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-11th July 2000

Greetings and Salutations! I have just returned from University Ultimate Games in which I played for UWA, 'Deep Blue Moons'. Led by our excellent offensive coach Woolagong Steve, and by our defensive coach, Chris Warris. We placed a credible 5th out of 12, teams from all across Australia. Injury played a big factor in determinng where we placed as we lost 3 players to injuries and had two players playing with rolled ankles. I will have photo's up on the site soon, as well as a whole heap of new chants, some that are very clever.

Hmm, I would like to say that CiK has been kicking arse, however due to a lot of players being away for Uni Games, WAFDA had pick up games instead.

-28th June 2000

Sorry for taking so long to update the site, but things have been happening that have dragged me away from my computer. Namely I went and got married on the 17th of June to my absolutely wonderful lady Allison. We tied the knot at the Baskerville Winnery (Just off Haddril Rd, Swan Valley), in a civil ceremony.

Awards this week go to........

  • Cucumber of Shame - Simeon Taylor
  • Where's Wally award to - All the women on the Cucumbers Team.

Guest Players......

Cucumbers were proud to have Lyn from Pink Bits, played 3 points with us, she shut down Joy from Moons in a burst of brilliant defense (sorry Joy!). Her pink shirt stood out amongst the plain white of the Cucumbers, hmmm pink bits and cucumbers something there.......

Another guest player was Andy and travelling friend of Klittman, just looking for a game. Andy played very solid and fitted in rather well with the cucumbers, shame he could have only one pick up game.

CiK seems to be doing rather well at the moment, with at least a win every week. This we lost to Pond scum 15-11??? and drew with Dark Moon 17-17. Both games were rather excellent, with great displays of skills from all players.

This week was Steve Bakers final game with the Cucumbers as he is heading off to Singapore to play Ultimate, and occasionally to work. Steve has worked quite hard on and off the field often advising cucumbers on best positions and movement defensively/offensively. Thanks Steve and hopefully we will see you back with us, bigger better and stronger than before.

Well, I'm off to Uni games and hopefully I should be able to provide updates and photo's from this wonderful event.

-30th May 2000

Cucumbers started off the season with a nice and decisive win over 'Pink Bits', with a final score of 13 - 9. Unfortunately the next team, Pond Scum, defeated us 14 - 10, a rather exciting game fraught with fun and excitement.

Robyn, our sole female, played a rather solid two games, often outclassing the other teams male/female players. Yay! Robyn.

This season Cucumbers has decided to bring to awards, which will will be awarded each week with an overall winner at the end of the season. These awards are 'Mucked up play or costly mistake', to be formally named by Steve M and a 'Where's Wally' award for the non showing team member.

Without further adieu.....

  • Mucked up... Henry
  • Where's Wally - Anna F (Though she did have a good excuse)

Updated the information page and have provided links to the WAFDA fixtures.

-22nd May 2000
  All the photo's are up from Nationals, so head on over and have a look. Lots of shots of players and teams in various poses and play. If anyone has some feedback on the site, please let me know.  
  Still working on the guestpage and have noticed that the Cucumbers information page needs to be completed, does it ever end.  
-21st May 2000

Sorry about the irregular updates to this site, however organizing a wedding always takes precedence. Anyway enough of that, lets get to the good bits. I have added new inages to the photos section, the images have been provided by Steve Manning and were taken at Nationals 2000. Well worth having a look as there are some excellent shots from stills to action, of all the teams in the Nationals.

The season kicks of this week, thats what they said last week, and perhaps this time the Cucumbers will come out on top, or at least in the top floor. We have gained three females this season, Robyn, Anna and Anne. Unfortunately due to girls getting pregnant we have lost the services of Allison (marrying me!) and Toni. They will be sorely missed, however their maladies will only last for another 7-9months.

Another addition to the team is Mike, a player from Wanalaya. Whilst he is relatively new to the sport, it looks like he will go far.

Bear with me over the next few days as I try to get the guestbook up and running.

- 7th May 2000

Not much to say tonight, as I have only just got home from League pick up games. Good to see a lot of people down at McGuilvray, just raring to go and try and kick cucumbers butt. Steve baker has put together an excellent Ultimate Music video, well worth watching. As soon as I can get a link from him, you should be able to view it in the leisure of your loungeroom.

Welcome back Simeon, the Cucumbers forgive you.

Until, later.......

- 7th May 2000

Site is still under construction however, I have updated the chants page. Stay tuned for a comments/Guest page and more funky exciting buttons. Looking back through my writings and have noticed a serious lack of correct spelling and grammar. Well, don't hold your breathe waiting for it to improve. Once I couldn't spell geologist, now I are one.

Cucumbers will be playing on the 10th of May, just two more days away. The team is bigger and better with more females than corks in winnery! If the restrictive team size restrictions don't kill us, we should make the finals.

Or not!

- 1st May 2000
  Site is currently under constructions, so please ear with me, as I try to improve it. Have added new National photos and a chants page.  

Perth hosted the 2000 Ultimate Nationals over the Easter long weekend. For some, Easter is a time to reflect on sacrifices made by Jesus, though for Ultimate fans, it is a time to play.

Western Australia entered 4 teams into the Nationals, 3 mens and 1 womens. Cucumbers managed to have representatives in all teams;

  • Steve Baker - A mens (Hmmm a prayer ending!)
  • Steve Manning - B mens
  • Mark (Henry) Lawson - B men
  • Ken Summers - C men (apt!)
  • Bruce Rummins - C men
  • Emma Craven - womens (unfortunately injured and could not play)

The C - men were known as 'ComoninIwannalaya' (sic) and were captained by yours truly, Ken. Initially we were a bunch of gumbies which had no idea what a disk looked like. Feral (National 2000 champions) were our first opposition and played against us in a rather nice spirited way. We went down 17 - 0 after dropping more catches than science fiction convention has Vulcan's.

From there our team lifted and improved taking points off almost all of the teams. RhoShamBo (NSW) allowed us to achieve 17 - 5, in what turned out to be our longest game (80 minutes).

Our final game against Bushfires (2nd place overall), was possibly our best with Wannalaya scoring a grand total of 4. Bushfires stretched the game with rather spirited play, letting us try new things and enjoy Ultimate.

The National 200) spirit award went to ComoninIwannalaya, as we were thrashed but never stopped smiling.



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