son): ‘revertion’ of my house and lands after the term of lease granted to John George

- Mary Weekes (dau): third best feather bed

- Mary Pushman (grandchild): one feather bolster

- Elizabeth Pettin (grandchild): one feather bolster

- George (son): rest and executor

- Elizabeth (‘beloved wife’): use of all during her natural life  


Witnesses: John  Hancock, Humphry Harris, Joane Beale[?]
Proved: 13 October 1668



DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1668/47

Mary Culliford [Cullyford] of Sanwitch [Sandwich]
Administration bond: Lawrence Culliford of Whitcliffe, Sandwitch, gentleman and Giles Williams, clothworker of Dorchester Trinity bound
16 March 1668

Lawrence Cullyford, son of Mary Culliford to administer
Before William Horlocke


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1668/48

Nicholas Petten, of Sandwich

Administration: Mary Petten, widow of Sandwich and Laurence Culliford, gentleman of Whitcliff, Purbeck bound.
Mary widow of Nicholas Petten of Sandwich

10 November 1668


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1669/40

John Cockram, yeoman of Sanwich
Will dated: 2 October 16[text missing]

- ‘sick and weak’

- Church of Sanwich: 10s

- Poor of Sanwich: 10s

- Bridgett and Susanna Haviland: 20 each when 21

- Bridgett and Susanna Haviland: bed and bedstead furnished excepting curtains to be delivered to
  them after death of Mary Cockram (‘dear and loving wife and their grandmother’

- Bridgett and Susanna Haviland: pewter dish each

- John, Lewis, William, Mary and Ann Cockram (grandchildren): pewter dish each

- Mary (wife): right in living at Herston valued at 50 per annum; land hold now part with my brother
  William Tallbutt and nephew James Haviland lying in Warham, Corfe, Wollstone and Vittsworth

- Mary (wife): household goods at house at Herston, then to Susanna and Alice Cockram (daughters)

- Lewis, Susanna and Alice Cockram (‘my three children’): to either 20 Nobles during the life of Mary (wife)
  being an annunity due to me from the farm of Newton

- Lewis (son): household goods at Newton in his house

- Susanna (dau): 7 13s 4d

- Lewis, Susanna and Alice Cockram (children): rest and executors

- Thomas and John Cockram (‘true and loving kinsmen’): overseers of will

Witnesses: John Cockram, William Coull
Probate: 18 May 1669

DHC reference: Da/Dt/A/1669/32

Mary Browne of Swanedge [Sandwich]
Administration bond: Vrith Tyler of Corfe Castle and Thomas Tyler, weaver of Corfe Castle, and Henry Parlet, carpenter of Corfe Castle bound 26 August 1669
Vrith Tyler, only sister of Mary Browne to administer
Witnesses: James Samborne, Roger Clavell


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1670/46  

William Balling of Sanwich

Administration: [Edith Balling], John George ‘Navigatorem’ and [part document missing], mercer of Sanwich
7 September 1670

- Edith Balling relict of William Balling to administer goods etc.

Witnesses: William and Thomas Rose, Matthew Keynell



DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1671/83

George Weeks of Swanwick
Administration: Mary Weeks, widow, George Petting [Pettin], yeoman of Sanwich and Charles Weeks, marbeller of Sanwich
9 March 1671/2

- Mary Weekes relict and widow of George of Swanwich to administer goods etc

Witnesses: William Kerridge, William Rose


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1673/33

Alexander Melmoth of Sandwich
Administration: William Melmoth of Sandwich alias Swannidge,‘agric’ [farmer] and Phineas Melmoth of Swanidge, marbeller bound

William, father of Alexander to administer goods
24 January 1673

Witnesses: William Rose, William Kerridge
Condition entered into by William Rose of Sandwich Swanidge and George King of Langton Matravers


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1674/48

William Coleman of Sandwich
Administration: Mary Coleman, widow of Sandwich otherwise Swannidge, Matthew Kennell of Sandwich and Thomas Fry of Sanwich
18 May 1674

- Mary, widow of William to administer goods etc

Witnesses: William Rose, Alexander [?]


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1675/52

Samuel Tarrey the elder of Sandwich
Administration bond: May 1675
Names of those bound are missing as top of document missing
His widow (name hidden in edge fold) is to administer. Note document changed to Samuel Tarrey, junior to administer (Mary[?] is overwritten with Samuel)
Signed 'Samuell Tarry Junr'
Before William Rose, Humphry Harris

Commission oath: to be made to Samuel Tarrey, son of Samuel Tarrey, senior
17 May 1675
Oath administered 18 May 1675 by William Rose


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1676/72

Mary Tarrey, widow of Sandwich
Memorandum of will made: October [1676 - date missing, document damaged]

- ‘sick and weak of body’

- Margery Strood (‘loving friend’): best hat, black silk workcloth, apron, barrell, lanthorne

- Francis Strood: ‘pillow tye’, timing dish

- Ann Manfeild: red pagon[?] coat, large [?] coat and a red whittle

- Mary Stakenbury: suite of head clothes and handkerchief

- Ana Stakenbury: black large coat

- William Stakenbury: ‘pillow ty’

- Agnes Trew: suite of head clothes

- Margery Weekes (cousin): executrix

Witnesses: Matthew Renall, William Stevens (crossed out), Margery Strood William Rose of Sandwich and
George King of Langton Matravers sworn to the memorandum of will of Mary Tarrey, widow deceased.
1 November 1676


DHC reference: Da/Dt/A/1676/47

John Alford of Swanwich
Administration bond:
2 August 1676
Christian Alford, widow of Swanwich, Henry Serrell, marbeller of Sanwich, Thomas Alford, marbeller of Sanwich bound

Christian, widow to administer
Witnesses: William Rose, Jone Cottrell


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1680/56   
11 March 1680

Hester Melmoth, widow of Sanwich
Administration: Samuel Melmoth, marbeller of Sanwich, John Melmoth and James Hall, marbellers of
Langton Matravers Samuel Melmoth, son of Hester to administer goods etc.

Memo ‘that Phineas was blotted out and Samuel written over once in the obligation and four times in
the condition before sealing this bond’

Signed: includes William Rose 82 11s 0d


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1683/47

Alexander Harvie [Harvey] of Sandwich
Administration: Alexander Harvie,‘hardearin’, of Blandford Forum; William Harvie, yeoman of Langton Matravers
sons of Alexander Harvie, deceased to administer goods
16 July 1683

Before: Richard Fitzherbert


DHC reference: Da/Dt/A/1683/48

Hugh Willis, husbandman of Sanwich

Administration bond: John Willis, farmer of Sanwich and William Cull, farmer of Sanwich 26 Oct 1683
John Willis, father of testator to administer as he appointed no executor in his will
Witnesses: Hugh Hort, Elizabeth Harris


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1684/92

Lawrence Fry of Sandwich
Administration: Mary Fry, widow and John Barnes, ‘agricolem’ of Sandwich
16 September 1684

- Mary relict of Lawrence Fry to administer goods etc Before: Richard Fitzherbert


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1686/47

William Boote [Boyte] of Swanwick 12 January 1686/87
Administration: Lewis Cockram of Newton, Swanwitch and John Talbutt, marbeller of Herston, Swanwitch and Matthew Sherwood,
yeoman of Combe, Langton Matravers.

- Lewis Cockram, the [text missing] in law and administrator of goods of William Boyte late
  while he lived at Swanwitch, marbellor during minority of Anne and Mary Booyte his daughters.

Witnesses: William Horlock, junior


DHC reference: Da/Dt/A/1687/47

Cicely Barnes als Martin of Sandwich

Frances Barnes, spinster of Worth Matravers and Lewis Barnes, farmer of Langton Matravers bound 4 May 1687
Frances Barnes daughter of Cicily Martin als Barnes unadministered by her husband John Barnes late of Sanwitch
Before William Horlock, junior


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1687/48

Thomas Collins [place not given]
Administration: Anne Collins, widow of Sandwitch, William Stevens, ‘agricolam’ of same, John Welinar, marbler
1 March 1687 Anne relict of Thomas Collins to administer goods etc

Witnesses: William Kerridge, James Tarrey


Abstracted from transcript in Sue Mills’ possession (from bundle reference 1687/48 administration, 1687/66 inventory))

Thomas Collins, Blacksmith of Sandwich, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset (died intestate)
Administration bond:

Condition: that Anne Collins, ‘Relict’ and administrator of the goods of Thomas Collins,
deceased to make an inventory of the goods of the deceased by 1 May next and make an
account of her administration by 1 February next

Ann Collins X her mark
Witnesses: William Korridge, James Tarrey?, William Stevens? [his mark], John ‘wolinsu ?’

Inventory: made 17 February 1687/88 by William Belle his mark, William Stevenss

Thomas Collins died 2 February 1687/88

‘Inprimis in the Kitching & Buttery adjoining L.  S.  D.
A furnace & grates & a kettell 01-00-00
Eight tubbs two trows? 2 trow Stocks 4 pails 01-00-00
A table board a for-- 6 rush chairs and a cupboard 00-15-00
14 puter platters 2 sawsors [saucers?] 2 tankards 2 dishes & a salt 01-00-00
A warming pan 2 iron potts a brass pott & a little one 00-11-00
3 brass panns: 2 kettells: 3 skilletts & a skimer 02-00-00
glass bottels earthen ware amiry? & trenchards 00-04-06
4 barrells a sieve? a serch? A tubb: a bare horse 00-07-00
A rack: 2 flitches of bacon & other meat 03-00-00
A pair of grates: a fire pan & tongs  
A fire pock: 2 pair of Cottrells  
2 crooks: 2 flesh forks: a spitt a  
gridiron: an ironing box 1 -? Slatts  
a pair of billowes: 3 Bibles a candlestick:  
a pepper box & other small things 00-15-00
In the Chamber above the Ktching  
3 feather bedds: a dust bedd: 3 Ruggs  
2 coverletts: 7 blanketts: 2 pillows  
& 3 bolsters 06-10-00
11 sheets: 8 Coalster cloaths: 8 pillow ties & 6 napkins 01-10-00
3 chests: 4 Coffers a box a mane: a granary & a flask 01-10-04
100 of ordinary cheese: 3 quarters of raw  
milk cheese: a butter tubb & butter -?  
A bushell of maull? 02-00-09
8 bushells of wheat: 2 peck of beans, hopps pease Candles  
a small box & small linnen? 05-09-03
wearing apparell 05-07-00
2 Andirons & a barr? 00-04-00
fewell? & a turn? 00-05-00
In and belonging to the shop:  
A grinding stone a Shovell? & peck 00-07-03
1200 of sweeds? Iron at 56 p ea??? 09-12-00
204? Of Spanish iron 05-08-06
Welch iron: 300 & half -? 4 pounds 02-16-07
Steele 132 03-05-00
Old iron & New horse shoes 01-13-08
3 furnace doores: 2 peckaxes; a kiwell? 00-18-00
3 Quarr tooles & new iron works up? 00-13-00
old horse shooes & tongs 00-10-06
6 sledges: 3 naile tools; 4 twie? Bills 
a pair of weights: 6 eye wedges 00-19-00
a becke horn, a shop? halfew? A collar 00-06-00
a pair of bellows & anvell, cole nailes 
and money received 12-13-06
2 vices, 3 hammers, 2 pair of buttrosses 
2 pair of pincers 14 ? of steele 01-10-00
moneys in house 09-07-06
one ? from Clement Babstone? 01-00-00
debts & desperate debts 59-06-08
and for some other things 01-06-10
the total sum 137-03-08


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1687/46

Thomas Fry of Sanwitch [Sandwich] 
Administration bond: Alice Fry, widow of Sanwitch, John Corbenet, marbeller of Sanwich, John Browne, marbeller of Sanwich
bound 28 April 1687

Alice Fry widow of Thomas Fry of Sanwitch to administer

Witnesses: William Rose, Alice Browne
Commission oath: 25 April 1687 to be made to Alice Fry.
Oath executed at Sanwich 20 April 1687 before William Rose DHC reference:


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/I/1687/67

Thomas Fry of Hearston [Herston], Sanwich
Died 17 March 1686/7
Inventory made 27 April 1687 by George Bondfeild [Bonfield] and William S[?]ll Total: 14 16s 0d


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1687/49

John George, mariner of Sandwich/Sanwich
Administration: Lewis Cockram of Sandwitch, Simon Laning [Lannyng], gentleman of Lnich [Lynch], Corfe Castle Lewis Cockram
to administer goods during minority of Henry George, grandson and executor

Witnesses: Richard Lannyng, William Horlock Notary Public


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/I/1687/67

John George died 11 July 1687
Inventory [see original for details] made: 20 September 1687 by Lewis Cockram and James Tubb.

Total 76 14s 2d


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1688/40

Joane Meader of Sandwich

- Widow of John Meader, deceased

- Thomas (son) carpenter of Sandwitch, William Melmoth, marbeller of Sandwitch and John Allford, Healier [sic - Hillier] of Sandwitch

Witnesses: William Rose, Rector and William Rose


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/Inv/1692/61

Joane Meader of Sandwich
Inventory made: 28 March 1688 by John Allford and William Melmoth
Value: 20


DHC reference: 1692/60

William Havercome alias Talbott, of Sanwich, mariner
Died 12 February 1688/9

Inventory made: 23 February 1688/9 by Alexander Balling and Clement Batstone
Value: 28 13s 6d



DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1689/44

Thomas Collins of Sandwitch
Edward Collins, weaver of Corfe Castle, William Easton, gentleman of Wimborne Minster, John Harvey, grocer of Blandford Forum
8 April 1689

- Edward son of Thomas to administer goods etc

Witness/before: William Horlock Notary Public

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1689/46

John Tarrey, marbeller of Sandwich
22 November 1689
Administration: Margaret Tarrey, widow of Sandwitch and Henry Coffin, marbeller of same

- Margaret, relict of John Tarrey to administer goods etc

Signed: William Horlock, junior Notary Public; Thomas Iveleaf


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1689/45

Thomas Woolfry, butcher of Sandwich
Administration: Alice Woolfry, widow and Thomas Cole, millwright both of Sandwitch bound 22 May 1689

Alice Woolfry, widow of deceased to administer
Before William Horlock, Surrogate and Notary Public Alice Woolfry signed ‘Ales Woollfry’ I/1689/58
Inventory: deceased died 1 December 1688
Appraised 8 May 1689 by Thomas Cockram, Thomas Cole
Total: 61 6s 4d
Exhibited: 22 May 1689

Thomas Woolfry, butcher of Sandwich who died 1 December 1688
Inventory made 8 May 1689 and appraised by Thomas Cockram, Thomas Cole
Total: 61 6s 4d
Exhibited by Alice Woolfry, relict and widow before Mr Rodderick, clerk surrogate at court Blandford Forum 22 May 1689


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1689/34

William Melmoth of Sanwich, marbeller
Will made: 1689

- ‘sick and weak’

- Judith Bendfield (dau): 10s

- Sarah Melmoth (dau): house by the mill pond and 15

- Alexander and Richard Melmoth (gsons): 50s a piece

- Susan Shott (gdau) and William Harden (gson): 50s a piece

- John Melmoth (son): my house near the Bankers called the George

- Alexander Melmoth (gson): the last ten years of the term in the house where I now live and my house the George
  after the decease of John (son)

- Susan Shott (gdau): house where I now live after me and my wife for the term then to come unto the last ten years of term of said house

- Susanna Melmoth (gdau and dau of John Melmoth (son)): house at the Mill pond after decease of Sarah Melmoth (dau)

- ‘Loveing wife’: goods, all profits of my estate except my house by the Mill pond which Sarah (dau) to have possession
  at the day of her marriage

- Wife: executrix

Witnesses: William Kerridge, Mary Welman (x), Ann Collins (x) William Rose and George King of Purbeck to administer
goods of William Melmoth of Sandwitch 22 August 1689
Exhibited 31 August 1689 Judith Melmoth, executrix of Sanwich


DHC reference: DA/I/1689/36

William Melmoth of Sanwich, marbeller
Died 13 July 1689

Inventory includes ‘quarr’ and ‘strand’, houses by the millpond, house called the George, house he lived and died in

Appraised 18 July 1689 by Nicholas Peottin [Pettin], Joseph Hort, Anthony Serrell
Exhibited 31 August 1689 Total 208 1s 0d


DHC reference: DA Inventories 1692/59

William Baily, husbandman of Sandwich who died 8 February 1691/2

Inventory: made and appraised 1 April 1692 by Lewis Cockram and John Corbinet

Total 59 3s 8d [see original inventory for details]
Exhibited 15 April 1692

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1692/45

Thomas Tubb of Sandwich
Administration: James Tubb, blacksmith of Sandwitch and Christopher Keymore, glover of Blandford Forum bound 14 June 1692

James Tubb, father of Thomas Tubb to administer 18 June 1692
Witnesses: George Clarke, Grace Keymore


DHC reference: Ad/I/1692/58

John West of Goddens, Swanidge
Inventory made (undated): 1692 (includes 29 sheep and lambs and hay and corn)
Total: 50 5s 0d
Appraised by: Robert West ('R') and Giles Collins (writer of inventory)


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1709/41

Joshua Tubb of Sandwich
Administration: Anthony Serrell, marbler of Sandwich, John Cockram, gentleman of Sandwich bound 16 August 1709

Anthony Serrell ‘curator’ of Thomas Tubb and administrator of Joshua Tubb during the minority of the above-named Thomas Tubb,
son of the deceased
Before Richard Fitzherbert, Notary Public
Sworn before Benjamin Derby, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1710/28

Ann Hopkins, widow of Swanidge
Will made: 8 April 1710

- 'being sick of body'

- John Tubb (cousin): south part of my house

- Robert son of William and Elizabeth Tubb: house I now dwell in

- William Tubb (father of Robert above): all household goods Ground with the two houses as it is already divided...[part missing]

- Lewis Tubb (cousin): 20s

- Joshua and Thomas the sons of Joshua Tubb deceased: 20s a piece

- William and George Darbie (cousins): 5s [a piece - text missing]

- Ann Taylor, widow (cousin): my best shirt of...linen and woollen

- Alexander Tubb (cousin): 20s

- James Tubb (son of Alexander above): 10s

- William Tubb (cousin): rest of money and whatsoever is mine, executor

Witnesses: John Symmonds, Elizabeth Tubb
Will proved: 24 April [rest missing]


Transcribed by Kim Parker from microfilms at the Dorset History Centre

DHC reference: DA/W/1693/31

Alexander Balling - of Sanwich in the Isle of Purbeck and County of Dorsett Mariner
Dated 9 Jan 1690/91

- six Grandchildren which are at Jamaica: each of them a sealed Ring of … with the impress
  or sign of a ship on them all and my name and theirs on each Ring in three letters

- six Grandchildren in England: all my money that shall be left and remain to be after my funeral
  expences and Heriot are paid, to be divided equally amongst them, or the survivors of them, if
  any of them should happen to dye before

- appoint seven pounds for the payment of the Heriot and funeral expences

- Wife :all my good to the use of her during her lifee

- Luce Balling (grandaughter) : the new Bed after my Death

-  Ann Balling (wife) :all the goods my wife brought with her to be at her own disposall at her Death

- Henry Ballings (son) Children : all my goods after my Death & my Wifes to be divided equally amongst
  them or the survivors of them, except these particular things hereafter nominated

- Luce Balling (Grandaughter) : my great silver cup

- William Balling (Grandson) : the great silver spoon that was John Ballings-

- Elizabeth Balling (Grandaughter) : a little silver spoon that was John Ballings and one of my old silver spoons

- Alexander Balling (Grandson) :   the little skitt silver cup that was my son Alexander Ballings

- my wife : the other little silver cup

- my Will and desire is to be Buried in the same grave where my wife Luce Balling now lieth

Executors : Joseph Hort and Thomas Chapman junior : to send the said Rings above given to my Grandchildren at
Jamaica four or five yeares after my decease And that they will pay the other moneys to the other Grandchildren in
England as they shall think fit

Before the ensealing hereof my Will is that the money given for the Rings be put out to age and that the use thereof be
added to the sum given to make the Rings proportionably bigger And my Will is that the money given to my Grandchildren
in England be put to age and paid to them when they shall … to the age of one and twenty yeares, or be married, which
of them shall first happen, or what they may have occasion of beforee

Signed Alexander Balling
Witnesses: John Hancoke William Kerridge Catherine Talbot

NB: parchment disintegrating. Probate clause lost.



DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1693/30

Hugh Hort, marbeller of Hearston, Sanwich
Will made: 30 November 1689

- Josiah and Joseph Hort (sons) and Mary Bondfield (dau): 12d each

- Mary Bondfield (dau): land bought of James Manfield after my wife, then to Abel Bondfield (gson),
  then to John Bondfield (gson) during the term of the lease

- ‘Loving wife’: goods for her disposal

- Mary Bondfield (dau): executrix

Witnesses: William Kerridge, Dorothy Hayward, Elizabeth Flook


DHC reference: DA Inventories 1693/37   

Hugh Hort, marbeller of Sanwich who died 10 May 1693
Inventory made and appraised 27 October 1693 by Lewis Cockram and Robert Bonfeild [Bonfield]

Total 23 19s 6d [see original inventory for details]  



DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1696/26

John Mowlam, mariner, late of Sandwich, of His Majesty’s Ship ‘Dunkirk’

Administration: Perriam Mowlam, widow of Sandwich and James Hall, marbler of same.

Perriam Mowlam to administer goods of John Mowlam.
20 August 1695

Witnesses: Grace Baker, Elizabeth Turner Before: Baker, Rector of Sandwich


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1697/17

Henry Vie [Vye] of Sandwich
Administration: William Curtis, yeoman of Sandwitch, George Clarke of Blandford Forum bound 8 May 1697

William Curtis to administer during the minority of Hannah Vye, gdau of the deceased


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/I/1699/34

John Cook, marbeller of Sandwich died 2 October 1699
Inventory [see original for details] made 10 October 1699 by James Brown, John Tallbutt, Thomas Brown.

Total: 191 8s 2d


DHC reference: Da/I/1703/48

Alexander Melmoth, marbler of Swanidge
Inventory made 24 September 1703
Includes stone and labour at quarr, Tillywhim and stone by waters side
Total: 276 12s 6d
Appraised by Samuel Terrey, John Clarke
Exhibited: 29 September 1703


DHC reference: Da/I/1703/50

Alexander Steel Swanidge
Inventory made 27 December 1703
Includes stone and quarr tools
Total: 100
Appraised by Petter Gover, Samuell Terrey
Exhibited 5 January 1703/04


DHC reference: Da/I/1703/49

James Tubs 'lately deceased at Sandwich'

Total: 44 9s 6d
Inventory made 1 June 1702 by Mathew Medway, Richard Ballat
Exhibited 5 January 1703/04


DHC reference: Ad/I/1704/39

Mathew Keynell of Swanidge [Swanage]
Inventory made 13 July 1704 (includes Horses and Hay and 'one quarter part of the John and Martha Hoye')
Total: 160 19s 5d
Signed John Symmonds, Henry Serrell
Exhibited 19 July 1704 for administration


DHC reference: Ad/I/1705/16

Dorothy Rose, widow of Swanidge [Swanage]
Inventory made: 12 February 1705
Total: 208 10s (includes 100 in debts owed)
Appraised by James Hall, Anthony Serrell Exhibited 26 February 1705


DHC reference: Da/Dt/A/1707/54

Nicholas Pettin of Sandwich

Administration bond: Mary Pettin, wiodw of Sandwich, William Vye, marbler of Sandwich, Robert Heysom [Haysome], marbler bound 25 April 1707
Mary Pettin, relict and widow of Nicholas Pettin to administer
Witnesses: Ann Baker, Sarah Terey
Before Baker


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1707/55

John Edmonds of Sandwich but belonging to ship Shrewbury
Administration: Alice Northover, widow of Sandwich, Lewis Cole, barber of Sandwich and John Dolling, marbler of Sandwich
10 February 1707/08

- Alice Northover, mother of John Edmonds of Sandwich but belonging to ship Shrewbury batchelor, to administer goods etc

Witnesses: Ann Baker, Catharine Dowland, W Baker


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/I/1707/47

William Stephens, yeoman of Sandwich
Died 29 March 1707
Inventory: 89 9s 5d

Appraised by: Thomas Collins, Thomas Damper (x) 3 April 1707 Exhibited: 4 April 1707


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1712/12

James Hayward of Sandwich 1712
Administration: John Gover, architect of Studland, William Kerlee of Sanwich, William Bess of Sanwich

- John Gover administrator of goods etc during minority of James, Martha and John Hayward children of James Hayward, deceased

Witnesses: Gabriel Gould, John Cockram, P Baker


DHC reference: Da/Dt/I/1712/27

James Hayward ('and Honour[?]' crossed out) 'deceased in Swanidge'
Inventory made: 26 August 1712 Includes brewing equipment, beer for sale and a malt mill
Total 120 12s 6d minus 47 owing out of the inventory)
Appraised by: John Symmonds John Semer [written by Symmonds]
Exhibited: 17 September 1712


DHC reference: Da/Dt/I/1712/28

John Petten 'deceased in Newfoundland' in the year 1684 namely what he died possessed in Swanidge
Inventory made: October 1712
Total: 41 7s 0d
Appraised by: Thomas Cole, John Symmonds
Exhibited: 24 October 1712 for administration


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1715/31

Susanna Havilland of Sanwich
Will made: 6 March 17[text missing]

- Ann Boyt (kinswoman): 20

- Mary Boyt (kinswoman): 20 and all household goods to be divided between them except my Linbeck and my Brass[?] Pott
  remain with executors

- James Havilland (brother): 1s

- Rebecka Purse (sister): 1s

- Margery Vye (sister): 1s

- James Kate (kinsman): 1s

- Martin Talbutt (kinsman): 1s

- Alice Dolling (aunt): rest and executrix

Witnesses: Lewis Cockram, John Richards, James Terry
Proved: 21 February 1715/16 to executrix


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1720/29

Joseph Hort, senior of Sandwich, marbeller
Will made: 23 July 1719

- Joseph (son): lands in Nitson, Langton, and land in Hareston [Herston], Sandwich called Furse-craft’ and 5s

- John Norman (son-in-law): 1s

- Joseph Norman (gson): quarry tools, my great bible

- Mary Norman (gdau): tenement at Hareston now inhabited by Joseph Hurlock

- George and Sarah Pushman; Mary Collings now wife of John; Martha and Ann Hort (other grandchildren): 5s each

- Elizabeth Pushman (dau): ‘my dwelling house’ and household goods and executrix

Witnesses: Robert Benfield, Abell Bonfield, Alice Banaster
Will proved: 7 May 1720 to Elizabeth wife of John Pushman


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1727/33

Richard Brine, Yeoman of Sandwich, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset
Dated: 8 February 1723/24

- ‘being in a sick and weak condition of body’

- Elizabeth and Sarah (daughters): feather bed each. Also that they ‘shall quietly live’ and inhabit
  the ‘West End of my house which I now live in as long as they shall live unmarried and if please God
  any one or either of these my children…doth die that their children shall…as long as their lives
  last now upon the same’

- Ann (daughter): shall live in the West part of my house with her other sisters Elizabeth and Sarah
  as long as she ‘keeps herself a widow. If they marry that the unmarried shall surrender the West End
  of my house without disturbance’

Joint Executors: William, Richard and Thomas and Mary, Ann, Margaret, Elizabeth and
Sarah (sons and daughters)
Witnesses: James Brown, Thomas Burden, Robert Haysom (x)
Proved: 27 July 1727


DHC reference: Ad/D/I/1728/24

John Talbut of Sandwich
Inventory appraised by James Terry, William Talbutt 15 August 1728
Total 16 11s 0d including quarry tools


DHC reference: Da/Dt/W/1731/57

Alice Dolling, widow of Sandwich
Will made: 29 August 1728

- James and John Dolling (gsons): one third part of three tenements at Fitzworth, Corfe Castle and one third part of tenement at Curren downe, Corfe Castle,
  and all lands at Phelps & Goddens in Sandwich and at Claywell in Studland

- James Terry (son-in-law): house and garden etc at Townesend, Sandwich for term of 50 years, if dies then to James Dolling
  for term of fourscore and nineteen years

- John Dolling (gson): fuelhouse at Sandwich for the term and estate therein

- Anne Dolling (gdau): 10 and featherbed and what belongs to it

- Mary Dolling (gdau and sister of Anne aforesaid): 10 and featherbed and what belongs to it

- William and Mary Dolling (son and dau of my son W[...text missing]): 10 each 'if they shall come to demand
  the same' and a pewter dish each

- John Dolling (son): 5s a year during his life and 'the feather bed he now lyes on and all that belongs to it'

- James, John, Anne and Mary Dolling (my gchildren and they are brothers and sisters): rest

Richard Talbott and the said James Terry: overseers
Signed in Studland before
Witnesses: J Dolling, senior; David Alford, Thomas Cole
Proved: 8 February 1731/2 by John Dolling one of the executors before Edmund Cooke, Clerk


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1731/37

William Abbott of Quarrelston, Dorset
Administration bond 29 November 1731: Lewis Cole, barber chirurgion of Swanidg [sic - Swanage],
Peter Cammell, mercer and Thomas Cole, Joyner of the same place

Elizabeth wife of Lewis Cole and dau of William Abbott, died intestate and Anne Abbott, widow of deceased
and also deceased to administer

Witnesses: Edmund Cooke, Surrogate and Sar. Cooke [or Sur. Cooke]


DHC reference: Da/Dt/W/1733/64

Mary Cockram, widow of Sandwich
Will made: 13 January 1732/33

- Thomas Verge (son): feather bed and things belonging, great chest standing in the cellar chamber, large copper pot, siliver two
  handle cup, silver spoon marked 'T m [?]', gold ring

- John Phippard (son in law): seal gold ring

- John Phippard (gson): large silver spoon, gold ring

- Other five grandchildren: gold ring each

- Three grand daughters and Mary Hall (cousin): my wearing apparrell equally divided between at the discretion of
  Elizabeth Phippard (gdau) and Mary Hall (cousin)

- Lewis and John Cockram (sons): Leasehold estate at Herston and Mowlems and rest, joint executors

- Lewis to pay to his brother John Cockram 500 according to their father's will

Witnesses: W Newton, John Pushman, Rebecca Dolling
Proved: 9 March 1733/4 by Lewis and John Cockram sons and executors.
Before Thomas Riley, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1733/65

Elizabeth Douch, widow of Sandwich
Will dated: 12 March 1719/20

- Dorcas Rampson (dau) wife of Thomas: messuage at Hearston [Herston] lately purchased of Simon Sherwood;
  after her decease to her son John Rampson (gson)

- John Rampson (gson): dwelling house at Langton late in tenure of Thomas Dowland

- Thomas Rampson (son in law): 1s

- Robert Haskell (son in law): 1s

- John Rampson (gson): executor

Witnesses: John Cockram, Lewis Cole, Ann Serell
Proved: 29 October 1733 to John Rampson


DHC reference: DA/W/1733/66

John Stephens [Stevens], tailor of Sandwich
Will made: 8 March 1732/3

- Sarah wife of Moses Tub (dau): part of my house where I now live after decease of executrix, 5 with bed and bedstead
  that was my uncle ‘Semores’ with one chest being now in my upper garrett

- Sarah (dau): west part of my house where in my uncle Semore did live, after the decease of executrix

- Martha (dau): land of the house with the house and lands belonging in which my dau Sarah now lives with right of passage
  privledge of the brewhouse and utensils and garden as my dau Sarah does now enjoy, after deceased of executrix

- Martha (dau): right that I purchased in that house which was given to her by my uncle Semore during Benjamin Kerlew and 5
  and all goods in my dwelling house after deceased of executrix

- Esther Tub (gdau, dau of Sarah) or to her next sisters if deceased, or to Martha (dau): the house with the brewhouse as above,
  and 5

- Martha (‘well beloved wife’): goods and executrix

Witnesses: Richard Glanvill, Peter Camell, Anna Serrell
Will proved: 31 July 1733 at Wareham to Martha Stevens, widow


DHC reference: DA/W/1733/67 bb

Robert Tubb of Sandwich
Will made: 16 February 1731/2

- Peter Camell of Sandwich: all goods, executor

Witnesses: Lewis Cole (writer of the will), John Warren
Will proved: 28 July 1733 to Peter Camell ‘intimate friend’ of Robert Tubb.
Goods sworn under 20 before Thomas Riley, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1733/68

Walter Wakely of Sandwich
Will made: 29 May 1733

- Thomas (son): house he now liveth in the shop and what he is now possessed of my great Bible and 10 after my wife’s decease

- John (son): house I now live in, the garden, orchard for his use and not to sell it, if he does then my other children to have equal
  share of the money

- Mary Conway (dau): house William Thoms [Tomes] now lives and part of garden he now pays rent for with timber yard and shop that
  Edward Hayward now pays rent for and the house Ann Tarry now lives and pays rent for, apple trees William Thoms pays rent for, and
  Mary (dau) to pay her daughter Rebecka 10

- Peter (son): house that Martha Hayward lives in after her decease with garden, orchard and close above it.

- Grace (dau): house adjoining to Thomas (son) with the ten garden plots that John Harris pays rent for.

- Rest to be divided between my four youngest children and for my wife to have the use during her life in my name provided
  John (son) pays my wife the money he doth owe me towards his stone ‘what he doth not pay is to be stop or taken out of his legacy’

- Peter (son): best suit of clothes

- Judith (wife): all goods etc and executrix

Witnesses: James Davis, Sarah Tubb, John Dolling senior
Will proved and probate granted: 6 July 1733 to Judith Wakely, widow before Thomas Riley, Surrogate


DHC reference: Da/Dt/W/1735/14

John Alford, senior, heliar [hellier] of Herestone [Herston], Sandwhich [Sandwich]
Will made: 8 December 1733

- 'being sick and weak'

- John Alford, junior, healier [Hellier] of Sandwhich (nephew): Meadow called Marsh Close (2 acres and one yard),
  near Herestone yards, Sandwich, and house with orchard and garden in my possession in Herestone

- John Alford son of John Alford, junior aforesaid nephew, and Elizabeth Clark dau of nephew David Alford of Herestone,
  healier: meadow ground (1 acre) near the land of and belonging to the parish Church of Sandwhich

- Dorothy Linnington (kinswoman): 20s

- David Alford of Herestone (aforesaid nephew): land he has in his possession 'as it is all specified' in his lease
  bearing date 20 July 1674

- Thomas Alford of Heresone, marbler (nephew): land in his possession as specified in his lease dated 15 October 1674 and 1s

- John and David Alford (nephews): joint executors

Witnesses: Jonathan Cole, James Clarek, J Porter
Proved: 24 February 1735/6 by John Alford, nephew power being reserved to the other executor
Before John Walker, Surrogate


Transcribed by Kim Parker from microfilms at the Dorset History Centre

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1737/53

Phinis Milmouth [Melmoth] - of Sandwich, Purbick, ‘marrainer’
Dated 17 Dec 1737

- ‘being sick of body’

- Martine Tabutt (Son in Law) : tenn pound & the bed I lay on

- John Harding (Cousen): Fifty pound, a Ring S---ton?, a Bed and halfe my paler

- William Milmouth (Cousen), his wife and Hester Howard (Cosen): Five pound to each of them

-  Young William Milner: Twenty pound

- Judeath Milmoth (cousin): Twenty pound

- Judeath (sister’s dau) ‘living in the west’: Tenn pound

- Daughter (cosen) of Thomas Hatchard : Tenn pound to be paid at age twenty one

- Samuell Harding (Cosen): All Goods and Chatells now in Newfoundland, said Harding to pay all wages due there

- John Melmouth (well beloved brother), his wife and two children: All the rest of my goods and chatells in England

- Richard Brine: One Lincked Ring

Witnesses: Mary Cockram, Mary Brine and Joseph Moores
Executor: John Milmouth (Brother)

Administration : 18 February 1737/38
Reverend John Chapman and Edmund Cook to administer goods as John Melmoth executor of Phineas Melmoth, mariner of Sandwich is deceased


Biographical details: Kim Parker

Phineas Melmoth appears to have been born some time between 1694 and 1690 when there is a gap in the register.
On 17 Oct 1692 the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in London granted administration of the estate of John Melmoth
of Sanwick, Purbeck to William Melmoth, a cousin and the guardian of Susanna, Judith, Phineas and John, the children
of the deceased – Cicily their mother and the relict of John Melmoth being dead.

Cousin Hester Howard = the daughter of Phineas & Margaret Melmoth, born at Swanage in 1677 and married to
Edward Hayward at Poole in 1700. The cousin William mentioned in the same line is likely her elder brother, born
Swanage 1671 -  the same William Melmoth who was Phineas’ guardian after his parents’ deaths. Otherwise there
was a William Melmoth who married Sarah Corben at Swanage in 1723.

Cousins John and Samuel Harding = descendants of Phineas’ Aunt & Uncle, Winifred Melmoth & George Harding
who married at Swanage in 1681. There is a gap in the register from 1684-90 and by 1691 George was married to
Mabel, so Winifred died some time during that period. From the Will of Judith Melmoth 1692 (Phineas’ grandmother),
it is known that George & Winifred had a son called William.

‘Brother John’ was the John Melmoth married to Catherine Downes at Swanage in 1718. They had three children,
but John Downes Melmoth died in infancy, leaving only William (b. 1721) and Judith (b. 1723). Catherine died
in 1725 and John then married Alice Game at Kimmeridge on 17 Dec 1726. Alice died a few months later and
John married for a third time c1729 to Mary, with whom he had two more children, Mary and John.


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1737/52

James Thickes of Sandwich
Will made: 26 February 1736

- Catharine (wife): lands at Sandwich

- John (son): house at Woolston and meadow at Cableston

- James (son): the least of my houses at Blacklands

- Mary Long (dau): the other house at Blacklands where she now liveth and bed at Sandwich

- Ann Toope (dau): 10

- Benjamin (son): two thirds of my lands at Sandwich, one bed at Blacklands and half Quarr tools, the other half to James Long (gson)

- John, James, Benjamin (my 3 sons): all my Quarries

- James (son): one third of houses at Sandwich

- James (son): to sell all my stone at the Quarries and by the waterside and pay debts with the same if sufficient. If not then he to pay
   himself from his part of the houses at Sandwich.

- Wife and James (son): executrix and executor

Witnesses: Lewis Cole [who also wrote the will], John Dolling, John Serrell
Will proved: 16 May 1737 to James (son)


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1739/55

Alexander Mowlam [Moulem]
Will made 22 April 1734

- Mary (wife): dwelling house, garden, backside etc

- John (son): my one furnace, ‘quarre’, tools and house, garden and backside after decease of Mary (wife)

- Judith (dau): warming pan

- Mary (wife): rest and executrix. On her decease rest divided between my children

Witnesses: Lewis Cole [will in his hand], James Brown

John Mowlam, stonemason of Sandwich and Richard Cooling, victualler, Blandford Forum and John Doe bound.

John Mowlam, son of deceased to administer goods 10 November 1739


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1741/66

Thomas Smeadmore (Smedmore) of Sandwich
Will made: 29 February 1735/6

- ‘in good health’

- Alice (dau): house

- Ann (dau) now lives, during Richard (son) and Elizabeth Smedmore (dau)’s lives, and if she does not live then to Elizabeth (dau)

- Alice (dau): second best bed and clock, the best grates, four best pewter dishes, six best plates and bottle case and bottles belonging,
  one pair of best dogs, one warming pan, two best bowls, two best boards, one best ‘piclters’ [?], best chest, best glass, belongings to
  second best bed and six chairs, two best brass candlesticks, four small barrels, best hodgsheads , all coffee dishes etc, one chest of
  drawers, my best and small kettle pot

- John (son): 1s

- Ann Wakely (dau): 1s

- Thomas (son): 1s

- Joseph (son): 1s

- Richard (son): 1s

- Elizabeth (dau): my house I now live in with remainder of household goods, furnace, brewing tubs, barrels, horses and everything belonging
  to my brewing business

- Alice (dau): Elizabeth (dau) to give her half of the worst pewter and chairs and worst featherbed and half of my linen

- Elizabeth (dau): all wearing apparel (linen and woollen) and my right in the now ‘Gallesy’[?], my ‘Keans and Stiks’, debts, dues and demands,
  and executrix

Witnesses: Jos Dolling, senior, John Stephens, Richard Turner
Administration: John Haine and James Haine, malsters of Corfe Castle, William Pottell, victualler of Blandford Forum bound 19 January 1741

John Haine, principal creditor and administrator, to pay the debts owed at decease and legacies given and bequeathed by will so far forth as his
goods extend.
Before Thomas Fitzherbert, Notary Public Sworn before Thomas Sollers, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1742/64  

John Allford, ‘Heliar’ of Sandwich
Will dated 24 June 1742  nbsp;

- ‘Sick and weak’

- Robbin (son): my dwelling house and garden I now live in during my daughter Ann Hayward’s life

- Robbin (son): all household goods

- Devise my dwelling house with orchard and garden in Hereston [Herston]

- Hester Hayward: all goods ‘that was John Pettens when shes of age or married (remains with executor if she dies)

- Ann (wife): house, orchard etc at Herstone [Herston] now in possession for her natural life.

- John (son): 1s

- Ann Hayward (dau): 1s

- Robbin (son): executor

Witnesses: Peter Camell, Thomas Cross, Martha Vivian
Proved: 20 October 1742 to Robbin Allford


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1742/62 and 65  

Margaret Bishop [Bishopp], widow of Herston, Sandwich
Will made: 18 July 1726

- John Clarke, Herston (son in law): house in Herston for remainder of term of four score and 19 years,
   then to grandchildren James and Margaret Clarke (son and daughter of John Clarke)

- John Clarke (son in law): remainder

Witnesses: Robert Roe, John Clarke, Junior, Elizabeth Meader  
Administration: James Clarke, stone cutter of Sandwich, John Clarke, marbler of the same and Peter Camell, merchant of the same
James Clarke next of kin of Margaret Bishop bound to administer the will. 1 November 1742
Witnesses: Edmund Cooke, Clerk; Mary Cole 20 October 1742


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/I/1746/5

James Keat of Sandwich, Dorset
Dated: 25 November 1738

-‘being written by my own hand’

- John (eldest brother): bankers and boathals in Sandwich and house in Sandwich for his life
  and for the other lives upon it

- Joseph (brother): 5

- Richard (brother): 5 paid by my executor ‘out of the money he of me’, and ‘all the kit’ I have in the
  house and garden at Langton that was my father’s.

- John son of John (brother): bankers and boathals in Sandwich after the death of John (brother).
  30 when 21 years old

- Marey Keat eldest ‘daster’ [daughter] of John (brother): 60 when 21 years. My house in Sandwich
  if she outlives her father for the remainder of the life. Gold ring.

- Ann Keat youngest ‘daster’ [daughter] of John (brother): 50 when 21 years

- John Keat (brother): rest

Executor: John Keat (brother)
Signed by testator
Proved: 1746
Inventory of goods of James Keat deceased: dated 16 May 1746, by Ja: Dolling, senior and Henry Pye

The banker going to Brook, with the other bankers belonging to him 26  01s
Boat cart, ‘Ankers’ and what is left and some small ropes the less 14  00s
Some stone at Wareham, some at Poole and some on his banker, the whole comes to by computation 10s
The dwelling house, stable with a small brewhouse40  00s
2 beds and what belongs to them and 1 scrutore with some chairs and 1 stove 10s
1 warming pan, 2 tables, a furnace and barrels, ‘cratts, pott’ 12s
Wearing apparel 00s
Total: 99  13s



DHC reference: Ad/Dt/I/1746/5

James Keat lately deceased of Sandwich
Inventory made: 16 May 1746 by Jo Dolling, senior and Henry Pye

Goods include Bankers and stone
Value: 99 13s 0d