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When I first started playing Ultimate, I was introduced the Ultimate-centric team chants. Teams, with spirit, would spout verse and songs at each other after a game, often praising the opposition. Many chants contain lewd references which seem to reach new lows, often leaving the opposing team speechless. So, without further adieu, I present Australian Ultimate Nationals 2000 chants, from the perspective of ComoninIwannlaya, the spirit kings 2000.

Wanalaya vs Feral - a limmerick


There was a team called Feral

Who had a porn doll called Cheryl

We played on grass

We were outclassed

Next time play at your peril


Hmmm A bit weak, but it was our team's first chant. Incidently we went down 17-0.


Wanalaya vs Big Mamma - Sesame Street Theme Song


Big Mamma, Come and Play

We Scored a point today

Here in PErth

Where the air is sweet.

Can you tell me how..

How to score again, at this meet


Wanalaya vs West Spots - I'm a little teapot.....


I'm a little West spot

Short and stout.

Here are my handlers

go layout.

We we get a score down

Here us shout!

But most the time

We throw it out!


Wanalaya vs Action Men - Bye Bye Ms American Pie

A long long time ago

We began to write this song

And maybe it will happen in a while.

And next game might just come

But we tripled our highest score

Our job is done.

So good luck Action MEn

Be happy and smile!


So Bye Bye

We saw the Action MEn Fly

Threw the Frisbee to the end zone

But the disc was too high!

And the good ol' boys were

Spanking on the side

Who Cares if they're Straight Gay or Bye!


Wanalaya vs Floral - Time Warp


It's astounding, time is fleeting

Floral, takes control

and with a bit of a disc flick

Your making the catch stick

And nothing will ever be the same!


It's just a fake to the left

and a cut to the righ......t

With your hands on your disc

And then it's down the line.


But it's the out of bounds huck

that really drives us insane

Lets see the clam zone again!

Lets see the clam zone again!

AUC2000 Chants

University of Sydney - The Unvigorous Capybaras

Tune - Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree

Capybara sits in the old gum tree

Largest rodent in the world is he

Huck, capybara, huck,

How "unvigorous" life must be

Capybara sits on the old dun-nee

Largest shit in the world does he-e

Fuck, capybara fuck

Oh how raw your butt must be

Capybara sits and stares at the ceiling

Having sex with you is so unappealing

Laugh capybara laugh

How "unvigorous" your sex life must be.

Copyright 2000 KBS