Worth Matravers Wills

Summaries of registered wills in PCC by Richard Wiltshire made using
The National Archives PCC Will Index, PROB 11 microfilms at the Family Records Centre, London and Ancestry.com


A will is a formal document setting out what a person wants to happen to their possessions after their death.
Until 1858, wills had to be proved (formally approved) by church courts. The Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC),
London was the most important and highest of these courts, and dealt with the relatively wealthy individuals living mainly
in the ecclesiastical province of Canterbury covering the south of England and most of Wales. The wills were often proved
at the PCC rather than at the deceased's local court for a variety of reasons which include:

- wealth
- prestige
- the continuity of the testamentary business of one family in the same court
- because the will related to another proved in the PCC
- that the deceased had lands in more than one diocese, so that the local courts did not have jurisdiction.

It is important to note that there are more wills which were proved at the
lower local church court of the Archdeaconry of Dorset. These are held at
Dorset County Record Office.

Old dates are given pre 1752.



Agnes Colyforde [Culliford], widow of Wurthe, Purbeck
Will made: 7 February [18th year Elizabeth I]

- 'my body to be buried in the parish church of Wurthe'

- Wurthe church: 20s

- Poor of Wareham: 20s

- Poor of Corfe Castle: 20s

- 'My servants aswell as men as maydens': 5s each and one sheep each over and beyond their wages

- John Roberts (son): two oxen, heyfor, steere and 20 sheep

- Every of my daughter Butler's children: 23s 4d each out of 80 that my daughter Butler owes me

- Daughter Butler: amblinge mare colte and 8 sheep that she has in her custody to be equally divided between her and her children

- Elizabeth Browne (dau): two oxen of the youngest sort, cow called Buckenoll, 20 sheep, gold ring priced at 13s 4d

- Robert Harvie [Harvey]: steere of 3 years of age, yearling bullock, acre of wheat lying next unto the wheat of John Verge

- Margaret Harvie [Harvey]: yearling bullock, acre of wheat lying next to the wheat of Verge

- Margerie Uvedall (dau): 7, great brass crock

- Mary Aiseley (dau): 20s

- John Moreton (son-in-law): 100 sheep as they run at the hurdel, 4 oxen, 4 kyne, rone colte

- Margerie Morton (dau): 4 kyene, 20 sheep, half my corn in the barn and Barton, my best apparrell woollen and linnen except 6
  of my best kerchers whereof I give to every of my daughters one a piece, all household stuff except 2 featherbeds with their
  furniture the which I give to Christopher Dolling (son)

- William Morton: 2 weanling claves, 2 heyfors whereof my brendyd heyfor shall be one, 2 steers of 2 years of age and 20 sheep

- Honor Morton: all wool or the money for the same that Stephan Jerarde owes me

- Dorothy Morton: one cow and 10 sheep

- Mary Roberts: new Medleye gown that was last made

- William Roberts and John Roberts: acre of wheat a piece

- Elizabeth Dolling (dau): violet gown that the sleeves are open

 - John Dolling son of Christopher: 40s that Anne Cake owes me

- Thomas Dolling: black mare colt and one of my best pans

- John Verge: 6s 8d and to two of his children who are my godchildren 6s 8d a piece to be paid by said Verge from the money he owes me

- John Gibbes: bushel of wheat, bushel of Barley, bushel of oats

- Agnes Gibbes: chylver sheep

- Every household in Wurth [Worth]: 12d

- Poor people of Corfe: 2 bushels of wheat and 2 bushels of malt

- Poor people of Wareham: 4 bushels of wheat and 4 bushels of malt

- William Bitterleye, the curate: 3s 4d

- Agnes Wyffyn: holidays petticoat, best waistcoat, kercher, smock, apron

- Every wife in Worthe: Holland kercher a piece

- Mother Baylie: waistcoat, bushel of wheat, bushel of barley, sheet, 12d

- Christopher Dolling: lease the which I have yet to come in reversion for 40 years after my decease of and in the farm of Wurth

- John Goff: bushel of wheat, bushel of malt

- Church of Langton: 6s 8d

- Every of them that ring 'my knyll': 4d a piece

- Four of my godchildren that shall bear me to the church: 10s a piece

- Robert Weythe: heyfor of two years of age

- William Coole: one heyfor and to his wife Anne Coole 6s 8d

- Martyn Russell: coarse ['course'] sheet, smock, half a bushel of wheat, half a bushel of malt, 12d

- John Colman of Studland: all money he owes me and half a bushel of wheat

- Agnes Duke: yearling bullock or 6s 8d

- Christopher Dolling (son): 8 best oxen with their furniture

- Every of my godchildren in Wurthe: a sheep a piece

- John Wiffyn (servant): 2 sheep

- Edith Sellar: yearling heyfor

- Agnes Hawkins: yearling heyfor and 5s

- John Smythe [Smith]: heyfor of one year of age

- John Leades: heyfor of 3 years of age

- John and Edith Weithe: 16s owed to me by Owen Gregorie

- Mr Yarreth (curate of Corfe): 3s 4d

- Humphrey Kinge: bushel of wheat, bushel of barley, half acre of wheat, half acre of barley

- Christopher Dolling (son): rest and executor

- Alexander Dennett and Thomas Browne: overseers and 20s a piece

- Margerie Morton (dau): ambling mare

Proved: 10 October 1576 by Christopher Dolling

PROB 11/60/34

John Inam or Iuam of ‘Worthy Matreves, Purbike’, Dorset
Dated: 28 July 1578

- ‘sick of body’

- Richard and George (sons): 10 each

- John (son): 6

- Margery (daughter): 10

- Elizabeth Samwayes (‘my daughter’s daughter’): 10

- Walter (son): 40s

- All to be paid in 3 years after decease

- ‘if my daughter Margery shall happen to die before the aforesaid three years’ then her legacy to be
  divided between Richard and George (sons)

- Alice (wife): residue

Executrix: Alice (wife)
Overseers: Simon Davye and John Sherchfeld (‘myne neigboures’)
Witnesses: Simon Davye, John Searchfeld, Thomas Reded, William Reded and Henry Samwayes with others
Proved: 1 September 1578 by John Burroughe, Notary Public for executrix



John Dolling, gentleman of Downshay, Worth Matravers
Will made: 8 January 1628/29

- 'sicke of body'

- body to be buried in the Chancel of Parish Church of Worth

- Parish Church of Worth Matravers: 10s and 10s towards the reparations of the Chancel

- Poor people of Worth: 20s

- John Dollinge (son): best silver bowl or cup, and bedstead standing in my little chamber, over the buttery
  with the featherbed on the said bedstead with furniture

- Elizabeth, Ann and Judith Dollinge (my three daus): 300 a piece by my overseer to benefit them until 21 years
  or married with consent. To go to John (son) if none reach 21 years of age.

- John Dollinge (son): 'is yet under the age' of 21 years and 'I know not whether any of my lands which shall descend unto
  him be so holden of the Kings Majesty that his Highness shall or may be entitled unto his wardship and marriage, and unto
  the custody of his lands during his minority' Therefore I humbly desire the right honourable the laster and counsell of his highness
  court of wards and liveries that they would be pleased to grant the wardship and marriage of my said son unto my said overseers...'

- Judith ('beloved wife'): rest and executrix

- 'My good friends'- Richard Rives, gentleman (brother in law) and Henry Dolling (brother), Mr David Grove ('good friend')
  and Brune Cockram, Clerk: overseers 'praying them from time to time to be aiding and assisting unto my said executrix'

Witnesses: David Grove, Brune Cockram
Proved: 24 November 1630 by Judith Dollinge, relict


PROB 11/164

John Collens, of Worth
Will dated: 14 May 1633

- being sicke of bodie

-  Parish Church of Worth two pounds, and three pounds to the poore of the same parish

- Parish Church of Coffe fortie shillings and fower pound to the poore there

- my wife the bedsteed that I lie in and the Chest at the bedd head

- my Cosen Asten Collens twentie pounds

- my Cosin Margarett Barfoote tenne pounds

- my Cosin Alexander Collens twentie pounds

- Dennes Best tenne pounds

- Christopher Lap's Child tenne pounds

- Thomas Collens twenty pounds

- William Collens Twentie pounds

- William Smith tenne pounds

- Edward Collens (brother) tenne pounds.

- Agnes Rose( sister) tenne pounds

- Edward Collens (brother) ' three sonnes and three daughters tenne pounds apeece

- Jone Battricke's daughter tenne pounds

- Benge Collens' two sonnes tenne pounds apeece

- Benge Collens' daughter Margarett Twentie pounds

- my Cosin Austen's sonne tenne pounds, And to his daughter tenne pounds

- Dennes Best's fower Children Twentie pounds

- William Smith's two Children tenne pounds

- Margarett Barfoote's two Children tenne pounds

- Benge Collens ( 'Cosin') All the rest of my goods & ChattelIs and my sole Executor

- Worthie good friends Edward Dackombe gent., John Dolling gent., and Mr John Eyres - Overseers and five pounds apeece

Signed - the marke of John Collens
Witnesses - Edward Dackcombe, John Dollinge, Henry Gillett's marke, William Smith's marke

Memorand: that my will and pleasure is that the legacies given to any of the fore mentioned parties being under age
shalbe paid by mine Executor within the space of two yeares next comeinge after my decease unto the parents of the
said parties takinge theire bonds for satisfyinge theire Children the legacie given when they shall come to age.
And my will is that the parents' receipt shalbe a sufficient discharge for mine Executor against the parties under age.
In witnes whereof I hereunto sett my hand the daie and yeare abovewritten.

Signed - the marke of John Collyns
Witness - John Eyers
15 May 1633

Date of Probate: 5th July 1633


PROB 11/293/399

Thomas Costfiel, Yeoman of Estington, Purbeck, Dorset
Dated: 4 April 1659

- ‘Weak in body’

- Poor of Corfe Castle: 40s to be distributed within one month after my decease

- Poor of Worth Matravers: 20s

- Katherin Harbin dau of Edward living at the Abby of Milton [Milton Abbey]: 5 to be paid within 4 years
  when 21 years or married.

- Nicholas Gardiner’s children of Abby Milton: 40s each when 21 years old

- John Willis of Woluarston [?]: 20s

- Elianor Besse, cousin, wife of John: 20 to paid within 4 years, an ‘allowance being given her
  for the forbearance’.

- John, Elianor and Elizabeth Besse children of John and Elianor: 40 each when 21 years old.
  Profits to help their education.

- Henry and Margarett Windle, children of Margarett of Abby Milton: 40 each when 21 years old.

- Marie Fourder (cousin): 40s

- Mary Street (cousin) dau of aforesaid Mary: 100 when 21 years old or married if she gets consent
  of the executor. If she dies then money to be divided between her two brothers William and John Streete.
  And for her education ‘I have agreed with Francis Lewes and his wife Mary…to take her into their
  protection and train her in the ways of c[?]achle of their own [?] and for their care and pains in her
  maintenance’ they are to have use of her portion.

- William and John Street (cousins): 20 each

- Thomas and John Mathewes (Kinsmen), sons of William, of Tipleton[?]: 30 each

- John Costfeil (cousin): 40

- Elizabeth Costfiel: 20 and second best bed with bedstead, 1 coverlet, 2 blankets, 1 bolster, 2 pillows,
  2 pillow ties, and 2 pairs of sheets.

- William Hunt (cousin): 20

- Mary Costfeild dau of John: 50

- 2 parts of my ‘household stuff’ to cousin Marie Streete and 1 part of my ‘household stuff’ to Mary Costfiel.
  To be divided by discretion of the overseers of the will.

- John Besse the elder: wearing apparel

- ‘Good wife Shoule’: 10s

- Rest of household goods: Henry Dolling, Gentleman of Worth Matravers for the good and benefit of
  William Mathewes, his wife and children and also of John Costfiell and his family to be equally divided
  between them.

Executor: Henry Dolling: ‘for his pains in the business’ he is to be relieved by the overseers of the
will after 7 years.
Overseers: John Randell, Gentleman of Piddle Trantide, and Francis Lewis, vicar of Worth ‘my well loved
friends’ to assist executor
Signed: Thomas Costfiel (X)
Witnesses: Francis Lewes, Alice Collins (X), Mary Fourder (X), Francis Barnes (X)
Proved: 29 June 1659 (granted to Henry Dolling).

PROB 11/313/14

John Dolling or Dollinge, esquire of Dunshay, Worth Matravers, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset

Died ‘on or about the month of April 1663 being sick of body’
Will made by word of mouth in the presence of Robert Culliford and John Pike, Gentleman, and others

- Poor of Corfe Castle: 4

- Poor of Worth: 40s

- Poor of Sandwich: 40s

- Poor of Langton: 20s

- Poor of Studland: 20s

- ‘his servants’: 20s each

- ‘his children’: 10s each ‘to buy them rings’

- ‘wife’: remainder to dispose of as she thinks fit

Witnesses: Robert Culliford, Esquire; John Pike and others
Proved: 2 February 1663/64 by Anna Dolling, widow (Robert Culliford and John Pike also mentioned



Edward Dolling, Yeoman of Aslington, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset

- Henry (son): land in Corfe, if he and his now wife Margaret have no children then to go to David (son)

- John (son): whole term of lease of tenement in Corfe provided he pay to his grandmother Dinah Dolling
  out of the profits her annuity

- David (son): after decease of Joane (my now wife), tenement at Kingstone - David to pay to William (son) 10

- Joane (now wife): bed we now lyeth upon with belongings and 5

- Henry, David, John and William (my four sons): rest, William to have interest until 21 years of age,
  Joane (wife) to have half goods until decease

- Henry, David and John ('loving sons') executors

- James Haveland gentleman, John Harding, gentleman and Mr Edward Harvy: friends on trust to see debts
  paid and will carried out, 10s a piece

Witnesses: Nathaniel Smyth, William Grove
Proved: 18 November 1664 by Henry, David and John (sons)

PROB 11/472/183

Charles Culliford, Mariner of Worth, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset
Dated: 21 May 1703

- ‘being sick and weak’

- Margery Culliford (sister): moiety of tenement in Worth called Toops Tenement. Right to the fourth part
  of the land in the Fee that was given to me by the will of my late mother lying in the Borough of Corfe Castle.
  Then to Joseph (brother) then is no issue to John (brother), forever

- Margery (sister): remainder of lease in the house in Corfe known as the George and 20

- John and Joseph (brothers): 30 in trust for Honor Abbott (sister) ‘to be managed for her use as they
  in their judgement shall think most fit’

- Joseph (brother): moiety of what shall be due to me from him at the time of my decease, and the other
  half to Margery (sister)

- Joseph (brother): woollen clothes and wearing apparel, sword, gun and pistols

- John (brother): silver watch

- Timothy Dolling (kinsman): 10s to buy him a ring

- John, Joseph and Margery (brothers and sister): linen and ‘lyning apparel’ divided between them and remainder

Executors: John and Joseph (brothers)
Signed by testator
Witnesses: mark of Joan Baker, mark of Mary Alford, William Newman
Proved: 5 November 1703 by John (brother) the same right reserved for Joseph (brother)

PROB 11/794/96

Edward Haskell, Stone Mason of Worth, Isle of Purbeck , Dorset
Dated: 24 August 1745

- ‘being in bodily health’

- Francis Warren, stonemason of ‘Swanidge’: pay, wages, money, tenements, goods etc

Executor: Francis Warren
Signed by testator
Witnesses: Daniel Perren, Thomas Gittens, Henry Fulford, junior
Proved: 29 April 1752 by Francis Warren

PROB 11/1416/438

Timothy Smith, Yeoman of Eastington Farm, Langton and Worth, Isle of Purbeck , Dorset
Dated: 7 December 1799

- Elizabeth Voss (niece) daughter of Robert: 500

- Rose Smith (brother): 100

- William Smith (brother): 100

- Child or children of Edward Smith (late brother): 100

- Betty Voss (sister): 5

- All legacies to be paid in 12 months

- George Cull alias Smith son of Sarah Smith (my sister): residue

Executor: George Cull alias Smith
Signed by testator
Witnesses: John Dampier and Mary Marshfield
Proved: 6 October 1804 (to George Cull alias Smith)

PROB 11/1440/248

Sarah Smith, single woman, of Eastington Farm, Worth Matravers
Dated: 24 July 1793

- George Cull otherwise Smith otherwise Timothy Cull otherwise Smith, son, ‘living with me’ everything

Witnesses: John Dampier, George Bartlett, Junior
Proved: 4 March 1806

PROB 11/1486/769

Robert Voss of Reanscombe, Worth Matravers, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset
Dated: 5 January 1808

- ‘weak in body’

- William, James and Robert Voss: Lands in Knowle and Worth, profits and accounts to be settled yearly
  and profits to be divided. William and Robert Voss to have management of my interest in Reanscombe
  Farm with advice of Betty Voss (wife).

- Betty Voss (wife): ‘to have the management of all monies whilst she behave with fidelity to her family
  and continue in my name when the time comes that God takes my wife’ everything to be divided between

- Elizabeth Voss (daughter): she is provided for and should her sister’s fortune be more than hers, hers is to
  be made equal

- Ann Voss (daughter): ‘out of regard for my late sister Ann Voss’ I give profits of house and garden at
  Knowle called ‘Ann Vosses Living’ to my daughter Ann

- William Voss (eldest son): to be consulted on property matters. The profits from my estates in Orchard,
  Knowle and Woodchide and interest on Reanscombe Farm to be considered from this day.‘…this I trust
  through the blessing of the Almighty hoping that He may send you his blessing and trusting that He will
  be your guardian and defence’

Executors and Executrix: William and Robert Voss (sons) and Betty Voss (wife)
Signed by testator
Witnesses: Lieutenant John Levett, Henry Northover, Joseph Green
Proved: 23 September 1808 (to William and Robert Voss (sons) and Betty Voss , widow)