Swanage Wills

Original Wills and Administrations of Archdeaconry Court of Dorset
held at Dorset County Record Office

Bristol Consistory Court

DHC reference: Bc/W/P/66

George Petten, brewer of Sanwich
Will made: 29 May 1684

- Elizabeth (dau): house she now liveth, silver tumbler, two pair of the best sheets, half dozen of best table napkins, second biggest brass pot,
  one of my biggest chests, one of my ‘farr coffers’ and 40s

- Joan Petten (gdau - dau of Elizabeth above): goods after Elizabeth (dau)’s decease

- Mary Pushman (gdau): her life in the house where Elizabeth (dau) now liveth to be enjoyed by her immediately after Elizabeth (dau)’s decease
  and all goods which her mother Mary Pushman left her at her death and 40s

- Joan Petten (gdau - dau of Elizabeth above): her life in the house she now liveth after the decease of her mother and Mary Pushman (before named)
  and one of my new silver spoons

- Rebecka Petten (gdau - dau of Elizabeth above): 5s

- Mary Petten (gdau – dau of Nicholas (son)): my other new silver spoon

- Anna Petten (gdau – dau of Nicholas (son)): 5s

- Elizabeth Petten (dau): 3 of my middling pewter dishes and 3 plates

- ‘Loveing wife’: goods both in and out, for her own use

- Nicholas (son): goods and executor

Witnesses: Elizabeth Kerridge, William Kerridge, Hannah Abbotts (x)

DHC reference: Bc/W/I/66

George Petten died 8 January 1685/6
Inventory covers the contents of the hall and kitchen. Rest of inventory is missing.


DHC reference: Bc/W/H163

Richard Homar [Homer], Marbler of Swandge
Will made 15 February 1685/6

- Thomas Hunbey[?]: 'quoring [quarring] tooles and my 2 quors and 3 puter [pewter] deshes marked with h'

- Elizabeth Speney: '2 puter deshes marked with h'

- Margaret (sister): 1 gold ring and 4 pewter dishes a tankard, bowl and skillet

- Thomas Woollfres: rest

Mark x of Richard Homer

Witnesses: John Semer, [?] Tito, Joshua Tubb

DHC reference: Bc/I/H163
Inventory: lists quarrying tools, total £27 8s 2d by Samuel Presly, James Hall


DHC reference: Bc/W/H178

John Hopkins of Sanwich, husbandman
Will made: 7 January 1685

- 'being sick and weak'

- 'Loveing wife': use of monies, goods and chattells during her natural life

- John (son): the above after my wife. If they both die, then 'unto my one ralations [relations] which shall be then liveing at
  Fordenbridge to be equally divided amongst them'

- Ann Hopkins ('loveing wife'): executrix

His Mark
Witnesses: Margey Strood, Sarah Kightheard {?Lighthead], Mathew Keynell


DHC reference: Bc/I/179

John Hopkins of Sanwich, husbandman
Died 13 January 1685/6
Inventory made: 25 February 1685/6 by Mathew Keynell and Joseph Hort


DHC reference: Bc/A/B169

William Bonfeilde [Bonfield]
Administration bond: Ann Bonfield, widow of Sandwich, Anthony Jerrard [Jerred], butcher of same place bound 2 July 1686
Ann Bonfield, widow of William Bonfield to administer
Witnesses: William Kerridge, Thomas Cole


DHC reference: Bc/A/C106

Thomas Cole of Sandwich

Administration bond: Katherin [or Catharine] Cole, widow of Sandwich and Thomas Cole, joyner of Sandwich bound 2 July 1686
Katherin, widow of John Cole intestate to administer
Witnesses: William Kerridge, Mies [?] Smedmor [Smedmore]


DHC reference: Bc/W/F7

William Farr, gentleman of Hearston [Herston], Sanwich

- 'declared by him on his death bedd'

- Robert (only son): land and goods in his house at Hearston. 'He did reserve his lands called Hills to be kept for the payment of his debts,
  & what his brother Serell [Serrell] oweth him, and after his debts were all satisfied he said land to remain to his son Robert'

- Henry Farr (brother): all wearing apparell

Delivered by the testator William Farr in the presence of: John Seamer, John Stevens, Mary Besse

Commission oath: William Rose, rector of Swanwitch and George King, rector of Langton Matravers
13 May 1686
Before: Theophila Farr of William Farr; Nicholas Petten, George Petten, Anne Hopkins, John Hopkins, junior
Oath executed 9 June 1686 before William Rose;


DHC reference: Bc/I/F6

William Farr died 31 January 1685/6
Inventory made 14 February 1685/6 by Thomas Cockram
Total: £312 12s 0d [see original will for details includes entry for his and his wife’s wearing apparel, and farming entries]


DHC reference: Bc/W/G/38

Edward Gentel, marbeller of Hearston, Sandwich (died 2 February 1685/6, his wife Joane died 7 February 1685/6)
Administration: John Harden of Sandwich and Henry Marsh, marbeller of same 2 July 1686

- John Hardin [Harden] principal creditor of Edward Gentel to administer goods etc.

Witnesses: William Kerridge, John Cole Inventory [see original for details]:
Appraised 25 February 1685 by Matthew Keynell and Joseph Hort.
Total: £19 12s 0d


DHC reference: Bc/A/S/89

John Smedmore, taylor of Sanwich who died 1 February 1685/86
Inventory: includes shop content [see original inventory for details]

Appraised by Robert Coombes, Matthew Keynell 28 April 1686
Total: £282 18s 9d ¼



DHC reference: Bc/A/N/23

Robert Nineham of Sanwich 2 July 1686
Administration: Lideam [Lydia] [Katherina crossed out] Nineham, widow of Robert of Sanwich, John Harden, marbler of same

- Lideam bound to adminster goods etc

Witnesses: William Kerridge, Henry Marsh
Where Lidea signs: ‘Lidea Nineham that was of Lidea Marsh that now is’


DHC reference: Bc/I/N/23
Robert Nineham, marbeller of Sanwich
Died 11 April 1686

Inventory made by Anthony Serrell and Nicholas Pettin 10 May 1686 £18 7s


DHC reference: Bc/A/52

John Melmoth, marbeller of Hearston, Sandwitch
Died 1 January 1685/6
Administration: Margaret Melmoth, widow, of Hearston [Herston], Sandwitch and John Bishop, marbeller,
same place bound to administer goods etc. 2 July 1686

Witnesses: Lewis Cockram, William Kerridge Inventory [see original for details] made and appraised 27 March 1686 by Anthony Serrell.
Total: £157 12s 8d


DHC reference: Bc/A/53

Phineas Melmoth, marbeller of Hearston, Sandwitch
Died 13 March 1685/6
Administration: Margaret Melmoth [Martha crossed out], widow of Sandwitch and William Melmoth, senior, marbeller of same place.

- Margaret bound to administer goods etc 2 July 1686

Witnesses: Anthony Serrel, William Kerridge Inventory [see original for details] made and appraised 29 March 1686 by William Melmoth,
Anthony Serrell.
Total £156 5s 5d

DHC reference: Bc/W/T/65

James Tubb, junior, blacksmith of Sandwich
Died 30 November 1685
Inventory appraised 27 February 1685/6 by James Tubb and Thomas Cole

Total: £52 2s 0d
Administration: Martha Tubb, widow of Sandwich, Joshua Tubb, blacksmith of Sandwich
Bound 2 July 1686 Martha widow of James Tubb to administer
Signed: Martha Tubb (x), Joshua Tubb
Witnesses: William Kerridge, Ann Bartlett


DHC reference: Bc/W/T/66

John Tubb of Sandwich
Administration: James Tubb of Sandwitch, Alexander Harvey, malster of Blandford Forum bound 22 October 1688

James Tubb, father of John Tubb to administer Before: William Horlock, Notary Public


DHC reference: Bc/A/M/55

Richard Melmouth [Melmoth], marbler of Sandwitch

James Howard, marbeller of Sandwitch and Thomas Cole, joyner of same and John Linnington, hellier of same

Administration: 4 July 1693
Condition: Martha Melmoth alias Howard (now wife of James Howard) and mother of Richard Melmoth, to administer goods etc
Witnesses: Grace Baker, John Cole, Ann Pick


DHC reference: Bc/A/C/157

Alexander Corban of Sandwich
Administration: Elizabeth Corban, widow of Sandwich and Edward Linnington, clothier of Warham [Wareham]
21 February 1697/8

- Elizabeth relict of Alexander Corban to administer goods etc.

Witness: George Frome, Notary Public


DHC reference: Bc/W/W/67

George Weeks of Sandwich
Administration: Augustin Weeks, mariner [nautam – Latin] and Henry Coffin, marbeller both of Sandwich bound 13 April 1711

Augustin Weeks son of George Weeks to administer
Signed: ‘Augusten Weekes’, Henry Coffin Witness: C Clarke


DHC reference: Bc/A/B/8

Philip Baker, late Rector of Sandwitch
Administration: Anne Baker, his widow of Sandwitch and John Cockram, gentleman of same.
4 August 1714


DHC reference: Bc/W/C/96

Lewis Cockram, senior of Newton, Sandwich
Will dated: 30 May 1719[sic]

- To be buried in church of Sandwich in grave of grandfather and mother

- William (son): tenement in Sandwich purchased of Samuel Terry

- Anne Talbutt (dau): 5s

- Grandchildren: 20s each

- Lewis Cole, Lewis Talbutt, Lewis Cockram (‘three grandsons which bear my name’): 10s each

- John son of John and Anne Pushman: 10s

- Four other children of John and Anne Pushman: 5s each

- Lewis Cole’s four children: 5s each

- Thomas Cole’s four children: 5s each

- John (son): my ‘furnance and meashing fate and ceefe[?]’

- John (son): stands obliged by his marriage settlement to pay at my death £100 to my order, my order is that he pays
  to my daughter Elizabeth Cockram Elizabeth Cockram (dau): leasehold estate Herston then to Anne Talbutt (dau)

- Elizabeth Cockram (dau): executrix and remainder

- Lewis (son): 20s to ‘buy him a mourning ring’

Witnesses: Henry Hony, John Baker, Lewis Cole
Proved: 4 July 1718[sic]


Transcribed by Kim Parker from microfilms at the Dorset History Centre

DHC reference: Bc/Ew/23; 24; 25

William Gillingham  Marbeler of Sandwich in the Isle of Purbeck
Will dated: 07 Nov 1722

- Imprimus. I do give unto my Son William Gillingham & Heirs after the death of Mary my beloved wife the
  house and Land now inhabited by ye foresaid William Gillingham and John Gray my Son and Son-in-Law.
  Proviso that my Son William Gillingham do pay or cause to be paid to my Son Henry Gillingham the sum
  of twenty pound lawfull money of Great Britten at the death of Mary my Wife, but if my younger Son
  William Gillingham do refuse or neglect to pay ye said twenty pound then Henry Gillingham my Son shall
  have ye said house and Land and pay my Son William Gillingham twenty pound.

- Item. I give unto my Son William ye cobard in ye Hall.

- Item. I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Gray ye bed I deed lie on and all belonging to him..

- And ye rest of my goods to be divided equal between all my children after ye death of my wife only ye little
  table board I give unto Anna my Daughter.

- Item. I give to Mary my wellbeloved Wife whom I constitute and ordain my Sole Executrix of this my Last
  Will and Testament all my Lands and tenement.

- Item. I give unto my Daughters joyntly Anna Weeks and Elizabeth Gray my Dwelling house and orchard & 
  after ye death of my Wife during their one Lives and my Son William’s Life and if either of them die before
  ye Lives now in it do determine then their Sons to enjoy as their mothers deed Richard Sickland [Stickland]
  and William Gray.

Executrix: Mary, wellbeloved Wife
Signed by Testator (his mark)
Witnesses: Paul Serrell, Benjamin Kerlee, Edward Stickland

Will proved: 01 July 1724 on the oath of Mary Gillingham widow


Biographical details: Kim Parker

William Gillingham was one of the Marblers who signed the Bylaws of the Company of Marblers of Corfe
Castle on 11 March 1698/9, but appears to have moved to Swanage around 1680 when his daughter
Mary was christened there on 17 Oct 1680, followed by his son Henry on 10 January 1682/3 and William
on 23 August 1693. Either he lived elsewhere between the births of his sons Henry and William and the
other children mentioned in the Will, Elizabeth and Anna, were born there, or he was for a time a member
of a non-conformist denomination whose records are now lost.

William was buried at Swanage on 17 November 1722. His widow Mary was buried at Swanage on
10 August 1728. They were the forebears of the line of stone merchant and innkeeping Gillinghams
associated with the Ship Inn (Mary Gillingham née Vivan, widow of Henry Gillingham, landlady there
from 1735-1852; her son William Gillingham landlord from 1752-1788; his son Moses Gillingham
landlord from 1788-1802 and his nephew Moses Gillingham landlord from 1802-c1835).

Of their children:

- the fate of Mary Gillingham junior is unknown.

- Henry Gillingham (born 1682/3) married Mary Vivian at Studland on 14 Jan 1722/3. Mary appears to have
  come from a non-conformist family as there is no record of her christening or of that of her two children,
  William (c1727-88) and Mary (c1729-99), who married the non-conformist Moses Vivian (c1720-95).

- William Gillingham (born 1693) married and had at least two children by his wife Sarah, Mary born 1721
  at Swanage and a son William who was buried at Swanage on 8 September 1755. William himself seems
  to have died young, buried at Swanage on 21 September 1748, and Sarah was buried at Swanage on
  8 May 1774.

- Elizabeth Gillingham married John Gray at Swanage on 7 February 1717/18. John appears to have been
  buried at Swanage on 16 February 1736/7. There is not enough information in the burial register to determine
  if Elizabeth was buried on 28 November 1732 or 2 December 1780. Both Elizabeth Gray née Gillingham and
  Elizabeth Gray née Tubb (wife of James Gray) would have been widows when on 19 October 1742 one or other
  of them was appointed administrator of the effects of her son Titus Gray, who died on board H.M.S. Dragon
  en route to Gibraltar.

- Anna Gillingham married Richard Stickland at Poole St James on 26 December 1706 and had a son by
  him, Richard, christened at Swanage on 5 November 1707. She remarried at Studland on 6 February 1721/2
  to Joseph Weeks and had a daughter, Joanna, christened at Swanage on 7 February 1722/3, and another
  son, Henry, christened at Swanage on 19 July 1727.


DHC reference: Bc/W/S/37 

John Seamore [Seymore], tailor of Sandwich
Will made: 28 December 1723

- Roger (brother’s son): wearing ‘cloeths’ (woollen and linen) and 40s

- Ann (sister Dorothy’s daughter): 1s

- William Samson of Burton: 1s

- Elizabeth wife of James Coften: bed in outer chamber

- Martha dau of John Stephens: house and shop that Josia [Josiah] Hort lives and Benjamin Kerly do rent

- John son of William True: £1 1s

- John son of Gared True: £1 1s

- Sarah dau of cousin John Stephens: £5

- John Seamore son of cousin Roger Seamore: £1 1s

- John Stephens of Sandwich (cousin): house I now live in and goods/rest, and executor

Witnesses: Richard Glanvill, Samuel and Anna Serrell
Will proved: 7 April [undated – circa 1727-1730]


DHC reference: Bc/W/C/94

John Cockram, gentleman of Newton, Sandwich
Will dated: 30 November 1728

- ‘sick and weak in body’

- John (son): £300 to be paid six months after decease of my now wife Mary over and above the £200 already secured to him
  by indenture 13 May 1712 between John Cockram (testator), Mary, Lewis Cockram (late father) deceased, James Hall, marbler
  of Sandwich and John Phippard, mariner of Poole.

- Three acres of meadow ground, called ‘Church Ground’ Sandwich purchased of Lewis Cockram and others by indenture of
  lease 9 April 1705 for the term of four score and 19 years if Mary Deverge the wife of the herein before named John Phippard,
  and Lewis and John Cockram (‘my two sons’) should happen to live, now to be enjoyed by John Cockram, then Lewis Cockram.

- Mary (wife): remainder, executrix

Witnesses: Lewis Cockram, Thomas Deverdge, J Porter
Probate: 18 June 1729 to Mary Cockram


DHC reference: Bc/W/H/5

William Haine of 'Swannage' 'now belonging to his Majesty's Ship Dorsetshire
Will made: 30 October 1734

- Thomas Haine of Swanage (brother): all

Witnesses: J Hemmington, Captain, John Brann
Proved: 21 May 1735 goods sworn under £20
Before William Somner, surrogate


DHC reference: Bc/W/16

Benjamin Kerly of Sandwich, cordwainer
Will made: 10 April 1740 

- ‘in good health and body’

- Mary (‘loving wife’) and Ruth Kerly (dau): all divided between them

- Mary (wife): executrix

Witnesses: Sarah and John Humfry
Proved: 22 April 1746 to Mary Kerly at Sandwich


DHC reference: Bc/A/T/T/35

Elizabeth Tibury, widow of Sandwich
Administration: John Meader, marbler of Herston, Sandwich, Thomas Bradford, yeoman of Herston and John Dominy,
husbandman of Wareham bound 18 June 1763

Elizabeth wife of John Meader and daughter of Elizabeth Tidbury, to administer.
Witnesses: Hannah Voss (x), William Filliter Elizabeth Meader
Sworn before John Hutchins, Rector of Wareham and Surrogate


DHC reference: Bc/W/38

John Barns [Barnes], yeoman of Sandwich
Will dated: 13 July 176[7?text missing]

- ‘Very sick and weak in body’

- John, Charles and Robert (sons) and John Cull and Peter Meader (sons in law): 1s each

- Joan (‘dearly beloved wife’): all and executrix

Witnesses: Samuel Marsh, Martha Hibbs
Probate: 9 August 1770

DHC reference:Bc/W/M/31

William Masters, Herston, Swanage
Will made: 27 March 1770

- 'Being very sick and weak in body'

- Elizabeth (wife), William (son), Ann (dau): all goods within doors and stock outside to be equally divided between them 

- William Harden (son-in-law): 1s

- Ann Masters (dau): £20 out of my wife's part in case she should not live to expend it

- James Rallens my partner: executor

Witnesses: Samuel Marsh, Sarah Benfeld [Benfield], Elizabeth Tubb (x)
Proved: 16 June 1770 to James Rallens before John Cooth, surrogate


DHC reference:Bc/A/M54

Phineas Melmoth, quarrier of Swanage
Commission: Sarah wife of Maurice Power of Swanage, mariner, late Sarah Melmoth, widow and administratrix of Phineas Melmoth, intestate 21 June 1784
Executed: 25 June 1784 before Morgan Jones
Bond: Maurice Power of Swanage, Joseph Gover and Francis Andrews of Swanage bound 25 June 1784

Sarah wife of Maurice Power to administer.
Witnesses: John Wood, Morgan Jones


DHC reference:Bc/A/P23

Henry Parlett, carpenter of Swanage
Administration bond: Betty otherwise Elizabeth Parlett, widow of Swanage, Henry Parlett, carpenter of Swanage and William Gardner Edmunds,
sadler of Wareham bound 17 May 1788

Elizabeth, widow of Henry Partlett, deceased intestate to administer All signed.
Before Thomas Bartlett, Junior
Goods sworn under £100
Sworn before George Ryves Hawker, Surrogate
Endorsed: 'the effects are very inconsiderable as mentioned when I saw you', Thomas Bartlett, Junior Wareham 19 May 1788


DHC reference:Bc/A/C/213

John Cull, dairyman of Scholes, Isle of Purbeck
Will made: 18 April 1787

- Sarah (‘loving wife’): all leasehold tenements in Swanage and rest, and executrix

Witnesses: Hannah Cull (x), James Brown
Proved: 26 April 1788 by Sarah Cull before George Hawker, Surrogate, sworn under £100


DHC reference:Bc/A/S90

Sarah Smedmore of Swanage
Administration bond: Joseph Smedmore, victualler of Swanage, John Harden the younger of Swanage, stone merchant and Charles Rolles,
'Gardner' of Wareham, bound 21 April 1792.

Joseph Smedmore, husband of Sarah, deceased to administer.
Sworn same date Joseph Smedmore before George Tito Brice, Surrogate


DHC reference:Bc/W/C/214

John Cull of Herston, Swanage
Will made: 4 January 1804

- Ann (‘beloved wife’): dwelling house ‘wherein I now live’ etc, then on her decease to John (son)

- Ann (wife): two houses etc in Herston in occupation of William Battrick and Mary Smith as tenants at will, then on her decease
  to Sarah Cull (dau)

- Sarah (dau): liberty to go to the well in the garden of the house wherein I now live for water

- Ann (wife): all my other houses, all goods and executrix

Witnesses: Joseph Gover, James Seymour, Francis Warren
Proved: 6 October 1804 to Ann (widow), testator died 13 June 1804, estate under £200. Before George Chisholm


DHC reference: Bc/W/1809

John Cole of Hearston, Sandwich [Herston]
Will dated: 22 June 1791

- William (son): Newton Ground and Court Ground quarries and quarry tools

- Sarah (‘well beloved wife’): lands freehold and leasehold for her life then after decease:

   - William (son): 4 houses, Sandwich in occupation of Hannah Hatchard, Edward Hancock, Robert Alford,
     William Coleman; and house or shop adjoining houses in occupation of William Hatchard

   - Hester (dau): house where I now live and outhouse and garden and 3 houses adjoining in occupation of
     Samuel Phippard, Henry Linington, Thomas Edmonds as tenants at will

   - Hester (dau): half part of leasehold messuage in Hearston, Sandwich (other part in reversion which comes to
     hand at death of Ann wife of Edward Cox which reversion I give to Hester and garden etc belonging during the
     life of Sarah Bartlett Cole)

   - Hester (dau): Dewes Heys leasehold messuage in occupation of John Ellery

   - Plot of land belonging to Dewes Heys to William Cole during the life of John Clark

   - Hester (dau): parcel called Bull Plot with orchard during life of John Brine – after decease I give the same with the
     house and garden adjoining in the possession of James Collins equally between William and Hester (son and dau)

   - Ground and orchard called Vineyard, and messuage in Sandwich in occupation of Elizabeth Burdam equally between
     William and Hester (son and dau)

- ‘will and decree that the said William and Hester Cole may live in love and unity and remain and continue in brotherly love
  and affection to each other unto their lives end’.

- Sarah (wife): executrix Martin Cole (brother): trustee

Witnesses: Richard Butler, Mary Butler, Joseph Gover Sarah Cole widow of John
Sworn goods under £300,
30 March 1809.
Probate: 14 April 1809

Commission oath 30 March 1809: to Sarah Cole, widow of Hearston [sic – Herston] of Swanage.
Goods sworn under £300. Executed 14 April 1809 before John Dampier



DHC reference: Bc/A/15

John Stickland, stone mason of Sandwich or Swanage
Administration: John Stickland [sic] eldest son of John Stickland deceased to administer goods etc.
8 November 1813
Bound 10 November 1813 before Samuel Gale, Rector of Swanage

Bond: Thomas Stickland, stone mason of Sandwich or Swanage, John Gover, schoolmaster and Thomas Lamb, plumber and glazier
(both of Sandwich or Swanage)
10 November 1813 Thomas Stickland eldest son of John Stickland, deceased, stone mason to administer goods etc.
Signed: Samuel Gale, Rector and John Thornton, Curate of Swanage

Renunciation: Margaret or Peggy Stickland, widow of John Stickland, of Sandwich or Swanage renounces undertaking of
administering commits the same to eldest son Thomas Stickland
10 November 1813

Witnesses: Joseph Gover, Dom. Steele


DHC reference: Bc/W/1817/5

Joseph Gover, schoolmaster of Swanage
Will made: 10 March 1817

- All household goods, furniture, plate, linen, wearing apparel, books etc be sold and money arising from the sale, together with benefits
  becoming due to my executors from the Friendly Society of Swanage, and debts owing: to be divided into three parts as follows:

    - Children of Peter Gover (brother)

    - Children of Jane (half-sister) wife of Walter Coward

    - Anne Bemister only child of Sarah (sister) late wife of Thomas Bemister of Christchurch now deceased

- William Sedcole Bonfield and Peter Gover: executors

Witnesses: William Travers, George Butler
Proved: 26 May 1817 by oath of Peter Gover (brother), quarryman.
Deceased died 29 March 1817.
Goods sworn under £100. Before F R Spragg, A. M.


DHC reference: Bc/A/16

Reverend John Thornton, Clerk, of Swanage
Commission oath: to Mary Thornton of Swanage, widow of John Thornton intestate.
11 September 1821
Executed 12 October 1821, effects under £300, died 7 March 1821 before Thomas Oldfeld Bartlett, Commissioner
Administration bond: Mary Thornton of Swanage, widow, John Hancock of Swanage, lieutenant in the Royal Navy and
John Collins of Swanage, Dissenting Minister bound.

Mary Thornton to administer goods


DHC reference: Bc/W/1824/39

Henry Pushman, stone merchant of Sandwich otherwise Swanage
Will made: 20 June 1823

- John (son): freehold land etc in Swanage and leasehold called New House Living at Swanage

- Mary (wife): copyhold tenements etc in occupation of Samuel Talbott, George Pushman and others at Swanage, then to
  John (son) and Mary and Hester (daus) as joint tenants

- John (son): live and dead stock and crop farming utensils, wagon, carts, ploughing tackle, boats etc

- Mary (wife): household goods, then to John (son) and Mary and Hester (daus)

- John (son): executor

Witnesses: Clara Rawlins, Robert John Barnes, Robert Dugdale
Testator died 4 August 1823, commission oath 1 September 1824,
Executed 8 September 1824 to John Pushman (son)


DHC reference: Bc/W/1835-6/19

Ann Warren, widow of Sandwich otherwise Swanage
Will made: 16 May 1834

- Sarah Bower (niece): sole management of my funeral

- Mary Hartnell (niece) and wife of George Hartnell of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire: £5

- Seth Marshfield, dairyman of Sandwich otherwise Swanage: £10

- Ruth Stickland, widow of the late Robert Stickland, mariner, of Gosport, Hampshire: £10

- Joseph Stickland (son of my late brother William Stickland): £2

- Ann Stickland dau of nephew John Stickland; Fanny Stickland dau of late nephew William Stickland;
  Jeremiah Ozzard, miner of Weymouth: £1 each

- Sarah Bower (niece) and Nicholas Diddams Bower (her son) in trust to pay trust and dividend to
  Mary Ann Bower (dau of Sarah Bower) for her natural life after her decease £350 to be invested and
  interest and dividends to children of Mary Ann Bower or to her sister Eleanor Warren Bower

- Mary Ann Bower: freehold houses in Swanage in occupation of myself and James Coleman and all household
  goods etc

- Nicholas Diddams Bower: lifehold house cottage stable etc in occupation of Pleasant Francis and William Hatchard
  for rest of term upon 12 months after my decease

- Sarah Bower (niece): rest

- Robert Stickland (nephew), mariner of Swanage and his wife Mary: messuage at Swanage in occupation of
  Mary Hancock (widow) and Sarah Haysom (widow) for the term of their lives, then to their heirs, if none to
  Alfred Bower (son of Sarah Bower)

- John Stevens Bower (second son of Sarah Bower): Messuage in Swanage in occupation of George Stickland,
  a year after my decease

- Sarah Bower (niece): Pew ‘No.24’ in the centre of the parish church of Swanage, then to Eleanor Warren Bower
  and Mary Ann Bower, as joint tenants

- Nicholas Diddams Bower, John Stevens Bower, Jeremiah Warren Bower, Alfred Bower, Lewis Warren Bower
  (the five sons of Sarah Bower): Pew ‘No.12’ in the front and centre of the north gallery of the parish church of
  Swanage, equally between them

- Sarah Bower: freehold close field called ‘Bobs Close’, Herson, Swanage, then to Eleanor Warren Bower

- Sarah Bower: freehold messuages ‘late Gillinghams’ at Swanage in occupation of Robert Alfred [sic], James Harney
  and John Horlock, for one year from my decease, then after one year to Eleanor Warren Bower

- Sarah Bower: Remainder of freehold messuages etc, after her decease as follows:
    Nicholas Diddams Bower: freehold close field/parcel of meadow called ‘Twitchens’, Herston and another called ‘Green Hays
    (late Bonfields)’, Herston

    Lewis Warren Bower and Alfred Bower: four freehold strips of arable ground ‘late Samuels’ in Swanage southfield,
    as tenants in common

    Mary Ann Bower: Close field called ‘Wool Close’, Swanage lately purchased by my husband of the Reverend
    Harry Farr Yeatman and freehold stable barn etc late Samuels and freehold strip of meadow in a line with the stable
    barn etc late Samuels, freehold close of pasture ground called ‘Round Close’ being part of land called ‘Alderney’ at
    Swanage, freehold close of pasture ground called ‘Alderney’

    Jeremiah Warren Bower: freehold messuage at Swanage in occupation of Nathaniel Turner and freehold strip of meadow
    ground late Samuels on the east side of the barn (already devised to Mary Ann Bower)

    Eleanor Warren Bower: freehold close meadow late ‘Lewis Pushmans’, Herston in occupation of Peter Talbot Lewis

    Warren Bower: freehold messuage in Swanage in occupation of Joseph Dowding

    John Stevens Bower: freehold close meadow called ‘Rempstones’ adjoining premises late Lewis Pushmans at Herston
    in occupation of Peter Talbot

    Alfred Bower: freehold messuage in Swanage in occupation of Sarah Jeffreys

    Sarah Bower and Nicholas Diddams Bower: executrix and executor

Witnesses: Mary Cole Collins, William Wight Cribb, Robert Dugdale
Commission: 28 November 1835
Sarah Bower of Sandwich otherwise Swanage, widow and executrix of Ann Warren.
Sarah Bower sworn 30 November 1835 before Thomas Oldfield Bartlett


DHC reference: Bc/W/1842/1

Thomas Coleman, stonemason of Swanage
Will made: 1 January 1842

- Elizabeth (wife): whole of my personal property chattels and household goods until her decease, afterwards:

    - Mary Ann Stevens (gdau) wife of John: £1

    - Ann Warren (dau): money in Wareham Saving Bank and household goods except as follows

    - Thomas Coleman (son): wearing apparel and sofa which is now in my house below stairs and all the household goods which he now has of mine
      and my large bible and one fourth part of all my monies either in promissory notes or otherwise in the Public Funds

    - Maria Hussey (dau): three Rosewood Chairs and one Rosewood arm chair and and one fourth part of all my monies either in promissory notes or
      otherwise in the Public Funds

    - Martha Grant (dau): two woolen quilts and three sheets and 'I do exonorate my son in law George Grant from the payment of any debt due to me at
      the time of my decease

    - Robert John Barns [Barnes](son-in-law): one eighth part of all my monies either in promissory notes or otherwise in the Public Funds

    - Jane Moulham [Mowlem] (dau): one tenth part of all my monies either in promissory notes or otherwise in the Public Funds

    - William Coleman (son): one twentieth part of all my monies either in promissory notes or otherwise in the Public Funds

    - George Coleman (son): one twentieth part of all my monies either in promissory notes or otherwise in the Public Funds

    - Ann Warren (dau): my wife's wearing apparel after her decease 'provided she comes to Swanage before my wife's
      decease', if not then to be equally divided between son Thomas Coleman's wife and their two daus, Maria Hussey and Martha Grant

    - Moses Manwell, stonemason of Swanage: executor

Witnesses: William Melmoth - Senior and Junior
Proved 8 July 1842 to Thomas Coleman, son of deceased, goods sworn under £200, testator died 2 January 1842
Renunciation: 1 July 1842
Moses Manwell appoints Elizabeth Coleman, widow, who also renounces her right to obtaining letters of administration.
Witnesses: William Lance, Wareham; Samuel Manwell, Swanage
Administration: Thomas Coleman, shopkeeper of Swanage, Moses Manwell, stonemason of Swanage and William Lance,
attorney's clerk of Wareham bound 8 July 1842
Moses Manwell, sole executor having renounced, Thomas Coleman, shopkeeper, son of Thomas Coleman deceased to administer


DHC reference:Bc/W18

Benjamin Watson, pensioner of Swanage
Will made: 20 December 1839

- Rachel (wife): monies including in the Wareham and Purbeck Savings Bank and rest

- Thomas Hardy, cordwainer of Swanage: executor

Witnesses: Elizabeth Tomes, Robert D Marshfield
Commission oath: to Thomas Hardy, cordwainer of Swanage 25 February 1842

Executed: 2 December 1842 to Thomas Hardy. Testator died 12 November 1842, goods sworn under £300
Before J L Jackson, Commissioner


DHC reference:Bc/C/A/1848/6-7

Moses Farwell, Mason of Swanage
Commission oath: 24 May 1848 to Timothy Farwell (son of Moses, deceased), mason of Swanage.
Goods sworn under £200.
Deceased died 2 April 1848.
Oath executed 26 May 1848.
Administration bond: Timothy Farwell, John Seymour Smedmore and William Melmoth of Swanage bound 26 May 1848.

Moses Farwell left his widow Hester and their surviving children Timothy Farwell, Elizabeth wife of George Wickham, Jane wife of
George Crocker, Sarah wife of William Gray and Manuel Farwell.
Renunciation: Hester has renounced her right to Timothy. Before James Leonard Jackson, Commissioner 26 May 1848


DHC reference:Bc/W/1851/4

Sarah Stickland Hounsell, spinster of Swanage
Will made: 4 July 1851

- Elizabeth Derham Spencer (sister) wife of William Walter Spencer: property 'I am entitled under the will of my late father Mr John Hounsell
  to an undivided moiety or equal half part of all those three freehold cottages, gardens and premises situate at Herston'...late in the occupation
  of my father, George Cross and David Harris and now in the occupation of Mrs Tizzard, David Harris and Charles Harris. After her decease
  to her husband, then to the daughters of George Hounsell (brother), tailor of Wareham, as tenants in common

- George Hounsell (brother): £10

- Caroline one of the daughters of George (brother): £5

- Rest of children of George (brother): £2 each

- Elizabeth Derham Spencer (sister): rest

- Francis Bishop, builder of Swanage: executor

Witnesses: John S Smedmore, builder of Swanage; Robert D Marshfield, attorney at law, Wareham Commission oath: 24 July 1851
Francis Bishop, builder, Swanage, sole executor.
Goods sworn under £100.
Died 7 July 1851
Executed 25 July 1851, J L Jackson, commissioner


Joseph White, widower, yeoman of Whitecliff, Swanage

Administration bond:

- John White of Whitecliff, Swanage, yeoman; Joseph Horlock of Brenscombe, Corfe Castle, yeoman and William White of Whitecliff,
  Swanage, yeoman bound 20 October 1851
John White son of Joseph White, intestate to administer goods
Before: J L Jackson, Commissioner

Commission oath: to John White, yeoman of Whitecliff 20 October 1851

Goods sworn under £600, Joseph White died 16 September 1851, sworn 24 October 1851 before J L Jackson


DHC reference:Bc/A/1851/9

Joseph White, widower and yeoman of Whitecliff, Swanage
Administration bond: John White, yeoman of Whitecliff, Swanage, Joseph Horlock, yeoman of Brenscombe, Corfe Castle, William White,
yeoman of Whitecliff, Swanage bound 24 October 1851

John White, son of Joseph White intestate to administer.
Before James Leonard Jackson, Commissioner
Commission oath: 20 October 1851 to be made to John White
Effects sworn under £600.
Intestate died 16 September 1851
Sworn 24 October 1851 before James Leonard Jackson, Commissioner