Worth Matravers Vicars

From Hutchins History of Dorset

*Henry TERRY 1297
*Alexander WENDON 1308
Richard de BRISTOL pr. to the vicarage of Worth, instituted 17 cal. April, 1321
John de NOVESLE (*NOVESK) cl. instituted 4 cal. May, 1321
John INNOCENT pbr. on the resign. of Novesle, inst. 5 id. July 1335
John FITZPORT pbr. on the death of Innocent, inst. 9 Jan. 1348
John RAULES  (*RAWLES) cl. presented to the vicarage of Worth and Swanwich; but, the rector dying,
the bishop collated him on the death of John the last vicar, instituted
26 November, 1361
Richard BURCHE (*BARCH) exchanged with
Thomas TAYLOR rector of the chapel of South Maperton, in the jurisdiction of the Dean of Sarum,
inst. 5 Nov. 1381
John EUSTON or EUSTACE inst. 6 June 1400
Walter CRAWEL pbr. on the resignation of Euston, or Eustace, inst. 4 May, 1438
Thomas BAILEY chapl. institut. 20 Sept. 1456, on the resignation of Crawel
Griffin WYTHAM cl. on the death of Bayley, 12 Sept. 1470
Simon BEVEREY pbr.
Thomas (*CARVYN) - COVYN a frier preacher, collated per lapsum on the resignation of Beverey,
institut. 20 July, 1478
John ODER chapl. on the death of Merefield, institut. 24 Dec 1485
Richard HARDYNG pbr. presented to the vicarage of Worth and Swanwich on the resignation
of Loder, inst. 14 Jan. 1503
Robert SHERARD bachelor in decrees, collated per lapsum, on the death of ..........
inst. 12 July, 1509
Miles JEY or (*JOY) chapl. presented on the resignation of Sherard, instit. 25 Nov. 1509
Robert RICHARDSON pbr. on the death of ........ inst. 13 Feb. 1524
Peter LOGAN pbr. on the resignation of Richardson, instit. 16 March 1525
Reginald COCKS pbr. on the death of Peter Higham, instit. 9 Dec. 1533
William BITTERLEY pr. on the resignation of Kellet, 1617
Robert ROPER 1636
Gervase RUSSEL 1637
Francis LEWIS occurs 1637; ob. 1679
Isaac CLIFFORD 1 May 1690
Peter BRICE 10 Jun, 1696
Samuel MARSH B.A. inst. May 6, 1714
John COOMBS B.A. presented on the death of Marsh, instit. Sept. 22 1746
* Richard PARTRIDGE 1766
Christopher PARTRIDGE Aug. 9 1774, on the death of Coombs
Morgan JONES Aug 8, 1775, on the death of Partridge
Thomas Oldfield BARTLETT 1817 - also rector of Swanwich
*William Oldfield BARTLETT 1822
Richard Frampton FELL M.A. inst. Nov. 9, 1842
Augustus KEMP M.A. inst. on the cession of Fell, Feb 14, 1843
Henry James FITZGERALD M.A. inst. Nov. 20, 1850, on the resignation of Kemp
Frederick Francis TRACY M.A. inst. 3 Oct 1857, on the resignation of Fitzgerald
Joseph George RICHARDSON B.A. 1865, on the resignation of Tracy
William DARBY 1873, on the resignation of Richardson
*John WILLIAMS 1879
*Charles Stuart SHEPHERD 1894
*James EDWARDS 1907
*William Riddell PARR 1916 - also Rector of Swanage
*John MEARING 1920
*William John COBURN 1923
*William Frank BROWNING 1937
*Reginald Dalby BLACK 1944
*Benjamin Ewart PAYNE 1948
*Chetwode William CAULFEILD -  BROWNE 1957
*Harry James LLOYD 1960
*John Robertson STEWART 1983
*Robert WATTON 1991
*Judith MALINS 2004

*From Boards inside Worth Matravers Church