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-11th July 2000

History of CIK

Cucumbers was initially formed as an attempt to get a Curtin University Ultimate team together. The plan was, to use geology student to create a dynamic and innovative frisbee team. Hmmmm...... that dream didn't happen, and only through the auspices of WAPET Discovers to an actual team take shape. So far we have played together for 4 seasons and managed to finish in the last 2 places each time.

The name Cucumbers in Kakadu was coined during a rather pornographic card ride, in which, Dean Criddle and myself worked out how Cucumbers and Kakadu would fit together. Imagination and a few drinks, plus gutter talk can really generate some interesting names.

  CIK welcomes all players from any country, state of suburb to come and play with us.  

Maps of where the WAPET Discoverers play will be posted in due course.

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