Swanage Wills

Original Wills and Administrations of Archdeaconry Court of Dorset
held at Dorset County Record Office

Page 2

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1747/48

Joane Bower, widow
Dated: 18 November 1735

- Joshua and Benjamin Bower (my two sons) and Ann Phippard (daughter): dwelling house, garden,
  orchard, back-side and ground belonging jointly between them.

- Joshua and Benjamin (sons): ‘the quarries equally between them but if the one digs a quarry and
  not the other he that digs shall pay nothing to him that does not’

- Benjamin (son): ‘banker by the water side near the bridge’

Executor: [none given]
Signed by testator with mark ‘B’
Witnesses: Lewis Cole, Elizabeth Cole
Proved: 23 October 1747 by Ann Phippard wife of Anthony, having been sworn to administer the goods
of Joan Bower, widow, deceased of Sandwich, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset before John Goulden, Curate
of Sandwich

Administration bond: 23 October 1747
Peter Camell, Mercer of Sandwich and Lewis Cole, barber surgeon of Sandwich bound to 100.
Condition: Ann Phippard to administer etc. the goods of Joan Bower, widow deceased.
Signed: Peter Camell, Lewis Cole
Witnesses: John Goulden, Lewis Cole, junior


Transcribed by Kim Parker from microfilms at the Dorset History Centre

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1742/63

George Cull  Marbeler of Sandwich in the Isle of Purbeck
Will dated: 09 Jun 1740

Imprimis. I give unto my Brother John Cull all my right title and property in my House at Sandwich aforesaid being
one half part of the West end of a new erected house at Sandwich aforesaid now in possession of my Brother in
law Moses Vivian Marriner and all the half par of ye Garden and all out houses and appurtenances thereunto
belonging or in any wise appertaining

Executor: John Cull (Brother)
Signed by Testator
Witnesses: Lewis Cole, Elizabeth Cole, Ann Cole
Will proved: 20 Oct 1742
John Cull sworn before Edm. Cooke in the presence of Thomas Fitz-Herbert, Registrar


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1742/34

John Clarke the elder of Sandwich
Administration: James Clarke, stone cutter, John Clarke, marbeller and Peter Camell, merchant (all of Sandwich)

- James, son of John Clarke deceased to administer goods

1 November 1742
Witnesses: Edmund Cole, Mary Cole


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1742/57

Titus Gray of Sandwich
Administration: Elizabeth Gray, widow of Sandwich to administer goods of late son Titus Gray, deceased on ‘board Her Majesty’s ship,
Dragon, bound to Gibraltar’

Sworn before: Edmund Cooke, Clerk in presence of Thomas Fitzherbert 19 October 1742


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1742/58

Martin Camell of Sandwich
Administration: Peter Camell, stone cutter of Sandwich, brother of Martin Camell, late deceased in His Majesty’s service at Gibraltar, Ship Dragon.
19 October 1742


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1744/58

Thomas Cross, cordwainer of Sandwich
Will made: 23 November 1744

- ‘sick in body’

- Henry (son): leasehold messuage which I now live with garden etc; one half part of household goods, stock, implements in trade etc

- Peter Camell, shopkeeper of Sandwich and Lewis Cole, surgeon, same: two messuages with garden etc in Sandwich in occupation of
  John Pelley and William Toms in trust – rents etc to be paid to Ann (dau) wife of George Cox; after her decease to Grace Cox (gdau)
  to hold for rest of term. If she dies to Henry (son).

- Half part of household goods, stock, implements in trade etc to be applied for personal maintenance and benefit of Ann Cox (dau)
  and her child Grace Cox (gdau) for their sole use

- Peter Camell, shopkeeper of Sandwich and Lewis Cole, surgeon: executors

Witnesses: John Cooth, Mary Cole, Ann Hayward
Sworn: 25 January 1744/45 to executors


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1744/59

Josiah Hort, freemarbler of Hearsen [Herston], Senedg [Swanage]
Will made: 19 October 1734

- Jacob Hort (brother’s son): 1s and wearing apparel, ‘wooling and linen stokens’ and shoes within 12 months of decease

- Rachell (wife): dwelling house, garden, orchard and meade on the west side of orchard

- Rachell (wife): ‘the growne in Hearsen field and allot in Hearsen Meade and a pasture for a cow in Hearsen yards’

- Rachell (‘beloved wife’): rest and executrix

Witnesses: Daniel Masters, Daniel Masters the younger, Mary Masters
Proved: 5 March 1744 to Mary Andrews wife of Francis.

Notes: Rachael Hort, widow died before probate was granted having first appointed Mary her executrix



DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1744/47

Josiah Hort of Sandwich
Administration: 1 March 1744

Francis Andrews, tailor of Sandwich, Daniel Masters, tailor of Sandwich, Francis and Mary his wife – Mary (to administer)
Made before: Thomas Fitzherbert, notary public


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1744/60

Rachel Hort, widow of Herson [Herston]
Will made: 25 February 1744

- Mary Andrews (‘nosen’ – niece) and her eldest dau Elizabeth Andrews: wearing apparel and ‘linning’/ ‘woolling’

- James Grays’ family: 1s a piece

- James Maish: 1s

- Mary Randell and her child: 1s a piece

- Thomas Tubb (nephew): 1s

- Mary Andrews (niece): executrix and rest

Witnesses: Susana Sanders, Daniel Masters [Christen Sanedg – name, Swanage]
Proved: 5 March 1744 to Mary wife of Francis Andrews


DHC reference: Da/Dt/A/1744/39

Edward Howard [Hayward], mariner of His Majesty's Ship Victory

Administration bond: Ann Howard, widow of Sandwich, Robert Alford [signs 'Robert Allford'], stone cutter of Sandwich bound 21 December 1744

- Ann Howard (signs 'Ann Hayward'], widow and relict to administer

Witnesses: John Cooth and Peter Camell
Sworn before John Cooth, Clerk


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1745/26   

Thomas Serrell of Sandwich

- Margaret Serrell, widow of Thomas, John Bundy, coller maker and grocer of Amesbury,
  Wiltshire and John Clarke the younger, labourer of Blandford Forum Margaret, widow of Thomas Serrell
  to administer goods etc.

6 August 1745


DHC reference: Da/Dt/A/1745/25

William Little the elder of Sandwich but lately belonging to the 'Tygress Privateer of Dartmouth'
Administration bond:

- Anthony Warham of Leigh, Wimborne Minster gentleman, Joseph Brixey of Leigh aforesaid,
  yeoman and John Doe bound 14 January 1745/6

- Anthony Warham to administer goods etc during the minority of William Little aged 16 only son of the deceased

Witnesses: Thomas and Sarah Fitzherbert
Anthony Warham, guardian of William Little sworn before Thomas Sollers, Surrogate 14 January 1745/6

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1742/58

Martin Camell of Sandwich
Administration: Peter Camell, stone cutter of Sandwich, brother of Martin Camell, late deceased in His Majesty’s
service at Gibraltar, Ship Dragon.

19 October 1742


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/174749

William Carter, Marbler of Sandwich, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset
 Dated: 23 May 1747

- Thomas (son): the Living I now live in for his life. If John Sanders outlives Thomas (son) then
  Living goes to Elizabeth Sanders, Ann Coffen, ‘Ann’ Parlet and ‘Sarra’ Carter (my 4 ‘dasters’ [daughters])
  during John Sanders’ (grandson) life. Rent to be divided between my daughters.

- Grace (wife): 1s

- Thomas (son): chest, bed with furniture ‘that I do now lie upon’

- Ann Coffen (daughter): cupboard and feather bed

- Elizabeth Sanders (daughter): pewter dish

- ‘Mary’ Parlet (daughter): pewter dish or platter

- Ann Coffen and ‘Sarra’ Carter (daughters): the orchard during Elizabeth Sanders and John Carter’s lives

- John Carter (son): 1s

- ‘my desire is for my daughter Sara Carter to live in the house till my son Thomas Carter is married
  or till he lives in it himself without any denial and my desire is for my daughter Sara Carter to pay for
  my berring’

- Sara Carter (‘beloved’ daughter): residue

Executrix: Sara Carter (daughter)
Signed by testator with ‘C’ mark
Witnesses: Mary Foott, Daniel Masters
Proved: 4 November 1747 by oath of Sarah Carter


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/I/1747/12

Inventory of goods of William Carter, deceased of Sandwich taken 7 October 1747 by Robert Roe
and David Hibbs. Exhibited by Sarah Carter 4 November 1747.

In the Lower Rooms:      
2 tables (7s) 4 chairs(1s 8d)  08s 8d
6 small pewter dishes, 2 pewter plates (6s), 6 beer barrels (6s)   12s 0d
2 iron pots (4s), 2 tubs, 2 trendles (4s 6d), 1 small furnace (7s)   15s 6d
1 skillet (1s), 2 chests (8s), some small lumber (2s 6d)   11s 6d
Without Doors:      
Hay reek 4, some stone at the Quarry (12s 6d) 4 12s 6d
Elias Hibbs (1 1s), Jos: Tubb (7s 6d), dubious debts 1 08s 6d
In the Chamber:      
Cupboard (4s), 2 beds (2 10s) 2 14s 0d
2 bedsteads (5s) 2 pillows, 1 bolster and other bedding (1 3s) 1 08s 0d
a House and grounds being a leasehold estate in the yearly value of 12 132 00s 0d
His wearing apparel   15s 0d
Total: 145 05s 8d
Mortgage due to William Clavill of the house and ground near about 80 00s 0d
Debt due to Mr Cammell, Lewis Cole and others 4 02s 0d
Total (to deduct): 84 02s 0d
Total: 61 03s 8d


DHC reference: Da/Dt/A/1747/34

John Cockram of Sandwich
Administration bond:

- Mary Cockram, widow of Sandwich, Ann Small, spinster of Langton, Mary Bonfield, spinster of Sandwich bound 22 July 1747

- Mary Cockram [signs 'Cookram'], widow and relict to administer

Witnesses: John Combes, Curate of Langton, John Haskoll


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1748/51

Samuel Harding, mariner deceased lately belonging to His Majesty’s Ship the Mark & Rebecca Tender
Administration: Samuel Harding, senior, his father of Sandwich took administration
19 September 1748


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1750/47

Thomas Cross of Sandwich
Will dated: 9 December 1741 [note will made on proforma printed form with two ships at header – suggest occupation as mariner]

- Ann (wife): all

Witnesses: John Vallett, John Gover
Proved: 11 May 1750 to Ann Cross, widow sworn before John Pyke, Rector of Sandwich

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1750/47

Anthony Phipard, Seaman of Sandwich, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset
Dated: 13 March 1723/2

- Ann (‘present wife’): all

Executrix: Ann (wife)
Witnesses: ‘Beniam Bower’, B[?] Bower (X),James Brown
Proved: 1750


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1750/50

John Bradford, mariner of His Majesty's Ship Pembroke
Administration bond: [bond text not available to view on Ancestry.co.uk]

Thomas Bradford of Sandwich father of John Bradford intestate administrator sworn goods under 20
Before Thomas Sollers, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1751/51

Peter Tedbury / Tidbruary / Tidbrey of Heason / Hearson, Sandwich [variants given in will]
Will made: 22 August 1751

- Elizabeth (Betty) Meader, Ann Pushman, Martha Hibbs (daus): house and orchard equally divided rent for the term of lease

- Thomas Pushman’s three children: 5 12 months after decease

- ‘Eyas’ Hibbs’ three daus: 5 12 months after decease

- Ann Meader (gdau): 5 12 months after decease

- John Meader, Thomas Pushman, Elias Hibbs, William Candel (sons-in-law): 1s a piece

- Elizabeth (‘beloved wife’): rest and executrix
Signed: Peter Tidbruary (x)

Witnesses: William Melmer [Melmoth], Daniel Masters, Temprance Merwood (x)
Proved: 8 October 1751 to Elizabeth Tedbury, widow, sworn before John Pyke, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1752/19

Peter Gover, marbeller of Sandwich
Will made: 20 November 1749

- Anna Sanders (dau): brewing furnace, stone silt, my clock and jack

- Joseph Gover (brother): best suit of dark-grey cloths coat waistcoat and breeches

- Elizabeth Frampton (dau): large kettle pot now in her possession and my bankers at the sea side

- Mary Stevens (dau): rest and executrix

Witnesses: Lewis Cole, Jonathan Cole
Proved: 28 October 1752 to Mary Stevens, widow sworn before John Pyke, Rector of Sandwich


DHC reference: DA/Dt/W/1755/52

‘Cathrine Theeks’ [Catherine Thicks], widow of Sandwich
Will made: 15 October 1753

- Elizabeth Marsh of Sandwich, Cathrine Serrel of Portsea, Sarah Serrel of Corfe Castle, Martha Serrel of Sandwich
  (‘my 4 granddaughters’): all estates in Sandwich divided between them and as their father John Serrel stands indebted
  40 ‘for keeping his childring’ I do give the 40 divided between them.

- Elizabeth Marsh (gdau): great ‘kittle’ [kettle]

- Cathrine Serrel (gdau): best black quilted petticoat and bed and its furniture which I do lie in

- Sarah and Martha Serrel (gdaus): rest of goods and executrixes

Witnesses: John Dolling, junior, John Frampston, Elizabeth Frampton
Will proved: 27 November 1755 to Martha Serrell [sic] (Sarah Serrell, the other executrix being deceased)


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1755/32

Thomas Hain of Sandwich 27 February 1755
Administration: Ruth Hain, widow of Sandwich, William Millner, custom house officer of Sandwich, Thomas Soper, husbandman of Sandwich

- Ruth relict of Thomas late of Sandwich to administer goods etc

Witnesses/sworn: John Pyke, Elizabeth Hayward 6 March 1755


DHC reference: Da/A/1757/9

Matthew Towgood, widower of Sandwich
Administration: Peter Towgood, schoolmaster of Whitechurch Canonicorum, Matthew Comings, gentleman of
Blandford Forum and John Doe bound 14 December 1757

- Peter Towgood, brother of Matthew Towgood to administer

Before Thomas Fitzherbert, Notary Public Peter Towgood
Sworn before Samuel Lambert Milbourne, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1756/38

George Banister, mariner of His Majesty’s Ship Medway
Administration: Elizabeth his widow of Sandwich, Howard Serrell, gentleman of the same, Elizabeth Coombes, spinster of Langton.

- Elizabeth Banister bound to administer goods etc

30 July 1756 Witnesses: John Combes, clerk


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1758/46

William Melmoth alias Melmer of Hearson [Herston], Swanage, marbeller
Will made: 29 July 1754 

- ‘perfect health’

- ‘Beloved wife’: 50 within six months of decease or to Joseph Thompson (my wife’s son) if deceased

- Wife: house at Hearson etc where she and I now live; and newly built house I built adjoining the house we live in, in occupation of
  Giles Harding, junior; silver tankard, gold chain, silver watch, all good rings, all her clothes, silk, woolling and linen, 6 silver spoons,
  all coals and wood in and out fit for burning and largest pewter dish, best bedstead etc that is in the inner or best chamber

- Abraham Hayward (cousin): bed in outer chamber etc

- Abraham Hayward (cousin): executor

- Wife and Abraham Hayward (cousin): silver spoons etc besides the above, to be divided between them and a silver dram dish to be parted equally

- Esther Hayward (‘beloved sister’): 15 within six months of decease

- Henry Vicory of Southavon, Studland: 3

- William Melmer son of John Melmer of Swanage (kinsman): 3

- Mary Melmer dau of John Melmer of Swanage: 20s

- Mary wife of Henry Vicory: 40s

- Abraham Hayward (cousin): wearing apparel and wooling and quar tools

- Wife and Abraham Hayward: rest of goods divided and all linen, pewter etc except a pair of tea tongs, pair of large silver buckles,
  warming pan ‘which I give particularly to my dear wife for her own sole use and benefit’

- Abraham: my house after my wife dies for the term of 10 years after her decease if he or his daughter Melmer Hayward shall live

- William Melmer (kinsman) son of John Melmer: gets above house after years run out but to John, his father if no issue

- William Melmer (or to his father John): house in possession of Robert Seymore

- William Melmer (or to his father John): tenement at Hearson in possession of John Cole and in the holding of Jonathan Cole

- William Melmer (as above): after decease of my wife – messuage at Hearson and lately rebuilt in occupation of Giles Harding, junior

- William Melmer (as above): house, Hearson now in holding of John Meader for some years to come and in occupation of Joseph King.

- All tenements to William (or to his father John)

- Wife: 100 within six months of decease and the marriage bond he gave her left in the hands of Thomas Eyres, grocer, Portsmouth

- Abraham Hayward (cousin): executor

- William Melmer (as above): to demand rents yearly

- Edward Dampier, Lewis Cockram, senior and John Melmer, senior, William Milner, Officer of the Customs at Swanage (all ‘good friends’):
  to oversee this will and 10s each for their trouble

- William Milner: 5s for making this will

Witnesses: John Cole, Jonathan Stevens, Giles Harden, Sarah Cole, Mary Brown
Proved: 19 January 1758 to Abraham Hayward



DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1758/36

Leonard Cooke, of Swanwick mariner late of His Majesty’s ship Enterprise
19 June 1758
Administration: Rachel Cooke, widow and James Gray, marbler of Swanwick.

- Rachel Cooke widow of Leonard and admin. of his goods etc

Witnesses: Anne Hutchins, Ann Rose
Sworn: goods under 20 before John Hutchins, Rector of Wareham


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1758/33

Thomas Tarry of Swanwick, marine on board His Majesty’s ship Magnamine
Administration: Jane Tarry, widow of Swanwick, John Frampton, taylor of same
29 April 1758

- Jane Tarry relict and widow of Thomas Tarry a marine on board His Majesty’s ship Magnamine, to administer goods etc

Witnesses: Anne Hutchins, Ann Rose
Sworn: goods under 20 [before John Hutchins, Rector of Wareham – but not stated in document]

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1758/18  

Hester Wakely, spinster of Sandwich
Dated  28 January 1758

Administration: Thomas Wakely, blacksmith of Sandwich and Henry Conway, miller of Corfe Castle.
Thomas, father of Hester bound to administer goods etc 

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1759/24

Thomas Alford, the elder of Swanwich
Administration: Thomas Alford, marbler of Swanwich and John Kent, baker of Corfe Castle.

- Thomas son of Thomas Alford, the elder of Swanwich deceased, to administer goods etc.

11 August 1759
Witnesses: Anne Hutchins, William Filliter Thomas sworn before John Hutchins, Rector of Wareham

DHC reference: Da/Dt/A/1760/19

John Cockram, mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Swiftsur
Administration bond: 5 January 1760

- Lewis Cockram, gentleman of Swanwich, William Filliter, gentleman of Wareham and John Coe, yeoman of Wareham bound

- Lewis Cockram, father of John Cockram to administer

Witnesses: J Hutchins, Ann Rose
Lewis Cockram sworn before John Hutchins, Rector of Wareham, Surrogate

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1761/57

Lewis Cole of Sandwich, Dorset
Dated: 28 August 1759 [in Lewis Cole’s own hand]

- Grace Blockley (granddaughter): 50 in 6 months

- William Blockley (grandson): 10 when 21 years

- Jeremiah Warren (grandson): 10 when 21 yearss

- Ann (daughter) wife of Lewis Warren: leasehold house with the shops, Custom House, out houses
  and garden in Sandwich for the rest of the term. Also my banker or piece of land ‘being by the seaside
  in Sandwich known as the Key’ forever.

- Lewis Cole (son): lands at Witchampton, forever

- Lewis Cole (son), Ann Warren (daughter) and Grace Blockley (granddaughter): residue

Executor and Executrix: Lewis Cole (son) and Ann Warren (daughter)
Signed by testator
Witness: Jonathan Cole
Proved: 1761


Transcribed by Kim Parker from microfilms at the Dorset History Centre

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1762/58

Richard Corben of Sandwich in the Isle of Purbeck
Will dated: 08 Aug 1762

- First I Give to my Nephews Joseph and James Corben five Shillings each

- Also I give to my Nephew Edward Coffin five Shillings

- Also I give to my Neice Rachel Gover, Wife of Thomas Gover, five Shillings and a Right in my Seat in the Parish
  Church of Sandwich

- Also I give to my Neice Mary Best the sume of five Shillings

- Also I give to my Neice Mary, the Daughter of Thomas Gover, my Great Bible and a Right in my Seat in the Parish
  Church of Sandwich aforesaid

- Also I give to Elizabeth Ramstone Widow a Right in my Seat in the Parish Church of Sandwich aforesaid

Executrix: Sarah, wife of Samuel Haysome (wellbeloved Niece)
Trustees: Mr Lewis Warren, Stone Merchant; Thomas Frith, Marbeler & Samuel Burt, Writing Master in the
Borough of Corfe Castle
Signed by Testator
Witnesses: John Frampton, Ann Frampton (her mark), Samuel Burt
Will proved: 26 Aug 1762
Sarah, wife of Samuel Haysome sworn before John Pyke surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt /W/1763/40

Richard Bowers, mariner of HM ‘Exeter’
Will made: 23 February 1744

- Mary (wife) of Lankton, Sandwich [Langton Matravers]: all and executrix

Witnesses: Thomas Lake[?], Jonathan Garton, Charles Graham, Joseph Beckett, Thomas Ford
Proved: 1 August 1763 to Mary (wife) before John Hutchins, Rector of Wareham Surrogate legally deputed


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1763/21

Joseph Cox, carpenter of Sandwich

- Renunciation: Jane Cox widow of Joseph, of Sandwich renounces administration of goods etc to two principal creditors
  John Kent of Corfe Castle and Robert Sanders, Blacksmith and Malster of Sandwich
  5 March 1763

Witnesses: George White, Henry Sanders
Exhibited: 7 March 1763 Bond: John Kent, baker of Corfe Castle, Robert Sanders, blacksmith of Sandwich and
Thomas Huxford, cordwainer of Bere Regis.
Kent and Sanders, principal creditors (Kent owed 23; Sanders owed 17) to administer goods etc
7 March 1763

Witness/before: Thomas Fitzherbert


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1763/39

John Linnington, Hillier, Hearston, Sandwich
Will dated:  24 July 1763

- ‘weak of body’

- ‘Two shillings each to six bearers to carry me to church at my decease and two shillings to two women to lay me out at my death’.

- Thomas (‘well beloved son’): best dark coloured blew [blue] coat together with my father’s best coat, my buckskin breeches and white fustian waistcoat

- Thomas (brother) and John Best of Sandwich (brother in law): remainder of wearing apparel to share between them

- Mary (‘well beloved wife’): silver watch and household furniture provided she continues a widow – after decease or marriage to share between brother
  Thomas, John Best and William Linnington ‘well beloved brother’)

- Mary (wife): my fee simple now dwelling house in Herston with garden, orchard etc called ‘late Jeremiah Brown’s Tenement’ with rest

- Samuel Burt, Writing Master, of Corfe Castle (‘my good friend’): trustee

Executrix: Mary (wife)

Witnesses: William Cull, James Collins, Honor Burt
Sworn: 21 September 1763 to Mary, widow and executrix before John Pyke, Rector of Sandwich


DHC reference: Ad/Dt//W/1765/60

Thomas Soper 'Farmer Soper', Townsend, Swanage [Sandwich]
Will made: 24 January 1765

- Johanna ('beloved wife') and her daughter Rose: all goods etc which were my wife's at the time of our marriage; with two houses now in the
  occupation of Richard Morris and Hester Phillips

- William Soper at Ulwell (brother): any moneys as may be due from him to me at the time of my decease

- Hannah Hixen [Hixon]: remainder of my household furniture

- Johanna (wife) and Hanna Hixon and her husband Thomas Hixon (son-in-law): all stock of hay, corn, all kinds of cattle and moneys due to me
  equally between them with all carriages and utensils for husbandry to be appraised and equally divided in 12 month after decease

- Johanna (wife) and Hanna Hixon and her husband Thomas Hixon (son-in-law): executor and executrixes Thomas give his mother in law the
  value of her third part following appraisement, he shall not be obliged to pay for the same until one year after

Witnesses: H Serrell, Sarah Bonfield
Will proved: 10 July 1765 to Thomas Hixon before John Cooth, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1765/24

Ann Phippard, widow of Sandwich, Dorset (died intestate)
Bond dated: 29 November 1765

John Phippard of Sandwich, Dorset and Thomas Hixon of Sandwich, Dorset bound to the Court
Under the sum of 200.
Condition: John Phippard (son) administrator of goods is to make an inventory to be exhibited on or
before last day of May 1766 and make an account of his administration before last day of November 1766.
Witnesses: John Pyke, Clerk, Henry Parlett


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1767/61

Thomas Weikely alias Wakley of Swanige, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset
Dated: 13 December 1762

- Thomas (son): my dwelling house and garden in Swanige. Thomas to pay my wife Mary 1 5s/year
  ‘and if not to abide in the house where she was and if the land falls to James Wakley to follow the
  same orders as Thomas was’.

- James Wakley: 2 2s

- After wife’s death, ‘goods to return to my children again’

- Thomas Wakley: 2s 6d

- Wife: best bedstead during her life

Executrixes: Mary (wife) and Betty Wakly (daughter)
Signed by testator
Witnesses: Jean Cupper, John Allford, Richard Smedmore
Mary Wakley, widow, sworn 10 November 1767


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1767/24

Stephen Smith of Sandwich, bachelor
Renunciation: John father of Stephen Smith renounces administration and commits to James Percy, principal creditor 3 February 1767

Witnesses: H and Samuel Serrell
Exhibited before Reverend John Cooth, Clerk MA and Surrogate 7 February 1767

Administration: James Percy, timber merchant of Wimborne Minster, Thomas Lockyer, yeoman of Hampreston, John Doe bound.
James Percy to administer. 7 February 1767, before Thomas Fitzherbert, Notary Public. Sworn before John Cooth, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1769/59

Thomas Burdam (also spelt as Bordam and Bordan), fisherman of Sandwich
Will made: 15 March 1768

- Mary (dau): a dwelling place in the houses[?] ‘not to be put out of it as long as she lives’

- John (son): boat and wearing clothes

- Ann (dau): chest of drawers

- Hester Pilips [Philips] (gdau): 10s every year as long as she keeps same name to be paid out of houses

- Children: rest equally divided

- Mary (dau): ‘The Old Rope to be sold and Mary to have the money

Witnesses: John Dolling, Margaret Serrell, Mary Smedmor [Smedmore] (x) [on reverse in pencil ‘when examined
in October 1961 this will found to lack half’]

John Burdam, fisherman of Sandwich, George Smith, shoemaker of Wareham and John Flook, labourer of Wareham bound 12 August 1769
John son of Thomas to administer will, before William and George Filliter Sworn before John Hutchins, Rector of Wareham and Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1770/17

Francis Warren, gentleman of Sandwich
Will made: 2 February 1765

- Francis Warren ‘of Swanage but now of London, merchant’

- Eleanor (‘much loved’ wife, dau of Christopher and Ann Ashley of Mahone, Isle of Minorca): all, then after decease to Eleanor (dau)

- Eleanor (wife): pay yearly to Hannah Warren (mother) of Swanage: 42 12s, house orchard occupied by Hannah Warren to be sole
  property of Eleanor (wife)

- Eleanor (wife): executrix

Witnesses: Lewis Warren, George Warren
Commission: Eleanor wife of John Taylor and executrix of her late husband Francis Warren 3 November 1770.
Executed and proved by Eleanor Taylor on 10 November 1770 before John Hutchins, Surrogate


DHC reference: DA/A/1771/18

George Pushman, marbler of Sandwich
Administration: John Pushman of Sandwich, Thomas Randall, marbler and William Curtis, ‘millar’ both of Sandwich bound 8 April 1771

John Pushman, principal creditor and administrator

Witnesses: Jared Trew, Mary Tibury (x)
John Pushman sworn 8 April 1771 to administrator as Elizabeth Pushman, widow having renunciated, before John Pyke
Renunciation: Elizabeth Pushman, widow of George Pushman renunciates administration and John Pushman, principal
creditor appointed 8 April 1771, signed Elizabeth Pushman (x)

Witnesses: Jared Trew, William Curtis
Exhibited before Reverend John Pyke, Surrogate
Existing - Note: Mary Pushman will – add reference Ad/Dt/W/1774/59
Existing - Note: Thomas Rawlins will – add reference Ad/Dt/W/1823/39 and note signatory is Robert Dugdale


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1772/49  

James Benfield, marbler or stone cutter, Sandwich
Will dated: 9 January 1771

- Elizabeth Benfield (dau): house that I live in

- James (son): ‘lands at Churchbridg’

- Mary Best: house where Peter Hancock now lives ‘for to live in’ and goods to furnish him – bed and things belonging too
  Square table, two chairs [for Mary Best?]

- James (son): ‘woolling’ apparel and rest of goods and chattels after decease of Elizabeth Benfield (dau) and Mary Best.

Superscript note in text: ‘I debar my daughter Elizabeth Benfield of all my goods and chattels’.
Samuel Burt, George Clarke Butler: overseers of will and one guinea each

Witnesses: William Rose, Joseph Ralles, Peter Hancock
Probate granted: to Samuel Burt 15 January 1772


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1774/60

Mary Pushman of Isle of Purbeck, Swanage, Dorset
Dated: 20 May 1774

- Esther Pushman (sister): wearing apparel, household goods

- Esther (sister) and Henry Pushman (nephew): money equally divided. Esther to have interest
  paid half yearly by executor.

Executor: Henry Pushman (nephew)
Mark of testator
Witnesses: Samuel Marsh, David Dollen (x)
Commission: 5 September 1774
Proved: 25 September 1774 on oath of Henry Pushman before John Pyke, Clerk,
Rector of Sandwich, Dorset


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1775/27  

John Bemister, yeoman of Sandwich
Administration: Ann Bemister, widow of John, John Keyton, surgeon and Robert Chinchen, stone merchant of the same place.

31 October 1775
Ann Bemister bound to administer goods etc

Witnesses: Morgan Jones, Christopher Rawlinson


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1776/42  

James Browne, marbler of Sandwich
Will dated: 1 March 1773

- Mary Cole of Sandwich, spinster and niece of Mr Camell: land and house where I dwell in Sandwich and right of the passage,
  privilege of the Brewhouse, and its utensils and likewise the garden adjoining.

- Mary Cole (as above): right in the Quarry where I now work and all my stone, utensils and tools etc of marbler trade and rest

Witnesses: Esther Damon, Mary Stevens, Thomas Bartlett
Proved: 10 August 1776 to Mary Cole


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1776/15

David Clarke, marbeller of Sandwich
Administration: Lewis Warren, marbler and Joshua Northcote, mercer and draper of Blandford Forum.

16 November 1776


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1777/56

John Melmoth, marbler of Sandwich
Will made: 23 October 1753

- Judith (dau) wife of Thomas Frith: 5

- Mary (gdau and dau of Thomas and Judith Frith): 1 when 21 years old

- William and Ann (son and dau of William (son) and Martha Melmoth): 1 each when 21 years old

- William (son): 1s

- Mary (‘dearly beloved wife’): executrix and rest. Rest on her decease to John and Mary (son and dau) divided between them

Witnesses: John Chapman and S B Chapman

John Melmoth, marbler of Sandwich, Mary Melmoth, spinster and John Cole, stone merchant of same and James Browne, victualler
of Corfe Castle bound by sum of 200 8 December 1777.

John and Mary Melmoth to administer in presence of Thomas Bartlett 17 November 1777


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1778/55

Hannah Soper of Swanage / Sandwich
Will made: 30 August 1773

- Rose Haysom otherwise Weeks (‘natural’ dau): all houses, goods and chattels etc, and executrix

Witnesses: Lewis and Ann Warren
Commission: 22 June 1778 Rose Haysom otherwise Weeks (natural dau), executrix, sworn 23 June 1778 before John Pyke


DHC reference: DA/W/1779/33

Samuel Warren, marbler of Sandwich
Will made: 7 September 1779

- ‘sick and weak in body’

- Mary (‘dearly beloved and only surviving daughter (who is now a minor)’: all monies, goods, chattels and effects

- My late father John Warren was legally possessed of a valuable stone quarry at Durlstone Bay, Sandwich which a quarter (testator’s) to
  go to Mary (dau) or she dies to his brothers then living

- John Warren (‘well beloved brother’), marbler of Sandwich and Lewis Warren (‘much esteemed friend and relation’) stone merchant: trustees
  and guardians of my daughter

Witnesses: Jeremiah Warren, Samuel Burt
Will proved: 28 November 1779 to Lewis Warren and John Warren


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1780/56

John Frampton, mercer of Sandwich

- ‘weak of body’

- Elizabeth Frampton dau of Peter Gover Frampton (son): freehold banker or wharf at Sandwich in occupation of John Melmoth,
  chest of drawers and a blue box

- Peter Gover Frampton (son): stock of wool in my dwelling house with press, combs and all other my tools and utensils used in the
  stocking trade only

- Isaac Frampton (son): 20

- Grandchildren: 5 each

- Elizabeth Frampton (gdau) and Ann Frampton (sister): executrixes and residue and remainder equally between them

- Nathan Chinchen, stone merchant of Sandwich and Samuel Burt, writing master of Corfe Castle: appointed trustees of
  Elizabeth Frampton (gdau) and see this will executed

Witnesses: Eli Purlet, Edward Smith, Peter Stevens
Proved 8 January 1780 by Ann Frampton (power being reserved to grant to Elizabeth Frampton) before John Pyke, surrogate


DHC reference: DA/I/1780/1

John Frampton, hosier of Swanage
Inventory of business stock taken and witnessed by Miss Mary Cole, and Mrs Ann Frampton (x) – includes stays, cloths, velvets
and beaver, and much more.
7 July 1779.
Total 373 5s 6d
Inventory of household goods etc taken by James Brown and Thomas Bartlett 22 April 1780. Total 25 3s 8d



DHC reference: DA/W/1780/56

Robert Sanders, blacksmith and malster of Sandwich
Will made: 26 September 1777

- Mary Warren (gdau): 100

- Elizabeth wife of William Cole (gdau): 50

- John Sanders (gson): silver watch and 50

- Ann Cole (dau): bed and bedstead in West Chamber in my dwelling house and a double chest of drawers in the same room,
  large pier glass and the oak table standing under the same and also 6 black’s ash chairs in the same room and one armed chair,
  one mahogany round table, 6 new silver tea spoons, silver cream cup and large silver spoon, my clock and case and half a dozen
  of best new case knives and forks and 150

- Henry Sanders (son): rest and executor

Witnesses: John Edmunds and George Filliter
Will proved: 12 January 1780 to Henry Sanders


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1780/12

John Warren of Sandwich, bachelor
Administration: James Warren, marbler of Sandwich, John Wyatt, groom of Blandford Forum bound 25 March 1780

James brother of John Warren to administer.
Before Thomas Fitzherbert, Registrar. James Warren sworn before George Marsh, Surrogate


DHC reference: DA/W/1780/57

John Warren of Swanage
Will made: 28 November 1774

- James, Samuel, John and Joseph Warren (sons): ‘Quare in Durdlestone Bay’ to share equally and wearing apparel

- Jane (dau) wife of Thomas Wakely: 10

- Martha Warren (dau): all household goods except after mentioned

- Grandchildren: a large silver spoon each

- James, Samuel, John and Joseph Warren (sons), Martha Warren and Jane Wakely (daus): all money/debts owed and goods at Quare
   to be equally divided between them

- John (son): my clock and executor

Witnesses: Henry Parlett, Lewis Warren
Will proved: 28 August 1780 to James Warren (son and administrator of the goods of John Warren his brother deceased the named executor)


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1780/11

Benjamin Rose of Sandwich
Administration: Peter Rose, marbler of Studland, John Sawyer, yeoman of Studland, John Doe bound 23 September 1780

Peter Rose, son of Benjamin Rose to administer.
In presence of Thomas Fitzherbert, Notary Public and Registrar. Peter Rose (x), sworn before George Bingham, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1780/55

Richard Besst [Best] of Swanage
Will made: 3 November 1770

- ‘in bodely Health’

- Sarah (‘beloved wife’): all money, land etc owing or belonging to me. After her decease, as follows:

  - Sarah Cole (dau): clock, best glass, my books with a pew in the church

  - Ann Cockram (dau): best bed and all belongings there unto

  - Hannah Best (dau-in-law): 1 guinea

  - Sarah Best (gdau): bed with green curtain and all belonging there unto

  - Richard Best (gson): 1s

  - Beatrix Brine (‘my trusty maid’): the bed and all to it ‘that she always lay on’

  - Martin Cole and Lewis Cockram (sons-in-law): rest and executors

Witnesses: John Harden, John Cole
Proved 4 December 1780 by Martin Cole and Lewis Cockram

Sworn before Reverend John Pyke Executors’ oath: Martin Cole, commander of His Majesty’s Sloop of War ‘the Woolf’,
and Lewis Cockram


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1781/50

Elizabeth Keats [Keates], widow of Sandwich also Swanage
Will made: 17 February 1781

- Joanna Serrell (dau): leasehold tenement and garden where I now live at Swanage for rest of term of years. Also household goods,
  furniture, stock of beer and other liquors, brewing utensils etc

- Executrix to pay Elizabeth (dau) wife of John Collins of Swanage, quarrier and Susannah Pond (dau) wife of Ely [Eli] Pond of Swanage,
  butcher: 30s per annum each from above property in quarterly payments

- Joanna Serrell (dau): executrix

Mark of 'Elizbeth Keates' (also referred to as Elizabeth Serrell)
Witnesses: William Curtis, Edward Alem [Allen?] (x)
Commission oath: 10 April 1781 to be made to Joanna Serrell, spinster of Sandwich and daughter of testatrix.
Proved by commission: executed 19 April 1781 before John Pyke, Clerk


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1781/51

John Melmoth, stone merchant of Sandwich
Will made: 7 January 1780

- Mary (sister): all leasehold houses, moiety of houses with appurtenances in Sandwich and goods etc, and executrix

Witnesses: Thomas Bartlett, Mary Harden
Proved: 13 March 1781 to Mary Melmoth before Morgan Jones, curate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1783/31

Grace Collins of Sandwich
Administration: James Collins, marbler of Herston, Purbeck and Samuel Collins, marbler, same, sons of Grace Collins
the wife [note not a widow] of James Collins late of the same place, marbler and formerly Grace Bonfield, spinster,
to administer goods etc

Witness: George Filliter


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1783/23

Sarah Seymer [Seymour], widow of Swanage
Administration bond: 5 July 1783 Robert Seymer, yeoman of Swanage, William Haysome, yeoman, Swanage and John Doe Robert Seymer,
son of Sarah intestate to administer.
Sworn before Thomas Fitzherbert, Notary Public.

Robert signs himself ‘Robert Seymour’.
Sworn same date before George Marsh, Surrogate


DHC reference: DA/5a/120/110

James Collins, stone mason of Swanage
Will made: 12 June 1780

- Ann ('beloved wife'): all effects - 'the house and land of the house that John Simes lives in the house that Thomas Bradford and the
  plot of the house all situated in Herston feld [Field] the house that I live in at present with the ground and every thing there belonging
  with all my household goods, monies etc'. After decease or if she marries to be shared between my four children James, Samuel,
  John and Martha as tenants in common.

- Joseph Collins (brother): executor in trust to see debts are paid

- John (son): all working tools and wearing apparel except a blue coat for Samuel (son)

- James and Samuel (sons): 'if John Brine should outlive my wife the house that I now live in plot garden orchard and everything belonging
  to both share. 'I further desire that Thomas Bradford...should live in the house that he built on my land for the term of thirteen years for the
  yearly rent of one shilling per year'. After the term of years, he or his wife to pay thirty shillings a year.

Witnesses: Howard Collins, John Tombs, junior and Henry Warren


Transcription - Sue Mills

DHC reference: DA/Dt/W/1784/32

Susanna Chinchen, Spinster, of Swanage in the Isle of Purbeck
Dated 9 February 1782

- Samuel Edmonds of Swanage, nephew - son of sister Ruth, now wife of Mr Price of Richmond,
  Surrey: 100

- James Chinchen the younger of Sandwich, Stone Merchant his executors administrators and
  assigns (Clerk to my brother Timothy Chinchen): all my goods, chattles, book debts, ready money
  and securities for money together also with all the residue and remainder of my Personal Estate
  and effects of every nature sort and kind. Not for his or their own use and benefit but for the particular
  use, purpose and intent following; Discharge all my debts, legacy and funeral expences. From time to
  time pay and apply all the rest, residue and remainder in such manner and to and for the only sole and
  corporate use and benefit of my sister Mary, the wife of John Jenn, Surgeon. After the decease of my
  said sister : divide the same equally amongst all the children (if more than one) of my said sister that
  shall be living at her decease. It being my intention and desire that the said John Jenn should not
  intermeddle or have anything to do with any part of my Personal Estate and Effects

Executor: James Chinchen
Witnesses: Edward Smith, William Cole
Proved: 8 March 1784


DHC reference: DA/I/1784/4

Susanna Chinchen, spinster of Swanage

Inventory appraised 28 May 1784 by James Brown, Thomas Cockram, Adam Simpson, Mrs Joanna Hyde

Inventory covers in remarkable detail (27 pages):

- Shop (haberdashery goods etc): 94 10s 5d

- Household goods and furniture: 61 17s 8d

- Silver and gold: 24 17s 10d

- Wearing apparel: 27 4s 8d

- Moiety of house in Swanage in occupation of Timothy Chinchen, senior 35 0s 0d

- Debts due to deceased at the time of her death (full transcript of pages 25-27): 352 160 d

William Edmonds 19s 8d  
James Keats 4 8s 1d  
Lewis Bower 10s 5d  
Henry Bestland 3 15s 3d  
James Edmonds 1 11s 6d  
John Evans 1 3s 9d  
Robert Edmonds ‘Ballance’ 3 2s 9d  
Hester Edmonds 8s 8d  
Shepherd Gillingham 1s 7d  
William Coleman ‘Ballance’     14s 11d  
John Warren  ‘Ballance’            5s 3d  
James Chinchen, senior 12 12s 8d  
James Warren ‘Ballance’ 1 4s  
Miller Froom 11s 9d  
Thomas Hixon 16s 1d  
George Hyde 4 9s  
Thomas Randall 2 4s 4d  
William Turner  ‘Ballance’ 3 0s 8 1d[?]  [edge damage/missing]
Samuel Cross ‘Ballance’ [edge damage/missing]
Joseph Musselwhite    [edge damage/missing]
Giles Harden ‘Ballance’ 1 14s... [edge damage/missing]
Timothy Bower  ‘Ballance’ 19s 8d  
Joseph SandersJunior 9s 5d  
Elizabeth Jackman 7s  
Thomas Musselwhite  1 9s 3d  
Robert Sanders 15s  
Peter Stevens 11s 1d  
Denis Daimon 10d  
Richard Butler 7s 11d  
John Burt 10 12s 2d  
Daniel Chinchen 1 5s 7d  
Joseph Ellis 3 4s 7d  
William Haysome 4 1s 2d[?] [edge damage/missing]
Nathaniel Chinchen 10... [edge damage/missing]
John Tarry   [edge damage/missing]
Benjamin Bower 11s ... [edge damage/missing]
Timothy Chinchen    [edge damage/missing]
Doctor Chinchen 18 6s 8d  
Thomas Linnington 3s 1d  
John Toms senior 14 8s 10d  
Edward Hancock 6 16s 8d  
Betty Randall 11s 6d  
John Bower Langton  2 2s 2d  
James Chinchen Junior 12 16s  
Charles Bower 1 14s 7d  
Christopher Haysome Senior 1 3s 10d  
Joseph Vye 4 12s 1d  
Joseph Chinchen 2 10s 7d  
Samuel Chinchen 4 13s 11d  
Edward Brown 2 8s 3d  
Henry Pushman 18s 10d  
Joseph Smedmore 7d  
George Phiphard [Phippard] 9s 1d  
Titus Corben 1 8s 10d  
Jane Tarry 7s  
William Foot 1 9s 0d  
James Pond 15s 11d  
...l Bower 1  
...er Barns 4s 8d  
Frances Andrews 2s  
Ash Randall 3 15s 2d  
James Benfield 6 19s 2d  
Edward Smith 6 0s 6d  
Thomas Chinchen 1 11s 7d  
Robert Seymore 8s 8d  
James Wakely 7s 7d  
William Elerey 17 6s 11d  
Peter Hancock 7 4s 4d  
Joseph Edmonds Senior  4 9s 1d  
Molly Randall 16s 7d  
Thomas Elary 1 16s 10d  
George Elary 10s 1d  
George Musselwhite 5 14s 2d  
[?]...avid Dolling 4s 1d  
[?]... An[?] 2 13s 6d  
Mrs Medway 1 12s 6d  
John Tollifield 15s 6d  
John Stickland Junior 3s 4d  
William Brown 6s 6d  
Joseph Edmonds Junior 2 6s 9d  
Doctor Jenn 81 0s d  
[?]Mrs White 5s 7d  


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1785/49  

Samuel Burt, mason of Herston, Sandwich
Will dated: 1 May 1749

- ‘in health of body’

- Henry Burt (nephew): 1s

- Honour (‘dearly beloved wife’): house and lands etc and executrix, then on decease ‘well beloved’
  nephew Samuel Burt son of John Burt.

Witnesses: [Richerd - sic] Richard Corben, Jonathan Stevens, James Clarke Samuel Burt,
nephew and executor of Samuel Burt deceased to administer will etc
12 April 1785. Sworn 13 April 1785


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1785/50

Samuel Burt, mason of Sandwich

Commission oath: to Samuel Burt, nephew of testator 12 April 1785. Samuel Burt sworn 13 April 1785 before John Gent



DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1786/58

John Morison, Dissenting Minister of the Gospel, Swanage
Will made: 2 August 1763

- 'my Body to be interred in the same Grave by my first wife'

- Fergus Mackay (nephew): 5

- Cathrine [Catherine] Mackay (niece): 5

- Elizabeth ('present wife'): residue and remainder of estate, goods etc, and executrix

Witnesses: H Serrell, Henry Parlett
Will proved: 15 December 1786 by Elizabeth Morison, widow before Morgan Jones


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1787/42

Hannah Best of Swanage
Will made: 1 May 1784

- Sarah Smeadmore [Smedmore] (‘beloved’ dau) wife of Joseph: house and garden occupied by Henry Meader at Herston, and
  two-thirds of the house or houses inhabited by myself and Robert and Mary Stevens in Swanage, ‘in consideration of my aforesaid
  daughter has allowed me all fripperies in my long sickness and paid sundry bills’

- Martha Butler (gdau): all clothes, household furniture??

- Richard Best (son): remaining one-third of abovementioned house or houses

- Sarah Smeadmore (dau): executrix

Signed: Hannah Best (x)
Witnesses: Timothy Chinchen junior, William Curtis
Proved 17 February 1787 by Sarah Smeadmore (dau) before George R Hawker, Surrogate


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1788/20

John Best, mariner of Swanage
Administration bond: Richard Best of Sandwich als Swanage, stonecutter, Robert Seymer, stonecutter of same place,
and John Doe bound 9 February 1787

- Richard Best, son of John Best intestate to administer

Witness: Thomas Fitzherbert, Notary Public
Richard Best sworn same date before H Sherive[?]


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1788/12

John Meader, marbler and stone mason of Herston, Sandwich or Swanage
Will dated: 15 May 1788

- Mary Meader (dau): one 36s piece, one 18s piece (Portugal gold coins), 5 gold rings and 40

- Jeremiah (son): all household goods and furniture

- Jeremiah and Mary (son and dau): rest divided between them Mary (dau): executrix

Witnesses: Hester Cole, Ja[James] Brown Mary (dau) to administer will of John Meader, deceased.
11 October 1788. Probate: 15 October 1788


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1789/22

Edward Stoodley, victualler [Innkeeper] of Herston, Swanage
Will dated: 5 February 1789

- George Clarke Butler, gentleman of Corfe Castle: all debt I owed to him, provide comfort etc for John Stoodley (son) in his apprenticeship.
  10 to be paid by him to John (son) Mary Stoodley (dau): to benefit until marriage

- Edward and Mary (son and daughter): residue of goods to be divided between them George Clarke Butler (‘well beloved friend’): executor

Witnesses: John Cole, James Brown George Clarke Butler bound to administer will.
28 April 1789 Sworn 2 May 1789


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1793/17

Elizabeth Warren, widow of Swanage
Administration bond: Francis Warren, stone merchant of Swanage, William Roe of Blandford Forum, mercer and John Doe of same place,
Sheriffs' Officer bound 9 February 1793.

Francis Warren the only son and next of kin of Elizabeth Warren, intestate to administer
Sworn same date, effects under 100, before John Yeatman, Clerk


Transcribed by Kim Parker from microfilms at the Dorset History Centre

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1794/26

Benjamin Bower, Quarrier of Herston in the Parish of Swanage in the Isle of Purbeck
Will dated: 25 Feb 1789

- First I Give and devise unto my Wife Mary Bower All my Freehold Land & Tenements with the
  Appurtenance thereunto belonging situate lying and being within the said Parish of Swanage
  To hold unto her my said wife Mary Bower for and during the Term of her natural Life

- Also all my Household Goods and Furniture of every sort kind and Nature soever (Except my
  Clock and Case) for and during her natural Life and from and immediately after her decease
  Then I give and bequeath the same unto all my Daughters that shall be living at the Time of her
  Death equally to be divided between them share and share alike

- Also I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Ann Bower the House and Garden now in the occupation
  of Edward Harris for and during her natural life and no longer

- Also I give and bequeath the House and Garden now in the occupation of Robert Toms senior unto
  my Daughter Sarah Bower for and during her natural Life and no longer

- Also I give and bequeath the House and Garden now in the occupation of the Widow King unto
  my Daughter Katherine Bower for and during her natural Life and no longer And from and immediately
  after the Deaths of my said Wife and three Daughters namely Ann Sarah and Katherine I Give and
  devise the said Freehold Lands and Tenements with the Appurtenances unto my Son Benjamin Bower
  his Heirs and Assigns forever

- Also I give unto my Son James Bower my Daughter Joannah Hyde and unto my Daughter Mary Medway
  widow one shilling apiece to be paid to each of them by my Executor hereinafter named immediately
  after my decease

Residuary Legatee: Wife
Executor: Benjamin Bower (Son)
Signed by Testator
Witnesses: Susannah Harris (her mark), Susannah Allen, James Brown
Will proved: 30 Oct 1794
Benjamin Bower sworn before George Hooten Hyde
Effects under: 100


Transcription - Sue Mills

DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1794/51

Joseph Edmonds,
Dated 15 December 1793

- Wife and Three Sons or the Major part of them Joseph and John Edmonds to be sole Executors
  to have full power [to] sell my Estate house etc or any part of them, the Brewhouse and Malthouse
  excepted & what belongs to it to James Edmonds, the rent free as long as he shall carry on the
  business and then for the benefit of all & its my desire after that my wife may have the whole as
  long as she lives single.
- Sarah (dau): 300

- Children of Presilla: 300

- Martha Maria (dau): 350

- 'no other person is to have anything to do with this Will'

- James: Ye Silver Wafer

- Joseph: The Silver Cup & Waiter "derected" to Joseph Edmonds

- John: The Silver Casters

- Maria: Remainder

Nathan and James Chinchen, stone merchants of Swanage, swore the handwriting is of the deceased
[as it was written in the testator’s [shaky] hand and not witnessed] 21 November 1794

Commission oath: to Priscilla Edmonds, widow and Joseph Edmonds, son and joint executors

Executed 21 November 1794 before W Taylor, Clerk


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1794/24

Christopher Haysom, quarrier of Swanage
Administration bond: Christopher Haysom, quarrier of Swanage and Robert Seymour [Seymer], quarrier of the same place 23 December 1794

Christopher son of Christopher to administer Before W H Monday
Sworn same date before J Atkinson effects sworn under 100


Transcription - Sue Mills

DHC reference: DA/W/1795/45

Mr. John Harden, Stone Mason of Swanage, Isle of Purbeck
Dated 20 September 1789

- Mary Pond (daughter), wife of John Pond, butcher of Swanage: 100 for her own, sole and separate use.
  In case of her death leaving no issue the said sum shall go to and be equally divided amongst all my
  children that shall be living at the time of her death.

- Ann Harden (daughter): 150.

- Richard Harden and Joseph Harden (sons): the houses they now live in with all and Singular the
  Appurtenances thereunto belonging.  And in Case of the death of either Richard or Joseph the widow of
  him so dying shall have hold and enjoy for and during the other brothers life. And in the case of the death
  of them so aforesaid the widow of him so dying or her child or children shall receive one full moiety or half
  part of all the 'Net profitts' arising from such Quarries so long as my Right Title and Interest shall continue therein.

  The South Quarry in Durlstone Bay and the quarry in Court Ground equally between them share and share alike.

  Neither of the Houses or Quarries above mentioned shall not be sold to distress each other.

- Samuel Harden (son): 50 In Trust to pay and apply the same. Also one full moiety or half part of all that
  Quarry called the Cinder.

- Joseph Moore Harden (grandson): Ten Pounds with lawful interest for the same to commence from the day of my
  death when he shall attain the age of Twenty One years.

- Samuel, Richard and Joseph Harden (sons):  All my wearing apparel 

- John Harden (son): Residue and Remainder

Witnesses: Robert Barnes, James Brown
Joint Executors: John Harden (son) and Mr John Dampier of Wareham (most beloved friend)
Proved: 20 August 1795

Commission oath: 20 August 1795 to be made to John Harden, son and one of the executors.
Executed 21 September 1795 goods sworn under 300


Transcribed by Kim Parker from microfilms at the Dorset History Centre


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1795/46

Moses Vivian of Swanage in the Isle of Purbeck
Will dated: 09 Aug 1794

- First I give and bequeath unto my well beloved Wife Mary Vivian all my Household Goods and Chattels of
  every kind and all my wearing Apparel together with all Monies Securities for Money and all Debts from
  whomsoever due to me at the time of my Decease except what is herein mentioned and bequeathed to the

- I give bequeath and devise unto my Nephews Moses Gillingham of Swanage Innkeeper and James Cull son
  of Henry Cull of Ramsgate Stonemason all that Freehold Messuage or Tenement with the Outhouses Garden
  and Appurtenances thereunto belonging together with the Land of the same situate and being in Swanage
  aforesaid and now in the occupation of John Malyn Wells and Henry Hibbs to be divided betwixt them my
  two Nephews aforesaid in the following manner (viz)

- The East Part of the Dwelling House from the Passage in the Occupation of Henry Hibbs together with the
  Kitchen adjoining and the lower one of the two other Outhouses on the East Part also the East Half of the
  Garden and the Privelege of a free Passage to and from the Pump for Water and to and from the Necessary
  House at all times to the said Moses Gillingham.

- The West Part of the Dwelling House from the Passage in the Occupation of John Malyn Wells together with
  the West Half of the Garden and all the Outhouses on the West side and the middle one of the three Outhouses
  on the east side to the said James Cull and an equal Privelege of the Pump and Necessary House with the said
  Moses Gillingham.

- And all other Passages Easements and Emoluments belonging to the said demised Premises the said Moses
  Gillingham and the said James Cull are to have an equal privilege in and use of To have and to hold all and
  singular the said demised Premises together with the Land of the same (divided as before specified) unto the
  said Moses Gillingham and to the said James Cull and to their Heirs for ever

- But if the said Moses Gillingham die without issue then I give and bequeath all his Part of the said demised
  Premises unto Moses Gillingham the Younger, son of William Gillingham of Swanage and to his Heirs for ever.

- I give and bequeath unto the said Moses Gillingham Senior a Family Silver Bowl to him and his Heirs but if he
  die without issue then I give the said Family Bowl to Mary the wife of Henry Pushman and to her Heirs.

- Also I give to the said Moses Gillingham Senior after my Wife’s Decease my Silver Tankard.

- I give to my Nephew Henry Gillingham one shilling.

- I give to Moses Gillingham Junior a Silver Pint Cup.

Residuary Legatee: Mary Vivian (Wife)
Executors: Mary Vivian (Wife), Moses Gillingham senior (Nephew), James Cull
Signed by Testator
Witnesses: John Gover, George Serrell Bonfield, John Lush (his mark)
Will proved: 05 Dec 1795
Moses Gillingham & James Cull sworn before Joseph Atkinson
Effects under: 300

Note that the use of ‘senior’ and ‘junior’ in respect of the Moses Gillinghams mentioned in the Will is in the sense
of ‘elder’ and ‘younger’ rather than in the sense of ‘father’ and ‘son’.

Moses Gillingham senior (born 1758) was the son of William Gillingham (c1727-88) & Ann Brine (1723-1807), and
husband of Sarah Smith (1756-1826), but died without issue in 1802.

Moses Gillingham junior (1778-1858) was the son of the brother of Moses Gillingham senior, William Gillingham
(1755-1801) & Sarah Manuel (1758-1826), and husband of Lucy Toop (1777-1863).


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/W/1797/58

James Flook, stonemason of Swanage
Will made: 1 February 1794

- Mary (wife): house where she now lives with house adjoining in occupation of Francis Andrews, and all household goods
  and furniture and her wearing apparel in her possession – the latter to pass to Susannah Hurlock on her decease
  (executor to make an inventory)

- Mary (wife): 4 a year in half year payments

- Susannah Hurlock: 50 after my wife’s decease

- Joseph Manwell (son-in-law): stone quarry, tools and my wearing apparel and 50 and 25 more after my wife’s decease

- Joshua Tubb (gson): 5

- Mary Melmoth (cousin): 7 10s

- Ann Burt (cousin): 7 10s

- Mary Manwell (gdau): bed I now lay with all belongings

- James-Flook Manwell (gson): silver watch

- Thomas Burt (gson): silver buckles, if he does not live then to William Burt (great gson)

- Joseph Manwell (son-in-law): all money due to me from George Bonfield and Samuel Marsh, and rest, and executor

Witnesses: George Manwell, Joseph Gover
Proved 11 March 1797 by Joseph Manwell, sworn effects under 600, before Ed. Binfield


DHC reference: Ad/Dt/A/1797/19

Charles Pope Shank, of Swanage
Commission oath: 3 April 1797 effects under 100, commission executed 5 April 1797 before John Gent, Commissioner
Administration bond: John Stockly [Stockley], stonemason of Swanage, George Bonfield, merchant of Swanage, Joseph Gover, schoolmaster,
Swanage bound 5 April 1797

Elizabeth wife of above bounden John Stockly, the daughter of Charles Pope Shank intestate to administer
Signed by all - note George Bonfield signs 'Benfield'
Witnesses Thomas Rawlins, Henry Gillingham